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27 Buffer alternatives: Robust Features at Lower Costs

Discover top-quality Buffer alternatives that offer robust features at a fraction of the cost. Find the perfect social media management tool for your needs without breaking the bank.

We will talk about 27 Buffer alternatives, but it goes without saying that Buffer is one of the first intuitive social media scheduling tools trusted by brands, agencies, and businesses for driving traffic.

Buffer is loaded with prime features and advanced analytics. Still, there are a few essential features missing that make users think about its alternatives.

In this article, I will share the best Buffer alternatives to help you find the perfect social media automation tool. 

Why Should You Check Out Buffer Alternatives?

Buffer has established itself as a popular social media scheduling tool, but it’s essential to evaluate whether it truly meets your specific needs. While Buffer offers some advantages, there are also potential drawbacks that might prompt you to explore alternative options.

Pros of using Buffe

Cons of using Buffer

26 Buffer Alternatives to Manage Your Socials

Attributes that marketers must consider while searching for Buffer alternatives

We reckon the following reasons that set marketers on the path to alternatives to buffer

If you have ever used Buffer, then you might have faced one or more of the above problems. Now let’s have a look at the tools which make for good Buffer alternatives.

1. RecurPost - The complete social media management tool

Effective Social Media Management Tool

Best for: Marketing Agencies and Professionals

Free Trial: Yes, 14-days free trial without credit card

Pricing: Starts at $15 per month (Yearly discount, $12.50/mo)

Flexibility: Add-ons available to accommodate business growth

RecurPost is designed for entrepreneurs, start-ups, brands, bloggers, and digital marketing companies to up their social media game.

It helps businesses to grow traffic and increase sales by curating engaging posts and scheduling them as per a well-planned social media strategy.

To date, RecurPost has served more than 90K clients worldwide and still counting.

RecurPost is the only scheduling tool that offers a way to set your schedule for an entire library of content. This means you don’t need to pick the social account or posting time every time you want to post something.

RecurPost is a complete social media scheduler, with scheduling, advanced analytics, a social inbox and a number of useful plugins.

Let us go through the features of RecurPost in detail that makes it one of the best all-in-one social media tools.

Best buffer alternatives - RecurPost

Large businesses, Organizations


Per Month

RecurPost Logo - social media scheduler

Individuals, businesses, Agencies


Per Month

No credit card required

RecurPost v/s Buffer

Compared to sites like Buffer, RecurPost offers more advanced features to run social media campaigns more effectively and efficiently.

Out of the above-listed features, Buffer does not provide Google Alerts, the best time to post, repeated posting, CSV file support, and importing updates from other tools. RecurPost is among the best Buffer competitors.

More than what Buffer offers, RecurPost allows customer segmentation and brand tracking. If we compare reviews of both tools, RecurPost is among the highest-rated software by its users. RecurPost provides live online training to their users which Buffer lacks. All of the above-listed comparisons make RecurPost the best class of Buffer alternatives.

Pricing: Buffer’s plan starts at $15 per month which is similar to RecurPost. Do not forget, RecurPost provides more features at the same price.


RecurPost Logo - social media scheduler
Best buffer alternatives - RecurPost

Content categorization

Tweet variations

Google alerts

Bulk scheduling

RSS feeds

Import updates from other tools

Repeated posting

Social inbox

Pause and resume social accounts

CSV support

Chrome plugin

Make The Most Of Your Marketing With Social Media Scheduling Tool

2. Post Planner- Buffer alternative for those who want to increase engagement

Best for: Caters to everyone, charges per set of accounts

Free Trial: Available for 14-days

Pricing: Starts at $18 (Discount on yearly plan $15)

Flexibility: Add-ons available to accommodate business growth

Post Planner is a social media scheduling tool that allows posting on multiple platforms for increasing engagement, followers, and revenue. Using Post Planner you can connect all social accounts, find viral content, and schedule it for posting by automating a content calendar.

Key features

Post Planer v/s Buffer

Post Planner positions itself as an effective tool catering to brands of all sizes, with tailored plans for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), start-ups, and agencies.

This strategic approach ensures that businesses of diverse scales can benefit from its features. On the other hand, Buffer adopts a broad market strategy, aiming to serve a variety of sectors including publishers, start-ups, education, sports, and more. In a Post Planner vs Buffer comparison, the distinction lies in the targeted approach of Post Planner, offering specific plans for different business categories.

Post Planner is a suitable choice for small businesses with specific requirements, especially when considering Post Planner alternatives. It caters to businesses primarily focused on Facebook and Twitter. Post Planner sets itself apart among Post Planner alternatives by providing a content-recycling feature and a ‘discover content’ feature, which enables the inclusion of social content and RSS feeds.

3. Planable

Best for: For small to medium businesses

Free Trial: Available for the first 50 posts 

Pricing: Starts at $11/user plus $17 per workspace

Flexibility: Add more users to expand your plan

Planable is a collaborating tool for marketing teams designed to create, plan, review, approve and publish content. With the help of Planable, in-house marketing teams or agencies can collaborate to create, approve and publish social media content faster than earlier.

Key features

Planable v/s Buffer

Planable is a great tool for marketers and businesses who are looking for features such as content preview, drag and drop interfaces along with post scheduling and reviewing. Buffer targets numerous markets.

Planable offers a robust feature set compared to Buffer, making it a viable choice among Planable alternatives. Additionally, it provides users with 24/7 live chat support and various interactive training options, including in-person sessions, live online training, and webinars. However, while Planable is a top-notch platform, it lacks certain features such as RSS feeds, post recycling, social inbox, white-label reports, and more. Exploring Planable alternatives can help you find a tool that aligns better with your specific needs and requirements.

4. Later- Among best of tools for users searching for a visual marketing platform

Best for: Caters to everyone, charges per set of accounts

Free Trial: Available for 14-days

Pricing: Starts at $18 (Discount on yearly plan $15)

Flexibility: Add-ons available to accommodate business growth

Later is a tool that supports users with drag and drop interface to plan and schedule content such as posts, videos, and stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for a month.

Key features

Later v/s Buffer

In the comparison between Buffer vs Later, the distinction in their market positioning becomes apparent. Later is a social media scheduling tool designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, positioning itself as an emerging favorite in social engagement software according to a recent study.

When considering Later alternatives, it appears that Later may receive more favorable perceptions compared to Buffer in certain contexts.

5. Postfity- Best among Buffer alternatives for posting on Vkontakte

Best for: Caters to everyone, charges per number of social accounts

Free Trial: Available for 30-days

Pricing: Starts at $24 per month

Flexibility: Add-ons available to accommodate business growth

Postfity is a social media scheduler to quickly schedule, queue, and automate publishing content on multiple networks at the same time. It supports platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Vkontakte.

Key features

Postfity v/s Buffer

Postfity works best for brands and agencies looking for alternatives to Buffer to uplevel their social media engagement.

Postfity is a social media management tool that offers a comprehensive set of features for businesses and individuals seeking to simplify their social media management.

Users can take advantage of Postfity to schedule posts in advance across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This scheduling functionality facilitates effective content planning and posting, ultimately leading to time savings and the maintenance of a cohesive online presence.

However, it’s valuable to explore Postfity alternatives to identify alternative solutions that may better align with specific needs and preferences.

6. Sprout Social- The best choice to simplify social management

Best for: Large businesses and enterprise

Free Trial: Available for 30-days

Pricing: Starts at $249

Flexibility: Each additional user is at least $199

SproutSocial is a powerful automation solution for brands and marketing companies to simplify social management, publishing, reporting, engagement, and customer service. It operates across multiple networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, TripAdvisor, Pinterest, Google My Business, and Glassdoor.

Key features

Sprout Social v/s Buffer

Sprout Social helps small and large businesses and agencies extract real business value from social media.

Buffer social media management features help start-up teams, higher education institutes, sports teams, and marketers to grow their social media engagement.

In a Sprout Social vs Buffer comparison, the key differentiator lies in the broad applicability of Sprout Social across businesses of varying sizes and types.

SproutSocial is a well-established social media scheduling and analytics software, recognized as one of the top-performing marketing analytics tools. Exploring Sprout Social alternatives can help users find the best-suited platform for their social media management and analytics needs. 

7. Crowdfire- Among Buffer alternatives to driving customer engagement

Best for: If you only manage FB, LinkedIn, IG, and Pinterest

Free Trial: Doesn’t provide a free trial

Pricing: Starts at $9.99 (Discount on yearly plan $7.48/mo)

Flexibility: Add-ons available to accommodate business growth

Crowdfire is a social media scheduling solution designed to help businesses and agencies to drive customer engagement across multiple platforms. It helps users with content publishing, content curation, hashtag recommendation, customer service management, image creation, and post analytics, making it one of the best alternatives to Buffer.

Key features

Crowdfire v/s Buffer

Comparison between buffer vs crowdfire highlights their distinct strengths and target audiences. Crowdfire excels for social media managers, digital agencies, brands, startups, and enterprises, emphasizing growth and engagement. Buffer, on the other hand, is beneficial for startup teams, e-commerce, non-profits, higher education, and enterprises.

When considering Crowdfire alternatives, it’s essential to explore platforms that offer similar social media management features and capabilities.

8. CoSchedule- Alternatives to Buffer for managing social accounts from one place

Best for: Small businesses

Free Trial: No, you can start with the free plan with 2 social profiles though

Pricing: Starts at $39 (Discount on yearly plan $29)

Flexibility: Add-ons available to accommodate business growth

CoSchedule is a social software to help users with planning, automating publishing content, and measuring the result of posting. It helps marketers to streamline the social strategy along with the marketing strategy. 

Key features

CoSchedule v/s Buffer

In the CoSchedule vs Buffer comparison, CoSchedule emerges as an excellent tool tailored for professional marketers, marketing teams, and agencies. It also serves as a free alternative to Buffer, providing users with effective organization and project delivery capabilities.

On the other hand, Buffer stands out as the top social media management tool catering to a wide range of users, including businesses, enterprises, e-commerce ventures, higher educational institutes, and startup teams.

When comparing CoSchedule alternatives, it becomes evident that the choice of a social media management tool should be based on specific user needs, organizational requirements, and the consideration of available free alternatives in the decision-making process.

9. Agorapulse- Top performing marketing software and one of the best alternatives to Buffer

Best for: Marketing Agencies and Enterprise

Free Trial: Available for 30-days

Pricing: Starts at $69 (Discount on yearly plan $49)

Flexibility: Add-ons available but expensive ($15/mo for each extra profile)

Agorapulse is a social media optimization tool enabling businesses and agencies to manage social media messages, schedule and publish posts, identify key influencers, monitor social networks, get reports on all in one place, marking it in the list of alternatives to Buffer. It supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Key features

Agorapulse v/s Buffer

In the Agorapulse vs Buffer comparison, Agorapulse stands out as the optimal tool for mid-sized businesses and agencies, catering to their specific needs. On the other hand, Buffer targets specific markets, including publishers, mid-staged start-ups, higher education, e-commerce ventures, businesses, and enterprises.

While Buffer was once a top-performing social marketing software, the latest survey results depict a shift, placing it in the category of unworthy software.

This shift highlights the dynamic nature of the social media management landscape and underscores the significance of recent performance assessments. Meanwhile, Agorapulse is an up-and-coming marketing, analytics, and monitoring software. Exploring Agorapulse alternatives can help users find the most suitable platform for their evolving social media management needs.

10. Metricool

Best for: Best for medium to large scale businesses

Free Trial: Available

Pricing: Starts at $22 per month

Flexibility: No add-ons, need to upgrade plan to accommodate growth

Metricool is a social media analytics and management platform that helps businesses track and optimize their performance on major social media platforms. 

Key features

Metricool v/s Buffer

In the Buffer vs Metricool comparison, Metricool is positioned as the optimal tool for small to medium-scale businesses, while Buffer caters primarily to larger companies.

Compared to Metricool, RecurPost is far ahead in providing the best easy-to-use and value-for-money features and analytics, making RecurPost the best choice of Metricool alternatives.

11. eClincher- Best of Buffer alternatives for expanding brand outreach

Best for: Large businesses and agencies

Free Trial: Available for 14-days

Pricing: Starts at $65 (Discount on yearly plan $58.50/mo)

Flexibility: No, next plan is $175/mo for 20 profiles

eClincher is a social media management software and a free Buffer alternative designed to extend brand outreach, increase social media ROI, improve productivity and expand business across multiple channels. The team eClincher offers 24*7 support and provides live demos.

Key features

eClincher v/s Buffer

EClincher is the best software for any size of business, agencies, social media managers, those who are looking for a software that helps them with effectively managing online brand reputation and reach.

Buffer targets different segments of the market which comprises e-commerce, businesses, startups, and institutions connected with education, sports, or non-profit organizations.

EClincher lacks several essential features, including the ability to import updates from other tools, optimize the best time to post, integrate with platforms like Canva, Zapier, and Google Alerts, and more. Exploring eClincher alternatives can help users discover alternative solutions that better align with their social media management requirements.

12. Socialoomph- Alternatives to Buffer for scheduling content on multiple platforms

Best for: Small to medium businessess

Free Trial: Available for 30-days

Pricing: Starts at $15 (Discount on yearly plan $13.50)

Flexibility: No, need to go to a higher plan to add more profiles

Socialoomph is a scheduling solution designed to help brands and agencies in boosting productivity across multiple platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more, putting it in the list of Buffer competitors.

Key features

Socialoomph v/s Buffer

Socialoomph is a top software for enhancing productivity among social media users, while Buffer targets various market segments to enhance its authority in the social media sphere. Exploring Socialoomph alternatives can help users find alternative tools that meet their productivity and social media management needs.

13. Planoly- Out of Buffer alternatives for content planning and scheduling

Best for: Small business owners

Free Trial: Available for 7-days

Pricing: Starts at $13 (offers 1 IG, 1 TikTok and 1 Pinterest)

Flexibility: Upgrade to $23 or $43 plan to get more

Planoly is a visual social media planner for helping brands and businesses with content planning, scheduling, and analytics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, which makes it a top Buffer social media alternative.

Key features

Planoly v/s Buffer

In the Buffer vs Planoly comparison, Planoly emerges as the preferred platform for SMEs and brands, catering specifically to their needs. On the other hand, Buffer addresses a diverse array of market segments, ranging from higher education to sports and encompassing small businesses to e-commerce ventures.

Survey results highlight Planoly as an emerging marketing software and a promising alternative to Buffer in the social media management landscape. Conversely, according to survey feedback, Buffer is not regarded as a noteworthy social scheduling software. Exploring Planoly alternatives can provide users with additional options for effective social media management.

14. Facebook Creator Studio- Best of Buffer alternatives for Facebook and Instagram

Best for: Individuals and solopreneurs looking to manage just FB pages and ads.

Pricing: Free

Facebook Creator Studio is a tool run by Meta for scheduling and posting content on Facebook and Instagram. The tool supports users who want to monetize their social media presence on these platforms.

Key features

Facebook Creator Studio v/s Buffer

Facebook Creator Studio is an ideal tool for businesses of all sizes looking to run marketing campaigns and generate income through content posting on Facebook and Instagram. Exploring Facebook Creator Studio alternatives can help users find alternative platforms that cater to their marketing and content monetization needs.

15. The best selection of Buffer alternatives for bulk scheduling

Best for: Caters to everyone

Free Trial: Available for 7 days. A free plan is available which allows you to manage 2 social accounts.

Pricing: Starts at $10.79 per month (billed annually)

Flexibility: Add-ons available to accommodate growth is a social optimization tool that supports posting on Facebook, Twitter, Google Business Profile, LinkedIn and more. It helps with collaborating with team members, posting content in bulk, and analyzing the performance of social posts.

Key features v/s Buffer supports scheduling for multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and provides features like RSS feed automation and team collaboration. Exploring alternatives can help users find alternative tools that meet their social media scheduling and collaboration requirements.

16. SocialBee- Amongst Buffer Alternatives For Desktop Deployment

Best for: Cater to everyone with two separate sets of 3 plans

Free Trial: Available for 14-days

Pricing: Starts at $29 for individuals, $179 for agencies

Flexibility: No add-ons, need to upgrade plan to accommodate growth

SocialBee is a social scheduling solution that helps with content categorization, scheduled posting, bulk scheduling on multiple platforms and finally analyzing the performance of marketing.

Key features

SocialBee v/s Buffer

SocialBee is a tool designed for marketing, scheduling, planning, content management, audience tracking across multiple platforms.

SocialBee deployment is also available on Desktops for multiple operating systems – Mac, Linux, Windows, and Chrome, offering users the flexibility to choose the platform that suits them best. When considering SocialBee alternatives, users can explore other options to find the right social media management tool for their needs.

17. Tailwind- Alternatives to Buffer for marketing teams

Best for: Marketing Agencies and Professionals

Free Trial: No trial, but a small free plan is available

Pricing: Starts at $19.99 (Discount on yearly plan $12.99)

Flexibility: No, need upgrading to the higher plan

Tailwind is an analytics tool for scheduling posts and analyzing performance on Instagram and Pinterest. Tailwind helps in collaborating with team members. Using it marketers can run successful social media campaigns to grow their businesses and achieve their marketing goals.

Key features

Tailwind v/s Buffer

In the Buffer vs Tailwind comparison, Tailwind is tailored for marketing teams, fostering efficient collaboration across different locations. It provides interactive phone support for quick issue resolution. Buffer, on the other hand, serves a variety of markets with its versatile tool.

Buffer for social media lags in giving customer service, which makes it one of the best solutions for Buffer alternatives.

If you’re in search of Tailwind alternatives. for scheduling and managing your Pinterest and Instagram content, there are several top-notch options to consider. These alternatives offer a range of features to help streamline your social media marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking for robust scheduling capabilities, in-depth analytics, or additional platform support, these alternatives have you covered. Explore these Tailwind alternatives to find the one that best fits your social media management needs.

18. SocialPilot- Out of the best Buffer alternatives for automated scheduling

Best for: Marketing Agencies and Professionals

Free Trial: Available for 14-days

Pricing: Starts at $30 (Discount on yearly plan $25.50)

Flexibility: No, you need to upgrade to a higher plan

SocialPilot is a social media scheduling and marketing tool for managing social accounts and improving the efficiency of posting with automated scheduling and unique features. Using SocialPilot, you can post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK, Tumblr, Pinterest, TikTok, and Google My Business. 

Key features

SocialPilot v/s Buffer

In the comparison between Buffer vs SocialPilot, SocialPilot emerges as the optimal tool for small and medium-sized businesses, providing robust support for this market segment. Buffer, on the other hand, positions itself as the best tool for start-ups, e-commerce ventures, and various market segments, catering to a diverse user base. Notably, both tools share the capability to support more than 1000 users.

Where SocialPilot distinguishes itself is in its provision of the best interactive support, available 24/7 through multiple channels, offering users real-time assistance and live online training. In contrast, Buffer’s scheduling tool lacks interactive support and training features. This makes SocialPilot a superior alternative for users seeking not only scheduling capabilities but also comprehensive support and training options in the Buffer vs SocialPilot debate.

Look no further; we have compiled a list of excellent options to meet your needs. Whether you need advanced scheduling features, comprehensive analytics, or support for additional social media platforms, these alternatives offer a range of solutions. Explore this curated list of SocialPilot alternatives to find the perfect fit for your social media management requirements.

19. OneUp

Best for: OneUp offers 6 different plans and a custom plan to cater to multiple businesses

Free Trial: Available for 7-days

Pricing: Starts at $36 (Discount on yearly plan $12)

Flexibility: Need to upgrade to the higher plan to add more profiles

OneUp is a social automation software allowing you to schedule and repeat the same post automatically. Using OneUp, you can schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest, TikTok and Stockwits.

It offers Canva integration, using which you can create posts in Canva and schedule it for posting. Its’ other features include, drag and drop posts in calendar view, bulk posting and scheduling a Twitter thread.

Key features

OneUp v/s Buffer

OneUp is an excellent tool for small, medium and large scale businesses. Buffer targets varieties of markets and works best in education, e-commerce, sports and non-profit businesses. 

Compared to Buffer, OneUp provide more features, assist users with interactive 24*7 consumer support and give live online training to new users.

Compared to Buffer, OneUp provides more features, assists users with interactive 24*7 consumer support, and offers live online training to new users. When considering OneUp alternatives, users can explore other options to find the right social media management tool for their needs.

20. Socialbakers

Note: Socialbakers is now acquired by Emplifi and that makes it an enterprise tool.

Best for: Enterprise

Free Trial: We tried to find out, but it is painful to get started

Pricing: Starts at $240 (Discount on yearly payment $200/month)

Flexibility: No, you need to upgrade to the $480/month plan

Socialbakers is now known as Emplifi. It is a social marketing cloud for driving customer engagement on social media platforms from one single stage.

Its unique features, automation and real-time analytics help its users to improve social media management. 

Key features

SocialBakers v/s Buffer

SocialBakers is an ideal tool for mid-sized companies and enterprises, looking for AI-powered end-to-end solution for handling social automation. Buffer works for varieties of markets. 

Buffer was an established social marketing software but now as per the survey, it is tagged as not worthy product.

Compared to sites like Buffer, Socialbakers is an emerging favorite social media marketing and social media analytics software. Socialbakers offers more features than Buffer scheduling and also provides interactive support and training, which makes users feel heard. When considering a SocialBakers alternative, users can explore other options to find the right social media management tool for their needs.

21. PromoRepublic- Among Buffer alternatives for improving online brand integrity

Best for: Marketing Agencies and Small businesses

Free Trial: Available for 14-days

Pricing: Starts at $59 (Discount on yearly plan $49)

Flexibility: Need to email support to change your plan

PromoRepublic is a local marketing platform for brands or marketing agency that have businesses at multiple locations. The tool helps with insights, social management, maintaining brand integrity and improving online reputation, which are better as compared to Buffer scheduling features. 

Key features

PromoRepublic v/s Buffer

PromoRepublic is a great option for franchise and agency owners, small-business owners, and marketers. Buffer project varieties of markets. Both tools have the capacity of supporting more than 1000 users.

According to surveys, PromoRepublic is an emerging favorite automation tool, which Buffer missed due to a lack of features. It makes PromoRepublic one of the best selections for Buffer alternatives for local marketing through social media.

PromoRepublic leads Buffer for providing training in person, live, and through webinars instead of just leaving them with videos for learning. Again, it proves to be one of the best PromoRepublic alternatives.

However, PromoRepublic does not have features for bulk scheduling, importing updates, Twitter variation, customized captions, the best time to post, and many others.

22. MavSocial

Best for: Large businesses and Enterprise

Free Trial: Available for 14-days

Pricing: Starts at $78 (Discount on yearly plan $65)

Flexibility: Add-ons available to accommodate business growth

MavSocial is a complete marketing solution for curating and managing content. It support posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google Business Profile,Tumblr, WeChat and YouTube. 

The feature includes community management, review management, competitor analysis, ads management on Facebook and Twitter, sentiment analysis, brand management, post approval workflow and assigning team-based permissions.

Key features

MavSocial v/s Buffer

MavSocial and Buffer support more than 1000 users. MavSocial is the best tool for brands and agencies that are looking for time and cost saving marketing solution. Buffer aims at varieties of markets.

Buffer lacks some of the above listed features offered by MavSocial. Comparing chat support for both tools, MavSocial is ahead by assisting users with all kinds of interactive support and training. MavSocial is short of some essential features like best time to post, bulk scheduling, pause and resume social accounts and a few more.

MavSocial, while providing comprehensive chat support and interactive training to its users, falls short in some areas compared to its alternatives. It lacks essential features such as determining the best time to post, bulk scheduling, and the ability to pause and resume social accounts, among others. When considering MavSocial alternatives, it’s important to note these missing functionalities, as they can be crucial for efficient social media management and marketing.

23. MeetEdgar- Out of Buffer alternatives for better content organization

Best for: Individuals and Small Businesses

Free Trial: 7-days

Pricing: Starts at $29.99 (Yearly discount available $24.91)

Flexibility: No, need to buy another account if you manage 5+ social profiles

MeetEdgar is a social media scheduling tool that carefully catelogue content in a library so that it can be used for repurposing and organizing into a searchable library. It allows users to store updates into categories and publish on a schedule that they decide. It supports posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Key features

MeetEdgar v/s Buffer

In the MeetEdgar vs Buffer comparison, MeetEdgar aligns with Buffer in supporting more than 1000 users but distinguishes itself as the best cloud-based platform suitable for businesses of all sizes. Buffer, on the other hand, projects into various markets, offering a versatile tool.

When exploring MeetEdgar alternatives, it’s key to focus on what these options might offer that MeetEdgar doesn’t. While MeetEdgar is known for its content automation and recycling capabilities, alternatives might provide additional features like advanced analytics, more diverse content scheduling options, or enhanced integration with different social media platforms.

24. SmarterQueue

Best for: Marketing Agencies and Professionals

Free Trial: Available for 14-days

Pricing: Starts at $30 (Discount on yearly plan $25)

Flexibility: Add-ons available to accommodate business growth

SmarterQueue is a smart social media scheduling tool that empowers mareters with the technology and capabilities that they need to grow sales. It offers scheduling automation powered by queues.

It enables users with content categories, content variation, evergreen recycling, and content calendar for making scheduling automation an easy-to-use.

Key features

SmarterQueue v/s Buffer

SmarterQueue is a good option for personal brands, entrepreneurs, social media freelancers and consultants of small agencies. Buffer aim startups, e-commerce, educational institutes and many other market segments.

SmarterQueue is leading Buffer with offering more features.

Additionally, SmarterQueue is an emerging favorite social media analytics and management tool and is one of the highest-rated software, which Buffer lacks, making SmarterQueue among the best Buffer alternatives.

SmarterQueue also provides 24*7 customer service and give live training to its users that Buffer lacks.

RecurPost is among the most popular social media scheduler and the best selection of SmarterQueue alternatives for allowing users the prime features like the best time to post, customized caption for individual platforms, including content expiry, collaboration with team members and many more.

25. Hootsuite- Best Choice Of Buffer Alternatives For Large Enterprises

Best for: Marketing Agencies and Large Enterprises

Free Trial: Available for 30-days

Pricing: Starts at $99 per month

Flexibility: Add-ons available to accommodate business growth

Hootsuite is a well-known social media management tool designed to launch brilliant social campaigns, deliver the best social commerce experience and manage all customer conversation at one platform.

Hootsuite also provides training, coaching and certification to its users to manage their social media more efficiently.

Key features

Hootsuite v/s Buffer

In the comparison between Hootsuite and Buffer, both tools demonstrate a capability to support more than 1000 users.

Hootsuite excels in aiding brands across diverse sectors, from small businesses to large enterprises in finance, technology, education, and government.

On the other hand, Buffer targets a variety of markets, catering to e-commerce ventures, mid-level startup teams, non-profits, and enterprises.

The Hootsuite vs Buffer analysis highlights their commonality in user capacity while underscoring their distinct focuses in terms of industry and market outreach.

Hootsuite is a recognized social media marketing software and a survey says Buffer is not a worthy tool in the same segment, making Hootsuite one of the best alternatives to Buffer.

Hootsuite stands out among its alternatives, including Buffer, by offering superior features, 24/7 support, and comprehensive training options such as in-person sessions, live help, and webinars. While Hootsuite excels in providing user-friendly, value-for-money features, advanced analytics, and white-label reporting capabilities, those considering Hootsuite alternatives should note these strengths.

Such alternatives might be compared against Hootsuite’s robust service offerings to assess whether they meet specific needs or offer different advantages in the realm of social media management and marketing.

26. NapoleonCat- Best of Buffer alternatives for teams

Best for: Businesses of all sizes

Free Trial: Available for 14-days

Pricing: Starts at $31 (Yearly discount available, $26/mo)

Flexibility: Add-ons available at $8 per social profile

NapoleonCat is an excellent social automation tool for teams. Using the unified inbox, one can easily distribute tasks among team members and deliver timely response. Using NapoleonCat users can filter out repeating queries and if needed they can hide, delete or forward comments.

Key features

NapoleonCat v/s Buffer

NapoleonCat, recognized as a top choice among alternatives for small and medium businesses, e-commerce brands, and social media teams worldwide, offers a wider range of features compared to Buffer.

It excels not only in functionality but also in customer support, including phone support, in-person training, live online sessions, and webinars.

While Buffer caters to a variety of market segments, its lack of these support and training options positions NapoleonCat as a superior choice in the context of NapoleonCat alternatives. Those considering NapoleonCat alternatives should weigh these benefits to find a tool that matches their specific requirements in social media management and marketing.

27. Loomly

Best for: Large businesses

Free Trial: Available for 15-days

Pricing: Starts at $35 (Discount on yearly plan $26)

Loomly is an easy-to-use scheduling software allows users to create, optimize, schedule and analyze posts for all the supported platforms in one place. Using Loomly, you can streamline your entire process and start reaching for the new audience.

Key features

Loomly v/s Buffer

In the Loomly vs Buffer comparison, Loomly emerges as the preferred tool for a diverse range of users, including social media marketers, brands, agencies, startups, freelancers, influencers, and individuals.

Buffer, known for targeting a diverse range of markets such as non-profits, startup teams, e-commerce ventures, sports teams, and businesses, is a versatile tool in social media management.

However, when compared to Buffer, Loomly presents itself as a strong contender among Loomly alternatives, with its exciting feature set and high user ratings. What particularly distinguishes Loomly from Buffer is its commitment to providing 24/7 customer support.

This aspect makes Loomly a noteworthy option for those seeking alternatives that offer robust support alongside innovative features in the realm of social media marketing and management.

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How to level up your social media business growth game with Buffer alternatives

While Buffer has been a popular choice for social media scheduling, exploring alternative tools can help you level up your social media business growth game. These alternatives offer unique features and capabilities that can enhance your social media strategy and drive better results. Here’s how you can leverage Buffer alternatives to take your social media game to the next level

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Many Buffer alternatives provide comprehensive analytics and insights beyond what Buffer offers. These tools allow you to dive deeper into your social media performance, including metrics like audience demographics, engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversions. By leveraging these advanced analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your audience’s behavior, refine your content strategy, and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.

Enhanced Content Curation and Discovery

Buffer alternatives often offer robust content curation and discovery features. These tools help you discover relevant and engaging content from across the web, making it easier to curate and share valuable content with your audience. By leveraging these capabilities, you can provide a constant stream of high-quality content, position yourself as an industry thought leader, and keep your followers engaged and informed.

Automation and Workflow Efficiency

Buffer alternatives often excel in automation and workflow efficiency, allowing you to streamline your social media management processes. These tools offer advanced scheduling options, bulk uploading capabilities, and integrations with other marketing platforms, making it easier to plan and execute your social media campaigns. By automating repetitive tasks and optimizing your workflow, you can save time, increase productivity, and focus on strategic activities that drive business growth.

Expanded Social Media Platform Support

While Buffer supports multiple social media platforms, some alternatives offer even broader platform support. These tools may include integrations with emerging networks or niche platforms that align with your target audience. By expanding your reach across different platforms, you can tap into new audiences, increase brand visibility, and diversify your social media presence for enhanced business growth.

Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability

Buffer’s pricing structure can be limiting for businesses looking to scale their social media efforts. However, many Buffer alternatives offer more flexible and cost-effective pricing plans. These tools often provide a range of plans tailored to different business sizes and budgets, allowing you to choose the most suitable option. Additionally, as your business grows, these alternatives can accommodate your increasing needs without significantly increasing costs, ensuring scalability as you expand your social media presence.

By exploring Buffer alternatives, you can unlock new possibilities for your social media business growth. These tools offer advanced features, enhanced analytics, streamlined workflows, and greater flexibility, empowering you to optimize your social media strategy and achieve tangible results. Assess your specific requirements, compare different alternatives, and choose the tool that aligns best with your goals and budget. With the right alternative, you can take your social media game to new heights and drive meaningful business growth.


Buffer is a great social media management tool, however lacks many essential features that modern softwares is offering. While managing multiple social accounts it becomes inconvenient to login to all separate accounts and manage answering to users’ comments. 

RecurPost helps in this regard with providing a Social Inbox where users will receive the fresh updates from all channels and proves to be the most preferred tool among Buffer alternatives. At the same moment, you can reply to customers’ comments in real-time or delete them. Don’t you believe? You must try and test numerous features of RecurPost by signing up for a free 14-days trial. Try NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

RecurPost is the best Buffer alternative for providing the best features that Buffer is missing such as importing updates from other tools, allowing to post the same content multiple times on Twitter, Google Alerts, best time to post, pause and resume posting and many others.

RecurPost is a better social media management tool compared to Buffer for the unique easy-to-use features, advanced analytics and stunning white-label reports to share with clients. RecurPost is the best solution for marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups for targeting the right audience and increasing sales.

Buffer pricing plan starts at $15 per month, which is similar to RecurPost. If you compare features of both tools, you will find RecurPost far ahead with providing bulk scheduling, importing updates from other tools, best time to post, repeated posting to name a few.

Yes, Buffer provides a free version. RecurPost gives their clients a free 14-day trial and is a better alternative to Buffer for providing users unique features, advanced analytics and reporting. 

RecurPost is the best Buffer alternative. You can try and test features by signing up to RecurPost’s 14-days free trial.

You can use RecurPost to manage multiple Twitter accounts with ease. It also allows you to generate tweet variations so that you can share the same message repeatedly without being afraid of violating the Twitter rules.

Some limitations of Buffer include limited engagement and listening features, a lack of advanced scheduling options in lower-tier plans, and fewer integrations compared to some other social media management tools. RecurPost is a good alternative to Buffer in this case.

Instead of Buffer, you can consider using alternatives such as RecurPost, which offers similar social media management features at lower costs.

Buffer has been in the industry for quite a long time. However, many better tools have come up in the market that offers the same or even advanced features at comparatively lower costs.

Buffer supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google Business, and Pinterest. A good alternative to it is RecurPost, which also supports YouTube, and lets you manage personal profiles on FB and Instagram.

No, you can’t connect your FB profiles to Buffer. RecurPost is an alternative to Buffer that you can use. Buffer only lets you manage pages and groups.

No, Buffer doesn’t support posting on YouTube. RecurPost is a good alternative to Buffer that you can use for posting YouTube videos and shorts.

Buffer includes basic analytics in its plans. RecurPost is an alternative to Buffer that offers advanced analytics in every plan.

RecurPost is a great Buffer alternative for small businesses as it offers robust scheduling and automation features at affordable pricing, starting from just $12.5 per month.

RecurPost is a better and cheaper alternative to Buffer that provides you with advanced automation features at a fraction of cost.