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Why RecurPost is Best Alternative of MavSocial

RecurPost or MavSocial? Which one is the best? Finding the perfect social media scheduling tool can be a bit confusing with all these loads of tools available in the market. But not anymore. From the table below, you’ll be able to easily evaluate the features, pricing plans, and more details of Recurpost Vs MavSocial. RecurPost allows you to schedule Facebook posts, schedule Instagram posts, and schedule LinkedIn posts on your social profiles just like MavSocial. RecurPost, however, is a better alternative to MavSocial with a number of major advantages over it. Go through all the features and examine if the solutions offered by RecurPost can help you in improving the productivity of your company.

Comparing RecurPost and MavSocial


RecurPost Logo - social media scheduler
RecurPost as MavSocial alternative

Supported Platforms

MavSocial does not support posting on Google Business Profile which can decrease the chances of receiving valuable engagement on social media and loss of potential deals.

Facebook Profiles
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Personal Profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Facebook Profiles
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Personal Profile
Instagram Business Profile

Bulk Scheduling

RecurPost and MavSocial support uploading and scheduling of bulk content to undertake heavy digital marketing activities.

RSS Feeds

Both RecurPost and MavSocial help you curate content easily with the help of RSS Feeds. Simply paste the RSS address of your favorite websites and have their posts appear in your feeds.

Add customized captions for every social platform

RecurPost allows you to customize captions/descriptions for every social media platform while creating a post.

Content Categorization

Both RecurPost and MavSocial allow you to categorize your content so you can make sure that your work always remains organized and easy to manage.

Copy Updates

Copy your updates multiple times within the interface to different libraries for multiple uses. MavSocial offers no such feature.

Twitter Variations

Twitter doesn’t support posting of the same Tweet multiple times. To overcome this limitaion, RecurPost helps you generate variations of your Tweets while still keeping the intent same.

Import Updates from other tools

Easily import your updates posted through a different social tool directly into your RecurPost library for further use.

Google Alerts

RecurPost lets you find and curate amazing content with the help of its Google Alerts support. MavSocial does not offer this feature.

AI-based share time optimization

Win more social engagement and leads by posting your updates on the best time by using RecurPost’s AI-based share time optimization.

Pause and Resume Social Accounts

Easily import your updates posted through a different social tool directly into your RecurPost library for further use.

Chrome plugin

A handy browser extension helps add content from the web directly to your RecurPost library. MavSocial offers the same feature as well.

Mobile app

Carry your schedules in your pocket and organize your digital marketing campaigns wherever you like.

Advanced Analytics

Analyse your performance on social media and track engagement received from your audience. This helps in coming up with better marketing strategies and organizing your priorities.

Team Members

Working with your team is crucial especially for small businesses, something which both RecurPost and MavSocial allow you to do.

White Label Reports

Download white labeled pdf report files from RecurPost for presentations and showing results on social media to your clients, making you appear professional and detail-oriented.

Updates with Images, GIFs, and Videos

RecurPost and MavSocial support content containing media files i.e. images and videos. However, MavSocial doesn’t support GIF files that which RecurPost does.

Hashtag Recommendation

Use RecurPost’s suggested hashtags when creating new content to receive more social engagement and gather more attention on social media. MavSocial fails to offer the same feature.

URL Shortener

Both RecurPost and MavSocial allow you to shorten the URL links when creating new content. A shorter URL link helps make your content look more presentable and less clustered on social media.

CSV Support

Upload your CSV files so to upload and schedule content in bulk without having to add all the updates separately. MavSocial does not support CSV files.

Repeated Posting

RecurPost allows you to repeatedly post your social updates in regular intervals giving them new life and reaching more number of people.

Content Approval

Want to make a final check before posting updates on your social accounts? Both RecurPost and MavSocial allow you to set-up content approval so as to review and assure quality of content.

How RecurPost is the best alternative for MavSocial?

More platforms at less prices

RecurPost offers the management of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Google Business Profile, and Pinterest. MavSocial, however, doesn’t offer the support for Google my business and Pinterest. RecurPost has paid plans designed in a way that is super affordable even for startups and bloggers.

Bulk upload through CSV files

With RecurPost, you can upload and schedule content in bulk, saving a lot of time for other tasks. Also, if you have a CSV file containing all the data of posts that need to be uploaded on social accounts, you can add the posts in your library just by uploading the file. MavSocial doesn’t provide the option of uploading content through CSV files.

Shift smoothly from another tool

Using another social media scheduling tool and want to shift to RecurPost without losing all your data? RecurPost welcomes you by letting you smoothly shift all your data directly into RecurPost’s content libraries. Thus, you can start just from where you left while using some other social media management platform.

Make complete use of your old content

One great feature of RecurPost is that using it, you can create recurring updates whenever you  schedule Facebook posts, schedule Instagram posts, or schedule LinkedIn posts.  This means that you can recycle the same piece of content again and again and keep gaining new traffic and attract new audiences. In this manner, your hard-prepared content never loses its value. MavSocial doesn’t have the feature of repeated posting.

Create variations for Twitter

If you are active on Twitter, you might know that it doesn’t allow the posting of the same content more than once. So, if you want to post the same tweet without retweeting the old one, you need to create variations by modifying the message a bit. RecurPost creates these tweet variations for you, enabling you to post the same message multiple times when you schedule tweets. No such option is available for MavSocial users. Note that RecurPost also lets you schedule Google My Business posts and is a great Pinterest scheduler.

Add multiple images in posts and customize captions

Ever faced the limitation of being able to add only 1 image in a post while using a social media scheduler? RecurPost will not make you feel the same. While creating a post, you can add multiple images for different social platforms. 15 images can be added in a post for a Facebook page, 9 images can be added in a post for LinkedIn accounts, and 4 images can be attached in a tweet. You can also customize descriptions (captions) for each social media platform, and add up to 30 hashtags of your choice.

The advanced social inbox by RecurPost makes it the perfect alternative of MavSocial

Using a social inbox, you can take care of your comments and replies from within the interface of RecurPost’s social media scheduling tool. You don’t have to hop on the actual social sites to manage them. It saves time from the unnecessary scrolling and distractions that can be caused by social media in general. You can easily see your comments, reply to them, block a user, add a post to a library, and do much more with the RecurPost’s inbox. Check the below features to know why RecurPost makes for the best alternative to MavSocial:

RecurPost also lets you copy updates from one library to the other for multiple uses. You can add your team members and assign them different duties, with full control on the actions that they can undertake. You can add content from Google alerts directly to the RecurPost libraries. Also, you can pause and resume any social account at any time, without the need of removing it from RecurPost and adding it again. All these options are not provided by MavSocial, proving RecurPost to be its best alternative.

Social Media Platforms Supported by RecurPost

Excellent social media management solutions are not out of reach when you have a tool like RecurPost on your side. You can ace your marketing game with everything you schedule Facebook posts or schedule Instagram posts. If you want to market on a networking platform like LinkedIn, you can schedule LinkedIn posts too. Stay current and happening on Twitter when you schedule tweets and also have the ability to  schedule Google business profile posts with us. RecurPost is also a capable Pinterest scheduler.

RecurPost reviews show that customers love us

Over 90,000+ happy users and counting.



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4.6 Star Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Mavsocial does not support scheduling posts on Pinterest. Try our RecurPost if you are looking to build a presence on this visual platform along with others. It lets you schedule pins in advance along with a URL. 

The top alternative to Mavsocial is RecurPost, as Mavsocial offers fewer features and is priced at a high scale. RecurPost offers recurring schedules, white-label reports, social inbox, Canva integration, workspaces, team management, best time schedule, and many more features that Mavsocial doesn’t offer.

No, Mavsocial is not free. As it is a pricey option that starts from $78 per month, you can try out RecurPost – which offers much better features at less than half of the price.

RecurPost is the best Mavsocial alternative in this case as it offers agencies the option to create workspaces. Using this feature, you can create separate spaces for managing different clients’ accounts and also invite your team members to manage them. It is also reasonably priced as compared to Mavsocial.

Mavsocial has plans starting from $78 per month. RecurPost will be your best bet if you are looking for a cheaper Mavsocial alternative that offers the same features. It is priced starting from just $12.50 per month, providing you with two months of free access on a yearly subscription. Try it now for free!

RecurPost is better than Mavsocial in a lot of aspects. It offers a lot of features that Mavsocial doesn’t offer. Some of them include bulk scheduling, canva integration, custom field, unlimited libraries, workspaces, team management, analytics, white-label reports, and much more. You can try RecurPost free for 14 days.

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