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Track, organize, and respond with Social Inbox

Have all your social media interactions in one place. No more missed comments, overlooked mentions, or delayed responses – just instant, personalized engagement.

social inbox

“Time is money – and with RecurPost's Social Inbox, you'll save both”

Social media integration

Bring All Your Social Accounts Together

Get yourself some time off of social media struggle! With a unified platform, get all your clients’ professional social media accounts at one place. Making things easier so that you don’t have to manage each account separately. Also organize better and make your work smoother.

Better Delegation

Breakdown Your Stress and Delegate

Social Media Platforms are tough to manage with so many clients texting you on multiple platforms multiple times a day! Assign clients notifications to your team members and delegate your work better.


Track Likes, Comments, and Mentions, Instantly!

Get all your notifications across various social media platforms quickly, at a glance! With your likes, comments, tags, mentions and other important actions in one place, make your social media management easier, faster and better.

Review management

Take Charge of Your Online Reputation

Manage and respond to Google My Business reviews within the same interface. This feature helps businesses maintain their online reputation, address feedback promptly, and foster positive customer relationships.

Review Management

“Boost efficiency and empower your team to work smarter, not harder”

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4.6 Star Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

RecurPost’s Social Inbox manages comments and messages from Facebook, enabling efficient response engagement with your audience, from a single dashboard.

Absolutely! Our dedicated ‘to review’ tab gathers all notifications awaiting resolution for the selected social media profile.From there, you can assign notifications to team members for review, ensuring prompt attention to each notification, keeping your followers happy and satisfied with timely engagement.

RecurPost’s Social Inbox streamlines collaboration by enabling users to assign tasks, add labels, and work together seamlessly within the platform, ensuring efficient handling of notifications and fostering team productivity.