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RecurPost Affiliate Program

RecurPost automatically shares your posts at a perfect frequency thereby saving you hours every week

Earn Money As A RecurPost Affiliate

Earn up to 30% commission

Promoting RecurPost

RecurPost appreciates your support. You can help promote us to your email lists of people who opted in, via links on your website, through your social platforms, sharing via online forums or advertising on websites. If you wish to promote RecurPost by any other means, please contact us first.

How to Sign up

You can sign up for our affiliate program using this link.

Which link should i send users to

Once your affiliate application has been approved you will be able to see the links for various campaigns that are available to you. You can send users there.

How and when do i get paid

You can configure that from your affiliate dashboard that you will have access to once your application has been approved.