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Frequently Asked Questions

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RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool that can manage all of your social media accounts from a unified dashboard. It helps to uplift your social media presence by supporting content gathering, multiple accounts, and custom scheduling. It is a scheduler that helps multinational brands, suppliers, freelancers, bloggers, artists, and small business owners to find and manage social media content in one place.

Our aim with RecurPost is to help businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their peak level of productivity. For users who do not have the time to manage their social networks but are adamant about marketing their service/product, RecurPost is a must-have if they wish to keep their social presence up to date.

RecurPost has different plans available to suit the needs of every marketer. Our ‘Beginner’ plan is best for bloggers, artists, coaches, solopreneurs, etc. who wish to manage their personal presence on social media. The ‘Professional’ plan suits best for small and medium-sized businesses. Whereas the ‘Business’ plan is best for large corporations, freelancers as well as agencies that manage multiple social accounts for their clients.

Check out all the plans here.

We provide a 14-day free trial to try out RecurPost. There is no cost for signup but a user needs to select a plan according to his needs to claim the trial period. You will not be charged if you cancel the plan before the trial ends.

The Plans can be viewed on the ‘Plans and Pricing’ page of the website.

Our social media scheduling tool has got a lot to offer! It enables you to manage all major social accounts together, create evergreen content, collaborate with your team members, manage and monitor all social media notifications through the social inbox, see in-depth analytics of how your accounts are performing, generate professional white-label reports, and much more!

RecurPost offers distinctive features at comparatively lower prices than the majority of social media scheduling tools. With features like AI-based scheduling, Tweet variations, Social inbox, white-label reports, and more; RecurPost provides much more than mere scheduling without burning a hole in your pockets!

To compare RecurPost with all popular social media schedulers, click here.

Not in the slightest. RecurPost has been designed in a way that it is easy for everyone to use, and our users agree to it too! We have also kept social media tips throughout the site for you to check out anytime. You can also keep an eye on our blog section for tips related to social media.

Getting started with RecurPost is super easy. All you need to do is connect your social accounts to RecurPost and create posts that you want to go live on your accounts. After that, schedule your posts for the time of your choice, or let us find the best time for you.

That’s it! It’s really that easy. We will make sure to keep your social presence consistent and that you increase your overall engagement.

Adding your social accounts is the first step towards using RecurPost. Adding a social account is just a matter of mere minutes. Read the complete guide here.

The number of accounts that you can add and manage, depends upon the plan you select.

Using RecurPost’s Facebook post scheduler, you can seamlessly schedule updates on profiles, pages, as well as groups. Here is a guide with the step-by-step process.

RecurPost provides an Instagram post scheduler using which you can schedule updates on personal and business profiles. Click here to know how.

The LinkedIn post scheduler by RecurPost allows you to post content on both profiles and company pages. Click here to learn how to schedule updates.

RecurPost’s Twitter tweet scheduler lets you schedule tons of tweets in advance, and also creates tweet variations to facilitate the posting of same message multiple times. To learn how to schedule tweets, click here.

RecurPost’s Google my business scheduler supports uploading posts on GMB listings along with a call to action link. Learn how to schedule updates here. To know how to use CTAs for GMB update, read this guide.

This is rather easy. To see which posts will be posted on which social account simply head on over to your Queue< where you’ll see a list of all the posts that are about to go live on your social accounts soon. The bottom of each post shows a little ‘bubble’ indicating the social accounts on which that post will be posted.

You can create and schedule both recurring and non-recurring (one-off) updates using RecurPost. If you want to create non-recurring posts that are for one-time use only, our ‘one-off updates’ feature serves exactly that purpose. You can create them directly from the Dashboard. Your one-off updates will appear under Queue and will be removed once that update has gone out to your social account.

Click here to check out how to schedule recurring updates.

Yes, you can. RecurPost is built in a way so that you can use your updates indefinitely. Just create your library, connect your social accounts, set a schedule, and we’ll recycle the updates forever. You can stop this at any time.

Absolutely! Bulk Scheduling makes it easier than ever to post multiple images, videos, or GIF files all at once without having to post them all individually, saving you a ton of time and effort and increasing your work efficiency, leading to better and faster results. Click here to read more.

Social Inbox by RecurPost enables all of your social media inboxes to be connected into one single unified dashboard. It allows you to manage notifications from all social media sites from a single place. It enables you to watch all your chats, mentions, comments, and conversations, and take action on them. You can easily serve all discussions in one feed, instead of having to log in to each social account separately or choose to concentrate on select networks with a sorting option. Click here to know how it works.

Absolutely! A scheduled post can be edited or removed according to your needs. You can perform this function on the Queue page. RecurPost allows you to easily manage your posts by editing, removing, scheduling, and approving them. Changing your schedule for one time will not affect your recurring schedule.

There is no proven best time to post on social media. It is dependent a lot on your audience and your content, as well as on many other random factors. When you start using RecurPost, we analyze your posting history and engagement and then find out your unique best time to post.

RecurPost offers you a lot of options to import content. You can bulk-import content from the web via RSS, social media feeds, or from a CSV/excel file.

Yes. You can download our Chrome extension from here and easily share your favorite content from around the web.

We understand that our users cannot always carry a laptop or sit behind a desk to manage their social media accounts. With RecurPost’s mobile application (available both for Android and iOS users), you can carry your social media scheduler in your pockets. It helps you edit, organize, and schedule updates on the go.

Yes, it is possible to create unlimited professional reports along with your desired logo. With RecurPost’s report, you can track metrics related to your audience, content performance, impressions, engagement, and overall brand growth.

Yes, you can! You can get a 20% recurring commission by promoting RecurPost to your audience and having them sign up for our Business or Agency plan. Click here to learn more.

You can contact us anytime by sending a message using the message icon at the bottom right of any RecurPost page. You can also send us an email at [email protected].

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