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Schedule Facebook Posts

Seamlessly elevate your Facebook presence with scheduled posts, reels, and lives. Ensure your content always hits the spotlight at the right time.

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Posting inconsistently on Facebook can seriously hurt your page’s engagement and growth. When you post content irregularly or take long gaps in between posts, you miss out on opportunities to connect with your audience.

The solution is to implement Facebook post scheduling. This allows you to plan and line up your posts in advance to go out automatically at the best times. Scheduling leads to consistent visibility which translates to improved engagement and fewer missed opportunities.

This guide will give you an overview of the key benefits of scheduling along with actionable tips on various scheduling methods. This is the most comprehensive guide on Facebook post scheduling. We have researched almost every piece of content published out there and created this guide to include everything.

Q. Why should you schedule posts on Facebook?

Scheduling lets you craft high-quality content, publish at peak times, and track results for continuous improvement. It’s the secret sauce to consistent engagement, a unified brand message, and valuable peace of mind.

Benefits of Scheduling Facebook Posts

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider scheduling your content:

📆Consistent Engagement

Scheduling ensures that your content reaches your audience regularly

🎨 Quality Control

Scheduling gives you more time to create high-quality content

🕒 Optimal Timing

Content is published at the best possible times for engagement

🔀 Cross Platform Coordination

Scheduling can help coordinate your posts across all platforms

📊 Analytics and Optimization

Understand the performance of your posts, allowing you to optimize future content

🌟 Unified Brand Message

Scheduling helps maintain a consistent brand voice and image across your posts

A Complete Guide to Scheduling Posts on Facebook

By planning your content, you can ensure consistency, engagement, and maximum impact. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various types of content you can schedule, providing clear instructions and best practices for each format.

Implementing Your Facebook Post Scheduling Strategy

Ready to start scheduling your Facebook content? Here is a checklist to guide your setup:

  1. Set Your Objectives: Determine your goals, whether it’s boosting brand awareness, generating leads, or building a community, to shape your content plan.
  2. Review Past Performance: Examine historical posting patterns and engagement metrics to find the best posting frequency and intervals.
  3. Develop a Content Plan: Organize your themes, topics, and post formats (photos, videos, live streams) by month. Include holidays, events, and awareness days to inspire your content.
  4. Allocate Time for Content Creation: Dedicate time to crafting, designing, and editing posts for the upcoming months, ensuring a mix of evergreen content.
  5. Segment and Schedule Posts: Prepare posts for different audience segments and schedule them at optimal times over the coming weeks.
  6. Conduct A/B Tests: Test various post formats and targeting strategies to see what works best with your audience.
  7. Automate Recurring Content: Set up automation for evergreen posts or promotions to maintain a consistent posting schedule.
  8. Monitor and Adjust: Regularly check post insights to evaluate your strategy’s success and make necessary adjustments.

Additionally, be sure to stay updated on Facebook’s regular algorithm changes and new features. Consistency and adaptation are key!

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Types of Content You Can Schedule on Facebook

Facebook offers diverse content formats to cater to your brand’s messaging and audience preferences. Here’s an overview of the different types of content you can schedule:

  1. Single Posts: Crafting engaging text, image, or video posts to capture your audience’s attention or convey your brand’s message.
  2. Reels: You can schedule short, catchy video clips perfect for showcasing products, telling brand stories, and engaging your target demographic.
  3. Live: Scheduling a Facebook Live often leads to better engagement as it allows you to promote the event in advance, build anticipation, and prepare high-quality content.

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Different methods to schedule Facebook posts

When it comes to actually scheduling your Facebook content, you have a few effective options:

  1. Use Facebook’s Native Scheduling: Facebook has built-in functionality to schedule posts directly for both personal profiles and pages. One limitation is that Facebook’s native scheduling only allows you to plan posts about 30 days in advance. But for simplicity, it can be a handy basic solution.
  2. Use Meta Business Suite: For more robust scheduling and publishing capabilities, Meta’s Business Suite, earlier known as Creator Studio, offers in-depth tools for planning and managing content across Facebook and Instagram. Features include bulk scheduling, post queueing, cross-platform posting, and in-depth analytics. The learning curve is steeper but the long-term benefits around efficiency and optimization are invaluable.
  3. Use Dedicated Third-Party Schedulers:  Third-party social media scheduling tools offer easy Facebook integration. Handy features like suggesting best times, AI-generated content, and post-recycling save time. For those managing multiple team members and social channels, third-party tools are extremely effective.

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How to Schedule Facebook Posts

Here is the step-by-step process to schedule Facebook posts:

1. Schedule Facebook Posts Via App

Facebook’s native scheduling feature allows you to schedule posts directly within the app. Whether it’s a single post, a catchy short video reel, or an engaging live session, each has its description/captions, post destination, and quirks.

Let’s check out the quick steps here and for detailed guides please refer to the links under related topics.

  1. Access Your Page: Log into Facebook and navigate to the page where you want to schedule a post.
  2. Create Your Post: Click on the “Create Post” at the top of your page’s timeline. Draft your post by adding text, images, or videos.
  3. Schedule the Post: Instead of clicking “Publish,” click on the small clock icon next to it that says “Schedule Post.” This will open a calendar and clock where you can select the future date and time you want the post to publish.

2. Schedule Facebook Posts through Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite is a powerful tool for managing Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. It offers a comprehensive scheduling feature for your Facebook posts. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Access Meta Business Suite: Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to Meta Business Suite.
  2. Select Your Page: In the left-hand sidebar, click on the appropriate Facebook Page where you want to schedule a post.
  3. Create Your Post: Click on the “Create Post” button within Meta Business Suite. This will open a familiar post creation window. Craft your post by adding text, images, or videos.
  4. Schedule the Post: Look for the “Schedule” option below the post preview. Clicking it will reveal a calendar and time selection tool. Choose your desired date and time for the post to go live.
  5. Additional Options: Meta Business Suite offers some additional scheduling options. You can set an end date and time for your post’s visibility.

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Best Practices for Scheduling Posts

Getting the most out of Facebook scheduling requires understanding optimal timing, planning a mix of scheduled and spontaneous posts, and crafting compelling captions. Here are some top tips:

Understand Optimal Posting Times
Use Facebook Insights to see when your audience is most active and responsive. Typical best times are mid-week around lunchtime, evenings, and weekends. Schedule your content in consistent batches during high-visibility windows.

Balance Scheduled and Spontaneous
Don’t over-schedule or under-schedule. Maintain a healthy mix of timely evergreen posts that go out automatically as well as some spontaneous content like event photos, trending topics, or breaking news. 

Leverage Facebook Groups for Engagement
Participate in relevant groups to build connections then share your content directly with those communities to develop deeper discussions. Thoughtfully managing your Facebook group approach alongside individual post schedules leads to sustained social engagement.

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Overcoming Common Scheduling Challenges

While scheduling content can simplify social media management, you may encounter hurdles like

Posts Not Appearing
Your scheduled posts might not post due to an outdated app, lack of necessary permissions, or technical issues with Facebook’s servers. Ensure your app is updated and you have administrative access to the page or group you’re managing.

Content Going Stale
For time-sensitive topics, account for new developments between when you wrote and published the post. At scheduling time, give additional context in captions like “As of [date], [key update]”. Before publishing, check for major new developments to cover instead or alongside your planned post.

Reaching New Audiences 
Rotate niche interests, local references, and language targeting to expand your audience subset over time. This keeps content refreshing and relevant, even posts scheduled weeks in advance.

Remember, the key to smooth and successful post-scheduling is staying informed about Facebook’s guidelines, maintaining your scheduling app, and monitoring your posts’ performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions about Facebook scheduling? You’re not alone! Here are some of the most commonly asked scheduling questions and their answers.

Go to your Page and click on ‘Create Post’ at the top of your page’s timeline. Write your post. Click the ‘Publish’ dropdown and select ‘Schedule Post.’ Choose the date and time you want the post to publish and click ‘Schedule.’

Yes, you can edit a scheduled post on Facebook. Go to your Page’s ‘Publishing Tools,’ find the post under ‘Scheduled Posts,’ and click on it. You can then edit the text or change the scheduled time.

Update: Facebook decided to sunset APIs to post on groups on April 22nd, 2024. No legitimate app can post on Facebook anymore. We at RecurPost offer a workaround where it needs a click from you at the time of posting.

Scheduling is only available for Facebook pages and profiles connected to a Facebook business account. You would need to use third-party tools that have this functionality.

Facebook allows scheduling posts up to 30 days in advance through its native tool. Third-party scheduling apps may provide longer timeframes.

Properly scheduled posts see no significant difference in reach or engagement compared to posts made in real time. The key is to ensure the content is engaging and is posted at an optimal time for your audience.

The best time varies widely depending on your audience. Generally, mid-morning to mid-afternoon on weekdays is a good starting point. Use Facebook Insights to find when your specific audience is most active.

Yes, any scheduled post can be edited, rescheduled, or deleted before the set publish time through the Publishing Tools menu.

To view all scheduled posts, go to your Page, click ‘Publishing Tools,’ and then ‘Scheduled Posts’ in the left column. Here you’ll see all the posts you’ve scheduled.

Facebook places no hard limits, but significantly high scheduling volumes may trigger review processes or temporary publishing restrictions.