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Why is RecurPost the best Metricool Alternative?

Looking for the best Metricool alternative? While there are many tools like metricool available on the internet and when you have a wide range of features to examine, price plans to compare, and a lot more to consider, it is truly challenging to choose the appropriate social media scheduling tool for your business. Thus, to make this procedure a bit easier, we have prepared a direct comparison of Metricool vs RecurPost to assist you in selecting a social media scheduler that is worth your buck.

RecurPost is a preferable alternative to Metricool with better and more features, as well as a number of significant advantages over Metricool. Let’s explore how you may utilize RecurPost to enhance your social media presence and develop your business.

Comparing RecurPost as a Metricool Alternative


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Supported Social media platforms

RecurPost also allows you to publish on Facebook accounts and personal Instagram profiles, in addition to supporting the other social media networks available on both social media schedulers

Facebook Profiles
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Personal Profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

URL Shortner

Adding brief links while publishing on social media is a smart thing to do. You may shorten the link using a Google link shortener or connect to your Bitly account with both RecurPost and Metricool.

RSS Feed

You may generate several blogs and posts for your social media from information posted on another website by just adding the RSS link.

CSV Scheduling in Bulk

Bulk Scheduling through CSV allows you to bulk import material in the form of a CSV file, which is then divided into individual segments of data that are ready for publishing.

Live Chat Support & Demo Meeting

RecurPost gives you the benefit of live chat support where all your doubts and queries can be sorted instantly. RecurPost also offers a 30 Minute Demo meeting to help set up your account.

Automated publishing

Schedule posts and watch it get published automatically on your preferred social media platform, while RecuPost supports auto publishing for all social media platforms, Metricool supports it only for Instagram.

Only Instagram

Twitter variations

Create variations of your Tweets to avoid breaking Twitter’s rule against re-posting the same tweet. Metricool does not assist in generating variations.

Import Content from Other Tools

RecurPost seamlessly lets you migrate content from another tool when you choose to switch so all your content is good for you to use again.

Pause and restart social media accounts

RecurPost, enables you to simply take a break for strategy development and optimization by halting your social media accounts, stopping your posting, and continuing with greater preparation.

Content Categorization

Utilize RecurPost’s Content Libraries to segment and arrange your updates into various projects and priorities.

Team Collaboration

Team members and clients can be added and given access to evaluate or execute particular activities relating to scheduled postings or the social inbox.

One-time-use Libraries

RecurPost allows you to develop one-time-use libraries for posting. This is ideal if you have an event coming up and need to market it successfully.

Content Approval

RecurPost’s content approval lets you keep your quality requirements. Just accept or reject an update in accordance with your priorities.

Social Inbox

Organize your engagement – Review and reply to comments on your posts and direct messages from one place for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business.

Mobile Application

Both RecurPost & Metricool offer a mobile application that is available on both Android & ios that enables you to use all the features of the tool 

Chrome Extension

Both RecurPost and Metricool offer a chrome extension that enables you to share and schedule content via chrome extension.

Evergreen content libraries

You can effortlessly repeat your content numerous times using RecurPost, giving it fresh life.

Personalized Reports

RecurPost and Metricool both provide customized social media reports where you can include your own brand logo and come across to your clients as more performance- and detail-oriented. 

AI-based share time optimization

Knowing when your audience is online and when to post updates will increase the amount of social interaction you get on social media.

Looking for a reliable Metricool alternative?

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Why should you select RecurPost over Metricool? - RecurPost as the best Metricool Alternative.

RecurPost provides all the functionality available on Metricool as well as a number of other features that are essential for a stronger social media presence and more efficient management making it the most preferred Metricool alternative. A notable benefit is the support for more social media platforms. While Metricool does not enable publishing on Facebook profiles & personal Instagram profiles, and producing tweet variants, RecurPost supports scheduling posts on Facebook profiles and personal Instagram profiles and creating tweet variations. 

RecurPost also enables you to do a lot more with your content and most importantly categorize it efficiently so as to ensure maximum utility and benefit. With RecurPost you can make evergreen as well as one-time content libraries. While evergreen libraries enable you to store content that you wish to recycle or repost repeated cover time, one-time use libraries can be event or campaign specific libraries which are only intended to use for the time being or for the specific event. 

You can also keep a check on your content quality through RecurPost’s content approval feature and pause and later resume an account with better preparation if need be. Additionally, Team Collaboration with RecurPost is much easier with the facility of assigning a task for review or execution to any team member or client.
RecuPost also offers 24×7 live chat support and a 30-minute demo meeting if need be for a user to set up his account.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

RecurPost offers budget-friendly plans for everyone from small businesses to large enterprises.

Get More Features for Less

Amazing Customer Support

RecurPost offers 24*7 customer support for users on all plans. Our live chat service makes sure you get assistance whenever needed.

How is RecurPost the best Metricool alternative?

Competitive Pricing

RecurPost is one of the most inexpensive social media scheduling solutions in the industry with much more economical plans than metricool. Having plans starting as cheap as $12.50 and the multiple features given, RecurPost is absolutely worth every cent. Additionally, an annual subscription entitles you to two free months! Is there a better deal on the price than that?

Exceptional Customer Assistance

RecurPost offers a variety of choices accessible for delivering answers to your challenges. There is live chat help to answer all your difficulties. You can email us your worries, and we’ll respond right away. When you initially join RecurPost, you may organize a consultation with our support executive to understand everything about utilizing the product. Also, you may refer to our knowledge base anytime that comprises every information on how to use different features.

Unique Ideal Time To Publish

When you constantly schedule and post material with RecurPost, it analyses the engagement level on your social networks. Then based on the engagement obtained on different posts, it advises you the optimum time to post when you plan Instagram posts, schedule Google My Business posts, or use RecurPost as a Pinterest scheduler. Isn’t that a feature worth your money?

Posting Evergreen Content

An interesting feature given by RecurPost is the ability to establish evergreen content libraries with recurring/repetitive schedules. You can make evergreen libraries and add a limitless amount of content. After scheduling the whole library, all of its content will begin posting in accordance with your schedules. Once all of them have been posted, RecurPost will start again from the first. In this manner, you can make sure that your content is utilized maximum and your social media presence never fades whilst your content keeps attracting fresh traffic again and again.

Bulk Scheduling via CSV

RecurPost wants to make your work as simple as possible, thus it lets you mass import content from excel or CSV files without having to arrange the necessary data. RecurPost takes each of the data and shapes it into unique content for posting. The drafted posts are then open for inspection by the user if he desires to approve or else may be immediately scheduled by RecurPost. Social media bulk scheduling is a blessing for speedy content saving a lot of manual work of individual sorting and preparation.

Multiple Images & Customized Descriptions

When composing and scheduling a post for publication on your social media platforms, RecurPost allows you to upload numerous photos. The number of photos that may be included in scheduled Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, and tweets is 15, 9, and 4, respectively. Additionally, you may add up to 30 hashtags of your choice to each social media platform’s descriptions (captions). Both one-time and recurring posts may be made using the same method of uploading numerous photographs and adjusting captions. With the aid of this function, you may change the message’s content while adhering to each social media platform’s character restriction and preserving the same message’s purpose.

Chrome Extension

Want to share a fantastic story you read on the web? You may add content straight to your library, share it immediately, and schedule it for later with the help of the RecurPost Chrome extension. The chrome extension makes it easier to share any content from a third party website within a single click. You may also activate content curation using the extension, which will cause fresh content to automatically display in your RecurPost feed, which you can then review and transfer to your library for scheduling.

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Still unsure of the benefits of using RecurPost? Explore the Social Inbox!

The cherry on top and essential addition to all of the other outstanding features mentioned above is the Social Inbox with RecurPost.  Messages and comments from all of your social media networks in one place – what could be simpler? Receiving and replying to social media comments and messages can be time-consuming and frequently neglected, but from the user’s point of view, it results in an unpleasant experience of not receiving back contact or having to wait too long for it.

Internal communication among your team will have an influence on how they respond to consumer questions posted on social media. You can improve team communication and deliver better customer service with the aid of the social inbox. All this will eventually lead to establishing more involved communities. Especially whether you are a small business, e-commerce store, or agency that manages the social media accounts of clients, RecurPost’s social inbox will show to be of absolute utility.

Social Media Platforms Supported by RecurPost - The best Metricool Alternative

A good social media scheduler should provide you with smooth access to all of your networks so you don’t have to exert additional effort to use unsupported platforms. RecurPost enables you to post across all platforms, you can schedule Facebook posts on personal profiles, groups and pages, schedule Instagram posts on Instagram business profiles as well as personal profiles,  schedule tweets with variations on twitter, schedule LinkedIn posts on company pages and profiles, schedule google my business posts and even schedule pins on Pinterest which isn’t offered by post social media schedulers. To conclude, RecurPost caters to all the important social media sites to boost your social media marketing.

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4.6 Star Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

RecurPost is unquestionably one of the greatest social media schedulers available, offering more economical and cost-effective plans while yet offering more features and benefits.

Plans for RecurPost begin at $12.50 per month, while those for Metricool begin at $18. RecurPost also offers two months for free with an annual membership.

RecurPost’s competitive pricing yet being loaded with features makes it truly stand out among social media schedulers and distinguishes it from Metricool. As compared to Metricool, RecurPost caters to additional platforms like Facebook profiles & Instagram personal profiles It also provides additional features not available with Metricool like Twitter variations, Live chat support, pausing and resuming social accounts, content categorization, team collaborations, one-time use libraries, and content approval.

It just takes a few minutes to get started with RecurPost! Simply sign up for the 14-day trial and begin using the tool. When you join, you will be guided through a comprehensive navigation tutorial on how to get started. There is a live chat option accessible where you may ask us questions and we will answer them all. Our knowledge base has thorough step-by-step guides on how to utilize each RecurPost feature.

Metricool doesn’t provide live chat assistance. However, RecurPost, the finest Metrcool substitute, provides live chat support that is available around-the-clock to quickly address your questions and concerns. It also offers a demo meeting to set up your account and demonstrate how the tool functions.

RecurPost is one of the best metricool alternatives available in the market, RecurPost has all of the features found in Metricool, as well as a number of additional elements critical for a stronger social media presence and more effective management at a competitive price.


Metricool is not free to use. Although it does include a free plan with one profile and with limited features.

RecurPost is an excellent Metricool alternative that  provides a free 14 day trial with all features so that you may have first-hand experience and gives you a better understanding navigating through the use of the social media scheduler While the free version of Metricool limits your use and features, RecurPost offers a ton of features and an economical price.

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