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Why is RecurPost the best Statusbrew alternative?

Are you looking for a solution that is a Statusbrew alternative? An application that is similar to Statusbrew but allows effortless posting to social media sites and has more advanced features. RecurPost is the best social media management tool with unique functions to manage social media scheduling across the most popular social media platforms that Statusbrew lacks. Here are some key elements that make RecurPost the best alternative to Statusbrew.

Comparing RecurPost and Statusbrew


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Supported Social media platforms

Sites like Statusbrew don’t allow you to post on Facebook profiles and groups, LinkedIn profiles, Instagram personal profiles, or Pinterest.

Facebook Profiles
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Personal Profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Facebook Profiles
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Bulk Scheduling

RecurPost provides you the simplicity of creating posts for your multiple social media platforms one at a time. Thus, increasing productivity while maintaining a similar marketing strategy everywhere.

Content categorization

Similar to Statusbrew, RecurPost allows you to create libraries for well-planned content categorization.

Copy Updates

Both tools allow users to duplicate the generated content for use across multiple libraries.

Twitter Variations

Twitter doesn’t allow you to post the same tweet multiple times. RecurPost creates variations of the same tweet, making it the best Statusbrew alternative.

Import Updates from other tools

If you plan to switch from another tool, RecurPost enables you to import data to their libraries, making it the dominant Statusbrew alternative.

Google Alerts

In contrast to Statusbrew, RecurPost suggests relevant content for your niche based on Google Alerts.

AI-based share time optimization

Your post gets higher engagement when posted at the right time. RecurPost allows you to choose the best time for every social media platform.

Pause and Resume Social Accounts

Using RecurPost, if you want, you can easily pause your social accounts, stop posting, and continue with improved strategic planning.

Chrome plugin

Installing the RecurPost chrome plugin enables you to directly add blogs and articles to the libraries for posting them on social media platforms.

Mobile app

RecurPost has mobile apps like Ststusbrew that you can download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store and enjoy posting from anywhere in the world.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze your posts in real-time with RecurPost advanced analytics.

Team Members

RecurPost helps you distribute your projects among team members and coordinate more effectively through VAs.

White Label Reports

You can download white label reports from RecurPost to your desktop or laptop for analyzing or comparing with earlier results.

Updates with Images, GIFs, and Videos

Similar to Statusbrew, RecurPost allows you to create content using images and videos.

Hashtag Recommendation

You can use both tools to suggest the relevant hashtags for your posts to increase engagement and reach the right audience.

URL Shortener

It’s always been a good practice to add short links while you are posting on social media. RecurPost allows you to trim the link using a Google link shortener or to connect with your Bitly account.

CSV Support

Unlike Statusbrew, with RecurPost, you can upload data from a CSV file in bulk.

Repeated Posting

RecurPost allows you to utilize the once generated content by recurring posting.

Content Approval

Content generation involves a marketing team. If you want to take the approval of your team members before publishing, it’s easy to do with RecurPost.

RSS Feeds

You can add and organize a list of blogs from your favorite website to your posts using RSS feeds.

Why is RecurPost an ideal Statusbrew alternative?

Have more features for less money

RecurPost offers a minimum of 100 stored recurring posts starting from its basic plan. Well, you won’t find this advanced feature in Statusbrew premium pricing plans. Moreover, RecurPost gives you more options in choosing social media platforms than Statusbrew, including Facebook profiles and groups, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles, and Pinterest, which makes RecurPost the best Statusbrew alternative. Using RecurPost you can schedule Google my business posts, schedule Facebook posts on Facebook pages, groups and profiles, schedule LinkedIn posts on profiles and company pages, and schedule Instagram posts on personal and business profiles. 

Switching from another tool is accessible

You might already be using a social media scheduler. Do you have significant data on it? There is no need to worry about losing data if you decide to move to RecurPost. We work on advanced software that allows our clients to safely move data from other sites like Statusbrew to RecurPost.

Pause and resume your account anytime

While running social media marketing campaigns, you might need to pause your accounts due to events such as a national calamity. By choosing RecurPost as a Statusbrew alternative, you can anytime halt and continue your social media accounts in a single click.

Save time with the chrome plugin

Suppose you are surfing the internet and find something unique that you would like to have in your social media post. RecurPost gives you a chrome plugin, using which you can add the content from the specific website to your post in just one click. While Statusbrew doesn’t have a chrome plugin, RecurPost is a superior alternative to Statusbrew.

Bulk post scheduling using CSV file

Companies prefer to store their data in CSV files that contain several records, including links, images, messages, etc. Statusbrew does not have a feature where you can quickly import content using a CSV file. Only RecurPost allows you to add CSV file data to your social media posts. CSV files may contain a large scale of records. RecurPost enables you to schedule bulk data from CSV files, which authorizes it as an excellent Statusbrew alternative.

Allows recurring posting

Have you heard of repeatedly auto-posting on social media? RecurPost leads the social media scheduler industry with this unique feature, making it the best Statusbrew alternative. RecurPost saves your time by scheduling the same post regularly on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Twitter doesn’t allow sending the same post more than once. In that case, RecurPost creates variations of the same social media post, enabling you to schedule tweets. RecurPost offers a great Pinterest scheduler! Comparing Statusbrew pricing with RecurPost’s advanced features reveals that RecurPost is ahead of the curve.

Now, with RecurPost, you can get the notification of your social media post in real-time. What a great alternative to Statusbrew!

The RecurPost social inbox displays every post, categorized by the social media platform. You don’t need to log in to your social media accounts to check how they are performing. You can get all details from your RecurPost social inbox. Here you will find your audience’s likes, comments, and shares. You can also reply to their queries and delete their comments if needed. RecurPost is the best Statusbrew alternative, as none of the above is possible with Statusbrew.

The best part is that you can see responses in real-time. Just hit the refresh button from RecurPost, which will bring fresh social media data. In your RecurPost social inbox, you can switch between multiple accounts to see people’s comments on that account and quickly reply.

Here is the list of RecurPost social inbox primary features:

RecurPost is the best StatusBrew alternative for being the only social media scheduler that offers to post on Google Business profiles. It is required for every business to promote their brand locally, and for that, posting regularly on your Google Business profile helps you to stand at the top in Google search.

RecurPost is the leading social media scheduler and the best Statusbrew alternative. Our team is constantly working on the product by adding more advanced features to meet clients’ challenges and upgrade with technological advancements.

Social Media Platforms Supported by RecurPost

RecurPost is a very resourceful tool if you want to manage your content on multiple social media platforms at once. You can seamlessly schedule Facebook posts on groups, profiles, and pages, and with that, you can schedule tweets to stay active on the most happening platform which is Twitter. Pinterest is a great platform for brands that want to market visual content and RecurPost happens to be a good Pinterest scheduler too. Not to forget, you can also schedule Instagram posts and LinkedIn posts. If your business wants to shine on Google, you can schedule Google business profile posts with RecurPost.

RecurPost reviews show that customers love us

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4.6 Star Rating

RecurPost Vs. Statusbrew FAQs

RecurPost stands as the best Statusbrew alternative, as it includes the ability to generate tweet variations, create recurring schedules, import updates from other tools, set up google alerts, and monitor all your conversations from a single dashboard.

Statusbrew is priced starting at $89 per month. You can try out RecurPost, a social media scheduling tool that provides advanced features at a budget-friendly price, starting from just $12.5 per month.

As opposed to Statusbrew, RecurPost offers advanced options like bulk scheduling, detailed analytics, the ability to add team members, unlimited workspaces, and generating white-label reports, RecurPost clearly stands out from Statusbrew.

RecurPost is a much better and cheaper alternative to Statusbrew. The pricing plans of Statusbrew start at $89 per month. RecurPost offers plans starting at just $12.5 per month, and agencies can manage multiple accounts using the business plan which costs $79 per month.

No, Statusbrew doesn’t allow posting on Pinterest. RecurPost is a much better alternative to Pinterest as it allows scheduling pins with your choice of URL.

As Statusbrew won’t match their budget, RecurPost is a great alternative for small businesses. RecurPost provides high-value features at an excellent price. Take the free trial today to test it out.

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