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Best Crowdfire Alternatives - 27 substitutes that will blow your mind!

The tremendous amount of content available online as an efficient medium, the persistent hunger for more content from the audience and the due impact that it has for a business has gotten marketeers loaded with responsibility of constantly generating more and better content. 

While social media schedulers are a much needed and appreciated aid, it is vital that a user chooses the right one according to their use and requirements.

Crowdfire has been in the market for a very long time however there are many crowdfire competitors that have come in the market now and it is important to weigh out the options among the best crowdfire alternatives because you get to choose and might as well choose the best on

Why should you think about crowdfire alternatives?

Crowdfire has been a go to social media scheduler for a lot of social media marketers and a has a good client base of a lot of companies however with more and more technical development and innovations coming up in other apps, crowdfire has not introduced a lot of new things and continues work on very similar lines and interface as when introduced. The tool has a lot of scope but lesser impactful action or innovation taken up. 

Some shortcoming of crowdfire that are reasons to consider other apps like crowdfire

The above few reasons can make a big difference, it is always wise to ensure that the money you invest on a social media scheduler is worth your buck. We list down below other platforms like crowdfire that may be the best alternatives to crowdfire.

Let's have a look at a few options to choose from :

1.RecurPost - Best Crowdfire Alternatives

Effective Social Media Management Tool

RecurPost is one of the best crowdfire alternatives that are available in the market. A social media scheduler with a global presence and thousands of businesses engaged has proven to be a go to for a lot of social media marketers worldwide.With the best in class features available that are on point for your Social Media automation needs. RecurPost offers a ton of features that makes the work of a social media marketer much easier. 

Here are some star features that make RecurPost a better alternative to Crowdfire

RecurPost v/s Crowdfire

One major aspect of a social media marketing campaign succeeding is being able to post through all prominent platforms that are relevant and bound to grasp the user’s attention.

In the RecurPost vs Crowdfire comparison, both tools offer the capability to post on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook pages, groups, Instagram business profiles, personal profiles, Twitter, LinkedIn pages and profiles, and Pinterest. However, RecurPost provides an additional advantage by allowing users to post on Google My Business accounts and Facebook profiles, expanding the range of platforms available for posting and reaching a wider audience.

Furthermore, RecurPost offers a unique feature called the “social inbox,” which is similar to the mentions section in Crowdfire but with added functionality. RecurPost’s social inbox not only enables users to reply to and manage social media notifications, posts, and messages, similar to Crowdfire, but it also extends this capability to Google My Business. In fact, RecurPost is the first social media scheduler to enable the management of Google Business Profile reviews directly within the Social Inbox, allowing users to see and respond to reviews seamlessly.

One other feature that RecurPost offers that isn’t offered by Crowdfire is to be able to categorize content into different libraries for a more systematic approach making it more suitable for an account with more profiles and clients and also for easier navigation through more content prepared in advance. With RecurPost you can also maximize the utility of your content by repeatedly scheduling any evergreen content while crowdfire doesn’t offer any such facility.

Pricing: RecurPost is more economical with its plans for its small as well as big businesses along with offering 2 months free with a yearly subscription. Recurposts plans for businesses are $32.50/month & $65.83/month while crowdfire offers similar plans at $37.48/month & $65.83/month. Making RecurPost a cheaper option and still offering more features than most social media management tools


RecurPost Logo - social media scheduler
Best crowdfire alternatives - RecurPost

Content categorization

Tweet variations

Copy Updates

Bulk scheduling

RSS feeds

Import updates from other tools

Repeated posting

Google Alerts

URL Shortner

Content Approval

Pause and resume social accounts

Advanced Analytics

Social Inbox

Mobile App

Chrome plugin

Make The Most Of Your Marketing With Social Media Scheduling Tool

2. MeetEdgar - Optimum Crowdfire Alternatives

MeetEdgar will automate your campaigns when you build a library of material that is divided into categories so that you may continuously post evergreen content on all of your social media accounts. You may get assistance from MeetEdgar when it comes to producing fresh material as well. If you don’t have time to write a post, just provide the URL to a blog you believe your readers would enjoy, and the programme will choose an intriguing quotation for you to use as the foundation of your article. Additionally, the programme will automatically produce 5 variants of each post you make, allowing you to repurpose it for use on various social media platforms and keep your social media channels active without any work.

Key features

MeetEdgar v/s Crowdfire

While MeetEdgar, popular among crowdfire alternatives is focused on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Crowdfire has additional social networks. Live chat is supported by MeetEdgar and Crowdfire as well. Meetedgar lacks Pinterest along with Facebook profiles and google my business which crowdfire doesn’t support either. Meetedgar doesnt support import from other tools, google alerts, advanced analytics, customized captions, pausing and resuming social accounts, copying updates, AI based shared time optimization, mobile app, hashtag recommendation and team management. However, Crowdfire lacks some key functions, including content categorization, the ability to copy updates to another post, Twitter variants, the ability to import updates from other tools, Google Alerts, the ability to pause and resume social media accounts, url shorteners, repeated posting to recycle your evergreen content, and content approval.

Pricing: Crowdfire starts at $10/month, 2 accounts per social network and MeetEdgar starts at $49/month, 25 social media profiles.

There are other good Meetedgar alternative to consider if you’re looking to streamline your social media post scheduling and recycling.

3. MavSocial - Ideal Crowdfire Alternatives

MavSocial is one of the most often sought crowdfire alternatives for businesses and enterprises. This application allows you to plan and monitor social network postings, as well as manage content curation, alter photos, and access stock pictures. This application includes basic capabilities such as inbox filters, RSS feeds, and UTM tracking. MavSocial is a social media management platform. It makes it simple to publish to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Business Profile, Tumblr, and WeChat. MavSocial also manages ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Key features

MavSocial v/s Crowdfire

Both Mavsocial & crowdfire cater to the majority of the prominent social media platforms however miss out on a few, While Crowdfire doesn’t cater to Facebook profiles and Google my business Mavsocial Google Business Profile and Pinterest. Mavsocial also offers certain added features like content categorization into libraries, creating twitter variations and url shortener to count a few. While Crowdfire offers caption customization (FB & twitter), AI based share time optimization, hashtag recommendation, CSV data import support which are not supported by MavSocial.

Pricing: As it is more suitable for businesses rather than individual use, MavSocial prices start at $65 with two months free if billed annually, while crowdfire offers a similar plan at $74.98.

With a wide range of features and reasonable price, it is unquestionably a competitive MavSocial alternative.

4. Later - Finest Crowdfire Alternatives

Later is a social media management tool that assists companies manage social media platforms for their clients by enabling scheduling of visual material for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Later puts a lot of focus on the visual information. Managers may utilise it to promote user-generated content, boost traffic, and discover more about how well social media postings function. Some of Later’s characteristics include Give curated content a customized touch, Integrated content calendar for simple content planning and scheduling, By increasing website traffic, you may increase sales, insightful reporting capabilities with useful stats.

Key features

Later v/s Crowdfire

Later does cater to most prominent like crowdfire both of them however miss out on google my business and facebook profiles. Lter has added benefits of collaboration tools for creators and brands, live support and team management and collaboration tools which can be a boon to any social media marketeer. Later however it lacks important features like CSv support, content categorization, best time suggestion, twitter variation, mobile app, content approval to maintain quality standards and url shortener. Contrarily, Crowdfire lacks crucial features like content categorization, the ability to copy updates to another post, Twitter variations, the ability to import updates from other tools, Google Alerts, the ability to pause and resume social media accounts, url shorteners, repeated posting to recycle your evergreen content, and content approval.

Pricing: Later bills in terms of social sets starting at $18/ month while crowdfire plans differ in terms of number of profiles starting at $9.99

Check out the Later alternatives, which cater to various social media scheduling requirements, allowing you to find the one that best aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

5. Agorapulse - Top Crowdfire Alternatives

You may use Agorapulse’s  publishing tool to organize your posts into an understandable social calendar and optimize them for each specific social network. Additionally, the social media scheduling calendar makes it simple for various team members to collaborate on social media material, track updates, and communicate notes. The social inbox, which enables you to handle comments and direct messages from followers in one unified inbox, is one of the features that stands out. The monitoring function in Agorapulse is yet another helpful component. Agorapulse provides a tonne of extra tools that you can use to boost your campaigns if you’re operating a large-scale social media operation and pretty much everything you need to schedule, publish, and optimize your social media posts.

Key features

Agorapulse v/s Crowdfire

Crowdfire is the greatest social media platform for social media managers, agencies, startups, organizations, and individuals, with 1-1000+ users. Agorapulse is the greatest business software for small and medium-sized enterprises. Agorapulse and crowdsocial cater to similar platforms with instagram personal profile and Pinterest being a relatively added platform in crowdsocial. Again Agorapulse lacks a few features like content categorization, google alerts, caption customization and white label reports still having more features than crowdfire.

Pricing: Crowdfire, unlike Agorapulse, provides a free version of its programme. Crowdfire charges $37.48 per month whereas Agorapulse charges $79 per month for similar plans

If you’re searching for Agorapulse alternatives for your social media management and marketing needs, there are numerous appealing solutions to consider.

6. Socialbakers - Best Crowdfire Alternatives

Note: Socialbakers is now taken over by Emplifi.

Emplifi is a unified social media marketing platform that includes Socialbakers. Socialbaker provides a consolidated solution for analyzing and driving client interaction across social media networks. Socialbakers has Artificial Intelligence, automation, and real-time analytics. This allows users to complete content production and administration tasks more quickly. As a consequence, conversion rates are higher, brand awareness is higher, and performance tracking is more efficient. Socialbakers is under the genre of social media marketing and analytics tools, and it is AI-focused. It will make it easier for small companies to provide content at the optimal times to garner the most traffic. Because the UI of this application is simple to use, you will be able to easily compare, assess, and optimize your social media efforts.

Key features

Socialbakers v/s Crowdfire

While Socialbakers and crowdfire are really similar in terms of the social media platforms supported, Facebook groups is the only additional platform catered to by Crowdfire while both of them fail to accommodate google my business. While crowdfire offers some features not offered by social bakers like RSS feed support, bulk importing content, managing social media messages and notifications through mentions. Social bakers also comes with additions like content categorization and is an excellent choice for large enterprises and mid-sized businesses looking for an AI-based social media management platform.

Pricing: Social bakers is priced at $200/month for 5 users billed annually however it also offers unique and competent features which justifies its pricing.

There are some of excellent Socialbakers alternative if you’re searching for something different for your social media marketing and analytics requirements.

7. Sendible - Finest Crowdfire Alternatives

With regard to scheduling, Sendible  provides a simple-to-use content calendar that may assist you and your clients in having a clear understanding of when articles should go live. You may publish pieces individually or in bulk, which is ideal for businesses that schedule material for their clients months in advance. You may also make post queues, which will enable you to consistently plan and publish posts on the social media accounts of your clients. Additionally, Sendible offers a social inbox that enables teams to manage comments and conversations across several platforms from a single consolidated inbox. When managing client campaigns, Sendible also offers comprehensive analytics and reporting options that make it simple to analyze and provide proof of outcomes.

Key features

Sendible v/s Crowdfire

A social media platform for companies, social media managers, businesses, and startups is called Crowdfire. The management of social media marketing for large businesses and digital marketing firms works best with Sendible. Sendible does not have a free version; Crowdfire does. With sendible you only miss out on facebook profiles while crowdire doesnt support facebook profiles as well as google my business. Sendible lacks a few features like evergreen scheduling, content categorization, copying updates, twitter variations, importing updates from other tools, google alerts, pause and resume social accounts, hashtag recommendation, and repeated posting. Content categorization, the ability to copy updates to another post, Twitter variants, the capacity to import updates from other tools, Google Alerts, the capacity to pause and resume social media accounts, url shorteners, repeated posting to recycle your evergreen content, and content approval are some of the crucial features that Crowdfire lacks.

Pricing: Crowdfire’s price plan starts at $9.99 per month and Sendible’s pricing plan starts at $29 per month, which is prohibitively expensive for many organizations.

Sendible alternatives offer diverse solutions to cater to your social media management requirements, empowering you to optimize your online presence effectively.

8. Buffer - Leading Crowdfire Alternatives

Another Social Media Scheduler that has been around for a while is Buffer. A trusted name in the market that is used by many businesses big and small. While buffer may be on a slightly pricier side it does offer the ease of a trial and a free individual account that can be upgraded to add more social profiles. Buffer is big in features too, it supports RSS feed connectivity, social analytics and insights, team collaborations, customizes scheduling, stats comparison, multimedia format sharing and a lot more. All of this is also supported on your browser, android & iOS making it really easy to manage multiple profiles as a business.

Key features

Buffer v/s Crowdfire

In the Buffer vs Crowdfire comparison, both tools support a range of prominent social media platforms, but they have some limitations when it comes to certain platforms like Facebook profiles and Google My Business.

Buffer lacks a few important features that may be crucial for some users, including bulk scheduling, content categorization, customization of posts, Twitter variations, data import from other tools, Google Alerts integration, AI-based share time optimization, the ability to pause and resume social accounts, CSV support, repeated posting, and content approval

Pricing: Buffer offers a free plan. After the trial, you can avail the paid plan for $12 per month for one social media channel while crowdfire plans start at $9.99.

If you are seeking Buffer alternatives, you can check out the detailed comparison.

9. Hootsuite - Finest Crowdfire Alternatives

HootSuite is one of the oldest social media scheduling tools on the market. However, because to its extremely costly price, it is normally exclusively utilised by large agencies and organisations, making it inappropriate for small businesses and not favoured for medium-sized firms. Hootsuite provides account-specific data, and its selling point is its live stream capability, in addition to being a whole package that caters to all major platforms. Hootsuite also has a number of other features, however the most of them are paid for individually, making the already pricey software much more uneconomical. Also, no customer assistance is offered on the app by default, and if it is desired, it must be purchased individually.

Key features

Hootsuite v/s Crowdfire

In the Crowdfire vs Hootsuite comparison, both tools support the same social media platforms but have limitations when it comes to Google My Business and Facebook profiles. However, Hootsuite offers additional features that come at an added cost, enhancing the user experience.

Hootsuite provides users with a URL shortener, which can be a valuable tool for creating concise and shareable links. Additionally, it offers content approval capabilities, allowing for a more organized and collaborative approach to social media content management.

Pricing: Hootsuite plans start at $29/month while crowdfire offers similar plans for at $37.48

Hootsuite alternative offer a range of features to meet your social media management requirements.

10. SocialPilot - Optimum Crowdfire Alternatives

SocialPilot is a relatively newer social media scheduler in the market but has a few prominent clients and  it comes loaded with a number of features. It is an advanced post scheduler which has a single interface for all the social media platforms and is suitable for businesses from small to big enterprises. It also offers features like bulk scheduling, team collaborations, content suggestions and custom feeds, social media analytics and alot more. It also offers url shortening integration and custom branding that crowdfire doesn’t offer. Not only this, all of these features can be used from the ease of your phone with its mobile app and even with the browser extensions the tool offers.

Key features

SocialPilot v/s Crowdfire

In addition to the social media platforms supported by crowdfire, Social Pilot also supports google my business while still lacking facebook profiles among the most prominent social media platforms. Socialpilot however has a few lesser features in its kitty, it lacks csv support, caption customization for each platform, content categorization, live support, tweet variations, recurring updates, advanced audience analytics, import updates from other tools, pausing and resuming social accounts. Crowdfire, on the other hand, lacks significant features such as content categorization, the option to transfer modifications to another post, Twitter variations, the ability to import updates from other tools, Google alerts, and so on.

Pricing: The professional plan at Social Pilot starts at $30 per month and goes up to $125 per month for the agency plan. Plans at crowdfire start at $9.99/month and go up $99.99/month.

Looking for SocialPilot alternatives? SocialPilot alternatives offer a range of features to meet your social media management requirements, empowering you to enhance your online presence effectively.

11. Missinglettr - Finest Crowdfire Alternatives

A social media scheduling and automation platform called Missinglettr seeks to make it simpler for companies to produce and plan content without spending a lot of time on their social media initiatives. With Missinglettr, you can make one-off posts, curated posts from your blog and the material of other influencers, and social media drip campaigns for offers. The calendar tool will then assist you in making a properly balanced timetable for your whole campaign.

Due to the fact that it automatically creates social media material based on blogs obtained through RSS feeds, it is the ideal tool for busy bloggers and company owners. Using the social media calendar, you can quickly tailor and adjust the campaigns that Missinglettr automatically generates.

Key features

Missinglettr v/s Crowdfire

Missinglettr price is ideal for businesses with more over 1000 employees and also offers a free trial. Missinglettr is primarily used by users to provide automatic publishing, contact management, and content management. Missinglettr does support most platforms however it lacks Facebook profiles, Instagram personal profiles and Pinterest. While crowdfire fails to support Facebook profiles and google my business. It terms of features crowdfire does offer a wider range, missinglettr lacks some important features like mobile application, bulk scheduling, hashtag recommendation, import from other tools, live chat support, twitter variations, social inbox, pause and resume social accounts. Although Missinglettr does provide analytics, they are not as thorough.

Pricing: Similar plans for businesses are offered by Missinglettr at $59 and crowdfire at $49.99

12. eClincher - Popular Crowdfire Alternatives

eClincher is one of the most top names in social media management tool in the market that has many reputed companies that trust eClincher with its social media management needs assists companies in expanding their online reach and reputation, saving time from daily posting, increasing productivity, and growing their business across all social media platforms. The eClincher tool is mainly concerned with increasing your ROI through social media optimization. Custom programmes are available for agencies, small businesses, enterprises, and medium corporations. They give a visual calendar that allows you to write and schedule posts that will be auto-published through RSS feeds. You will be able to track all of the popular hashtags and phrases, and the drag-and-drop feeds will allow you to organize your Instagram posts. There is also a free picture library where you may choose and alter creative elements.

Key features

eClincher v/s Crowdfire

Eclincher caters to all platforms supported by crowdfire and even more, that is in addition to  they also cater to facebook profiles, google my business that crowdfire doesn’t cater to thereby enabling you to post to and reach a much wider audience across a wide range of platforms. This also means that Eclincher helps you analyze your brand’s image and monitor its performance in the market better. Eclincher also allows you to create content libraries and categorize your content, something that is a miss with crowdfire. Some more features that eclincher provides which are missing in crowdfire are repeated posting of you content to reap maximum fruits of your efforts, url shortener, live support, content approval to maintain the quality of your content and a lot more. Are you trying to find eClincher alternatives for your social media management requirements? 

Pricing: eClincher plans start at $65 monthly and you can avail a 10% discount for an annual subscription while crowdfire offers similar plans but with lesser features at $37.48

13. Tailwind - Top Crowdfire Alternatives

If email marketing and only social media platforms is what you are looking for then Tailwind is the thing for you. Without too many additional features, yet on point of what is required, tailwind helps you create and schedule Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram posts and conduct email marketing campaigns A unique feature that tailwind offers is copilot that helps you strategize your marketing by giving you suggestions on what to do.

Key features

Tailwind v/s Crowdfire

While Tailwind supports limited platforms, it comes loaded with additional features. Tailwind only supports facebook pages, instagram personal and business profiles and pinterest while crowdfire enables you to post on facebook pages, facebook groups, instagram personal and business profiles, linkedin profile & linkedin company and pinterest. However both of them lack important platforms like google business and facebook profiles. While crowdfire lacks the facilitation of google alerts, Tailwind does support google alerts only for pinterest. Tailwind enables you to utilise your content to the maximum benefit by allowing repeated posting while crowdfire lacks that. Also Tailwind has a feature of content approval which ensures that your content is up to the mark according to your quality and standards.Not to forget the co-pilot feature that helps you strategize your marketing moves.

Pricing: While Crowdfire annual plans start at $7.48, tailwind starts at $12.99 both of them offering unique features that they are known for.

If you’re interested in more Tailwind alternatives, see the complete list that meets your social media management requirements, empowering you to enhance your online presence effectively.

14. SocialBee - Best Crowdfire Alternatives

SocialBee social media management tool provides robust scheduling capabilities. Instead of merely allowing you to schedule articles in the calendar, it will help you stay organized and plan your content. It has capabilities such as analytics, reporting, API, data import and export, to mention a few. SocialBee is a social media management application that allows you to schedule posts across several social media networks and then analyze their success. It has its own mobile application for social media management on the go. You may categorize posts to make it easier to schedule different sorts of postings. This feature makes SocialBee a significant time saving.

Key features

SocialBee v/s Crowdfire

Socialbee is a platform-inclusive application that supports all platforms supported by Crowdfire and others. Furthermore, with Canva, Bitly integration, and other capabilities, Socialbee allows you to easily create, schedule, and publish without wasting time. One of the numerous services provided by social bee is analytics, which allows you to analyze the performance of your postings. While Crowdfire’s social media platforms have a restricted reach, Socialbee lacks personalized captions, best time optimization, pausing and resuming social accounts, but it is loaded with a lot of effective capabilities. Crowdfire, on the other hand, lacks key capabilities such as content categorization, the ability to transfer changes to another post, Twitter variations, import updates from other tools, Google alerts, and so on.

Pricing: Socialbee is a more economical option for small businesses with plans at $39 while crowdfire offers the same for $49.99. However Crowdfire is more economical for solopreneurs with plans starting at $9.99 as compared to similar plan on socialbee for $19.

If you’re interested in more SocialBee alternatives, they meet your social media management requirements and enhance your online presence effectively.

15. PromoRepublic - Popluar Crowdfire Alternatives

First of all, PromoRepublic has a helpful social calendar that you can use to plan posts in advance for multiple networks. PromoRepublic also provides a library of carefully selected material that you may utilise to improve your social media performance.You may utilise the curation function to uncover articles, photographs, and other resources that are industry-relevant and can serve as an inspiration for your social media postings. In order to generate articles that are both professional and eye-catching, you may choose from a variety of templates.Additionally, PromoRepublic has a reporting function that enables you to track and examine engagement numbers for your social media postings. It also comes with a social inbox.

Key features

PromoRepublic v/s Crowdfire

Promorepublic is a more trusted and loved brand when it comes to business and trust of the users on the features offered by the social media scheduling tool. Promorepublic only misses out on facebook profiles among the prominent social media platforms while crowdfire lacks facebook profile as well as google my business. Promorepublic lacks some important features like hulk scheduling, caption customization for each platform, copy updates, twitter variations, importing updates, from other tools, google alerts, Ai based share time optimization, pause and resume social accounts and chrome plugin. Important functions like content categorization, the capacity to transfer modifications from one post to another, Twitter variants, the importation of updates from other tools, Google Alerts, and the capability to suspend and resume social media accounts, among others, are missing from Crowdfire.

Pricing:  Promorepublic has plans starting at $59/month, crowdfire has a similar plan for $49.99 for small businesses.

Check these excellent alternatives to PromoRepublic, as seen by the PromoRepublic comparison tools, to get your desired requirements filled.

16. Sprout Social - Leading Crowdfire Alternatives

A comprehensive content calendar provided by Sprout Social makes it simple to organize postings across all platforms. You may also utilize the multimedia library to locate ideas and photos for posts if you’re short on material. Sprout Social has a potent engagement tool in addition to its excellent scheduling tools. Your social media networks’ communications can be collected in a single inbox that you can establish. In terms of metrics, Sprout Social is unrivalled. You may produce reports for your coworkers and clients using the analytics tool, which makes it simple to view crucial information like engagement and reach. Overall, it offers all the tools a major company would require to properly manage its social media efforts.

Key features

Sprout Social v/s Crowdfire

You will be given advice on when to post for the best Crowdfire interaction. If you have enough material prepared for the following seven days, a queue metre will let you know. The solution comes with an analytics tool that can help you gauge, monitor, and evaluate your ROI. Therefore, Crowdfire is a far more cost-effective option than Sprout Social in terms of value. While providing many more capabilities than crowdfire, Sprout Social does not support several important functions including content classification, twitter variants, import updates from other tools, google alerts, and repeated publishing to social media accounts.

However, Crowdfire lacks some key functions, including content categorization, the ability to copy updates to another post, Twitter variants, the ability to import updates from other tools, Google Alerts, the ability to pause and resume social media accounts, url shorteners, repeated posting to recycle your evergreen content, and content approval.

Pricing: Sprout Social Plans start at $249/month, crowdfire has a similar plan for $9.99/ month but with less features.

Explore Sprout Social alternatives for content recycling. Boost your strategy for engaging with social media.

17. Coschedule - Top Crowdfire Alternatives

Coschedule is a social media management application that helps users generate more content, finish projects on time, and demonstrate their value to stakeholders. Using Coschedule, you can arrange all of your marketing on a single platform. A marketing calendar and an integrated social media scheduling tool are both provided for use by individuals and businesses to plan out their campaigns. CoSchedule assists with planning, posting, engaging, and outcomes tracking for all marketing initiatives. The product works well for large-scale corporations, small and medium-sized organisations, and independent contractors.

Key features

Coschedule v/s Crowdfire

Crowdfire and CoScedule both support the most prominent social networking networks, while Facebook and Google My Business are not supported. CoSchedule lacks RSS feeds, URL shortening, Twitter variants, and Google Alerts while still offering a wealth of useful features. Crowdfire lacks important features such as content categorization, the ability to copy updates to another post, Twitter variants, the ability to import updates from other tools, Google Alerts, the ability to pause and resume social media accounts, url shorteners, repeated posting to recycle your evergreen content, and content approval.

Pricing: CoSchedule offers customizes plans for large businesses while individual plans start at $29/month. Crowdfire plans start at $9.99/month

Check out these Coschedule alternatives, which offer diverse solutions to help you streamline your marketing and content management efforts, empowering you to achieve your marketing goals effectively.

18. Socialoomph - Optimum Crowdfire Alternatives

By automating chores across many networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Socialoomph is a social media management tool that enables users to boost social media productivity. You can locate influencers, schedule articles, and track their success with Socialoomph. The programme helps users manage many social media accounts at once. Particularly, the Twitter scheduler is excellent. By compiling all of your tweets into one text file, you may bulk upload them.

Key features

Socialoomph v/s Crowdfire

Crowdfire supports many more prominent social media platforms than socialoomph, however socialoomph has a considerably smaller bandwidth in terms of social profile diversity, supporting only Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn sites. However, the services given by socialoomph are platform-specific and unique, such as mass tweet deleting, DM purging, and email-to-tweet. The social media management tool also supports other networks such as Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn, albeit their availability is limited. It allows you to publish, but it lacks Twitter’s special functionality. Finally, we recommend SocialOomph alternatives to users who want access to Twitter development tactics but don’t mind using other networks to manage Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

Pricing: Socialoomph has plans starting at $25/month, crowdfire offers a similar plan for $49.99/month.

19. Planable - Popular Crowdfire Alternatives

Planable is a social media management tool that provides reporting/analytics, automated publishing, multi-user collaboration, post scheduling, and content management all in one platform. Planable is a collaboration platform that enables social media teams to simply and error-free plan, develop, evaluate, approve, and publish content. Your social media updates may be previewed in Planable as if they have already gone live. Together with your team members, you will be able to produce visually stimulating material.

Key features

Planable v/s Crowdfire

Planable and crowdfire both cater to most prominent social media platforms, while planable missed out on Facebook profiles and Pinterest, Crowdfire doesn’t cater to Facebook profiles and google my business. Plabale has the bandwidth to cater to small to large businesses whereas crowdfire offers a limited capacity which may not be much suitable for large enterprises who wish to cater to more clients and profiles.  While crowdfire lacks content categorization, google alerts, url shortener, importing from other tools, pausing and resuming social accounts, repeated posting and content approval. Planable misses out on RSS feed support, canva integration, analytics. All of these are available on RecurPost providing a plethora of features that others may lack.

Pricing: Both Planable and crowdfire provide similar plans for mid sized businesses, however crowdfire offers it at $37.48 while Planable charges $22 making it much cheaper.

Check out these Planable alternatives for your social media collaboration and content planning needs.

20. SmarterQueue - Best Crowdfire Alternatives

When compared to other social media schedulers, this application functions a little bit differently. Your content queue won’t ever be empty or idle since  Smarterqueue will recycle it. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn are just a few of the sites it supports. For easy access, everything of your material may be classified. Based on your profile analytics, this tool features a function that will propose a specific publishing schedule. For small businesses, Smarterqueue provides capabilities like automated publishing, brand tracking, campaign management, content management and customer engagement, management of several accounts.

Key features

SmarterQueue v/s Crowdfire

Crowdfire supports all social media channels covered by smarterque, as well as Instagram business accounts, which smarterqueue does not.

Smarterqueue offers a lot of features, but it doesn’t include post customization, social media bulk scheduling, a mobile app, hashtag suggestion, white label reporting, auto generating variants, or content review. Crowdfire is missing essential features such as content categorization, the ability to copy updates to another post, Twitter variants, the importation of updates from other tools, Google Alerts, the ability to pause and resume social media accounts, url shorteners, repeated posting to recycle your evergreen content, and content approval.

Pricing: Smarterqueue offers plans for businesses at $33.99/month while crowdfire offers a similar plan for $49.99/month.

RecurPost is one of the most popular SmarterQueue alternatives as seen by our RecurPost vs. SmarterQueue comparison chart.

21. Planoly Top Crowdfire Alternatives

Planoly is recognised as a top visual planning and marketing tool for companies and Instagram influencers. You may plan and schedule content for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok with this application. You can organize, schedule, and post your content across social channels using its straightforward interface. Additionally, you may write posts in draught form, which you can update at any time before posting. Use quantifiable metrics like conversation volume, timing, and share of voice to analyze campaigns, brands, and products for your company. The user-friendly interface of Instagram allows users to drag and drop their images and videos to see how they will look in their profile feed.

Key features

Planoly v/s Crowdfire

While Planoly and Crowdfire both lack important platforms such as Facebook profiles and Google My Business, Planoly also does not support Linkedin accounts and linkedin companies. Planoly is also concerned with the aesthetic side of social media posting and scheduling, and it provides extra features to help you improve the visual appeal of your postings. RSS feeds, content classification, stopping and restarting social accounts, post customization, twitter variants, white label reports, repeated posting, and content approval are all missing. Crowdfire lacks critical features such as content classification, the ability to transfer modifications to another post, Twitter variants, the importation of updates from other tools, Google Alerts, the option to stop and resume social media accounts, and others.

Pricing: While Planoly plans start from $11.25/month, crowdfire plans start from $9.99/month

Exploring Planoly alternatives? These alternatives offer unique features to enhance your social media planning and posting.

22. Post Planner - Leading Crowdfire Alternatives

Post Planner is a result-driven, straightforward, and unique software that promises to provide predictable, quantifiable, and excellent outcomes for your social media accounts. It is designed to improve interaction, increase the number of followers, and obtain higher return on investment. You may use it to search for hot memes and posts and curate them for your own social media profiles. As a result, the time spent on content research, preparation, and uploading is greatly reduced.

Key features

Post Planner v/s Crowdfire

Crowdfire supports many more platforms than post planner as post planner only supports facebook pages, facebook groups and twitter accounts. Both of them however miss on facebook profiles and google business profiles supported by RecurPost. You can also pause and resume your social accounts with Post Planner unlike crowdfire. While crowdfire doesn’t support content categorization, you can easily categorize and organize your content with Post Planner. While crowdfire has a few additional features like a mobile app, AI based share time optimization, chrome plugin, white label reports to name a few. Crowdfire however also has plans for bigger enterprises with a bandwidth to accommodate more profiles and users.

Pricing: Crowdfire has a plan for businesses at $74.98 while postplanner offers a similar plan at $39 billed yearly, although with lesser features.

Check out these Post Post Planner alternatives, which offer a range of features to meet your social media management requirements, empowering you to optimize your online presence effectively.

23. Oktopost - Popular Crowdfire Alternatives

The social media management, social listening, and employee advocacy solutions from Oktopost aid B2B companies in expanding their online presence and determining the genuine commercial benefits of social media. Oktopost gives advertisers the ability to gather useful data, enhance lead and customer interaction, and demonstrate return on investment. Create well-thought-out content in advance and use bulk scheduling to schedule articles on many channels. To add stuff from other websites to the library for publishing, use the chrome plugin. It allows for the addition, monitoring, and measurement of a range of social media accounts by marketers. It offers a white labeling solution that enables platform branding to be customized by resellers or advertising firms. 

Key features

Oktopost v/s Crowdfire

Oktopost has a bandwidth for twice as much users as crowdfire can cater to. While Oktopost supports all B2B mid market and enterprise companies across all industries, with a focus on Technology, Financial Services, and Professional Services Businesses, Crowdfire supports social media managers, agencies, brands, individuals, enterprises, and startups to drive social media engagement and growth.
Pricing: While crowdfire pricing starts at $9.99/month, oktopost starts at $200 per user per month.

Check out these Oktopost alternatives that provides a range of tools to help you efficiently manage your B2B social media efforts and employee advocacy initiatives.

24. OneUp - Best Crowdfire Alternatives

OneUp is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to plan posts and repeat them with a call-to-action button on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Google My Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, and StockWits. Get thorough reports on the effectiveness of your social media advertising and postings.To collect material from your favorite websites and post it to your social media accounts, use RSS feeds.Find trends in social media efforts, such as the most effective posting times, to boost efficacy.Create a single hub for social media interactions and material.

Key features

OneUp v/s Crowdfire

Due to being banned from Facebook and Instagram, OneUp is unable to support these networks; as of now, it continues to support other sites such as Google My Business, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest; this is a significant deficiency on the part of the social media scheduler. OneUp also lacks a few features such as Google alerts, AI-based time optimization, Twitter variants, a mobile app, sophisticated analytics, hashtag recommendation, and content approval. Crowdfire lacks critical features such as content classification, the ability to migrate changes from one post to another, Twitter variations, the importing of updates from other tools, Google Alerts, and the ability to suspend and restart social media accounts, among others.

Check out These OneUp alternatives offer a range of features to meet your social media scheduling requirements, empowering you to streamline your content posting and management.

25. Loomly - Popular Crowdfire Alternatives

With Loomly, you can schedule updates for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, and Tiktok. It’s a simple tool for managing social media. It assists you in managing a number of facets of your social media marketing plan. Some of its attributes are: To control your brand’s messaging, use Post Mockups & Approval Workflows.

To reach your audience, use Native Scheduling, Post Targeting, and Sponsoring. Engage in community interaction to get active. To evaluate your performance, use sophisticated analytics. Additionally, it gives you post-optimization hints to make your content stand out.

Key features

Loomly v/s Crowdfire

Both applications are used by over 1000 people. Loomly is ideal for marketers, companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Crowdfire is the greatest social media marketing platform for businesses and social media marketing organisations.Loomly is a well-known social media analytics platform that comes highly recommended by its existing users. Loomly is one of the greatest crowdfire alternatives.

Pricing: Loomly’s basic package costs $35 per month, whereas similar Crowdfire plan costs $49.99 per month.

Check out these Loomly alternatives offer diverse solutions to meet your social media management requirements, empowering you to optimize your online presence effectively.

26.Statusbrew - Leading Crowdfire Alternatives

Statusbrew is a whole set of social media management tools for  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile there is, Using the application, you may organise, carry out, and evaluate your social media marketing initiatives.

As one of the most popular Crowdfire alternatives, Statusbrew works best for SMBs, agencies, social media marketers, freelancers, influencers, and individuals. Their principal markets are Japan, the Middle East, Turkey, and the United States.

Key features

Statusbrew v/s Crowdfire

While crowdfire is better suited for small to medium-sized businesses, statusbrew can serve larger businesses with greater ambitions and, if necessary, customised strategies. Statusbrew is renowned for being the greatest software for ease of use and the best value tool, and it counts a few well-known firms among its clientele. It is also backed by some great customer reviews and fedback.
Crowdfire is reltively raw and clacks all these aspects.

Pricing: Statusbrew’s basic package starts at $80 per month, whereas Crowdfire plan start at $9.99 per month. Statusbrew furthermore allows customization of plans according to business size and need.

27. NapoleonCat - Finest Crowdfire Alternatives

NapleonCat is an easy-to-use content calendar is one of the scheduling tools that enables you to publish updates to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business from a single dashboard. NapoleonCat also provides tools that can be used to add CTA buttons, discount coupons, and more to your Google My Business offerings as well as automatic comments on your articles. NapoleonCat’s social inbox, however, is its unique feature that makes it ideal for customer care teams. With the use of automated responses, teams can maintain engagement with their followers while not having to type same replies to recurrent messages. For customer service teams wishing to manage a highly structured social media operation, it’s a wonderful tool overall.

Key features

NapoleonCat v/s Crowdfire

NapoleanCat is ideal for all alike eCommerce, small businesses, marketing agencies, companies, government agencies, and nonprofits while crowfire has a limited bandwidth. Looking at the supported social media platforms NapoleanCat doesnt cater to facebook profiles, facebook groups, linkedin profiles, instagram personal profiles and pinterest whereas crowdfire only lacks facebook profiles and google my business among the major platforms. NapoleanCat doesnt have important features like RSS feed automation, post recycling, canva integration, white label reports, url shorterner to list. On the other hand, Crowdfire is missing features that are essential, such as content categorization, the capacity to copy updates to another post, Twitter variants, the capacity to import updates from other tools, Google Alerts, the capacity to pause and resume social media accounts, url shorteners, repeated posting to recycle your evergreen content, and content approval.

Pricing: NaploeanCat & Crowdire have similar plans at $31 & $49.99 respectively

Check out these NapoleonCat alternatives offer a range of features to meet your social media management requirements, empowering you to enhance your online presence effectively.

Looking for a reliable crowdfire alternative?

We have only the finest for you!


This concludes our list of Crowdfire alternatives that can completely transform your social media management company! Investing in strong social media management solutions is critical in today’s corporate environment. You must carefully consider all of your alternatives before making the decision that best meets your company’s demands. The finest social media scheduler for marketing companies is RecurPost. It provides amazing functionality and extensive statistics to help you implement the most effective marketing approach. RecurPost is simple to use and offers good value for money, making it one of the finest Crowdfire alternatives in its class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crowdfire integrates with a wide range of sites, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, Medium, 500px, and Vimeo.

In addition to letting you plan your social media posts across all major platforms, Crowdfire also curates content to make it simple to share information that is relevant to your industry.

Crowdfire is a potent social media platform designed for social media managers, agencies, brands, individuals, businesses, and startups to foster interaction and development on social media.

Crowdfire has plans for small, medium and large businesses. Crowdfire plans start at $9.99/month and go on to $49.99/month and $99.99/month depending on plan and enterprise size.

The tool supports all major social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and so on.

Although there are many Crowdfire alternatives available, RecurPost is the finest one in terms of cost and the functions it offers.

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