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Trying to find Meltwater alternative? RecurPost is the solution

Are you craving a Meltwater alternative? In managing multiple social accounts across multiple platforms, entrepreneurs and digital marketing agencies trust RecurPost as their first choice. RecurPost is the best social media management tool, offering easy-to-use features and advanced analytics. Let’s check the detailed comparison of both tools.

Comparing RecurPost and Meltwater


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Supported Platforms

Sites like Meltwater doesn’t allow posting on Facebook personal profiles and groups, Instagram personal profiles, and Google Business Profiles.

Facebook pages
Facebook profiles
Facebook groups
LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn company
Instagram personal profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Facebook pages
LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn company
Instagram Business Profile

Bulk Scheduling

Using RecurPost and Meltwater, you can plan and schedule posts in advance for multiple social networks. Creating a post once and designing it for various platforms save time. The best part is that you can keep one social media marketing strategy for all the platforms.

Content Categorization

Both tools have their style of providing content management, so you can quickly find the content you want. RecurPost allows users to store and categorize content in the form of libraries.

Copy Updates

Once the content is created or posted, it remains stored for future use. Whenever you want to repost the same content, you do not need to recreate it. RecurPost and Meltwater both save data for repurposing.

Twitter Variations

To tweet the same content multiple times on Twitter is against their policy. RecurPost creates variations of your tweet and allows posting the same content more than once. Meltwater does not have this feature, making RecurPost the best Meltwater alternative.

Import Updates from other tools

If you want to switch to RecurPost from Meltwater or any other tool, we take care of your important past data and help you to move it to RecurPost. Meltwater lacks this essential feature, which makes RecurPost the best Meltwater alternative.

Google Alerts

RecurPost is the best alternative to Meltwater for providing Google Alerts, which helps brands to discover the content that best describes their products or services. Once you connect with RecurPost, you can receive alerts and use the best content on the web for your business-specific keywords.

AI-based share time optimization

RecurPost helps users by giving an option of “The Best Time to Post.” By selecting this opinion, RecurPost AI posts content at the best time relevant to social networks with a significant active audience. Again RecurPost is ahead and is the best Meltwater alternative.

Pause and Resume Social Accounts

There might be circumstances due to natural disasters or national calamities when you want to pause social accounts from posting. RecurPost helps to halt social accounts and allows you to continue whenever you wish to. RecurPost is the best Meltwater alternative as it has this feature.

Chrome plugin

Similar to Meltwater, RecurPost has a Chrome plugin to pick up content from other websites and store it in their data libraries.

Mobile app

RecurPost has apps like Meltwater. Both tools have apps for android mobiles and iPhones.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics is helpful for marketers to decide what posts get more engagement and understand what your audience appreciates the most. Both tools give the luxury of advanced analytics.

Team Members

Being an agency owner, you distribute work among your team members, and virtual assistance helps in efficient coordination. Both tools support this feature.

White Label Reports

Generating brand performance reports is a routine task for every marketing agency. RecurPost’s white-label reports make it more attractive and professional. It generates reports for every client with the brand logo, making RecurPost the preferred Meltwater alternative.

Updates with Images, GIFs, and Videos

Both tools enable adding images, GIFs, and videos to their social media posting.

Hashtag Recommendation

You can target the right audience by selecting appropriate hashtags for your brand. Both tools provide a set of hashtag suggestions that help boost audience engagement.

URL Shortener

Short links are preferred while attaching links with social media posts. Both tools have an Url shortener. RecurPost lets you use Google Link Shortener or Bitly.

CSV Support

Marketing agencies store huge amounts of data of their clients in CSV files. They prefer to use the tool that supports CSV files. Both tools allow uploading bulk data using a CSV file.

Repeated Posting

Unlike Meltwater, RecurPost allows repeated posting across multiple platforms. It is one of the key features of RecurPost, which sets it apart from Meltwater.

Content Approval

Everyone is assigned a task that needs to be approved among team members. RecurPost and Meltwater allow content approval to coordinate people at different levels.

RSS Feeds

Like Meltwater, RecurPost offers RSS feeds feature to schedule content from other websites to your social accounts.

A Social Media Tool That Fits in Your Budget​​

You can count on RecurPost to resolve all your queries!

Why is RecurPost a preferred Meltwater alternative?

A Cost-Effective Kit

An estimated Meltwater pricing is $4000 annually, around $333 per month. However, you are billed annually. For most companies, it is a considerable amount. The recurPost pricing plan starts only at $15 per month and provides more features than Meltwater, making RecurPost the best of the Meltwater competitors.

Boost Customers’ Engagement

RecurPost offers an AI-based ‘Best time to post’ feature, which allows users to select this option instead of selecting the time for scheduling. Your post will get the most views and engagement when you post during the hours when a large audience is active. While using RecurPost, you do not have to remember the active time for all social networks and choose this option to grow engagement.

Updates from other tools

If you are already using a social media marketing tool, you will undoubtedly have lots of data stored in your account, which you cannot lose. While switching to RecurPost, you can remain free as we assure our clients to move all their data intact. Rarely is this feature available with other social media tools, which makes RecurPost the perfect choice of social media marketing software and the best Meltwater alternative.

Provide advanced features

RecurPost allows users to connect with Google Alerts, using which users can find the best content on the internet for their business. It helps them to post the best content for their brand. The Twitter policy doesn’t allow posting the same content multiple times. RecurPost creates a variation of the same post that doesn’t violate Twitter regulations and allows posting the same content as often as you want.

Allows recurring posting

On social media, where there is lots of daily posting, your post might get lost without attention. You put in the real effort while creating the post and can’t afford to get it unnoticed. We at RecurPost, help clients with repeated posting on their preferred social networks. Recurring posting is one of the prime features of RecurPost, making it the best Meltwater alternative.

Generate white-label reports

Every digital marketing agency’s most essential and routine task is to submit performance reports to its clients. RecurPost helps generate white-label reports with the clients’ brand logo that gives a professional appearance to the report. We also help our clients to display results in charts as it is easy to understand the business owners and the best way for marketing agencies to show their efforts.

Unsure if RecurPost is right for you?

Test out our features with a free 14-day trial.

What makes RecurPost the best choice for the Meltwater alternative?

RecurPost’s Social Inbox is a unique feature that provides users with real-time data from social networks in their Inboxes. Using it, you can log in to social accounts to check posting results.

Social Inbox allows you to switch to different accounts, and from there, you can receive the latest outcome of your posts – likes, shares, and comments. RecurPost also lets users reply to their customers’ comments and, if needed, delete them. 

Using RecurPost, you can take the privilege of organizing outcomes from different channels, which is helpful in understanding which strategy is giving results on specific platforms or not. 

With RecurPost, you can access social Inboxes through our mobile app. With a mobile app, it becomes feasible to reply to clients’ comments in real-time, which results in increased engagement. 

Here are the features of RecurPost social inbox in detail:

We have a dedicated support team working 24*7 to solve users’ queries. Moreover, our developers keep working to meet the challenges of technological advancements to provide our users with the best easy-to-implement features and user experience. Our value-for-money features and customer support keep us ahead of our competitors, makes us the best Meltwater alternative, and we take pride in providing the best social media scheduler in the world.

Is Social Inbox new to you?

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4.7 Star Rating



4.6 Star Rating



4.6 Star Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

RecurPost is the best social media management tool and the best Meltwater alternative for,

  • Giving advanced and easy-to-use features 
  • Providing a social inbox that gives real-time updates from social networks
  • Advanced analytics help to decide the right marketing strategy

Multiple software provides similar features as Meltwater. A few of them are, Brandwatch, Talkwalker, Sprinklr, etc. RecurPost is the best social media bulk scheduling tool. It has all the features of Meltwater and offers more than that.

Meltwater is an excellent platform that helps users to boost engagement. RecurPost is the better alternative to Meltwater for providing more features and advanced reporting and analytics.

Meltwater is the world’s first media monitoring company in the US and was founded by Jorn and Guard in 2001.

Meltwater is a tool that provides competitors’ research and a solution that allows marketers to streamline media monitoring and social engagement. If you are looking for similar services, then you must try RecurPost. You can take our 14-day free trial to test our features.

Meltwater is an all-in-one communication platform that centralizes processes like tracking, alerting, distributing, analyzing, and reporting.

The best ti

RecurPost is the best alternative to Meltwater for increasing customer engagement and creating a great social media marketing experience.

me to post on social media is from Tuesday to Thursday, from 9 am onwards. However, depending on the platforms, the best time to post is to get the most views. RecurPost is the best social media scheduling tool that offers the feature – The best time to post enables you to automate posting when the audience is active on the platform.

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