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Why RecurPost is Best Alternative of NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat is an above-par social media scheduler but it falls short on more competent scheduling abilities like creating automated repeating schedules. RecurPost is one of the best Napoleoncat alternatives because it provides all the highly competent features along with much more that you will see below. It is also a much better option if you consider NapoleonCat pricing.

Comparing RecurPost and NapoleonCat


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Supported Platforms

Both NapoleonCat and RecurPost allow users to post on multiple social networks. However, RecurPost supports Pinterest and NapoleonCat does not. This makes RecurPost a great alternative to NapoleonCat.

Facebook Profiles
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Personal Profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Facebook Pages
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

RSS feed automation

The RSS feed automation feature  will help you keep up with important news and information. RecurPost provides that and NapoleonCat doesn’t, making it one of the top NapoleonCat competitors.

Social calendar

Both the apps provide a competent social calendar. However, RecurPost always takes the lead, making it one of the best NapoleonCat alternatives.

Bulk import

You can import posts in bulk through different modes on RecurPost and NapoleonCat.

Post recycling

You can create evergreen content libraries with RecurPost for reusing existing content. This cannot be done with NapoleonCat, making RecurPost one of the most desirable NapoleonCat alternatives.

Instagram story scheduling

With RecurPost, you can schedule Instagram stories. This ability is not available on sites like NapoleonCat

Content libraries/categorization

You can create labelled content libraries with both apps.

Post's first comment

RecurPost allows you to schedule your first comment on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn; whereas NapoleonCat supports it only for Instagram.

Canva integration

RecurPost features a special Canva integration from which you can directly source some of the best graphics. This makes it one of the most apt NapoleonCat alternatives

White label reports

Get detailed white-label reports with RecurPost, that enable you to maintain a record of your social progress in a professional manner.

URL shortener

RecurPost is one of the NapoleonCat alternatives that provide a URL shortener.

Analytics Reports

RecurPost gives you detailed analytics of your post’s performance, marginally beating NapoleonCat’s analytics abilities. RecurPost is the best alternative to NapoleonCat.

Why is RecurPost the best NapoleonCat alternative

Content recycling

One of the best features that RecurPost has to offer is the ability to create evergreen content libraries. These can be categorized and created as per your choice and they can be used to repurpose content in the future. Technically, there is a record of every post that you have ever created and scheduled. You can simply pick your best-performing posts and re-schedule them effortlessly whenever you schedule Facebook posts, schedule Instagram posts, or schedule tweets. NapoleonCat does not offer any feature that allows for content repurposing, making RecurPost better than apps like NapoleonCat.

Featuring Zapier and Canva Integrations

Did you know how easy life gets when you can swiftly transfer your files from one tool to another? This is possible with the Zapier integration that RecurPost features. There is also another special integration with Canva that will allow you to source high-quality images directly from within the RecurPost app. NapoleonCat has no such integrations or provisions, making RecurPost one of the best NapoleonCat alternatives.

Create bags of hashtags

RecurPost helps you in gathering the most relevant hashtags for your updates. You can create groups/bags of hashtags and use them while you schedule Google My Business posts, schedule LinkedIn posts, and use RecurPost as Pinterest scheduler. This eliminates the need to type in or memorize hashtags every time you upload content. NapoleonCat does not allow this, making RecurPost one of the best NapoleonCat alternatives.

URL shortening

RecurPost has a special provision for URL shortening which NapoleonCat does not provide. URL shorteners will facilitate cross-promotion of your products, blog posts, or services with any of the links that you are sharing. RecurPost sports a Bitly and Google integration for URL shortening, making it a great alternative to NapoleonCat.

Get tweet variations

An interesting feature that comes with RecurPost’s offerings is its ability to create tweet variations. Twitter has a policy wherein you cannot tweet the same content more than once. That is why you will get automated variations from RecurPost. You cannot do this with NapoleonCat, making RecurPost one of the top NapoleonCat alternatives.

Would you want to know the most compelling reason to try out RecurPost as an alternative to NapoleonCat?

It’s the repeating schedules!

The ability to create recurring or repeating schedules can sort your life as a social media marketer to a great extent. With RecurPost, you can create evergreen content libraries that will post all your content once and start from the top again when everything is posted.  These repeating content schedules will give more exposure to your content and increase your chances of getting higher engagement. NapoleanCat has no such provision, ultimately decreasing your chances of getting higher engagement. So, if you want to make the most out of your created content, you should opt for a social media scheduler like RecurPost  which is one of the best NapoleonCat alternatives.

Social Media Platforms Supported by RecurPost

RecurPost allows you to manage a presence on all the major social media platforms. Using the tool, you can schedule Facebook posts on personal profiles, pages, as well as groups. Along  with business profiles, you can schedule Instagram posts on personal profiles too. For your professional updates, RecurPost lets you schedule LinkedIn posts on profiles and company pages. Since Twitter doesn’t allow posting of the same content twice, RecurPost lets you create variations and schedule tweets on multiple accounts. Also, if you have a GMB listing, RecurPost lets you schedule Google my business posts with the CTA of your choice. And the cherry on the cake, you can also schedule pins on your Pinterest account to ensure that you don’t miss out on the benefits of the visual platform.

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4.6 Star Rating

RecurPost Vs. Napoleon Cat FAQs

RecurPost is a superior alternative to Napoleon Cat. As a RecurPost user, you will have the access to functionalities like google alerts, customizing captions, custom fields, canva integration, and posting your content for the best time. All these features are not available for Napoleon Cat users.

No, Napoleon Cat’s basic plan is priced at $25.82 per month. Check out RecurPost if you are looking for a tool that offers the same features as Napoleon Cat at affordable prices. Its plans are half of the prices of Napoleon Cat’s plans.

RecurPost is your best option if you’re seeking some Napoleon Cat competitors that are fairly priced for posting to multiple social media sites. RecurPost offers plans starting from $12.5 per month as opposed to Napoleon Cat’s pricing of $25.82 per month.

No, Napoleon Cat does not support scheduling posts on Pinterest. Try out Recurpost if you are looking to build a presence on this visual platform along with others. It lets you schedule pins in advance along with a URL.

RecurPost easily wins the battle as it offers advanced scheduling and management functionalities like recurring libraries, canva integration, unlimited workspaces, URL shortener, analytics of social media performance, white-label reports, and a lot more.

No, you cannot schedule Instagram stories using Napoleon Cat. Try out RecurPost if you are looking for a social media scheduling tool that offers this feature. Along with Instagram stories, it also lets you schedule posts on personal profiles of Instagram and Facebook.

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