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22 Sprout Social alternatives for 2023

If you operate in the world of digital marketing, you will know how tremendously social media management has evolved. It has gone to the verge where you need to onboard tools or platforms that would eliminate the hassle of routine tasks like scheduling and profile management.

When we speak about social media management tools, Sprout Social will do rounds because it is a popular tool used by marketers, agencies, and social media managers to automate their workflows. One must note that Sprout Social is inclined toward agencies and users of a similar scale. That is why small business owners or Startups might constantly be looking for social media management tools or Sprout Social alternatives that could deliver more at a fair price point.

Why should you consider Sprout Social alternatives?

It is a fact that Sprout Social is being used by agencies and large businesses to manage their social media presence and automate the mundane tasks of their campaigns. However, small businesses cannot reap the benefits in their entirety without shedding a lump sum amount.

You must evaluate the benefits and the set of drawbacks that Sprout Social comes with before you make your choice. 

Falls short on social listening features‚Äč

We will now see the top Sprout Social alternatives that you can pick from.

What are the best Sprout Social alternatives?

1. RecurPost - Best Sprout Social alternative

Effective Social Media Management Tool

Without any doubt, RecurPost makes for one of the best social media management tools, that has been trusted by over 90,000 businesses. You can easily manage your social media with their publishing, analytics, repeating schedules for evergreen content, inbox, and team collaboration tools.

You need to pick it because it is one of the best Sprout Social alternatives that you could get at an unbeatable price. 

Here are some star features that make RecurPost a better alternative to Sprout Social

Best SproutSocial alternative - RecurPost

Large businesses, Organizations


Per Month

RecurPost Logo - social media scheduler

Individuals, businesses, Agencies


Per Month

No credit card required

RecurPost v/s Sprout Social

We can start off by talking about the platforms supported by both tools. RecurPost supports all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Instagram. Sprout Social does not support posting on Google My Business and Facebook Profiles or Facebook groups.

Also, RecurPost has a much better customer support system in place as compared to Sprout Social.

The most important thing to know is that RecurPost facilitates the creation of recurring updates, making all your posts evergreen. This ability is missing in Sprout Social’s offerings.

There is also the social inbox feature offered by RecurPost that stands out and is missing in Sprout Social’s features. 

RecurPost is also a much more cost-effective tool when compared to Sprout Social because it offers a wide array of features that come at a lower price.

Pricing: The pricing plans of RecurPost start from $25/month. On the other hand, Sprout Social‚Äôs pricing begins at $99/month. RecurPost offers a¬†free 14-day trial¬†‚Äď enabling you to check out the tool until you wish to upgrade.


RecurPost Logo - social media scheduler
Best SproutSocial alternative - RecurPost

Content categorization

Tweet variations

Google alerts

Bulk scheduling

RSS feeds

Import updates from other tools

Repeated posting

Social inbox

Pause and resume social accounts

CSV support

Chrome plugin

Make The Most Of Your Marketing With Social Media Scheduling Tool

2. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is a competent social media scheduling tool for marketers who have busy schedules. It will automatically repurpose and schedule your content even when you are out of posts. You can post on multiple social media networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook pages and groups, LinkedIn profile and company pages, and Twitter. The post category can be determined by you as well as the slot.

Key features

MeetEdgar v/s Sprout Social

Both the tools allow scheduling and sharing of posts on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and brand pages.

One important thing to note is that MeetEdgar has a more intuitive design and is easier to use when compared to Sprout Social.

When you use Sprout Social, you will be able to schedule updates or queue them to share manually, all of which you would have organized in advance. On the contrary, updates are stored online in a category-based resource automatically with MeetEdgar.

Pricing: The monthly plan ranges from $29.99 to $49.99 for MeetEdgar and allows 5 profiles and 25 profiles respectively.

Looking for alternatives to MeetEdgar for your social media management? There are several noteworthy options out there, each with its own unique set of features.

3. Planable

Planable is going to act as a central hub where you can store all your social media content, feedback, and ideas. Social media marketers usually spend most of their time previewing their scheduled posts. As a result, there is very little time left for trying out new strategies. Luckily, Planable will let you preview your social media posts as if they were live already. You will be able to collaborate with your team members and create highly engaging visual content.

Key features

Planable v/s Sprout Social

A clear distinctive point about Planable is that it has a clean and intuitive UI. Hence, the interface is very easy to use. There is a provision for real-time team collaboration with which you and your team will be able to see every update on your posts as it comes. Moreover, there is ease of use, ease of set-up, and complete transparency with Planable. 

All of this combined and paired with the pricing that Planable comes with makes it a better choice when compared to Sprout Social.

Pricing: the plans start at a comfortable $11 per month.

Seeking Planable alternatives for social media management? There are several excellent tools available, each offering unique features to enhance your online content strategy.

4. MavSocial

Just like most other social media management tools, MavSocial is one of the most sought-after Sprout Social alternatives. With this tool, you can schedule and monitor posts as well as enjoy content curation management, built-in stock image libraries, and potent editing capacities. Some standard features that come with MavSocial are RSS feeds, UTM tracking, and inbox filters.

Key features

MavSocial v/s Sprout Social

Both Sprout Social and MavSocial help all sizes of businesses and brands communicate well.

You can schedule, save content, create custom scheduling calendars, design campaigns, and edit photos with MavSocial just like you do with Sprout Social.

One thing to note however is that MavSocial has brands and organizations that look for cost-effective and time-sensitive social media management and marketing solutions as their customers. 

Pricing: MavSocial Advanced paid plan is suitable for freelancers and small businesses, costing $19 with one user and 10 social profiles.

If you’re on the lookout for MavSocial alternatives for your social media management, there are several excellent options to consider.

5. Later - Best Sprout Social alternative

Later is not just about Instagram scheduling anymore. You can schedule posts on TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook as well, with Later. If you are someone whose focus is on visual marketing, Later is an obvious choice. You can share posts published by others along with publishing your branded content. This can be a huge help for those who rely more on user-generated content for promotion. Analytics by Later is very good for evaluating your influence online.

Key features

Later v/s Sprout Social

In matters of hashtag search, Later is a complete time saver. You will also have the option of saving captions for future use. You will get a grid view of all your scheduled posts. This will ensure that your profile looks clean.

Sprout Social is suitable for businesses that have large budgets and personnel. On the other hand, Later is affordable for even freelancers. The plans offered by it suit every need.

Pricing: The Starter plan starts at $15 for 6 social media profiles, 60 posts per profile, and 1 user. The Growth plan begins at $25 for 150 posts per profile and 3 users.

Exploring Later alternatives for managing your social media? There’s a variety of excellent tools out there, each with its own unique features.

6. Agorapulse

In case you are operating in the domain of social media management, you would have definitely come across Agorapulse. It comes with many powerful features that can help you manage your social media presence. With Agorapulse you get intuitive publishing, detailed analytics, social listening, and a unified social inbox. The tool supports Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Key features

Agorapulse v/s Sprout Social

In the Agorapulse vs Sprout Social comparison, both tools offer a range of features, including keyword filtering, multi-account management, automated publishing, contact management, analytics, and post scheduling. However, there is a distinction in the target audience for each platform.

Agorapulse is well-suited for small and medium-sized businesses, making it an ideal choice for businesses of that size. It provides the necessary tools and features to effectively manage social media accounts and engage with audiences in this segment.

Pricing: Agorapulse’s pro plan starts from $79/month for ten social profiles & two users.

Looking for Agorapulse alternatives for your social media management needs? There are several great options available, each offering a unique blend of features.

7. Socialbakers - Best Sprout Social alternative

Note: Socialbakers is now known as Emplifi.

Emplifi is a social media marketing and analytics tool that is AI-focused. It empowers small businesses to post their content at the best times in order to generate maximum traffic.

The interface is easy to use and therefore you will be able to measure, compare, and optimize your social media campaigns seamlessly.

Key features

Socialbakers v/s Sprout Social

Socialbakers is a very powerful tool that can help you manage, publish, and analyze content for brands on social networks just like Sprout Social.

The CRM tools that come with Sprout Social are instrumental in increasing productivity and team collaboration in almost all industries. The tool will track and monitor your social media profiles to find the right influencers, increase your budget, and make use of a single dashboard to standardize your performance.

Pricing: The pricing for Socialbakers starts at $200 for 5 users. 

In search of a Socialbakers alternative for your social media analytics and management? There are several impressive tools available that offer a range of functionalities to suit your needs.

8. Sendible - Best Sprout Social alternative

With Sendible, one can amplify and manage multiple brands on social media. It also helps with streamlining processes from planning, and collaboration to engagement. You will be able to manage multiple campaigns and customize content for every social media platform. Sendible is more focused on agencies.

Key features

Sendible v/s Sprout Social

In the Sendible vs Sprout Social comparison, both tools offer ease of use and similar capabilities while supporting popular social networks. However, one significant distinction lies in the pricing structure. Sendible and Sprout Social provide comparable features, but there is a notable difference in pricing.

With Sprout Social, if you want to add more users to your plan, you will need to pay additional costs, which can impact the overall pricing for larger teams or organizations.

Pricing: Sendible’s yearly pricing for startup agencies starts with $170/month for 7 users, where you can build 14 reports in total. 

Looking for Sendible alternatives for your social media management? There are several excellent tools available, each offering a unique set of features.

9. Buffer

One of the oldest players in the market of social media scheduling apps would be Buffer. The tool can be used to schedule content on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter with a beautiful interface. Also, basic analytics and reporting features come with the tool so that you can monitor how well your content is doing and prove results to clients.

Key features

Buffer v/s Sprout Social

In the Sprout Social vs Buffer comparison, both tools have invested in aesthetic page designs that effectively capture the attention of their target audiences. However, there are notable differences between the two platforms.

Buffer is recognized as one of the most well-known scheduling tools suited for Twitter in social media marketing, similar to Sprout Social. However, Buffer has made significant improvements that have positioned it as a more powerful option compared to Sprout Social.

One key advantage of Buffer is its robust site analytics, which provides users with detailed insights into post performance and interactions. This level of analytics can be a valuable asset for users seeking in-depth data to inform their social media strategies.

Pricing: Buffer offers a free plan. After the trial, you can avail the paid plan for $12 per month for one social media channel.

If you’re in search of alternatives to Buffer for your social media management needs, there are several impressive options available, each with its own unique features.

10. Hootsuite - Best Sprout Social alternative

We can say that HootSuite is one of the most feature-rich Sprout Social alternatives out there. But, it is also on the costlier side of the spectrum, more suitable for large agencies and enterprises. It is a very well-known platform for supporting scheduling, monitoring, analytics, and reporting. This tool has got it all. The only drawback though is its lousy UI, lack of customer support, and extremely expensive pricing plans.

Key features

Hootsuite v/s Sprout Social

In the Hootsuite vs Sprout Social comparison, both tools are highly competent for social media management, offering a wide range of features to meet various needs. Users can utilize both platforms for tasks such as post sharing, team management, social analytics, feed tracking, and post planning.

Sprout Social stands out for its user management capabilities, content creation tools, editorial calendar options, and team functionality. These features make it a strong choice for teams looking to collaborate effectively and manage content creation and publishing efficiently.

Pricing: $29/mo, $129/mo, $599/mo (includes 30-day free trial on $29/mo and $129/mo plans)

If you’re searching for an apps like Hootsuite for your social media management, there are several excellent tools available, each with its own set of unique features.

11. SocialPilot

If you are a small business that deals with high post volumes across varied social channels, SocialPilot is the choice you should make. You will be able to manage up to 500 posts at a time, and at an affordable price. It is also one of the few social media scheduling tools that facilitate direct integration of CRM functionality into their platform.

Key features

SocialPilot v/s Sprout Social

Both Sprout Social and Social Pilot match equally in terms of analytics, ease of use, and features. However, Sprout Social has a marginal edge in overall functionalities because of its customer segmentation, contact management tools, and keyword tracking.

Pricing: The professional plan at Social Pilot starts at $30 per month and goes up to $125 per month for the agency plan.

Looking for alternatives to SocialPilot for your social media management needs? There are several impressive tools available, each offering unique features to enhance your online presence and engagement.

12. NapoleonCat

NapleonCat is a slightly different offering from all the other social media management tools that have been mentioned in this list. This tool gives you everything you need to automate your social media activities. You will have the ability to create custom replies and recurring comments, and send them out automatically. Automated reporting for clients can also be scheduled.

Key features

NapoleonCat v/s Sprout Social

NapoleonCat is more about reporting, publishing, and automation solutions. There is an influencer tracking tool, Facebook dynamic Ads moderation, 1-on-1 onboarding training, and individual custom pricing that comes with NapoleonCat and it offers great value for your money.

Pricing: NapoleonCat has custom enterprise pricing that ranges from $32/month and goes up to $66/month.

If you’re looking for alternatives to NapoleonCat for your social media management and analytics, there are several excellent options available, each offering a unique mix of features.

13. eClincher - Best Sprout Social alternative

eClincher tool is more focused on improving your ROI by optimizing your social media. There are custom plans for agencies, small businesses, enterprises, and medium businesses. The visual calendar provided by them lets you create and schedule posts that can later be auto published by the RSS feeds. You will be able to monitor all the hashtags and keywords that have been performing well and the drag and drop feeds let you put your Instagram posts in order. There is also an image library where you can pick and edit creative assets for free.

Key features

eClincher v/s Sprout Social

Both the platforms have similar features as well as pricing for two of their highest plan tiers. However, Sprout Social’s chatbot automation, Twitter survey integration, and message spike alerts  put the tool in the upper ranks when compared to eClincher.

Pricing: The basic plan at eClincher is $59/month and the most advanced plan is $219/month.

In search of alternatives to eClincher for your social media management needs? There are several impressive tools available that offer a range of functionalities to cater to your requirements.

14. Tailwind

If you are looking for a social media marketing tool that focuses on Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind should be your tool to pick. The tool is most suitable for businesses that would sell products online. The standout feature rendered by Tailwind is that it lets the user know of the best time to post and recommends appropriate hashtags to gain the best returns with less effort. You can also schedule your posts and get analytics that would help you determine the progress and take appropriate decisions.

Key features

Tailwind v/s Sprout Social

If we talk about Tailwind, it is particularly designed for Pinterest and Instagram. Hashtag suggestions are given to users and the tool allows users to post at the best times to get maximum engagement on their posts.

Tailwind also publishes blogs constantly for customer help and support. There is also a specialized course on growing website traffic with Pinterest. 

Pricing: The pro plans come at a price of $9.99/month and the Max plan is $39.99/month.

If you’re looking for Tailwind alternatives for managing your social media, there are several excellent options available, each offering unique features to enhance your content strategy.

15. SocialBee - Best Sprout Social alternative

SocialBee social media management tool has powerful scheduling features. It will help you remain organized and plan your content instead of just letting you schedule posts in the calendar. There is a category-based scheduling feature included and it allows users to put each post into a category. This way, your content will always be fresh, varied, and engaging.

Key features

SocialBee v/s Sprout Social

Along with some advanced scheduling capacities, SocialBee comes with some features that are akin to Sprout Social line reporting and analytics. The tool can also be used to create custom tracking links and URLs. In terms of price, SocialBee has a definite edge over Sprout Social. 

In all, it is a potent tool with a wide range of crucial features. The most unique feature of this tool is the scheduler. 

Pricing: Prices start from $19/month for 1 user and up to 5 social profiles.

Looking for alternatives to SocialBee for your social media management needs? There are several excellent tools available, each offering unique features to enhance your online presence and engagement.

16. PromoRepublic

If you are someone who wants to scale your operation, PromoRepublic is a very good social media management platform. It has the capacity to manage thousands of social pages at once. Hence, if you are working with numerous clients, then this tool has got to be the one for you. It can automate publishing on pages for small businesses. Marketing agencies can enjoy PromoRepublic’s collaboration tools, reporting features, and white-label platform to manage multiple social media pages at a time.

Key features

PromoRepublic v/s Sprout Social

Enterprises that use PromoRepublic can use automated localization to schedule their partners’ pages. You will also be able to track social media results across your partners’ pages as well. You will have the tools to answer direct messages, comments, and reviews which will make online reputation management easier for you.

Pricing: Standard ($39/month billed annually), Professional ($79/month billed annually), Enterprise (Custom)

If you’re in search of an alternative to PromoRepublic for your social media management needs, there are several excellent tools available, each offering unique features to enhance your online presence and engagement.

If you’re seeking an alternative to PromoRepublic for your social media management needs, there are several excellent tools available, each offering unique features to enhance your online presence and engagement.

17. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a social media scheduler that will be able to discover articles and images that your audience will like. Since posts will curated for you, you will have a lot of extra time in your hands to take care of other business tasks. All you have to do is, provide the topics that you want Crowdfire to curate on. You will also be able to publish content from your own websites or product pages across all your social media platforms.

Key features

Crowdfire v/s Sprout Social

You will be recommended with the best times to post for maximum engagement with Crowdfire. There is a Queue meter that will tell you if you have enough content lined up for the upcoming seven days. The product comes with an analytics tool that would help you measure, track and analyze your ROI. So, if we think in terms of the value offered, Crowdfire is a much more affordable option than Sprout Social. 

Pricing: Free, Plus ($7.48/month billed annually), Premium ($37.48/month billed annually), VIP ($74.98/month billed annually)

If you’re on the lookout for the best Crowdfire alternatives for your social media management, there are several outstanding options to consider.

18. Coschedule - Best Sprout Social alternative

Coschedule social organizing tool is an all-inclusive social media management platform to help users in publishing more work, complete work on time, and prove their worth to stakeholders. Coschedule is a smart tool that can be used to organize all your marketing via a single platform. The tool offers individuals and agencies an integrated social media scheduling tool along with a marketing calendar to spearhead their campaigns.

Key features

Coschedule v/s Sprout Social

In the CoSchedule vs Sprout Social comparison, CoSchedule offers a comprehensive marketing service that integrates with popular social networks, email marketing platforms, blogs, and other marketing essentials. This wide range of features makes it a powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline their marketing efforts and manage multiple channels effectively.

However, it’s worth noting that CoSchedule’s feature-rich offerings come at a higher cost, with plans starting at $80 per month and going up to $1400 per month. Additionally, access to the company’s training platform may require an extra fee.

Hence, Coschedule is more expensive when compared to Sprout Social.

Pricing ‚ÄstPricing: $80/mo, $400/mo, $1,400/mo (both plans include a 14-day free trial)

If you’re looking for one of the best Coschedule alternatives, you’re in the right place. This alternative offers a robust set of features designed to streamline your social media management and marketing efforts.

19. Socialoomph

Socialoomph is an effective social media scheduling tool that monitors social media activity and schedules updates on multiple social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr.The tool assists users in managing various social accounts at a time. It is a great Twitter scheduler in particular. You can bulk upload tweets by putting them into a single text file.

Key features

Socialoomph v/s Sprout Social

SocialOomph is one of the only options on this list with a free tier. The app is mostly geared towards Twitter, and it has some exciting features not found anywhere else. For example, bulk tweet deleting, DM purging, and email-to-tweet.

The social media management tool does support other networks like Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but support is limited. It supports posting, but there are no specialized features like Twitter.

So in the end, we recommend SocialOomph for those that want access to Twitter growth hacks and don’t mind using other networks to manage Facebook, Instagram, and other important networks.

Pricing: Free, $6.97/mo, $17.97/month

If you’re interested in becoming one of the best Socialoomph alternatives and want to provide a detailed comparison, it’s important to focus on the key features and strengths that set your alternative apart.

20. SmarterQueue - Best Sprout Social alternative

This tool operates a little bit differently than other social media schedulers. Smarterqueue will recycle your content so that your content queue never sits idle or empty. It supports platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All your content can be categorized for quick access. This tool has a feature that will suggest a custom posting schedule based on your profile metrics.

Key features

SmarterQueue v/s Sprout Social

To begin with, Sprout Social caters to more social networks while SmarterQueue is focused only on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Both platforms have live chat support. However, SmarterQueue further provides a media library where all the brand assets can be stored by users. This tool makes content planning an extremely simple process. You can customize content for each social profile and tag other pages too.

Pricing: Plans start at $19.99 per month.

RecurPost happens to be one of the top SmarterQueue alternatives and you can see for yourself by going through our RecurPost vs. SmarterQueue comparison table.

21. Planoly

Planoly can be acclaimed as a premier visual planning and marketing solution for brands as well as influencers on Instagram. With this tool, you can plan and schedule your content on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. It has a simple to use dashboard that will help you plan, schedule, and post your content across social platforms. You can also create drafts of posts that can be edited whenever you want before publishing.

Key features

Planoly v/s Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a tool that is very well tailored for marketing analytics, social media, brand management, social customer support, and social media monitoring. Planoly had an edge in project collaboration, categories, and social media management. 

Sprout Social has a much bigger customer base than Planoly but that does not mean that Planoly is not as good as the former. It has much value to give in terms of pricing paired with features.

Pricing: The plans start at $11.25 per month.

If you’re considering Planoly alternatives for your social media management needs, there are several excellent options available, each with its own set of unique features.

22. Post Planner

Post Planner¬†is a result-based, simple, and innovative platform that aims at providing forecasted, measurable, and great results for your social media accounts. You can use the ‚ÄúFind‚ÄĚ option to search for memes and posts that are currently trending and can curate them for your own social media accounts. Hence, the time spent on content research, planning, and posting goes down significantly.

Key features

Post Planner v/s Sprout Social

Post Planner claims that they are focused more on engagement building. The tool is easy to use and can help you connect all your social profiles, optimize posts, spot viral content, and automate the posting calendar. Sprout Social is more about helping businesses find new customers and grow their social presence. 

Pricing: plans start at $6 per month.

If you’re looking for Post Planner alternatives for your social media content planning and scheduling, there are several noteworthy options available.

Looking for the perfect Sprout Social alternative?

Pick us! We promise you won’t regret it!


This was our list of Sprout Social alternatives that will absolutely rock your social media management business! Investing in good social media management tools is very important in the modern-day business scenario.  You must carefully evaluate all your options and then make a choice that best suits your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both Sprout Social and RecurPost are great social media schedulers and have valuable features to offer. However, RecurPost had an edge over Sprout Social because it provides more features at a lesser price.

You cannot avail the entire service for free. However, there is a 30-day free trial period for every plan.

Sprout Social is a social media scheduling tool that will help you plan and publish posts in advance.

No, Sprout Social does not support TikTok for scheduling and publishing. You can try out its alternatives if you need this platform.

The plans at Sprout Social start at $ 89 per month and go up to $ 249 per month. It has a 30-day free trial as well.

The tool supports all major social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google My Business.

Sprout Social allows up to 10 social profiles. For every additional profile that you add, there is a compensation you will have to pay.

Sprout Social comes with some amazing features that are very useful for businesses or large enterprises. But, the per-user pricing can prove to be very costly for large teams.

There are many Sprout Social alternatives in the market but the best one is RecurPost in terms of pricing and the features offered with it. Additionally, Loomly emerges as another top contender in the social media management landscape, offering unique capabilities worth exploring. Looking to delve deeper into the comparison between Loomly and Sprout Social? Let’s analyze…

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