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Why RecurPost is Best Alternative to Planoly

Finding the best social media scheduling tool for your brand? A social media scheduling tool has to be much more than the function of scheduling posts ahead of time. It should have the capability to save your time spent on social media management and automate most of the tasks. As it can be a bit difficult, we have come up with this comparison of RecurPost and Planoly, which will make your decision much easy. RecurPost allows you to schedule Instagram posts and is a good Pinterest scheduler just like Planoly. RecurPost, however, is a better alternative to Planoly with a number of major advantages over it. You can schedule Google My Business posts only with RecurPost.

Comparing RecurPost and Planoly


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best planoly alternatives- RecurPost

Supported Platforms

RecurPost offers posting on multiple social media platforms that Planoly does not offer. Unlike RecurPost, Planoly is limited to just managing Instagram, Twitter, FB, and Pinterest accounts.

Facebook Profiles
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Personal Profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Personal Profile
Instagram Business Profile

Bulk scheduling

RecurPost lets you upload content in bulk with ease. You can create, plan, and schedule in just a single click.

RSS feeds

Curate articles or blog posts from your favorite websites by simply pasting the RSS address to RecurPost. Palnoly doesn’t support importing data from RSS feeds.

Content Categorization

Use RecurPost’s Content Libraries to divide and organize your updates according to different priorities and projects.

Pause and Resume Social Accounts

Need to take a break? Simply pause your social account at any time and RecurPost won’t post any updates on your social account temporarily. Resume whenever you like.

Customize captions for each social platform

You can add different captions/descriptions for each social platform while creating a post on RecurPost. Planoly doesn’t offer this feature.

Tweet variations

Generate variations of your Tweets to avoid violating Twitter’s policy of forbidden posting of the same Tweet multiple times. Planoly doesn’t help in creating variations.

AI-based share time optimization

Maximize your reach potential by posting at the time when your audience is most likely to engage with you.

Advanced Analytics

Track, monitor, and study the engagements received and social interaction through RecurPost’s Advanced Analytics.

Hashtag recommendation

Use hashtags when creating new content on RecurPost to increase your social reach and receive more engagements.

For all platforms

Only for Instagram

White Label Reports

Need to give a professional presentation to your clients? Easy. Download White-label pdf files from RecurPost directly to your personal computer.

Repeated Posting

Keep your posts evergreen by repurposing them through RecurPost’s repeated posting. Planoly doesn’t allow repeated posting of updates.

Mobile app

Both RecurPost and Planoly offer a mobile app that allows you to carry your schedules in your pocket with ease.

Content Approval

Prefer making a final check before posting updates on your social accounts? RecurPost allows you to approve or reject updates based on your quality standards.

How is RecurPost the best alternative for Planoly?

Get more for less

RecurPost offers you to manage 5 social media platforms from a single interface. Whereas Planoly offers to manage only 4 social sites. With RecurPost, you will be able to manage LinkedIn and Google my business, which is not possible with Planoly. Thus, if you are a business, RecurPost will help you in building a professional presence through LinkedIn and improve your local search results through Google my business. With RecurPost, you can take care of building both B2B and B2C connections at very pocket-friendly prices.

Curate content through RSS feeds

While using RecurPost, you can easily curate content with the help of RSS feeds and add whatever you like directly to your RecurPost library. Blogs, articles, news headlines, videos – you can add, edit, and schedule everything to go out on your social media channels. This feature helps a lot when you don’t have much time to create new content and lets you share valuable content all the time. Planoly doesn’t offer this feature.

Go Pro on the automation levels

RecurPost is integrated with Zapier, which lets you automate tasks by creating ZAPs. Its Google Drive integration syncs your Google sheets with your RecurPost account and hence, if you add a new row in your sheet, it will get auto-published as a post. You can also add content in your RecurPost library when you bookmark something in your pocket app, Schedule content automatically when your designer emails you an image in your Gmail, etc.

Keep your content evergreen

One of the greatest features of RecurPost is the ability to create recurring updates. It helps you in repurposing your content at regular intervals so that your content never dies. By creating recurring updates, you can keep gaining new traffic from the same old content. This feature also helps when you don’t have much time to keep on creating new content. There is no such feature provided by Planoly.

Attach up to 15 images per post

If your social media scheduler limits your ability to show your creativity with images, we have got your back. With RecurPost, you can schedule up to 15 images when you schedule Facebook posts, 9 images when you schedule LinkedIn posts and 4 images when you schedule Tweets.

Create one post, add different captions

Unlike PlanOnly, RecurPost allows you to customize the caption for each post that goes out to your social networks. The same post can have a different caption for Twitter with up to 280 characters and a longer one for Facebook. Saving time was never this easy when you schedule Instagram posts, schedule Google My Business posts, or use RecurPost as a Pinterest scheduler

The social inbox by RecurPost makes it the perfect alternative to Planoly

Ever faced a situation where a lead went unattended just because you failed to see a comment or DM? Well, it can happen when you have quite a busy schedule and don’t get time to open social accounts to check notifications. Here’s when RecurPost’s social inbox can help you. You will be able to see and reply to all comments that you receive on your posts, ensuring that no feedback or price inquiry goes unattended. You can seamlessly manage conversations from FB and Twitter too. If different team members from your company are managing different social accounts, you can also assign notifications to them to review. Below are the features of social inbox that makes RecurPost the perfect alternative to Planoly:

RecurPost lets you create schedules by recommending you the best time to post. We offer you advanced analytics of your social media accounts. You can track your performance over time and download White-label reports along with your brand’s logo. You can use the RecurPost application to manage your social media from anywhere and at any time. By creating recurring updates, you can make sure that your content never dies. If you have any issues related to using the account, you can contact our team easily through live chat and have your queries answered. Overall, you will get a lot of features apart from mere scheduling when you choose RecurPost’s social media scheduler over Planoly, which makes RecurPost the best alternative of Planoly.

Social Media Platforms Supported by RecurPost

Excellent social media management solutions are not out of reach when you have a tool like RecurPost on your side. You can ace your marketing game with everything you schedule Facebook posts or schedule Instagram posts. If you want to market on a networking platform like LinkedIn, you can schedule LinkedIn posts too. Stay current and happening on Twitter when you schedule tweets and also have the ability to  schedule Google business profile posts with us. RecurPost is also a capable Pinterest scheduler.

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4.6 Star Rating

RecurPost Vs. Planoly FAQs

RecurPost is a complete social media management solution that is better than Planoly. It offers advanced features like bulk scheduling through CSV files, detailed performance analytics, white-label reports, workspace management, team members, and much more.

Yes, RecurPost is a better social media scheduler than Planoly including support for more platforms at a pocket-friendly price. If you are looking for a platform that lets you manage more social media sites like LinkedIn, GMB, FB, and Twitter, you should try out RecurPost.

Since Planoly is primarily geared toward individual users, RecurPost is the greatest Planoly alternative as its scheduling tool was created for social media businesses to manage several clients efficiently from one dashboard.

RecurPost is best among the lot of social media scheduling tools available in the market that make for good Planoly competitors. It is a social media management tool with amazing features available at a reasonable price point.

You can use RecurPost to ensure that all your content is posted safely on your Instagram accounts without any risk of being punished or banned, as it uses the right APIs in order to not get banned from the platform.

A good alternative to Planoly is RecurPost, which offers all the features provided by Planoly at a much lower price, making it the best option for everyone from small businesses to marketing agencies and medium-large sized organizations.

Yes, when you upload a larger file, Planoly resizes those files down to 2160 px. Use RecurPost to maintain the quality of your images, which is a good Planoly alternative.

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