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Pick RecurPost as a Hopper HQ alternative: A key to successful marketing

Are you hunting for a social media marketing tool that is the best Hopper HQ alternative? RecurPost is the best social media management tool as it comprises advanced auto-scheduling features, easy-to-use ability, and 24 * 7 customer support. Let’s compare the essential components of both tools and see how RecurPost is the best alternative to Hopper HQ.

Comparing RecurPost and Hopper HQ


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Supported Social media platforms

Sites like Hopper HQ don’t support posting Facebook profiles and Facebook groups, Instagram personal profiles, Google Business Profiles, and Pinterest.

Facebook Profiles
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Personal Profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Facebook Pages
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Business Profile

Bulk Scheduling

Users of both tools can create content in advance and schedule for multiple social media platforms at once. The feature helps users to save time and increase productivity.

Content categorization

Content categorization reduces the time to find the required information. Similar to Hopper HQ, RecurPost provides this feature in the form of libraries.

Copy Updates

The purpose of any content is to reuse it effectively at multiple places. RecurPost and Hopper HQ allows repurposing the content across multiple platforms.

Twitter Variations

Both tools automatically generate variations of tweets to abide by Twitter policies of repeated tweets.

Import Updates from other tools

You can upload media content in bulk using RecurPost and Hopper HQ.

Google Alerts

Opposite to Hopper HQ, RecurPost suggests content for your brand per the niche settings.

AI-based share time optimization

Users of both tools can create content in advance and schedule for multiple social media platforms at once. The feature helps users to save time and increase productivity.

Pause and Resume Social Accounts:

Using RecurPost, you can pause your social media account, form new strategies and continue posting whenever you want.

Chrome plugin

Using the RecurPost chrome plugin, you can upload blogs and articles directly from  websites to libraries and post them on social media platforms, so is the best Hopper HQ alternative.

Mobile app

RecurPost app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, whereas apps like hooper are only available on Apple App Store.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics shows you the stats of your post performance in real time. You can modify your marketing strategies by looking at what is working or not.

Team Members

Both tools allow to create a virtual team and the distribution of work among members and provide Virtual Assistance for better functionality and transparency.

White Label Reports

Being a great Hopper HQ alternative, RecurPost enables users to download reports to their desktop or laptop and allows to compare them with earlier ones.

Updates with Images, GIFs, and Videos

RecurPost and Hopper HQ allow creating posts using images, GIFs, and videos.

Hashtag Recommendation

RecurPost recommends relevant hashtags according to the post, which helps users to target the audience with the appropriate interests and increase engagement, making RecurPost the best Hopper HQ alternative.

URL Shortener

Unlike Hopper HQ, RecurPost allows you to shorten the URL. Instead of using a long link, it is advised to use a Google Link shortener, else you can connect your Bitly account with RecurPost.

CSV Support

RecurPost allows users to upload significant data from CSV files. Hopper HQ doesn’t support this feature.

Repeated Posting

Businesses can post the same content multiple times and can auto-schedule them using RecurPost and Hopper HQ.

Content Approval

Content creation comprises different levels, and there is a dependency upon each other. With that arises the approval of team members. RecurPost allows businesses to coordinate people at different levels for content approval.

RSS Feeds

RecurPost enables users to pick up content from their favorite website URL and use it for social media posting, making it the best Hopper Hq alternative.

Why is RecurPost a preferred Hopper HQ alternative?

Pay less for more social media engagement

RecutPost allows you to set a recurring post scheduling on more social media platforms. It allows users to select the “The best time” option, and RecurPost AI-based software will take care of the best time of posting according to the region and platforms. The best time feature increases your post reach and boosts engagement, resulting in more website traffic and sales growth. RecurPost is one of the Hopper HQ competitors and is the best social media scheduler for offering services on more platforms at low prices. Unlike Hopper HQ, RecurPost allows you to schedule Facebook posts on profiles and groups, schedule Instagram posts on personal profiles (best for personal coaches and bloggers), schedule LinkedIn posts on personal profiles, and schedule Google My Business posts as well. Coming to Hopper HQ pricing, RecurPost is more affordable and user-friendly, making it a great Hopper HQ alternative.

Switching to RecurPost is easy

You might be using an app like Hopper HQ and now planning to switch to another social media scheduling tool. We at RecurPost, help clients to easily switch to our software. We also understand you might have massive data on earlier using tools. You don’t need to worry about losing data. With RecurPost, you can seamlessly transition to our software from your previous system.

Quick bulk scheduling using CSV file

It’s easy to manage data through a CSV file. Add a row for every post, including the image, link, and content. It is the best way to save records of each post and is of utmost ease to reuse for bulk scheduling with RecurPost, whenever required and so is the best Hopper HQ alternative. If you already have data stored in your CSV file, you can use it for bulk scheduling in just a few clicks and reap the benefit of engaging with your client through consistent posting.

Hashtag recommendations help to target relevant audiences

RecurPost provides hashtag recommendations, which allow your brand to reach the audience who follow specific hashtags on social media. By reaching the relevant audience, your post gets more likes, comments, and sharing, resulting in more visitors to your website who are actually interested in your product or service.

Create white-label reports

What do you do after posting for a specific period? Simple, you will check the analytics. Using RecurPost, you can download reports to your desktop and laptop. Marketers compare it  with earlier reports and get an idea of what works or not. It helps them to modify the marketing strategy if required.

Enjoy the ride by receiving notifications directly to your social inbox. A seamless alternative to Hopper HQ!

RecurPost social inbox fetches all the connected social media post notifications organized by social media platforms. Using RecurPost, you don’t have to log in to your social media accounts to check the details, like audiences’ comments, likes, or shares. 

RecurPost social inbox is a medium through which you can interact with your audience on specific platforms. You can reply to people’s queries, and if required, you can also delete comments. To fetch fresh notifications, hit the refresh button, and RecurPost social inbox will display instant notifications. By switching through social media accounts, you can see the latest notifications for the specific account.

Here are the features of RecurPost social inbox:

As per Twitter policies, you cannot post the same content multiple times. RecurPost creates variations of tweets and enables users to schedule tweets, making it the best Hopper HQ alternative. For businesses where images play a crucial role in attracting traffic, Pinterest is the best platform. RecurPost provides excellent Pinterest scheduler features. 

RecurPost is the leading social media scheduler and the best Hopper HQ alternative. Our team is constantly working on the product by adding more advanced features to meet clients’ challenges and upgrade with technological advancements.

Social Media Platforms Supported by RecurPost

If you are looking for solutions that will help you manage your social media content, you have arrived at the right spot. RecurPost is a highly functional tool if you want to schedule Facebook postsschedule Instagram posts, or LinkedIn posts. Not just this, you can also schedule tweets with variations and  schedule Google my business posts with CTAs. It is just as amazing as a Pinterest scheduler too.

RecurPost reviews show that customers love us

Over 90,000+ happy users and counting.



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4.6 Star Rating

RecurPost Vs. Hopper HQ FAQs

RecurPost tops the list of the best Hopper HQ alternatives available out there. It offers support for more social media platforms as compared to Hopper HQ and provides robust scheduling and management features. Take the free trial today.

No, Recurpost is the best Hopper HQ alternative as it offers only one plan, which can be suitable for small businesses or bloggers. RecurPost offers advanced features at better prices. It offers varied plans suitable for everyone from small to large enterprises.

RecurPost beats Hopper HQ by offering comprehensive features at affordable prices, including the ability to manage all the major social media accounts, set your evergreen content to upload recurringly, use the canva integration to design posts and more. You can take the 14-day free trial to test all the features.

RecurPost is a great budget-friendly alternative to Hopper HQ. The plan of Hopper HQ is priced at $19 per month, which increases as you increase the set of social accounts that need to be managed. It doesn’t offer the flexibility of choosing your own set, which keeps RecurPost a step ahead of it.

A tool that offers this feature is RecurPost because if you are looking to schedule posts on your Google My Business profiles, Napoleon Cat will disappoint you. RecurPost supports scheduling GMB posts along with your choice of call to action.

Yes, while RecurPost lets you manage 10 social accounts for $20.83 per month, Hopper HQ charges $38 per month for 8 social accounts. Apparently, you get a lot of additional scheduling features at a less price with RecurPost.

Check how RecurPost compares with more tools

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