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Planable Alternative - Why Choose RecurPost?

Planable is a multifaceted tool that includes social media management among its offerings, yet it is not exclusively focused on social media management. In contrast, RecurPost is a specialized, comprehensive social media management software. We are deeply immersed in the world of social media; it's our passion, our expertise, and our focus. We understand the nuances and demands of this space, ensuring we provide the precise solutions you require for your social media endeavors.

Comparing RecurPost vs Planable


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Supported Platforms

Both RecurPost and Planable allow for posting on multiple social networks. However, RecurPost supports Pinterest and Planable does not. This makes it a great alternative to Planable.

Facebook Profiles
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Personal Profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Personal Profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

RSS feed automation

Feed automation through RSS can be very convenient and resourceful. RecurPost provides that, making it one of the best planable alternatives.

Social calendar

Both the apps provide a competent social calendar. However, RecurPost always takes the lead in sites similar to Planable.

Bulk import

With RecurPost you can import files in bulk for uploading. Something that can’t be achieved with Planable, making it a great alternative to Planable.

Post recycling

Create evergreen content libraries with RecurPost for reusing existing content.

Live chat support

Get live chat support with RecurPost, also making one of the reliable planable alternatives

Content libraries/categorization

Ability to create labeled content libraries with both apps.

Mobile app

Both parties offer mobile apps but the one by RecurPost is better designed, making it one of the flexible planable alternatives.

Canva integration

RecurPost features a special Canva integration from which you can directly source some of the best graphics. This makes it one of the most apt planable alternatives

White label reports

Get detailed white-label reports with RecurPost.

Social inbox

One of the most interesting features provided by RecurPost is its social inbox feature. This makes itone of the most desirable planable alternatives

URL shortener

Shorten your URL links with the help of RecurPost by connecting your Bitly account.

Analytics Reports

Planable lacks a very instrumental feature that would lead you to success that is analytics. RecurPost gives you detailed analytics of your post performance.

Why is RecurPost the best planable alternative?

Detailed analytics

When you sign up for a plan with RecurPost, you get the most inclusive analytics features with it. This is simply lacking with the plans offered by apps like Planable. Without appropriate analytics measures in place, you will never be able to know how your posts are performing and you won’t be able to improve your content. This makes RecurPost one of the great planable alternatives.

URL shortening

RecurPost has a special provision for URL shortening which Planable does not provide. URL shorteners will make it convenient for you to cross-promote your products, blog posts, or services with any of the links that you are sharing. RecurPost features a Bitly and Google integration for URL shortening, making it a great alternative to Planable.

Get variations for tweeting

Another interesting feature that comes with RecurPost’s bouquet of offerings is its ability to create tweet variations. Twitter has a policy wherein you cannot tweet the same content more than once. That is why, you will get automated variations from RecurPost when you schedule tweets. This is something that you cannot do with Planable, making RecurPost a practical alternative to Planable. RecurPost is also a great Pinterest scheduler.

Content repurposing

One of the hallmark features of the RecurPost services is that it has evergreen content libraries that can be used to repurpose existing content. That’s right, RecurPost has a record of every post that you have designed and scheduled for all your social accounts. From the library, you can pick your top-performing posts and re-schedule them seamlessly whenever you schedule Facebook posts, schedule LinkedIn posts, schedule Instagram posts and schedule Google My Business posts. With Planable there is no easy way to reuse your content. The media library in Planable does not store your previous posts and you will have to add media everytime you want to repost something. This is why RecurPost is a great planable alternatives.

To top all the benefits, here is one more reason that will compel you to pick RecurPost over Planable: Our social inbox feature!

A highly competent social inbox feature will help you manage all your notifications from a single place. Your social media inboxes from different platforms will be integrated into a single dashboard from where you can respond to them or take any action of your choice.

They say that users love it when they get their answers promptly. With social inbox, you will be able to achieve user satisfaction because you will be able respond quickly. You will be able to flag comments, delegate responses, conceal, or even delete them as per your choice. There is the ability to bookmark and add labels as well. 

All these features will be enjoyed by you with RecurPost’s social inbox:

Additionally, RecurPost will provide the best times to post your content for each platform so that you can reach maximum people at a time. And it will allow you have a very seamless post recycling experience. The analytics reports are highly detailed to give you deep insights into your post performance and audience behavior. All these features are missing in Planable’s plans and considering Planable pricing, it is safe to say that you won’t regret it when you pick RecurPost’s social media scheduler as a planable alternatives.

Social Media Platforms Supported by RecurPost

You can have the perfect social media feed on every major platform with the help of RecurPost. This tool is flawless if you want to schedule Facebook postsschedule LinkedIn posts, or schedule Instagram posts. If you are a business that wants to do visually heavy marketing, you can use it as a Pinterest scheduler too. Along with all of this, you can  schedule Google my business posts and schedule tweets with variations.

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4.6 Star Rating

RecurPost Vs. Planable FAQs

RecurPost is the greatest alternative to Planable on the market today. It offers a lot of advanced features as compared to Planable at much more affordable pricing. You can take the 14 day trial for free to check it out.

RecurPost is a tool that is better than Planable and offers advanced features like bulk scheduling through CSV files, detailed performance analytics, white-label reports, workspace management, team members, and much more.

RecurPost is the perfect Planable alternative as it lets you bulk schedule on multiple social media platforms, categorize content into unlimited libraries, import content from other tools, set up google alerts, see detailed analytics, and a lot more.

RecurPost is a less costly solution for automated social media marketing as every small business runs with a restricted marketing budget. It offers outstanding features at a great price, starting at just $12.5 per month.

No, Planable deosn’t offer social media analytics. RecurPost is a tool that offers in-depth analytics regarding the performance of your posts and also lets you download those reports by adding your choice of logo.

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