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Meetedgar Alternative – Why Choose RecurPost?

On the run to find the best MeetEdgar alternatives? We exactly know the reliable social media scheduling tool that works without constant glitches.  RecurPost offers a great alternative to MeetEdgar when it comes to scheduling updates on your social profiles. RecurPost greatly outperforms as an alternative as MeetEdgar doesn’t offer half as many features as RecurPost. Also, RecurPost allows you to schedule Google My Business posts and is also a great Pinterest scheduler, something that MeetEdgar does not live upto.

Comparing RecurPost and Meetedgar


recurpost social media scheduler
Best meetedgar alternatives - RecurPost

Supported Platforms

Both RecurPost and MeetEdgar allow you to post to multiple social media platforms. However, support got Google Business Profile makes RecurPost a great alternative to RecurPost.

Import Your Posts from other tools

We know that social media scheduling tools generally don’t let you export your content to other tools, leaving you stuck with the limitations of that tool. With any of RecurPost’s paid plans, however, you can easily import your social media updates posted from other tools directly to your RecurPost library in no time.

Content Categorization

Both RecurPost and Meet Edgar support content categorization. Categorize your updates into libraries such as “Witty quotes,” “Promotional posts,” “Affiliate links,” etc. 

Google Alerts Support

Though both RecurPost and MeetEdgar allow you to pull updates from RSS Feeds, RecurPost takes it a step beyond that by allowing you to use Google Alerts to pull updates as well. Curating content might end your quest for the best MeetEdgar alternatives.

Unlimited One-time-use Libraries

One-time-use libraries are perfect for storing updates about unique, non-recurring events. With RecurPost, you can create an unlimited amount of such one-time-use libraries. MeetEdgar, however, offers no such feature.

Advanced Analytics

Our well-engineered feature ‘Advanced Analytics’ lets you track, analyze, and compare your performance so you always have a clear understanding of your social media standing and potential growth. Our reports alone would make us the best MeedEdgar alternative.

Add multiple images in posts

RecurPost allows you to add multiple images while creating posts for your social accounts. Not many MeedEdgar alternatives offer this.

15 Images for FB pages, 9 for LinkedIn accounts, 4 for Twitter.

Multiple images only for Instagram

Customize captions for each social platform

You can add different captions/descriptions for each social platform while creating a post on RecurPost. MeetEdgar doesn’t offer this feature.

Pause and Resume Libraries

You can even pause your libraries if you wish. You may want to do so if you are unsure of ‘what’ is going out ‘when’. This feature eliminates the need to always be cautious about your updates. Unsure? Just pause your library and resume later!

Copy Updates

With RecurPost, you can copy updates across libraries. This comes handy when you want similar posts to go out to different clients’ accounts.

Pause and Resume Social Accounts

Stop posting on a social account temporarily so that when a client is not renewing their subscription for next few weeks you pause them for that time.

Updates with Images

Ability to attach images to your posts is available in both RecurPost and Meet Edgar.

Updates with Videos

Both RecurPost and Meet Edgar let you attach videos to your social updates that will be shared natively on social platforms. This feature is not available with every plan. Please check our plans page for more details on different plans.

AI based share time optimization

Automatically find the best time to share an update based on when your audience is most likely to respond and engage with you.

Portable Mobile App

Your RecurPost is now in your pocket! We know entrepreneurs are often on the move and that’s why we have built the RecurPost app, especially for your convenience. Get the RecurPost app on Android or iOS today!

Chrome Plugin

Use our convenient Chrome plugin feature to directly add updates to your RecurPost library without any hassle.

Hashtag Recommendation

We allow you to replace influential keywords in your content and turn them into #hashtags so they appear in search results more often.

Team Management

RecurPost allows you to collaborate with your team members and virtual assistants on projects and select which libraries and social accounts you’d like them to manage. MeetEdgar misses this and thus RecurPost makes for a great MeetEdgar alternative.

White Label Reports

RecurPost’s White Label social media reports allow you to add your own logo to your reports, making you appear more detail-conscious and performance-oriented in front of your clients. MeetEdgar fails to provide such a feature.

Bulk Scheduling

MeetEdgar lets you bulk upload content only through CSV files, while RecurPost also supports creating of textual and uplading of visual content directly within the interface.

RSS Feeds

Curate content from your favorite websites and content creators. Have their fresh updates appear in your feed regularly for approval.

Twitter Variations

Both RecurPost and MeetEdgar allow you to create variations for your Tweets so as to avoid violating Twitter’s policy of restriction on repeated Tweets. Both tools can write your variations for you automatically.

Updates with Images and GIFs

Ability to attach images and GIF files to your posts is available in both RecurPost and Meet Edgar.

URL Shortener

Shorten your URL links to appear more presentable on social media by simply connecting your Bitly account to RecurPost.

CSV Support

RecurPost and MeetEdgar support uploading of content in bulk through CSV files for massive digital marketing activities.

Repeated Posting

Give your updates new life to help reach a wider audience by setting up repeating schedules on RecurPost and gain maximum Return on Effort.

Content Approval

RecurPost and MeetEdgar support approving and rejecting of content so as to maintain quality standards and meet priorities.

Why is RecurPost the best MeetEdgar alternative?

RecurPost also offers you a Social Inbox, making it the best of the MeetEdgar alternatives!

Social Inbox is a platform that enables all of your social media inboxes to be connected into one single unified dashboard. It allows you to manage notifications from all social media sites from a single place. It enables you to watch all your chats, mentions, comments, and conversations, and take action on them. You can easily serve all discussions in one feed, instead of having to log in to each social account separately or choose to concentrate on select networks with a sorting option.

When you use RecurPost, almost all of the notifications that you receive on your social media accounts show up in the Inbox dashboard. MeetEdgar doesn’t have the feature of social inbox as RecurPost does. This also serves as an additional reason as to why you should consider RecurPost as a MeetEdgar alternative. Below are the features that you’ll get while using the social inbox:

Can’t see the exact reason why you should choose RecurPost over MeetEdgar? We can list out some more amazing additional features. Unlike MeetEdgar, RecurPost has a mobile app available for android as well as iOS users, which helps you manage content from anywhere. You can create unlimited one-time use content libraries. Further, you can pause any social account when you are not scheduling updates on it and resume again whenever you wish to, without the need of deleting it altogether from RecurPost account.

RecurPost is also the best and perfect alternative for other social media scheduling tools like BufferHootSuiteSprout Social, Postfity, and Planable.

Check how RecurPost compares with more tools

Did you know that RecurPost is a great alternative to numerous other social media scheduling tools out there?
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RecurPost as MavSocial alternative


RecurPost allows for content repurposing and that makes it one of the most convenient Mavsocial alternatives.

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An easy choice for some top Planable alternatives would be RecurPost because of its standard features.

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Looking for a Promorepublic alternative that gives you the best times to post? RecurPost is the choice you should make.

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The most reasonable one out of Smarterqueue alternatives would be RecurPost as per cost and features.