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Why is RecurPost the best of Oktopost alternatives?

Are you looking for Oktopost alternatives? RecurPost is a social media management tool trusted by entrepreneurs, brands, and social media marketing agencies. It includes unique features, provides advanced analytics, and generates valuable reports that help users to build their social media authority. Let us compare the features of both tools and confirm how ReurPost is an ideal alternative to Oktopost.

Comparing RecurPost and Oktopost


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Supported Social media platforms

Sites like Statusbrew don’t allow you to post on Facebook profiles and groups, LinkedIn profiles, Instagram personal profiles, or Pinterest.

Facebook Profiles
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Personal Profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Facebook Profiles
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Bulk Scheduling

Both tools allow users to create well-planned content in advance and schedule posts on multiple platforms. It saves time and helps managers to apply the same strategy on all the platforms.

Content Categorization

RecurPost helps categorize content in libraries, allowing users to search for the content easily. RecurPost is the best in managing content, and so is the among the top Oktopost alternatives.

Copy Updates

Once you create content, it remains in RecurPost libraries. You can reuse the same content effectively and post across multiple platforms whenever required. It brings RecurPost to the top of the list as an ideal Oktopot alternative.

Twitter Variations

To post the same content multiple times on Twitter, RecurPost creates variation. It is a rare feature that makes RecurPost in the class of the top Oktopost alternatives.

Import Updates from other tools

If you want to shift to RecurPost, you don’t have to worry about losing your past content. RecurPost and Oktopost both allow users to import data.

Google Alerts

RecurPost allows users to set the best time to post. Its AI share time feature helps brands post content when the audience is active on that platform.

AI-based share time optimization

Using the Chrome plugin, it becomes easy to add content from other websites to the libraries for posting. Both tools offer a chrome plugin.

Pause and Resume Social Accounts

In an emergency, you should pause and resume posting on social accounts later. It is possible with RecurPost rather than with Oktopost.It shows that RecurPost is either of the best Oktopost alternatives.

Chrome plugin

Using the Chrome plugin, it becomes easy to add content from other websites to the libraries for posting. Both tools offer a chrome plugin.

Mobile app

Using a mobile app, one can post on social accounts from anywhere in the world in your comfort. Similar to apps like Oktopost, Recurpost app is available on Google Play and Apple app stores.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics is useful in analyzing which post gets more engagement or not. Accordingly, you can decide what strategy to continue to get the maximum results. Similar to Oktopost, RecurPost provides advances analytics.

Team Members

Creating a virtual team helps agencies distribute work among members and provide virtual assistance to coordinate efficiently. Both tools have this feature.

White Label Reports

As an agency owner, sharing reports with your clients is your routine. Both tools allow users to generate reports. RecurPost enables the creation of charts to coordinate various metrics and display results that are easy to understand for clients.

Updates with Images, GIFs, and Videos

Both tools allow for creating images, GIFs, and videos to post on their social accounts.

Hashtag Recommendation

Choosing the right hashtags helps brands to reach the audience with appropriate interests. Being among the best Oktopost alternatives, RecurPost helps users with the best hashtag recommendations to target the correct audience.

URL Shortener

It’s preferred to shorten the link before sharing it on social media. Using RecurPost, you can either use Google Link Shortener or connect your Bitly account.

CSV Support

Storing your content in a CSV file is a good practice for every social media manager. RecurPost and Oktopost enable users to upload bulk data from CSV files to schedule posting.

Repeated Posting

Unlike Oktopost, RecurPost allows recurring posting across multiple platforms. It is one of the prime features of RecurPost and makes it stand out from Oktopost.

Content Approval

Content creation involves more than one person, and the team depends on each other. With the content approval feature, RecurPost enables members working at different levels to coordinate.

RSS Feeds

RecurPost allows you to pick up content from your favorite website URL and schedule it for posting on your social media channels. Oktopost does not offer an RSS feed, making RecurPost is in the class of Oktopost alternatives.RecurPost allows you to pick up content from your favorite website URL and schedule it for posting on your social media channels. Oktopost does not offer an RSS feed, making RecurPost is in the class of Oktopost alternatives.

Why is RecurPost an ideal choice of Oktopost alternatives?

Get more value out of money

With RecurPost, you can upload time-sensitive launch of value-oriented content. It goes out on social media repeatedly, streamlining the same strategy for a long time. It results in increased brand reach and more sales. RecurPost is a great social media scheduler and an exceptional choice of Oktopost alternatives that saves time and delivers more value to its clients. RcurPost has an attractive pricing plan with a 14-days free trial, wheras Oktopost pricing is nowhere listed.

Embraces a wider range of social media platforms

Posting on Google Business profile is useful to attract local traffic. It helps brands to extend their local outreach. Moreover, there are businesses where images play a key role. Pinterest is a helpful platform for these businesses and bring more sales to them. These platforms are not supported by Oktopost, makes RecurPost the best alternative to Oktopost.

Optimize effective content management

Recurpost allows you to distinguish and store content in any number of libraries. By differentiating content in libraries, it becomes easy for marketers to find the content they want to use. Content is stored in libraries till it is removed. So it becomes easy to reuse the same content whenever required. It saves time as you can schedule library content for posting without creating again.

Post repeatedly to keep your audience engaged

RecurPost allows you to post the same content repeatedly, which helps build brand authority on social media. With RecurPost, you can create content once, store it in libraries and schedule it for recurring posting with the “the best time to post” feature. It makes your brand the most popular, as whenever the audience is present, your post is visible to them.

Make intelligent use of internet content

While surfing the internet, if you find valuable content on other websites, then using the RecurPost’s RSS feed feature, you can upload those content to the libraries and schedule it for posting.

RecurPost updates with notifications in real-time. An absolute Oktopost competitor!

The social inbox is the prime feature of RecurPost. It fetches new data from your social accounts to the social inbox. Users do not need to log in to their social media accounts to see their posting results, making RecurPost an ideal Oktopost alternative.

RecurPost provides you with the latest updates on your posts, organised by your social accounts and platforms. It gives you the privilege of accessing all your social accounts from different platforms to be accessed from one platform only.

You can see the likes, shares and comments on your posts. You can delete comments or reply to your clients from your social inbox. RecurPost offers the flexibility to access all these operations from the mobile app. Using it, you can reply to your clients in real time, boosting engagement and increasing your brand’s sales.

Here are the features of RecurPost social inbox:

Becoming a member of the RecurPost family will always make you satisfied. Our dedicated support team works 24*7 to resolve clients’ queries. Moreover, our researchers and developers work on adding more advanced features to the software to meet the latest technological advancements worldwide, which makes RecurPost a class of top Oktopost alternatives and the best social media scheduler.

Social Media Platforms Supported by RecurPost

RecurPost allows you to manage a presence on all the major social media platforms. Using the tool, you can schedule Facebook posts on personal profiles, pages, as well as groups. Along  with business profiles, you can schedule Instagram posts on personal profiles too. For your professional updates, RecurPost lets you schedule LinkedIn posts on profiles and company pages. Since Twitter doesn’t allow posting of the same content twice, RecurPost lets you create variations and schedule tweets on multiple accounts. Also, if you have a GMB listing, RecurPost lets you schedule Google my business posts with the CTA of your choice. And the cherry on the cake, you can also schedule pins on your Pinterest account to ensure that you don’t miss out on the benefits of the visual platform.

RecurPost reviews show that customers love us

Over 90,000+ happy users and counting.



4.7 Star Rating



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4.6 Star Rating

RecurPost Vs. Oktopost FAQs

RecurPost stands out as the best Oktopost alternative, offering evergreen scheduling, one-time use content libraries, unlimited workspaces, team management, custom fields, best time schedules, etc.

RecurPost is a much more transparent and better alternative to Oktopost, as Oktopost hasn’t disclosed its pricing on its website. You need to call them and ask for the same. This can lead to bias in pricing. RecurPost offers multiple plans starting from $12.5 per month so you can choose according to your own needs.

No, Oktopost doesn’t support scheduling pins. Try out RecurPost free for 14 days if you are looking for a platform that enables you to schedule posts on Pinterest.

RecurPost clearly beats Oktopost when it comes to choosing between the two. It not only enables you to schedule posts on a lot of major social platforms but also offers top-notch management features at affordable pricing.

No, Oktopost users cannot create RSS feeds. RecurPost is a social media management tool that offers this feature. You can add and organize a list of blogs from your favorite website to your social media posts using RSS feeds using RecurPost.

No, Oktopost doesn’t provide a free plan. RecurPost is a much more transparent tool as the pricing tiers are not listed on Oktopost’s website, so you need to contact them, book a demo, and ask for the same.

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