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Socialbakers Alternative - Why Choose RecurPost?

Have you been looking for the perfect Socialbakers alternative for a while? Then you have come to a place that is just right for your business! RecurPost is the perfect Socialbakers alternative because it provides the most comprehensive scheduling services at a very attractive price point as compared to Socialbakers. You can reply to and manage incoming messages easily along with advanced analytics features to know exactly what is working and what is not, with RecurPost. It is safe to say that RecurPost has successfully outperformed Socialbakers in terms of the features offered and the price point, placing itself on the top in Socialbakers competitors list.

Comparing RecurPost vs Socialbakers


recurpost social media scheduler
Best socialbakers alternative - RecurPost

Supported Platforms

Both RecurPost and Social bakers allow for posting on multiple social networks. However, RecurPost supports GMB and Socialbakers does not. This makes it a great alternative to Socialbakers.

RSS feed automation

Feed automation through RSS can be very convenient and resourceful. RecurPost provides that, making it a perfect Socialbakers alternative.

Social calendar

Both the apps provide a competent social calendar. However, RecurPost always takes the lead in sites like Socialbakers.

Bulk import

With RecurPost you can import files in bulk for uploading. Something that can’t be achieved with Socialbakers, making it a great alternative to Social bakers.

Post recycling

Create evergreen content libraries with RecurPost for reusing existing content.

Live chat support

Get live chat support with RecurPost, also making it a reliable Socialbakers alternative.

Content libraries/categorization

Ability to create labeled content libraries with both apps.

Mobile app

Both parties offer mobile apps but the one by RecurPost is better designed, making it a flexible Socialbaker alternative.

Canva integration

RecurPost features a special Canva integration from which you can directly source some of the best graphics. This makes it the most apt Socialbakers alternative

White label reports

Get detailed white-label reports with RecurPost.

Social inbox

One of the most interesting features provided by RecurPost is its social inbox feature. This makes it the most desirable Socialbakers alternative.

Why is RecurPost the best Socialbakers alternative?

  • Great price-point

    We at RecurPost, has made it a point to offer the very best of services at a price that can be afforded by most businesses in the market. This increases its cost-effectiveness as opposed to Socialbakers pricing. RecurPost pricing start at $15 per month and Socialbakers have a whopping $240 per month price tag. There is also a 14-day free trial with RecuPost plans. You can clearly see the difference and its service plans paired with the price to compare the effectiveness of the tools.

  • Supports all major platforms

    We have a dedicated support team for all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even GMB. If we look at SocialBakers, it supports all major platforms but does not have a provision for Google My Business. Hence, if you are a business owner, RecurPost is the best Socialbakers alternative choice to make because you will definitely need GMB scheduling on your cards.

  • Mobile friendly app

    A very helpful feature that comes along with the RecurPost services is its mobile-friendly app version. It supports Android as well as iOS and it lets you manage your social accounts on the go, making work super flexible. Socialbakers also has a mobile friendly app, however, it is not as intuitive as the desktop version and can also be glitchy at times.

  • Content repurposing

    One of the hallmark features of the RecurPost services is that it has evergreen content libraries that can be used to repurpose existing content. That’s right, RecurPost has a record of every post that you have designed and scheduled for all your social accounts. From the library, you can pick your top-performing posts and re-schedule them seamlessly. With Socialbakers there is no easy way to reuse your content. This is why RecurPost is a great Socialbakers alternative.

How RecurPost is a better Socialbakers alternative?

The social inbox feature is essentially a platform that enables the connecting of all your social media inboxes into a unified inbox or dashboard. This way, you will be able to manage notifications from all your social accounts from a central location. You can take a view of all your chats, comments, mentions, and conversations, and take an action of your choice to respond to them.

Your brand will no longer have to make customers wait to get a response for hours, thanks to the social inbox by RecurPost. You will be able to respond to their queries very quickly because of the notifications that you will receive instantly in your social inbox. Here are the features you get while using social inbox:

  • Manage notifications from Instagram business profile, FB pages, LinkedIn pages, Twitter, and GMB listings.
  • The first social media scheduler to offer the support for GMB reviews in Social Inbox. You can see and reply to them straight from the inbox.
  • See and manage comments, mentions, and conversations (DMs) from Twitter.
  • See comment notifications, reply to them, delete, review, add to library, or assign to other members – for Instagram business profiles and LinkedIn pages.
  • For Facebook pages, manage messages, comments, reviews, and fan updates altogether.
  • Block/unblock, follow/unfollow users straight from the inbox.
  • Add posts or comments to RecurPost’s libraries directly from the Inbox.
  • Assign notifications to team members and ask them to review.
  • Add labels to organize notifications in different categories.
  • Sort and filter notifications according to time and favorites.
  • Use your social inbox without the compulsion of scheduling posts or making libraries.

Additionally, RecurPost gives you the best times to post your content for each platform so that you can reach maximum people at a time. You can also create a bag of hashtags that can be added quickly to every post that you design, reducing your time taken to draft the post. The analytics reports are highly detailed to give you deep insights into your post performance and audience behavior. Something that Socialbakers still lacks. It is safe to say that you won’t regret it when you pick RecurPost as a Socialbakers alternative.

Other Comparisons

RecurPost is a great alternative to a number of other social media management tools out there.