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Schedule LinkedIn posts effortlessly with our LinkedIn post scheduler

Schedule posts on both Linkedin personal profiles as well as LinkedIn company pages with RecurPost.

schedule LinkedIn posts effortlessly
LinkedIn post scheduler to revamp LinkedIn accounts

Own LinkedIn Like a Pro to Become an Authority in Your Niche

Use recurring schedules to generate hot leads on auto-pilot

  • Add your LinkedIn updates to libraries such as “Product features”, “Emotional messages”, “Interesting videos” etc.
  • Set time slots for each library; such as set it to share one Product feature in the morning on your company page and one Emotional message on your personal profile every day in the evening.
  • We will start sharing from the top of your library and once everything has been shared we will start at the beginning again.
  • You can add more posts when you have them and we will add them to the mix right away.
  • Even if you don’t intervene your posts will keep getting shared regularly, bringing you hot leads constantly. Also use recurring updates when you schedule tweets. Same goes for when you schedule Facebook posts.

Create Content or Curate Content!

Curate content with Zapier, Chrome extension, Google alerts and more

  • Automatically import newer articles from your favorite websites as with our Feed manager.
  • Download our Chrome extension to quickly add an interesting page you stumbled upon.
  • Use Zapier to curate content from over 2000 different applications such as Google drive or Pocket app.
  • Integrate Google Alerts to get updates on your favorite topics as Google discovers them every hour.
  • Import posts from your LinkedIn page or any other social platform to repurpose your existing content.
  • Import a CSV to quickly upload content in bulk.

LinkedIn Post Scheduler to Establish Your Authority Quickly

A Beautiful Calendar for Effortless Management

Schedule LinkedIn Posts That Will Go Viral

  • Calendar view to quickly review what is going to go on your LinkedIn profile and Company pages.
  • Edit the message, change the scheduled date and time, and add a new image or video to make that perfect post that will go viral.
  • Add the first comment to increase the reach of your LinkedIn posts. Also add this when you schedule Instagram posts.
  • Find the history of your posts and delete them from LinkedIn if you don’t want them anymore from RecurPost.
schedule LinkedIn posts with unlimited libraries

Meaningful Analytics to Perfect Strategy

Insights to help you schedule LinkedIn posts that make an impact

  • We tell show you what kind of posts do well for your LinkedIn account so that you can create more content that makes an impact.
  • See how changing the frequency of posts increases your reach.
  • Download your reports as PDF to refer to at a later time or to share it with your clients.
  • Get analytics for each library; if you are a coach think of a library as a course. This report can help you understand which courses will sell well on LinkedIn.
  • See the number of likes, comments, and share for each post or a summary for a given time frame for a personal profile or a company page.

A Content Queue that Fills Itself

Schedule LinkedIn posts that go out in a loop

One great feature of RecurPost’s LinkedIn automation tool is the ability to schedule recurring updates. With the ability to recycle your content over and over again, you can ensure that your LinkedIn account is always posting. This is also the perfect way to never let your old content die and lose its value. The same piece of content can keep attracting new followers and traffic to your profile as well as website. You just need to discard the media which is time-sensitive, such as information about any event which happened in the past, or any offer which already got expired.

Once everything from your library has been posted, RecurPost will schedule LinkedIn posts in that library again from the beginning. This way, we make sure you never run out of content to share with your audience and are always available for engagement which leads to more connections and conversions. Create recurring updates in the same way when you schedule Google My Business posts.

LinkedIn post scheduler with recurring updates
automate LinkedIn posting to build connections

Build Bridges. See Results. Be Amazed.

Keep your profile always active and build new connections

LinkedIn is a platform where you’d definitely want to make a presence and build professional connections. And the only way to grow on LinkedIn is to provide valuable information to people on a continuous basis. It is, however, difficult to post regularly and stay active, especially during odd hours. But through RecurPost’s LinkedIn automation tool, you can overcome the pressure of actively writing and posting on your LinkedIn accounts. Did you know that RecurPost is also a great Pinterest scheduler?

By scheduling your updates using our social media scheduler, you can increase the rate at which you make new connections and share professional updates regularly. Even if you are not physically available, RecurPost makes sure you are always virtually present. Within just a few weeks, you’ll start seeing the difference for yourself!

Schedule LinkedIn posts on profiles and company pages

Build your personal and professional brand

RecurPost gives you the perfect space to manage your LinkedIn profiles as well as company pages together. Thus, you can take care of building your personal profile as well as your company page.

schedule LinkedIn posts to build your brand

Let your posts go out at the best times

Schedule LinkedIn posts for your unique best time to post

Best time schedules’ is one of the best features that our LinkedIn post scheduler has to offer. In order to build a presence on LinkedIn, it is crucial to post the right content at the right time. However, it can be a bit difficult and time consuming to find out the best time to post manually by using the trial and error method. Understanding this, RecurPost offers you the option of ‘Auto-schedule for the best time’.

Using its AI, RecurPost studies the engagement received on your previous posts and calculates your unique best time to post. When you use this feature, you will be able to make sure that your content is posted when your audience is the most active and reaches the maximum number of people.

Unlimited workspaces on a single dashboard

Change the way you manage and schedule LinkedIn posts

Workspaces are all about dividing your social accounts and content libraries into different spaces for better management. For example, if you manage multiple clients then you can create a workspace for each client, or if you have multiple team members, they can create a workspace for each member where common libraries are shared across everyone. The access that your team members have can be adjusted anytime. You neither need to share the credentials of your RecurPost account nor that of your social accounts in order to invite people to manage your social accounts.

Manage your profiles and pages on the go

Schedule LinkedIn posts and manage them easily from our app

With the RecurPost mobile app, you can easily create, edit, and schedule your posts for multiple social media accounts, all from your mobile device. 

Whether you’re on the go, at a meeting, or traveling, you’ll never have to worry about missing a post again. 

The app is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with a simple interface that makes it a breeze to schedule LinkedIn posts. 

You can even set recurring posts, so your content stays fresh and consistent.

schedule linkedin posts to manage profiles-pages

Other platforms supported by RecurPost

LinkedIn is an amazing networking platform and businesses can use this platform to market well in the B2B sector. If you want your business to rank higher in the game, use RecurPost because it is a great LinkedIn post scheduler. Furthermore, the tool is highly effective if you want to schedule Facebook posts, schedule tweets, schedule Instagram posts, and schedule Google My Business posts. RecurPost is also a good Pinterest scheduler.

Comparing RecurPost with other social media scheduling tools

There are a lot of tools available out there offering the feature of scheduling posts ahead of time. However, the role of a social media scheduler doesn’t stop here. Apart from the features that we talked about in the above paragraphs, RecurPost has got a lot to offer. Some of them include white-labelling reports, simplified content categorization, Chrome plugin, URL shortener, social inbox, etc. You can check our detailed comparisons to know how RecurPost is the best free Hootsuite alternative, one of the top Tailwind alternatives, SocialPilot alternatives, Oneup alternatives and Socialbakers alternative.

Check out RecurPost’s LinkedIn scheduler now by signing up for the free trial!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. It is possible to schedule posts on your LinkedIn profile as well as company page. However, you can’t do that using the LinkedIn app itself. To schedule LinkedIn posts, you need to use a social media scheduling tool. RecurPost provides a LinkedIn post scheduler, using which you can plan your entire week’s content in just a few hours. It gives you the ability to schedule posts at your desired timings and also lets you auto-schedule for the best time to post on LinkedIn.
RecurPost provides the best LinkedIn post scheduler that enables you to schedule LinkedIn posts on profiles and company pages. Never fall short of content with evergreen content libraries, RSS feed integration, Pocket integration, and Google alerts. Organize promotional content, blog posts, industry updates, etc. neatly using unlimited content libraries. RecurPost helps to revamp your LinkedIn with the best analytics and performance data available. Take the 14-day free trial to try it out now.
Creating and scheduling a post on LinkedIn using RecurPost involves just 3 steps. First, sign up for a RecurPost account. Then, connect your LinkedIn profile and pages. Start creating content libraries or one-off posts and schedule them according to your preferred date and time. Add your desired media files including images, videos, and GIFs. RecurPost’s LinkedIn post scheduler supports adding up to 9 images in one post. Discover how to effectively schedule posts on LinkedIn with our detailed step-by-step guide! 
Yes, you can schedule posts on your LinkedIn business page using any social media scheduling tool that offers a LinkedIn post scheduler. RecurPost is one such tool that you can use to manage your LinkedIn personal profiles and business pages. Track impressions and engagement levels of specific posts with easy-to-understand analytic reports, monitor your notifications, assign work to team members – all in one place.
The overall best time to post on LinkedIn is Wednesday from 8–10 AM and noon, Thursday at 9 AM and 1–2 PM, and Friday at 9 AM. If you are not sure about when to post, you can use RecurPost’s LinkedIn post scheduler to auto-schedule your posts for the best time. It will study the engagement levels received on your previous posts and finds out the time when your audience will be the most active.
Scheduling articles on LinkedIn is currently not possible through the native platform or using any social media scheduling tool. However, if you are looking to schedule normal posts (not articles), you can do so using RecurPost’s LinkedIn post scheduler. You can add your choice of images (up to 9), videos, or GIFs. You can also upload content in bulk through CSV/excel files, import content through RSS feeds, or import data from a social account.
To post a video on your LinkedIn, head to your profile or company page. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a ‘+’ button in the middle. In the window that appears, you will see an option of ‘Take a Video’. Click on it and the screen to record a video will appear. You can either record a video or choose a pre-recorded one from your gallery. To schedule a video on LinkedIn, you can use RecurPost. It is a social media scheduler that will allow you to schedule LinkedIn posts and videos ahead of time and plan your content well in advance.
To view the posts that you have published on LinkedIn, head over to your profile and scroll down to the ‘Activity’ section. Click on ‘See all activity’. Here, you will see all the posts that you’ve uploaded as well as others’ posts with which you have interacted. To see your posts, click on the ‘Posts’ button. Below each post, you will also be able to see the insights.