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Add Thumbnails To Your Video Posts

A striking cover photo serves as the gateway to captivating content. Effortlessly enhance your video posts by adding attention-grabbing cover photos, ensuring your content stands out amidst the crowd.

Cover image
Upload Any File

Upload Any File

No matter what format your image is in (.PNG, .JPEG, or .TIFF), our platform makes uploading a breeze. We support a wide range of file types to ensure compatibility with your needs.

Multi-Platform Ready

Why juggling multiple platforms when you can have it all under your control. With just one click, share and add your cover images across different platforms LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more!

Fast and Easy

Add cover images to your videos with ease. Whether you’re a social media pro or just starting out with no skills whatsoever, we make it simple. Just choose your image, upload it effortlessly, and watch your video posts shine!

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