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Unlock the secret to Schedule X (Twitter) posts like a pro

Wondering how to Schedule X (Twitter) posts? Try RecurPost’s scheduling tools that provide automated posting for multiple X (Twitter) accounts.

schedule tweets

Tweet. Redo. Reuse.

Generate unlimited variations and schedule tweets like an expert

X (Twitter) does not allow repeated posting of the same Tweets. That means, once you have posted a Tweet, you cannot upload the exact same Tweet again. 

You need to tweak the message and modify it in order to post it again on your profile. But don’t worry, we have a way around this limitation. 

RecurPost’s X (Twitter) automation tool helps you in creating Tweet variations automatically, so you can keep the same ‘idea’ of your Tweet while still posting it recurringly. 

Isn’t that amazing? Half of your X (Twitter’s) content creating efforts will be taken care of by us and you can easily fill up your social media calendar!

You do the planning, we’ll do the work.

Schedule tweets in bulk and put your account on autopilot

X (Twitter) is a platform where people come to share their fleeting opinions and that’s why it is necessary to remain active throughout the day. Our X (Twitter) scheduler and automation tool, which is also a great Pinterest scheduler, is designed specifically to give you convenience right when you need it the most. 

You just need to plan and bulk schedule tweets once and leave the rest upon RecurPost. By repurposing your Tweets, you will save countless hours and engage with new people consistently. 

It’ll reduce your time in deciding what to post again and again, and you’ll keep attracting new audiences with the same content.

tweet scheduler for bulk upload
tweet scheduler for graphics sharing

Schedule tweets by adding images, videos, GIFs, and emojis

Take a look at our Pandora’s Content Box

It has been surveyed that tweets with visuals (images, videos, GIFs, etc.) receive higher engagement as compared to text-based tweets. They have a higher click-through rate and stop the serial scrollers to have a look at what you posted. With RecurPost, you can schedule and automate tweets with your favorite images, infographics, GIFs, or videos. You can also add links to your posts and share them on your profiles.

Your Favorite Tweets on your Fingertips

Curate content and schedule tweets with our Google Chrome plugin

Our X (Twitter) automation tool’s Feed Manager allows you to easily curate your favorite content. Keep yourself in touch with the latest trending content and gain more followers by reaching out to exciting new people. 

Running low on content ideas? We even got multiple solutions for that. With the feature of importing updates from your favorite websites, RecurPost allows you to create content in no time.

Even if you don’t wish to import, we have got Pocket integration for you. Whatever articles or videos you store in your Pocket account will directly reflect into your RecurPost libraries from where you can schedule them. 

Thus, with our Tweet scheduler, you’ll always have your favorite tweets at your fingertips to share with the world. Take this a step further with our app that lets you schedule tweets from anywhere on the go.

schedule tweets with pocket integration
twitter post scheduler for csv uploads

A Treasure Full of Tweets

Curate content and schedule tweets with our Google Chrome plugin

Our Bulk Scheduler is best for people who want to store and schedule multiple Tweets at different times. There are a lot of options available to upload loads of content at once. Our X (Twitter) automation tool lets you import content through CSV files, through social media accounts, or through a third-party website.

Not only does it increase your productivity, but also leaves you some time-in-hand for other fun activities. You can use this time to quickly check out the ongoing trends in your industry and collect more fun content ideas to share! Use the same trick to schedule Instagram posts as well.

Study your progress using Statistical Reports

Schedule tweets and get in-depth performance reports with RecurPost

Keep track of how well your Tweets are doing among your followers. In the advanced X (Twitter) analytics section, you’ll find out your top-performing posts. Learn from the Tweets that work and dismiss the ones that didn’t.

This way, you’ll also learn about your audience’s interests and will be able to interact with them in a better manner. You can also have a look at their demographics, including their gender, age group, location, etc, which will give you insights on what kind of content will suit their needs.

Moreover, you can download all your progress reports and white-label them for professional use. Doesn’t that make reporting on point? This will also help when you schedule LinkedIn posts.

Manage your DMs and mentions with our X (Twitter) scheduler

A Tweet scheduler with a social inbox

RecurPost’s X (Twitter) scheduler allows you to manage notifications from all social media sites from a single place. It enables you to watch all your chats,
mentions, comments, and conversations, and take action on them.

Schedule tweets with multiple images

Enrich your tweets with multimedia

Schedule tweets with up to 4 images in a single post

Most of the social media scheduling tools don’t offer the ability to add multiple images while scheduling tweets. However, that’s not the case with RecurPost.

Using our X (Twitter) scheduler, you can schedule tweets with multiple images. This feature will allow you to send out more information along with your tweets, without actually opening your X (Twitter) screen. You can also add videos or GIFs to your tweets.

As tweets with multimedia get more engagement, you can be sure that the tweets you schedule using RecurPost will bring maximum results for your X (Twitter) account and skyrocket your social media presence!

schedule tweets with accounts management

Collaborate, organize and manage better with our X (Twitter) scheduler

Change the way you manage your X (Twitter) accounts

When you deal with multiple social media accounts, you might have to create a lot of content libraries. Even 15-20 libraries can make you feel like a lot is going on with your social accounts. This is where workspaces can help.

Get your team members onboard to schedule tweets

Collaborate with your team members and manage your accounts together

Got people to work on your social media accounts? We got you. Using our social media scheduler, you can invite, add, manage, and work with your team members or clients so as to gain maximum control and efficiency in your workplace.

You don’t need to share any credentials of your social media accounts in order to make your team members work on them. All the workspaces that you create can be shared with your team members.

This also gives you the ability to give access to selected accounts and libraries to particular people.

tweet schedulers for workspace management
schedule tweets with inbuilt url shortener

Shorten ‘em links before sharing!

Use our URL shortener to make your tweet links more presentable

After you schedule tweets and they go live on your accounts, we’re sure you’d love to share them on other platforms too.

With our in-built URL shortener, you can easily create short, memorable links for your tweets, making it more likely that people will click on them. By shortening the URLs, you can save valuable characters that can be used to write more engaging tweets. 

This feature is also useful for tracking clicks on the links in your tweets, so you can see which tweets are getting the most engagement. Plus, you can use it to customize your links with custom domains, creating a more professional look to your links.

Use our AI Assistant to Generate Tweets

Generate unlimited tweets and schedule like an expert

When it comes to generating tweet ideas, our AI content generator can be an incredibly helpful tool. Imagine sitting in front of your computer, staring blankly at the screen, struggling to come up with an idea for your next tweet. 

Maybe you’re feeling uninspired, or maybe you’re just short on time. Whatever the reason, our AI assistant can help you out. With the help of an AI content generator, you can input a prompt or topic into the system and watch as it comes up with a variety of tweet ideas for you. 

Whether you’re looking to promote your business or just want to share something funny with your followers, our AI assistant can help you generate fresh and creative content in no time.

schedule tweets with rss feeds

Stay Updated and Share Content Easily From Across the Web!

How to schedule tweets with your favorite blogs? With our RSS feeds!

Keeping up with the latest news and trends can be a daunting task, especially on social media. But with RSS feeds, you can fetch content from your blogs and websites and share them effortlessly on X (Twitter). 

Simply subscribe to your favorite sources, and watch as the content flows right into your RSS feed. From there, you can select the articles or posts that you want to share with your followers, and voila!

Your X (Twitter) profile is now a source of up-to-date information that your followers will appreciate.

Never Struggle with Hashtags Again!

Store and organize your #’s with RecurPost's bags of hashtags

If you are wondering how to schedule tweets with the most popular industry hashtags without having to remember and type them again and again, here’s the answer!

We all know how important hashtags are on X (Twitter). They’re a great way to increase your reach, connect with like-minded users, and get your tweets noticed. But typing in the same hashtags over and over again can be tedious and time-consuming. 

Enter bags of hashtags! With this feature, you can generate a collection of hashtags and store them in bags. This way, whenever you create a tweet, you can simply select the relevant bag and that’s it! No more typing out hashtags every time you tweet. 

With this simple yet effective tool, you’ll be able to focus on the content of your tweet, while still maximizing its reach through hashtags.

Other platforms supported by RecurPost

Want to keep nailing your postings on X (Twitter)? So you should! RecurPost is a fantastic X (Twitter) scheduler for staying on top of the ever-changing X (Twitter) trends. It is also terrific if you want to schedule Facebook posts, schedule Instagram posts, schedule LinkedIn posts, and schedule Google Business profile posts. Not just this, RecurPost is also a great Pinterest scheduler.

Comparing RecurPost with other social media scheduling tools

There are a lot of tools available out there offering the feature of scheduling posts ahead of time. However, the role of a social media scheduler doesn’t stop here. Apart from the features that we talked about in the above paragraphs, RecurPost has got a lot to offer. Some of them include white-labelling reports, simplified content categorization, Chrome plugin, URL shortener, social inbox, etc. You can check our detailed comparisons to know how RecurPost is the best free Hootsuite alternative, one of the top Crowdfire alternatives, Coschedule alternatives, Sendible alternatives and Agorapulse alternatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is absolutely possible to schedule tweets ahead of time. You can do that using X (Twitter) web app directly using the little calendar icon that appears in the Tweet composing window. However, if you wish to schedule Tweets in bulk or schedule on multiple accounts at once, you can do that using RecurPost. It provides automatic posting to X (Twitter) and a lot of other advanced management features.
You can schedule your Tweets in two ways – from X (Twitter’s) platform itself or by using a X (Twitter) automation tool. The limitation in using the native X (Twitter) platform to scheduler Tweets is that you will be able to manage up to 5 accounts only. Also, you will not get access to features like advanced analytics, social inbox, white-label reports, and team management.

Thus, using a third-party X (Twitter) scheduler is a better option if you wish to use more features along with basic scheduling. RecurPost provides a X (Twitter) Tweet scheduler using which you can automate Tweets on more than 5 accounts. You can also auto-schedule them for the best time to Tweet to make sure that you get the maximum engagement.
The best Tweet scheduler is more than just a shortcut to schedule Tweets in advance. The right tools help you in simplifying the overall social media management process and improving your efficiency so you have more time to curate great content and engage with your followers.
RecurPost is one such tool that provides the best X (Twitter) scheduling and automation features at a pocket-friendly price. Apart from the basic features, you also get access to advanced features like white-label reports, advanced analytics, team management, social inbox, CSV support, the ability to generate Tweet variations, and bulk scheduling. Take the 14-day free trial to try it out now.
To automate posts on X (Twitter), you need to use a social media scheduling tool that provides a X (Twitter) scheduler. Sign up for a tool like RecurPost, connect your Twitter accounts, create your Tweets, add images/videos/GIFs, and schedule them! That’s all you need to do for scheduling posts on X (Twitter) using RecurPost.
If you want to schedule Tweets for free, you can use the native X (Twitter) platform itself to do so. It allows you to schedule Tweets on up to 5 accounts. You will be able to access the basic scheduling feature using this method. If you wish to manage more accounts and get benefits of features like advanced analytics, Tweet variations, social inbox, schedule recurring Tweets, and team management, you can consider using RecurPost, which is a social media scheduling tool that provides a X (Twitter) Tweet scheduler.
If you have scheduled Tweets using the native X (Twitter) tool, Log in to Navigate to the “Creatives” > “Tweets” tab. Here, you can view and create promoted, organic, and tweets scheduled. To view scheduled Tweets, click on the button that says ‘Promoted Tweets only’.
A drop-down menu will appear. Now select the option of ‘Scheduled Tweets’. You will see all the tweets that you have scheduled here. You can also edit and delete the tweets from here itself.
The official X (Twitter) app for Android and iOS doesn’t allow scheduling of posts. However, there is another way around it. You can use any social media scheduling tool that provides a X (Twitter) post scheduler. RecurPost offers a X (Twitter) scheduler app that is available both for Android and iOS users.
It allows you to manage your accounts and other social media profiles on the go, without the need to sit behind your desk all the time. Using its X (Twitter) scheduler app, you can plan, create, and schedule tweets anytime and from anywhere.
The overall best time to post on X (Twitter) is from Tuesday to Friday – 9 AM to 2 PM. If you are not sure about when to post, you can use RecurPost’s Facebook post scheduler to auto-schedule your posts for the best time. It will study the engagement levels received on your previous posts and finds out the time when your audience will be the most active.
RecurPost’s X (Twitter) automation tool lets you schedule tweets in bulk. You can effortlessly schedule loads of posts in advance. You can bulk upload images, videos, GIFs, as well link posts. Simply go to your content library, select the option of adding content in bulk, and start adding your updates. Here, you can add two kinds of content in bulk: Text/link updates or image updates.
You can also upload content in bulk through CSV or Excel files. Another option to bulk schedule is by setting up an RSS feed. This option makes it easy to upload multiple posts, quickly and easily from your own blog or the blogs you follow and love. It’s great for republishing evergreen content that you want to re-share regularly and promoting your new blog posts.
In order to schedule tweets with images, you need to use a Tweet scheduler that supports adding multiple images in a post. A very few social media scheduling tools allow you to do so. However, RecurPost can help you with that. It lets you add up to 4 images in one Tweet. This feature will allow you to send out more information along with your tweets, without actually opening your X (Twitter) screen. You can also add videos or GIFs to your tweets. Thus, scheduling tweets with photos is as easy as pie using our X (Twitter) scheduling tool.

The best days to schedule tweets are Wednesday and Friday. You can also experiment with posting on other days except for the weekends.