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Import content from social

Do you wish to import content you have already posted on your social accounts to use it again? You can do it with RecurPost.


(Based on Capterra reviews)

import content from social
import from social while switching tools-import content

Switching tools is now as smooth as butter

That’s right! If you felt that switching from one social media scheduler to another would result in a loss of data, feel no more.

We will make the transition as smooth as they come.

Ready to slide through smoothly?

One-click out, all your social content in

It really is that simple.

There will be no need for you to redo your social content.

RecurPost will automatically import content from your chosen social account.

Try out a simple way now.

automatically fetch content from social-import content
customer testimonial for recurpost social media scheduler

“Since I found RecurPost I have been able to schedule regular content in no time at all, I Feel More Engaged With All My Networks , and my followers have grown exponentially. I’m so glad I found this service and don’t know how I ever managed my social channels without it. “

Melissa Carter

Artist, USA

filter content based on the sharing-import content

Get expert categorization abilities

If you want your content to be royally categorized, there is no better place to be than here.

You can import content of your choice by filtering it based on the sharing app or the media type (image/video).

A lot of popular tools miss out on this feature.

Did someone say manual? We sure didn’t 😉

Remember those times when you had to manually re-upload your content to a new tool?

Not anymore!

RecurPost automatically imports content in bulk and adds them to your account.

It is an amazing way to effortlessly create recurring posts.

automatically fetch posts In bulk-import content

RecurPost reviews show that customers love us

Over 90,000+ happy users and counting.



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4.6 Star Rating