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Loomly vs Buffer – What’s Better For You in 2023?

Selecting the ideal social media management tool often pivots on complex details that determine one from another. In this guide, we place Loomly and Buffer side by side, offering a thorough exploration of both. With our expertise in the realm of social media tools through RecurPost, we’re here to give you an unbiased breakdown.

Loomly and Buffer are both major players in the realm of social media management, each catering to a slightly different set of needs. Loomly positions itself as a combined and user friendly platform with a focus on content creation and scheduling. It’s an excellent choice for small to mid sized businesses and agencies seeking a easy workflow and content optimization. Buffer, on the other hand, is known for its simplicity and ease of use, making it a favourite among solopreneurs and small businesses. It offers clear scheduling and analytics features, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize simplicity and efficiency.

What is Loomly?

Loomly is a comprehensive social media calendar tool that offers more than just scheduling. Its features range from post previews and optimization tips to audience engagement analytics. Loomly’s prime focus is on businesses that demand a structured, insightful approach to their social media.

When it comes to social media management, Loomly and Hootsuite stand out as serious competitors. It excels at delivering content ideas and optimization, making it an excellent Loomly alternative for organizations looking for streamlined operations. Its refined analytics, social listening, and scheduling tools cater to major organizations and agencies with complex social media needs. The decision between Loomly and Hootsuite ultimately comes down to the size of your team, your specific needs, and your desire for a user experience.

What is Buffer?

Buffer is a renowned name in the world of social media management. Known for its simplicity and efficiency, it allows users to schedule, publish, and analyze their posts across various platforms. With a user friendly interface, Buffer aims to streamline the social media process for both beginners and seasoned marketers. Explore some of the best Buffer alternatives, which are other social media management apps that may help you schedule posts, analyze data, and manage content.

Loomly vs Buffer: User Rating

Rating CategoriesLoomlyBuffer
Star Rating (Out of 5)4.24.4
Meets Requirements (Out of 10)8.69.0
Ease of Use (Out of 10)8.79.3
Ease of Setup (Out of 10)8.59.2
Quality of Support (Out of 10)8.38.9
Product Direction (% positive)82%85%
Summary: Buffer leads slightly in the user rating categories, particularly when it comes to ease of use and setup. However, Loomly offers structured planning and analytical insights that make it quite competitive.

Loomly vs Buffer: Feature Comparison

Pricing (per month in USD)25$15$
Free TrialYesYes
Platforms SupportedMajor platforms supportedAll major platforms
Visual Content CalendarYesLimited
Post Optimization TipsYesNo
Audience Engagement AnalyticsComprehensiveBasic
Multi media supportYesYes
Note on PricingBased on social accountsPricing varies by feature tier
Summary: On the feature front, Loomly offers complete insights and optimization tips, making it a choice for data driven strategies. Buffer, on the other hand, highlights simplicity and ease, catering more to those looking for scheduling and publishing.

Pros and Cons of Using Loomly


  • Comprehensive calendar view
  • Deep insights and optimization tips
  • Streamlined post previews


  • It is good for users looking for a simple tool.

Pros and Cons of Using Buffer


  • Extremely user friendly
  • Efficient scheduling and publishing
  • Robust analytics in premium versions


  • Limited post optimization tips

Loomly and Buffer The Bottom Line

Loomly is tailored for businesses focused on comprehensive strategies, offering planning and valuable insights. Buffer, known for its efficiency and clarity, is a go to for those who want a clear scheduling solution. Your choice will hinge on whether you have important insights.

RecurPost as an alternative to Loomly and Buffer

RecurPost provides the best of both worlds, merging features with ease of use.

Pricing (per month in USD)$25Approx. $25 (Base plan)Approx. $15 (Pro plan)
Free TrialYesYesYes
Bulk SchedulingYesYesYes
AI Content GenerationYesNoNo
Advanced AnalyticsYesYesOn higher plans
Team ManagementYesYesOn higher plans
Platform SupportFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, YouTube, TikTokFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google My Business, TikTok, SnapchatFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
Caption CustomizationYesYesYes
URL ShortenerYesYesYes
White Label ReportsYesOn higher plansNo

The Question Isn’t Loomly vs Buffer — It’s Why Not RecurPost?

As Loomly and Buffer each have their strengths, RecurPost shines by offering a complete suite that caters to a vast array of needs. Thus, the important question isn’t about choosing Loomly or Buffer but why you have yet to consider RecurPost for your social management toolkit.