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Searching for Dlvrit alternatives? RecurPost will be the perfect pick!

Looking for Dlvrit alternatives? You’ve landed at the right place! When it comes to choosing a social media scheduling tool for managing multiple platforms together, it can be difficult to select the perfect tool that meets your needs and budget out of the endless options available out there. But don’t worry! This page will help you save time spent in evaluating numerous social media management tools and arrive at the right decision!
Below is a detailed comparison of RecurPost and Dlvrit which will enable you to decide which social media scheduler is the best for your business. RecurPost proves to be a great alternative to Dlvrit as it offers advanced features at competitive prices.

Comparing RecurPost as a Dlvrit Alternative


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Supported Platforms

Both RecurPost and Dlvrit allow you to schedule and upload posts on multiple social media platforms. RecurPost, however, also lets you schedule posts on personal profiles of Instagram and Facebook, which Dlvrit doesn’t.

Facebook pages
Facebook profiles
Facebook groups
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn company
Instagram personal profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Content libraries

RecurPost’s content libraries allow you to categorize your updates. You can create libraries like “Monday motivation,” “Memes,” “My Blog Posts,” etc.

Import content from other tools

RecurPost allows you to seamlessly import content from other tools in just one click. Dlvrit doesn’t offer this feature.

Bulk scheduling

Both RecurPost and Dlvrit allow you to schedule and post content in bulk.

Google alerts

Using RecurPost, you can stay updated on the topics you are interested in through Google Alerts, which makes it a better alternative to sites like Dlvrit.

Tweet variations

Twitter doesn’t enable you to post similar content more than once. RecurPost helps you generate tweet variations so you can post content carrying the same message across multiple accounts.

Best time schedules

RecurPost provides the option of auto-scheduling your posts for the best time to ensure maximum engagement on your posts.

Content expiry

RecurPost offers you the ability to stop recycling an update after a certain date. Apps like Dlvrit don’t offer this feature.

Chrome extension

Both RecurPost and Dlvrit offer a chrome extension to let you curate content from across the web.

Bags of hashtags

RecurPost lets you create hashtag bags that be used quickly while creating posts.

Advanced analytics

RecurPost provides in-depth analytics on the performance of your social media posts.

Mobile app

RecurPost offers a mobile application for Android and iOS users to manage schedules on the go.

White-label reports

RecurPost lets you download professional social media reports by adding your choice of logo. Tools similar to Dlvrit don’t provide this feature.

Canva integration

RecurPost integrates Canva and lets you create, edit, and schedule posts directly within its scheduler.

Team management

Using RecurPost, you can invite your team members to manage your social accounts and assign them specific tasks.

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Why Should You Choose RecurPost Over Dlvrit?

When you are looking for Dlvrit alternatives, you ought to consider RecurPost. As a RecurPost user, you will be able to access a whole lot of additional features as compared to Dlvrit. RecurPost gives you two months of access for free when you buy a yearly plan, giving you absolute value for your buck. Its “Business” package is a great option for marketing companies that manage social media profiles for several clients. RecurPost also provides non-profit organizations with a 20% discount on all subscriptions. As compared to Dlvrit competitors, RecurPost offers amazing features for marketing agencies, which include social media bulk scheduling, team management, unlimited workspaces, custom fields, recurring schedules, AI-based best time schedules, and more.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

RecurPost offers budget-friendly plans for everyone from small businesses to large enterprises.

Get More Features for Less

Amazing Customer Support

RecurPost offers 24*7 customer support for users on all plans. Our live chat service makes sure you get assistance whenever needed.

Why is RecurPost the Best Dlvrit Alternative?

Support for Personal Social Media Profiles

RecurPost lets you schedule content and manage posts on personal profiles on Instagram and Facebook. Using Dlvrit, you cannot do the same as it provides support only for business profiles. If you are a blogger, entrepreneur, influencer, or industry leader who wishes to manage your personal social profiles, RecurPost will prove to be one of the best Dlvrit alternatives.

Unlimited Workspaces

Recurpost allows you to create unlimited workspaces which you can use to categorize your content and social media accounts into different spaces. This feature is especially beneficial when you have to manage numerous social media accounts for yourself or your clients. For instance, if you handle numerous clients, you may create a workspace for each client. Likewise, if your team consists of multiple people, they can each create a workspace where shared libraries can be accessed.

Team Management

To maximize control and productivity at work, you can add, manage, and collaborate with your team members or virtual assistants using our social media scheduling tool. Everyone on your team who has a RecurPost account has access to every workspace you create. They don’t have to buy any kind of plan to manage your workspaces. Using this, you may assign dedicated team members the responsibility of managing the social media accounts of various clients.

In-built Analytics

RecurPost provides in-built analytics for your social media posts’ performance. You can check the likes received, comments, increase or decrease in followers, audience demographics, top-performing posts, and a lot more. This will help you know what kind of content is working for you and what’s not. You can modify your social media posting strategy accordingly and ensure that you put the best content forward for your followers. This feature puts RecurPost in the top Dlvrit alternatives.

RSS feeds

RecurPost offers the ability to create content through RSS feeds. It means that you can set up an RSS feed for your blog or any other website, and RecurPost will fetch all the blogs from that link and add it to your content library. As new blogs get uploaded, they will be fetched automatically and added to your selected library. This enables you to share blogs and interesting articles to your social media accounts with minimum effort.

Competitive Pricing

As compared to Dlvrit pricing, RecurPost offers much better and more versatile plans. RecurPost offers plans that are suitable for everyone from small to large-sized corporations. Also, the features that you get using RecurPost are superior to that offered by Dlvrit.

Custom Fields

With the help of a feature developed by RecurPost’s social media scheduler, you can create customized fields, add a key-value shortcut that is unique to your social media profile, and utilize it when publishing posts. Think of this as the equivalent of “Saved replies” for your social media captions! Create shortcuts and use them when entering frequently used information such as website addresses, call-to-action buttons, phone numbers, physical addresses, or anything else you desire.

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Still Wondering Why You Should Choose RecurPost? Check out the Social Inbox!​

Social Inbox is a feature within RecurPost that connects all of your social network inboxes into one streamlined dashboard. You can control all of your social networking sites’ notifications from one location. You can view all of your chats, mentions, comments, and conversations and respond to them with this feature.

The days of brands responding to customers’ questions in hours or days are long gone. People in the modern era desire to be heard as quickly as possible. They appreciate a company that answers their queries or comments right away. When you utilize RecurPost’s social inbox, you’ll get all of your crucial notifications from various social networking sites on a single dashboard, which makes it super easy to quickly reply to your followers.

Using the Social Inbox offered by RecurPost’s social media scheduler, you can enjoy the following options:

We believe the preceding analysis leaves no room for dispute regarding the fact that RecurPost is the best option among all Dlvrit alternatives. To test the features for yourself, sign up for the 14-day free trial right away!

Social Media Platforms Supported by RecurPost

RecurPost makes it simple to keep an active presence on all of the major social media sites. For pages, groups, and individual profiles, the tool makes it easier to schedule Facebook posts. On both personal profiles and business accounts, you can schedule Instagram posts. You can use RecurPost to schedule LinkedIn posts on company pages as well as personal profiles. Since Twitter does not allow for the repeated posting of the same content, RecurPost enables you to create variations and schedule tweets on multiple profiles. If you have a GMB listing, RecurPost also lets you schedule Google my business posts with the CTA of your preference. Furthermore, you can use its Pinterest scheduler to schedule pins.

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4.7 Star Rating



4.6 Star Rating



4.6 Star Rating

RecurPost Vs. Dlvrit FAQs

RecurPost is unquestionably one of the strongest Dlvrit alternatives. It enables the scheduling of posts on Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Bulk scheduling, Canva integration, custom fields, unlimited content libraries, workspaces, team management, insights, white-label reports, and many other features are offered by RecurPost. Take the 14-day trial to check it out.

RecurPost tops the list of Dlvrit alternatives and offers comprehensive features at competitive pricing. RecurPost offers support for more platforms, provides bulk content scheduling, offers a mobile app for scheduling posts on the go, has content performance analysis, and allows you to keep an eye on conversations across all social media accounts from a single place.

RecurPost is a better Dlvirt alternative as even though Dlvrit offers a free plan, the features offered are very limited. RecurPost’s plans start at just $12.5 per month and you can take the free trial for 14 days to check the features.

RecurPost is the ideal Dlvrit alternative for marketing companies that handle several social media accounts on behalf of their clients, offering features such as repeating schedules, team management, and unrestricted workspaces.

No, Dlvrit does not provide live support. RecurPost is a solution that provides users with 24/7 access to a comprehensive knowledge base as well as live chat assistance. It aids in the resolution of problems as they arise.

No, RecurPost is the perfect Dlvrit alternative that allows managing personal profiles along with business accounts, pages, and groups as Dlvrit’s users don’t get the support for managing and scheduling posts on personal Instagram and Facebook profiles.

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