Why RecurPost is Best Alternative of Social Pilot

If you are looking for the best social media scheduling tool between RecurPost and SocialPilot, then this comparison will clear all our doubts in just two minutes. In the table below, you will be able to compare the features, pricing, support, and all additional features offered by RecurPost and SocialPilot side by side. RecurPost allows you to schedule updates on your social profiles just like SocialPilot. RecurPost, however, is a better alternative to Social pilot with a number of major advantages over it. Let’s find out how.

Comparing RecurPost and Social Pilot


Social platforms supported Unlike RecurPost, SocialPilot does not support posting on Facebook Profiles, decreasing your chances of receiving valuable engagement.

Facebook Profiles

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups

Twitter Accounts

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Company

Instagram Personal Profile

Instagram Business Profile

Google My Business

Pinterest(coming soon)

Facebook Profiles

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups

Twitter Accounts

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Company

Instagram Personal Profile

Instagram Business Profile

Google My Business


Bulk Scheduling Both RecurPost and SocialPilot enable you to create loads of content in one go without having to add all the updates individually.

CSV support RecurPost allows you to create schedules in bulk by uploading content through a CSV file. We know how important it is to save time! SocialPilot, however, doesn’t have this feature.

Add multiple images in posts RecurPost allows you to add multiple images while creating posts for your social accounts.

15 Images for FB pages, 9 for LinkedIn accounts, 4 for Twitter. 4 images on FB and Twitter

Customize captions for each social platform You can add different captions/descriptions for each social platform while creating a post on RecurPost. Social Pilot doesn’t offer this feature.

Content categorization Organize your content in RecurPost's clean and completely customizable Content Libraries, unlike SocialPilot.

Live chat support RecurPost provides you 24/7 live support, while SocialPilot has 24/5 chat support.

Zapier integration RecurPost is integrated with Zapier, letting you automate thousands of tasks by creating ZAPs. SocialPilot also supports this.

Tweet variations Twitter does not allow posting of the same update multiple times. Don't worry, RecurPost helps you generate variations of your tweets. There is no such feature in SocialPilot.

Chrome plugin Curate content by subscribing to topics that you are interested in on Google Alerts and have it appear directly in your RecurPost feed, which you can then approve and move to your library for scheduling.

Mobile app RecurPost provides you an app that is available both for android and iOS users. SocialPilot also offers the same.

White-label reports RecurPost allows you to download white-label reports along with your brand’s logo to present to your clients. Talk about being professional!

Recurring updates RecurPost lets you repurpose your content and help make it stay fresh in the minds of your customers and target audience and gain more leads with minimum efforts. SocialPilot, again, doesn’t have this feature of creating recurring updates.

Team collaboration RecurPost lets you add team members, partners, colleagues, or clients; and assign them different roles within the platform.

Advanced audience analytics Unlike SocialPilot, RecurPost lets you know about the demographics of your audience, enabling you to create more relevant content according to their interests.

Import Updates from other tools Shifting from a different tool? No worries. You can easily import all your precious content from your social media directly into your RecurPost library.

URL shortener A long URL is boring and hard to find. With RecurPost, you can connect your Bitly account, shorten your URL links, and share easily.

Pause and resume social accounts If you don’t want to work on a certain social account for some time, you can pause it and then resume again anytime you want to. While in SocialPilot, you’ll have to delete and add the account again.

How is RecurPost the best alternative for SocialPilot?

  • Value for money

    With RecurPost, after taking the 14-day free trial, which you can utilize to experience the tool and its features. The low-priced plans make RecurPost very economical for all kinds of business owners and freelancers. On the other hand, Social Pilot has comparatively higher-priced plans offering less features. Thus, RecurPost provides more value in less investment.

  • Know about your audience

    With the advanced analytics of RecurPost, you can check in-depth details of your audience and followers. You can know about their age group, gender, location, and much more. By seeing the top-performing posts, you’ll be able to find out the kind of content that is liked by your audience. This will improve your engagement levels on all social channels.

  • Keep your content evergreen

    Creating recurring updates is one of the best things you can do using RecurPost. This will make sure that your content never dies. You can repurpose the same content unlimited times at regular intervals and keep attracting new audiences again and again. SocialPilot lacks in providing this amazing feature.

  • Know the best times to post

    RecurPost’s AI-based share time optimization examines the engagement that you receive on your posts. Then it recommends the best time to post on social media channels. This feature really helps you in putting the right content at the right time in front of your audience. This also increases the interaction level of your posts. SocialPilot, on the other hand, doesn’t have this feature available.

  • Shift easily from any other tool

    RecurPost welcomes you with a smooth shifting procedure. If you are using any other scheduling tool at the moment and want to shift to RecurPost, we will help you in importing all your data in just a single click. Thus, you’ll not lose any data and can start using the tool straight away. Again, this option is not available in SocialPilot.

  • Add multiple images in posts and customize captions

    RecurPost supports adding multiple images while creating and scheduling a post on your social accounts. 15 images can be added in a post for a Facebook page, 9 images can be added in a post for LinkedIn accounts, and 4 images can be attached in a tweet. You can also customize descriptions (captions) for each social media platform, and add up to 30 hashtags of your choice. This process of adding multiple images and customizing captions is the same for creating a one-off post and a recurring one. This feature helps you in modifying the message and maintaining the character limit of each social platform, while keeping the same message intent.

Stay ahead in the consumer service game with the social inbox from RecurPost - the best alternative to Social Pilot

Customer service is the new marketing, but these two don’t go well together quite often. But, with RecurPost’s social inbox, you can make customer service an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. You can connect your social accounts, assign notifications to team members, and impress your customers with quick responses to comments and conversations. It will help improve your response times and keep a track of all your inquires and complaints along with conversation history. You can easily see your comments, reply to them, block a user, add a post to a library, and do much more with the RecurPost’s inbox. Check the below features to see how RecurPost makes for the best Social Pilot alternative.

  • Manage notifications from Instagram business profile, FB pages, LinkedIn pages, Twitter, and GMB listings.

  • The first social media scheduler to offer the support for GMB reviews in Social Inbox. You can see and reply to them straight from the inbox.

  • See and manage comments, mentions, and conversations (DMs) from Twitter.

  • See comment notifications, reply to them, delete, review, add to library, or assign to other members - for Instagram business profiles and LinkedIn pages.

  • For Facebook pages, manage messages, comments, reviews, and fan updates altogether.

  • Block/unblock, follow/unfollow users straight from the inbox.

  • Add posts or comments to RecurPost’s libraries directly from the Inbox.

  • Assign notifications to team members and ask them to review.

  • Add labels to organize notifications in different categories.

  • Sort and filter notifications according to time and favorites.

  • Use your social inbox without the compulsion of scheduling posts or making libraries.

Along with all the above features, RecurPost offers you posting on Google my business listing, which enables you to improve your local presence. You can add your team members and work together on maintaining your social accounts. RecurPost’s mobile app doesn’t keep you chained behind your desks all the time and enables you to schedule updates from anywhere. With such amazing and unique features, undoubtedly, RecurPost makes for the best alternative of SocialPilot.

Other Comparisons

RecurPost is a great alternative to a number of other social media management tools out there.