Why RecurPost is Best Alternative of Sprout Social

RecurPost or Sprout Social? Which one is the best for your business? You’ll find that out after reading this comparison. RecurPost allows you to schedule updates on your social profiles just like Sprout Social. RecurPost, however, is a better alternative to Sprout Social with a number of major advantages over it. We have made this comparison table to help you examine the best social media scheduling tool easily. You will be able to compare the features, supported devices, level of support, costs, terms, and more.

Comparing RecurPost and Sprout Social


Supported Platforms SproutSocial doesn't allow posting on Facebook Profiles and Groups, while RecurPost supports both.

Facebook Profiles

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups

Twitter Accounts

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Company

Instagram Personal Profile

Instagram Business Profile

Google My Business

Pinterest(coming soon)

Facebook Profiles

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups

Twitter Accounts

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Company

Instagram Personal Profile

Instagram Business Profile

Google My Business


Bulk Scheduling Running short on time? Don't worry. RecurPost allows you to create multiple pieces of content at once so you can get more work done in less time.

RSS Feeds RecurPost and SproutSocial support RSS Feeds which you can use to curate your favorite content across the web.

Content Categorization Group your content in different libraries for better organization of content and easy to find.

Copy Updates Duplicate your updates within the interface and put them in different libraries for multiple use.

Twitter Variations Since Twitter forbids posting of the same Tweet multiple times, RecurPost lets you generate variations of your Tweet so that you always have something to share.

Import Updates from other tools Don't sweat over losing your content if you're switching from a different tool. RecurPost helps you import content posted through a different tool directly into your RecurPost library.

Google Alerts Subscribe to topics that you are interested in on Google Alerts and whenever Google finds something worth sharing, RecurPost will send it directly to your feed which you can then approve and schedule.

AI-based share time optimization Don't know when you should post? Leave that to RecurPost. Judging from your previous activity and engagement received, RecurPost will help you post your updates at the best time.

Pause and Resume Social Accounts Pause your social account at any time in case you need to strategize and plan your marketing campaigns first. Resume once you're ready to start posting again.

Chrome plugin Found an article interesting? Add it to your RecurPost library instantly for curation through RecurPost's Chrome extension.

Mobile app Carry your schedules in your pocket with RecurPost's user-friendly and easy-to-use mobile app. SproutSocial offers the same service too.

Advanced Analytics Analyse your performance on social media and keep track of your audience's preferences, helping you to plan your marketing strategy.

Team Members Work with your team and divide projects between members and VAs to get more work done quickly.

White Label Reports White label your social media reports to appear professional in front of your clients by using your own brand logo.

Updates with Images, GIFs, and Videos RecurPost and SproutSocial support creating content includng images, videos, and GIFs.

Hashtag Recommendation RecurPost and SproutSocial recommend you hashtags when adding new content for increased social engagement and visibility.

URL Shortener Long URLs usually get ignored and are boring to look at. Use RecurPost to shorten out your URL links and appear organized when creating a new post.

CSV Support Upload CSV files to add loads of content all at once, saving you a ton of time to carry other activities.

Repeated Posting Don't let your content die out with just one post. With RecurPost, you can repurpose your content multiple times allowing you to reuse your creativity.

Content Approval Set up a content-approval before posting it on your soical accounts in case you want to review and approve your team's work.

How is RecurPost the perfect alternative for Sprout Social?

  • Cost-effectiveness

    The biggest benefit of using RecurPost is having a great social media scheduling tool at affordable prices. The pricing plans of RecurPost start from $15/month. On the other hand, Sprout Social’s pricing begins at $99/month. RecurPost offers a free 14-day trial - enabling you to check out the tool until you wish to upgrade.

  • Better customer support

    What’s a tool without proper customer support? RecurPost is always there to address your queries through emails, live support, a rich knowledge base, and video tutorials.

  • More social accounts supported

    The first and the foremost need for a social media scheduling tool is to manage multiple accounts together. RecurPost enables you to manage Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Instagram personal and business profiles, LinkedIn profile and company pages, Twitter accounts, and Google my business listing. Sprout Social doesn’t have support for Facebook profiles, Facebook groups, and Google my business.

  • Recurring updates

    An additional and uncommon feature offered by RecurPost is the ability to create recurring updates. We understand that a lot of effort goes into creating the best content. And its ability to produce traffic should not die just after some hours or days of posting. By creating recurring schedules, you can repurpose your content and keep attracting new audiences from the same content again and again. Sprout Social doesn’t provide you with the feature of repurposing your amazing content.

  • Complete control over social accounts

    RecurPost lets you have complete control over the functioning of your social media accounts. In case you want to stop working on a particular account for sometime, you can just pause it. Once you’re ready to start posting, you can resume it again. Thus, you don’t need to delete or remove that account from RecurPost. This feature is not available for the users of Sprout Social.

  • Add multiple images in posts and customize captions

    RecurPost supports adding multiple images while creating and scheduling a post on your social accounts. 15 images can be added in a post for a Facebook page, 9 images can be added in a post for LinkedIn accounts, and 4 images can be attached in a tweet. You can also customize descriptions (captions) for each social media platform, and add up to 30 hashtags of your choice. This process of adding multiple images and customizing captions is the same for creating a one-off post and a recurring one. This feature helps you in modifying the message and maintaining the character limit of each social platform, while keeping the same message intent.

The Social inbox by RecurPost makes it the perfect alternative to SproutSocial

The social inbox by RecurPost is a unified inbox of all your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google my business notifications. It enables you to keep an eye on all the incoming notifications and manage them directly from RecurPost’s inbox dashboard. The social inbox can be a real time-saving tool for businesses who need to keep track of their brand online or offer help via social media platforms. You can deliver responses quickly and reply to comments, all while managing other scheduling tasks, making RecurPost the best alternative to SproutSocial. The following are the features of the social inbox provided by RecurPost:

  • Manage notifications from Instagram business profile, FB pages, LinkedIn pages, Twitter, and GMB listings.

  • The first social media scheduler to offer the support for GMB reviews in Social Inbox. You can see and reply to them straight from the inbox.

  • See and manage comments, mentions, and conversations (DMs) from Twitter.

  • See comment notifications, reply to them, delete, review, add to library, or assign to other members - for Instagram business profiles and LinkedIn pages.

  • For Facebook pages, manage messages, comments, reviews, and fan updates altogether.

  • Block/unblock, follow/unfollow users straight from the inbox.

  • Add posts or comments to RecurPost’s libraries directly from the Inbox.

  • Assign notifications to team members and ask them to review.

  • Add labels to organize notifications in different categories.

  • Sort and filter notifications according to time and favorites.

  • Use your social inbox without the compulsion of scheduling posts or making libraries.

All said, it is quite clear from the above comparison that RecurPost is the best alternative for sprout Social. If you want a tool that provides all important features without punching a hole in your pocket, RecurPost will be the absolutely perfect choice! Especially for freelancers, bloggers, budding influencers, entrepreneurs, and medium scale enterprises, RecurPost can provide more value for money. Even for large scale corporations, RecurPost has the option of customizable plans available. Try it out for once and you’ll know why RecurPost makes for the best Sprout Social alternative!

Other Comparisons

RecurPost is a great alternative to a number of other social media management tools out there.