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23 Best Postfity Alternatives for an Improved Social Media Presence

Despite having a safe haven to interact with followers, marketers still have to manage numerous accounts across various social media networks. And that’s when a social media management tool comes to the rescue. Postfity is one such platform that lets you schedule and publish posts on multiple social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, the features offered by Postfity might not suffice for varying business needs and budgets. Thus, looking out for Postfity alternatives that provide more features at competitive prices becomes a need for businesses.

While looking for Postfity competitors, you should consider factors like pricing, functionalities offered, ease of use, and support for major social sites. And since there are endless options to consider, we have curated this guide to help you to find the right social media management tool for your needs.

Why Should you Look for Postfity Alternatives?

Postfity is an excellent social media scheduling tool, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking for its alternatives, as there are a lot better ones that you can get your hands on. Below are some features that you should look for while searching for tools similar to Postfity.

Now that you know what you should be looking for while searching Postfity alternatives, here are 25 of the best tools that you can consider.

23 Best Postfity Alternatives for Your Business

1. RecurPost - The best social media management tool for marketing agencies

Effective Social Media Management Tool

If you are searching for a tool that lets you schedule on multiple platforms at once, bulk upload posts, collaborate with your team members, provide performance reports, and do much more than just scheduling all from a single dashboard, RecurPost will prove to be your best bet. Below is a glimpse of the features offered by RecurPost.

RecurPost Vs Postfity

For small and medium-sized businesses like bloggers, start-ups, and digital marketing agencies, RecurPost emerges as the ideal social media scheduler, particularly when considering the RecurPost vs Postfity comparison.

While Postfity is tailored for small enterprises and supports fewer social media platforms, RecurPost offers advanced features like creating recurring schedules, a functionality not available in Postfity.

This is especially useful on platforms like Twitter, where RecurPost’s ability to generate tweet variations addresses the platform’s restriction against posting duplicate content.

Moreover, RecurPost enhances content curation by integrating RSS feeds from any website, a feature absent in Postfity. Its unique approach to content classification through libraries simplifies the posting process, making RecurPost a superior alternative for content management and scheduling, compared to Postfity, which lacks such comprehensive content categorization.

Pricing: RecurPost’s pricing starts at just $12.5 per month. When you subscribe to the yearly plan, you get two months of access for free. Postfity pricing starts from $15 per month, making RecurPost its best alternative both in terms of pricing and features.


RecurPost Logo - social media scheduler
postfity alternatives

Content categorization

Tweet variations

Google alerts

Bulk scheduling

RSS feeds

Import updates from other tools

Repeated posting

Social inbox

Pause and resume social accounts

CSV support

Chrome plugin

Make The Most Of Your Marketing With Social Media Scheduling Tool

2. eClincher - An alternative to Postfity to automate content calendar

With the aid of the social media marketing tool eClincher, companies may broaden their customer base, improve social media ROI, boost productivity, and grow their clientele through a variety of social channels. The major features offered by eClincher are:

Postfity Vs eClincher

Postfity and eClincher both allow you to post on Facebook pages, Instagram business profiles, and LinkedIn pages. However, eClincher has the upper hand here as it supports Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, and Google my business profiles too. Both tools offer a mobile application that lets you manage your social media accounts on the go. 

eClincher also offers a social inbox that lets you monitor communications across social media channels, which Postfity doesn’t. Using both these tools, you can collaborate with your team members for managing your social platforms.

Pricing: eClincher pricing plans start at $59 per month, whereas Postfity costs you $15 per month. However, as compared to eClincher, Postfity offers very less features.

When considering eClincher alternatives, it’s important to focus on what sets eClincher apart in the first place. Known for its comprehensive suite of social media management tools, eClincher offers features like advanced scheduling, social media monitoring, and detailed analytics.

However, those seeking alternatives might be looking for specific functionalities that eClincher doesn’t provide, such as more intuitive user interfaces, different integration options, or unique content management features. Finding the right eClincher alternative often involves balancing these specific needs with the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the social media management tool.

3. Agorapulse - An all-in-one social media management tool

Agorapulse is a social media marketing tool that assists companies with content scheduling and publication, competitor research, and report generation. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are all supported by Agorapulse. Some of the major features of this tool are:

Postfity Vs Agorapulse

Both these tools allow you to post on Facebook pages and groups, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles and company pages, and Instagram business profiles. But, the support for Facebook personal profiles, Instagram personal profiles, and Google my business profiles isn’t provided by both tools. Using Agorapulse, you can schedule your content for the best times to post, which is a feature doesn’t provided by Postfity.

Agorapulse offers contact management and conversion tracking, which Postfity lacks. Both the tools offer a mobile app and google chrome plugin to support on-the-go social management and the ability to curate content directly from the browser.

Pricing: Offering a ton of features, Agorapulse pricing starts at $99 per month. Postfity is significantly less expensive in comparison, yet it is ineffective as it lacks relevant functionalities.

When exploring alternatives to Agorapulse, it’s crucial to understand what Agorapulse offers and what might be sought in other options. Agorapulse is renowned for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive social media management features, including scheduling, reporting, and engagement tracking.

4. Later - The best tool for Instagram scheduling

Offering scheduling visual content for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, Later is a social media management tool that aids agencies in managing social media platforms for their clients. Later  places a strong emphasis on visual content. It enables managers to spread user-generated content, increase traffic, and learn more about the performance of social media posts. Some of the features of Later are:

Postfity Vs Later

Both social media marketing tools assist in managing and building social media, although Later supports far more users, which is 1–1000+ people, as compared to Postfity.

Postfity, while offering certain functionalities, falls short in terms of popularity and user ratings, highlighting Later as a prominent Later alternative. Later stands out in the social media marketing arena as an emerging program, gaining recognition for its intuitive scheduling solutions. Being one of the highest-rated tools in this domain, Later offers advanced features and user-friendly interfaces that may not be as developed in Postfity. This comparison underscores Later’s position as a robust choice for those seeking an alternative to Postfity, especially for users prioritizing well-reviewed and widely adopted social media scheduling platforms.

Pricing: With sophisticated features and compatibility for all the prominent platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok, Later’s basic plan starts at $18 per month. Even though it is $3 higher than Postfity pricing, it is worth the investment.

5. Post Planner - Easy to use social media scheduling tool

Similar to Postfity, Post Planner is a tool for social media marketing. It is designed to raise engagement, expand the number of followers, and improve sales. To automate and manage content calendars for publication, Post Planner is a fantastic application and one of the best Postifty alternatives. You can either curate fresh material or develop your own. Some of its features are:

Postfity Vs Post Planner

For all sizes of brands, Post Planner is the finest tool. Startups, small enterprises, and agencies rely on it to save time and boost social media engagement. One of the top-rated social media scheduling tools, Post Planner has been hailed as the most user-friendly social marketing software. Postfity, on the contrary, has neither user reviews nor recognition. Post planner becomes a superior choice over Postifty as a result.

Pricing: The basic plan of Post Planner is priced at $6, whereas Postfity’s smallest plan is $15 per month. Thus, the pricing point also makes Post Planner a better Postfity alternative.

When searching for Post Post Planner alternatives, it’s important to consider what unique features or functionalities you might be seeking. Post Planner is known for its ability to streamline social media planning and increase engagement through smart, automated scheduling and content discovery.

6. Sprout Social - A tool to discover and schedule content from the same interface

With the help of Sprout Social, a potent social media management tool, organizations can streamline tasks like audience engagement, posting, reporting, and social administration. Leaders can collect data and give analytics that supports corporate growth thanks to its unified platform, which combines the power of social throughout every element of business. Some of its features are listed below.

Postfity Vs Sprout Social

For agencies and companies of all sizes, Sprout Social is the perfect tool. It can accommodate up to 1000 users and, with the aid of efficient engagement, social listening, and analytics tools, enables them to derive real value from social media. Features that are necessary for social media tools to encourage business growth are missing from Postfity.

Sprout Social is one of the top-rated social media management solutions and is known as the best marketing analysis tool. It is one of the best Postfity alternatives since Postfity, in contrast, has a dearth of favorable customer evaluations.

Pricing: Sprout Social’s standard plan is priced at $249 per month, thus it only fits best for large agencies.

When considering alternatives to Sprout Social, it’s essential to look at what Sprout Social excels in and where other tools might offer different advantages. Sprout Social is renowned for its comprehensive suite of features like detailed analytics, social listening, and collaboration tools. However, those seeking a Sprout Social alternative might be in search of unique functionalities, perhaps a more specialized focus on certain social media platforms, cost-effectiveness, or a different user experience in terms of interface design and ease of use.

7. Sendible - Postfity alternative to extract real values from social media

To efficiently manage their clients’ social media marketing, firms use Sendible, a top social media management platform. Users of the Sendible platform can manage social media strategies for numerous brands by using it as a centralized location. Some of its major features are:

Postfity Vs Sendible

Using Sendible, you can find out quickly how your social media efforts are doing, including the most popular posts on each platform, follower growth, the best times to post, and more. It allows you to keep an eye out for and reply to mentions, feedback, and messages about your brand on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Postfity lacks Sendible’s large number of five-star client ratings, which makes it one of the best social media scheduling software and a recognized rising social CRM software product.

Pricing: Sendible’s pricing plans start at $29 per month, as compared to Postfity’s $15 per month.

In the search for Sendible alternatives, it’s vital to pinpoint what distinct needs or preferences are driving this search. Sendible is a popular tool in the realm of social media management, known for its robust scheduling features, social media analytics, and seamless integration with a variety of platforms.

8. HootSuite - The oldest social media management tool

Hootsuite is one of the oldest tools for managing social media. It is intended to be used to create social media campaigns, provide social commerce functionality, and centrally manage engagement and conversion. Additionally, Hootsuite offers coaching and training to assist you in further enhancing your social media outcomes. Some of its features are listed below.

Postfity Vs HootSuite

Small, medium-sized, and large businesses in the financial, healthcare, IT, and government services sectors benefit the most from using Hootsuite. Hootsuite is one of the best Postfity alternatives because Postfity is best for a single user.

Hootsuite is a well-known analytics and social media management platform. It is a reputable brand with positive customer feedback and one of the most used social media schedulers. Postfity lags in all these factors.

Pricing: HootSuite’s basic plan starts at $49 per month. Even though it is higher as compared to Postfity, the features that you get are much better.

Exploring Hootsuite alternatives requires understanding what Hootsuite offers and identifying what different or additional features you might need. Hootsuite is a widely-used social media management tool known for its comprehensive dashboard, allowing users to schedule posts, track social media engagement, and analyze performance across multiple platforms.

9. Buffer - Postfity alternative to drive social media traffic

Buffer is an easy-to-use solution for managing social media that aids users in generating meaningful engagement and productive outcomes on the platform. The tool makes it possible to schedule content, analyze performance, and interact with customers. Buffer makes it easier for marketers to collaborate with their teams and work productively. Some of its features are:

Postfity Vs Buffer

With more than 1000 users supported, Buffer is the greatest social media marketing platform for publishers, mid-stage startups, e-commerce, sports teams, and non-profit organizations. Postfity is designed for individuals who want to create content and schedule posts.

Buffer is a well-known and reputed social media management tool and one of the best marketing software. It also enables you to manage and schedule social posts through a mobile app available for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Pricing: Buffer charges you per social account, and it starts from $6 per month per account. It can, however, quickly add up when you have to manage multiple social media accounts.

When considering alternatives to Buffer, it’s essential to reflect on what specific features or aspects you’re looking for that Buffer may not fully provide. Buffer is renowned for its simplicity and effectiveness in scheduling posts, analyzing performance, and managing multiple social media accounts. 

10. Socialoomph - A tool to simplify your social media activities

With the aid of Socialoomph, users can increase productivity on various social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Users can manage several social media accounts at once with the help of SocialOomph. To securely access Twitter accounts, it uses the OAuth protocol. By compiling all of your tweets into one text file, you may upload them all at once. It also allows you to schedule photos for publication, shares, blogs, and tweets. Some of its features include:

Postfity Vs Socialoomph

Both tools have a small feature set, however, Socialoomph has more positive client feedback than Postfity. Socialoomph offers interactive customer service via phone, email, chat, and help desk. You can only find support from Postifty through their website’s knowledge base and frequently asked questions (FAQs). They offer a chat feature, but it is not live. There are no alternative means to get answers if it doesn’t work.

Pricing: Socialoomph basic plan starts at $13.94 per month, whereas Postifty is priced at $15 per month.

When exploring an alternative to Socialoomph, it’s important to identify the unique features or capabilities you’re seeking. Socialoomph is known for its efficiency in automating social media posts and offering advanced scheduling options.

11. Planoly - The perfect social media management tool for TikTok and Pinterest

For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, Planoly is a social media marketing platform that enables content preparation, scheduled posting, and analytics. It is mainly focused on three platforms – Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Some of its features are listed below:

Postfity Vs Planoly

Both solutions support a small number of platforms and offer limited functionality. For supporting up to 50 people, Planoly is superior to Postfity. Planoly is acknowledged as a rising preferred social media marketing tool and has a lot of positive customer feedback. 

When it comes to providing interactive customer care via emails and the help desk, Planoly beats Postifty out. Planoly also offers recommendations for the best time to upload on social media channels, which Postifty doesn’t, making Planoly a good Postifty alternative.

Pricing: Planoly costs $11 per month, while Postfity costs $15 per month. It supports fewer platforms whereas Postfity offers fewer features.

When searching for a Planoly alternative, it’s crucial to consider what aspects of social media management you wish to enhance or expand. Planoly is particularly favored for its visual planning and scheduling features, especially for platforms like Instagram.

12. Publer - A Postfity alternative to increase social reach

You can collaborate, schedule, and analyze your posts for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, and WordPress with the help of Publer. It can automatically plan your posts for you based on a posting schedule you get to preconfigure or even repurpose your evergreen content in addition to simple manual scheduling. Some of its features are:

Postfity Vs Publer

Using RSS feeds, Publer lets you arrange and add a list of blogs from your favorite website to your posts. While creating posts, it also provides recommendations for hashtags that can be used in captions. Using its AI-based share time optimization, you can schedule your social media posts for the best times to receive maximum engagement. All these features are not offered by Postfity, making Publer one of the best Postfity alternatives.

Pricing: The pricing plans of Publer start from $15 per month, and Postfity’s basic plan also costs the same. 

To overcome the limitations of both Postfity and Publer, you can rely on a tool like RecurPost. It offers robust features at lower pricing, and you get two months of free access when you subscribe for a yearly plan, which makes it the best Publer alternative.

13. Facebook Creator Studio - A tool for Facebook and Instagram

As a Meta social marketing tool, Facebook Creator Studio solely supports Facebook and Instagram. You can control every publishing and scheduling activity for its own platforms. Some of the features that you get using this tool include:

Postfity Vs Facebook creator studio

Even though Facebook creator studio supports only two platforms, it is a free tool that can be useful for individual users. In order to advance Facebook and Instagram marketing, Creator Studio regularly updates its features. It supports creating and posting content in the form of images, videos, and even GIFs.

Pricing: Facebook creator studio is a free tool to use, but is limited to only two platforms and offers very few features.

Exploring alternatives to Facebook Creator Studio involves understanding what additional features or functionalities might enhance your social media management. While Facebook Creator Studio is a go-to tool for managing Facebook and Instagram content, offering scheduling, insights, and monetization options, users seeking an alternative might look for broader platform support, encompassing other social networks.

14. Socialbee - A social media management tool with robust publishing features

Using the social media management tool SocialBee, users can schedule and post content on many social media sites. With SocialBee, you can schedule posts, plan content in advance, and track posting effectiveness. Some of its core features include:

Postfity Vs SocialBee

Postfity lacks SocialBee’s ability to integrate with additional apps like Canva, Unsplash, and GIPHY. It is behind SocialBee in terms of functionality due to the lack of features like content classification, the optimal time to post, and communication and collaboration. You can create workspaces and invite team members to collaborate using Socialbee, which makes it one of the best Postfity alternatives.

Pricing: SocialBee plan starts at $19 per month with features that are not available in the basic plan of Postfity, which is priced at $15 per month.

When considering a SocialBee alternative, it’s important to identify what specific needs or improvements you’re looking for in your social media management tool. SocialBee is known for its content categorization, scheduling capabilities, and evergreen content recycling, making it a strong contender in the realm of social media management.

15. Tailwind - A Postfity alternative to manage your brands

With the aid of its supported platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest – Tailwind, a social media management tool, users can plan, develop, carry out, and improve marketing campaigns. The solution works best if you’re interested in collaborating as a marketing team to carry out important tasks even while being dispersed across different locations. Some of its features are:

Postfity Vs Tailwind

When it comes to effectively managing social media marketing, Tailwind works best for marketing teams, whereas Postfity is designed for individual users. Limited platforms are supported by both tools, however, when comparing features, Tailwind is far superior to Postfity.

Pricing: The pricing plans of Tailwind start from $12.99 per month, thus it becomes a better alternative to Postfity.

In the quest for a Tailwind alternative, it’s crucial to pinpoint the specific features or capabilities that you seek to enhance in your social media strategy. Tailwind is highly regarded for its focus on visual content scheduling and optimization, particularly for Pinterest and Instagram.

16. Socialpilot - Social media scheduling tool with one-click reporting

SocialPilot is an effective social media scheduling and marketing software. Users can utilize it to increase engagement and keep contacting new users. Automated post-scheduling is possible with SocialPilot on numerous websites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, TikTok, Tumblr, and VK. Some of its features are listed below:

Postfity Vs Socialpilot

To increase engagement, you can write personalized captions for each social media account separately and include mentions to other Facebook and Twitter pages using Socialpilot. It is the greatest social marketing solution for small businesses and agencies, with support for over 1000 users. In comparison to Postfity, SocialPilot is one of the marketing solutions with the greatest user ratings.

Pricing: The pricing plans of Socialpilot start at $50 per month. It is quite an expensive affair as compared to Postfity, which makes Socialpilot a platform suitable for large businesses.

When exploring alternatives to SocialPilot, it’s essential to consider what specific aspects of social media management and marketing you aim to enhance. SocialPilot is known for its comprehensive scheduling tools, analytics, and multi-platform support, making it a robust choice for businesses and professionals.

17. Oneup - One of the best feature-rich Postfity alternatives

OneUp is a solution for social media scheduling that enables scheduled publishing and repeated posting with a CTA button on websites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Google My Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, and StockWits. Some of its functionalities are as follows:

Postfity Vs Oneup

Large corporations and small to medium-sized businesses benefit the most from OneUp. In contrast to that, Postfity is a tool majorly for single users, making OneUp a superior alternative to Postfity.

OneUp is a well-known social media management tool with the best usability and cost-effectiveness. One of the top-rated social media scheduling tools available, this application has received favorable feedback from users.

Pricing: You have to contact their support to receive the pricing details.

Seeking a Oneup alternative involves pinpointing specific features or improvements that can better serve your social media management needs. OneUp is appreciated for its ability to schedule posts across various social media platforms and its functionalities for automating content recycling.

18. Promorepublic - Easy to use social media scheduling tool for beginners

Promorepublic is a comprehensive local marketing platform that enables companies with many locations to manage social media, uphold brand integrity, enhance online visibility, and build a positive reputation that attracts clients. Some of the features offered by this tool are:

Postfity Vs Promorepublic

More than 1000 users are supported by Promorepublic, which is most effective for multi-location brands, franchises, direct sales companies, and marketers. It also allows users to download their social media reports in Xls format. Using this tool, users can also personalize their social media reports for better branding. All these features are not offered by Postfity, putting Promorepublic in the list of better Postfity alternatives.

Pricing: Promorepublic’s pricing starts from $59 per month, which is much higher than Postfity.

Promorepublic alternative, identifying the specific features or capabilities that could better fit your social media management needs is crucial. PromoRepublic is recognized for its robust content creation tools, social media calendar, and analytics, catering well to small and medium-sized businesses.

19. Mavsocial - One of the simplest social media management tools

Users can publish content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google My Business, Tumblr, and WeChat using Mavsocial, a social media management tool. Mavsocial offers management of communities, management of reviews, and a free picture collection of stock images. Some of its features are listed below:

Postfity Vs Mavsocial

Mavsocial is the greatest option for brands and agencies looking for a time and money saving social media management and marketing platform because it supports over 1000 users. Postfity lags behind Mavsocial in providing interactive customer assistance across all platforms and training across all potential channels. It states that Mavsocial is a superior choice over Postfity.

Pricing: Mavsocial’s basic plan starts from $19 per month. This is a bit higher than Postfity’s $15 per month but offers you more advanced features.

When considering the Mavsocial alternative, it’s important to identify what specific functionalities or improvements you’re seeking in your social media management tool. MavSocial is noted for its comprehensive media management capabilities, including advanced scheduling features, social media listening, and robust reporting tools.

20. Oktopost - A Postfity alternative with intuitive features

Oktopost’s social media management, social listening, and employee advocacy solutions help B2B businesses grow their online presence and assess the true value of social media for their operations. Oktopost enables marketers to obtain actionable data, improve customer and lead engagement, and exhibit return on investment. Some of the tool’s features are:

Postfity Vs Oktopost

Using the mobile application provided by Oktopost, users can manage their social accounts from anywhere. It also offers advanced analytics which lets you analyze how your social media posts are performing. Postfity doesn’t offer all these features, making Oktopost a better alternative to it.

Pricing: The pricing plans of Oktopost are not listed on their website. Users need to contact them and enquire about the plans.

When seeking an Oktopost alternative, it’s essential to consider which specific features or improvements could enhance your social media strategy, especially in a B2B context. Oktopost is highly regarded for its focus on B2B marketing, offering features like social media management, employee advocacy, and social listening tailored to professional audiences.

21. Planable - A social media management tool for small enterprises

Planning and approving social media postings is simple with Planable, a social media management tool that helps businesses manage their social media marketing campaigns more quickly. Some of its features are listed below:

Postfity Vs Planable

Planable, which has an easy user interface and a one-click experience, assists teams in getting rid of cumbersome social media management procedures by streamlining all content-related activities, including content planning, scheduling, and publication as well as collaboration and approval, which makes it one of the top Postfity alternatives.

Pricing: The basic plan of Planable starts at $11 per user per month. This can add up when you have multiple users or team members who take care of your social accounts. Postfity and Planable both lack in this case.

Exploring a Planable alternative involves identifying what distinct features or enhancements can better serve your social media strategy. Planable is known for its collaborative approach to social media management, facilitating easy team coordination and streamlined content approval processes.

22. Loomly - A tool to manage all your social media in one place

Loomly is an easy-to-use social media management tool that supports scheduling posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, and Tiktok. It helps you manage a variety of aspects of your social media marketing strategy. Some of its features include:

Postfity Vs Loomly

Loomly offers live chat support to answer all your queries instantly. It offers detailed reports on the performance of your social media posts, using which you can improve your content strategies. Through the RSS feed automation, you can curate content from across the web and share it directly on your social accounts. All these features are not offered by Postfity, which puts Loomly on the list of Postfity alternatives.

Pricing: Loomly’s basic pricing plan is priced at $26 per month. It is higher as compared to Postfity, but you can get access to more features.

When searching for a Loomly alternative, it’s important to focus on what specific features or enhancements are desired in a social media management tool.

23. Hopper HQ - A time-efficient Postfity alternative

Using Hopper HQ’s social media marketing tools, you can create, schedule, and plan posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. A few of its features are image editing, a calendar and grid organizer, a drag-and-drop user interface, and automatic post scheduling. Some of its features are:

Postfity Vs Hopper HQ

Social media managers that work for brands or for agencies benefit most from Hopper HQ. It saves time and helps boosts engagement. iPhones and iPads can both run the Hopper HQ app. Hopper HQ is a cutting-edge social media marketing software and analytics solution that has gained the attention of research firms, which makes it one of the best Postfity alternatives.

Pricing: Hopper HQ is priced at $19 per month, and offers a lot of additional functionalities as compared to Postfity.

When seeking an alternative to  Hopper HQ alternative. it’s important to consider which specific functionalities or enhancements could optimize your social media management.

Looking for the best Postfity alternative?

Make social media management effortless with RecurPost’s advanced scheduling and publishing features.

To Conclude,

Postfity is a decent social media management tool, but it comes with quite a few limitations and support for fewer social media platforms. Thus, if you need a better tool that offers more advanced features at competitive pricing, you need to search for Postfity alternatives.

RecurPost is the superior option to Postfity for posting on additional social media sites and utilizing cutting-edge features to maximize the return on investment and social media engagement for yourself or your clients. Explore the magic of managing several social media networks by taking a test journey on RecurPost. I’m confident you’ll appreciate our offerings’ value and convenience of use. Sign up for the free trial today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely, RecurPost stands as the best Postfity alternative, as it offers much comprehensive features and supports scheduling posts on various social media accounts as compared to Postfity. With RecurPost, you get access to various advanced features like bulk scheduling, team management, unlimited workspaces, white-label reports, custom fields, canva integration, and much more, which are not offered by Postfity.

There are various social media management tools and apps like Postfity which make a better alternative to it. 25 of them are listed in the article above, which includes details of tools like RecurPost, Sendible, HootSuite, Socialoomph, and a lot of other software.

Postfity allows you to schedule posts on Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn pages, Instagram business profiles, GMB, and Pinterest. However, if you also want to manage platforms like Facebook personal profiles, Facebook groups, and Instagram personal profiles, you can opt for a tool like RecurPost.

Postfity is an affordable social media scheduling tool but comes with a lot of limitations. It doesn’t support posting on personal Facebook and Instagram profiles. Using Postfity, you don’t get access to features like creating content through RSS feeds, a social inbox to monitor your conversations, the ability to generate tweet variations, canva integration, customizing captions for each platform, and more such advanced options. A great Postfity alternative is RecurPost, which offers all these functionalities and much more at a lower price point.

No, Postfity users don’t have the support to schedule posts on personal Instagram profiles or personal Facebook profiles. If you are searching for a tool that supports these platforms, you can try out RecurPost, which is one of the best Postfity alternatives.

Check how RecurPost compares with more tools

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RecurPost is one of the top NapoleonCat alternatives because it delivers great performance at a great price.


RecurPost is easily one of the top Crowdfire alternatives because of its high-value functionalities and unique abilities.


RecurPost allows for content categorization, making it one of the best Coschedule alternatives.


RecurPost is an affordable and valuable SmarterQueue alternative.