• Value for money

  • Advanced analytics & reports

  • Ease of use

  • Plan on the go

  • Recurring posts

  • Find the best times to post

  • Add multiple images in posts and customize captions

Save A Whole Working Day Each Week At Super Affordable Prices

and Hootsuite Comparison

Supported Platforms

Facebook Profiles

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups

Twitter Accounts

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Company

Instagram Personal Profile

Instagram Business Profile

Google My Business

Pinterest(coming soon)

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups

Twitter Accounts

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Company

Instagram Personal Profile

Instagram Business Profile


Bulk Scheduling

RSS Feeds

Copy Updates

Google Alerts

Chrome plugin

Mobile app

Advanced Analytics

Team Members

Updates with Images, GIFs, and Videos

Hashtag Recommendation

URL Shortener

CSV Support

Content Approval

Content Categorization

Twitter Variations

Import Updates from other tools

Add multiple images in posts

Customize captions for each social platform

AI-based share time optimization

Pause and Resume Social Accounts

White Label Reports

Repeated Posting

A Social Media Tool That Fits in Your Budget​​


Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, HootSuite is one of the very first tools that was introduced in the market for social media scheduling. It has been around for so long that it has become a popular name in the market. However, with time, a lot of other alternative social media scheduling tools have launched, and are offering much better features than HootSuite at a comparatively lesser price.

HootSuite provides a free plan, but with very limited features which are not enough for managing your social media accounts. You need to use a combination of 2-3 free tools, which ultimately increases your time spent in social media scheduling. As the whole point is to save time and energy, we recommend going for a paid plan. It will be a little investment made towards saving money and time spent on managing social media. You can choose any basic plan that fits your budget. RecurPost is a great HootSuite alternative that has plans suitable for every small business and startup. Take the 14-day free trial to try it out now.

We would recommend you to try out RecurPost. It offers plans starting from just $20.83/month. What’s best is RecurPost offers a plethora of additional features that HootSuite doesn’t provide. You will get a social inbox to monitor all your notifications and messages, advanced analytics, white-label reports, team management, URL shortener, RSS feeds, and a lot more.

While comparing the features provided by RecurPost and HootSuite, it can be said that RecurPost provides more robust features at affordable pricing. RecurPost provides Smart content categorization, Twitter variations, AI-based share-time optimization, White-label reports, recurring updates, and a Social inbox - which are not provided by HootSuite. So, if you are looking for a complete social media scheduling solution that doesn’t hurt your pockets, RecurPost will prove to be better for you.

RecurPost provides seamless scheduling on Instagram personal as well as business profiles. While creating schedules, you can add images, videos, or GIFs. You can also create bags of tags, i.e., a collection of hashtags that you can store and use while creating posts.

HootSuite’s plans are very expensive for small business owners. If you are looking for a budget-friendly social media scheduling tool that offers a lot of additional management features along with basic scheduling, RecurPost is there for you.

HootSuite provides very limited features for free plan users and charges huge amounts for the premium plans. In comparison, there are many social media scheduling tools that provide robust scheduling features at a very competitive cost. Along with HootSuite, RecurPost is also a great alternative for Buffer, SproutSocial, Social Pilot, and Social Bee.

If you are an agency or a large corporation, HootSuite can be a good option. But if you are a small business owner, freelancer, blogger, solopreneur, author, or influencer, HootSuite will turn out to be very expensive. You can look out for alternatives like RecurPost, which provides more features for less prices.