• Value for money

  • Advanced analytics & reports

  • Ease of use

  • Plan on the go

  • Recurring posts

  • Find the best times to post

  • Add multiple images in posts and customize captions

Save A Whole Working Day Each Week At Super Affordable Prices

and Hootsuite Comparison


RecurPost lets you manage 10 social profiles for just $20.83/month, whereas HootSuite charges $29/month for the same.

$20.83/month for 10 social profiles

$49/month for 10 social profiles

Supported Platforms

HootSuite does not support posting on Facebook Profiles and Google My Business, decreasing your chances of receiving valuable engagement on social media and loss of potential deals.

Facebook Profiles

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups

Twitter Accounts

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Company

Instagram Personal Profile

Instagram Business Profile

Google My Business

Pinterest(coming soon)

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups

Twitter Accounts

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Company

Instagram Personal Profile

Instagram Business Profile


Bulk Scheduling

Create loads of content in one go without having to add all the updates individually. RecurPost supports creating content in bulk directly within the interface and by uploading a CSV file.

RSS Feeds

Curate your favorite content with the help of RecurPost's RSS Feed support.

Copy Updates

HootSuite does not allow you to copy your content multiple times from within the interface which leaves you less room to repurpose awesome content that you created earlier.

Google Alerts

Chrome plugin

RecurPost’s Chrome Plugin feature proves really useful when you’re browsing content on websites and want to add a blog post/article of your interest directly to your RecurPost Library.

Mobile app

Plan, schedule, edit, and post your content directly from the RecurPost mobile app. Available on iOS and Android.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze your performance and track engagement with your audience with RecurPost's built-in Advanced Analytics. HootSuite offers the same feature as well.

Team Members

Invite and coordinate with your team members and VAs on multiple projects to achieve your targets.

Updates with Images, GIFs, and Videos

Fill up your content with eye-catching images, videos, and even GIFs to attract attention from viewers on social media.

Hashtag Recommendation

RecurPost helps you add hashtags when creating new content so as to increase social engagement and visibility.

URL Shortener

A long URL is boring and hard to find. With RecurPost, you can easily connect your Bitly account or use our own shortener to shorten your URL links in an instant.

CSV Support

Both RecurPost and HootSuite support uploading of CSV files so you can easily add multiple pieces of content at once.

Content Approval

Set up your content-to-be-posted for approval before posting it on your social profiles to ensure the desired quality of content.

Content Categorization

Organize your content in RecurPost's clean and completely customizable Content Libraries.

Twitter Variations

Twitter does not allow posting of the same update multiple times. Don't worry, RecurPost helps you generate variations of your Tweets so you can still receive your valuable engagement without changing the subject.

Import Updates from other tools

Shifting from a different tool? No worries. You can easily import all your precious content from your social media directly into your RecurPost library.

Add multiple images in posts

RecurPost allows you to add multiple images while creating posts for your social accounts.

Customize captions for each social platform

You can add different captions/descriptions for each social platform while creating a post on RecurPost. HootSuite doesn’t offer this feature

AI-based share time optimization

RecurPost studies your social engagements and derives the best time to post a piece of content for maximum visibility and potential leads.

Pause and Resume Social Accounts

Need time to plan your strategy? Easy. You can pause your social accounts if you don't want any content posted temporarily.

White Label Reports

RecurPost helps you white-label your social media reports. This helps you appear professional and detail-oriented in front of your clients by using your brand logo.

Repeated Posting

RecurPost lets you repurpose your content and help make it stay fresh in the minds of your customers or/and targeted audience and gain more leads with minimum efforts.

A Social Media Tool That Fits in Your Budget​​


RecurPost Vs. Hootsuite FAQs

HootSuite might be one of the very first social media schedulers in the industry, but a lot of other alternatives have come up in the past few years. Not only they are affordable, but also offer much better features. One of the best of them is RecurPost, which provides all the features of HootSuite and a lot of additional ones. It is priced at 1/3rd of the price, and offers advanced features such as white-label reporting, recurring schedules, unlimited workspaces, in-depth analytics, and a lot more. Thus, RecurPost can be the best HootSuite alternatives as it is suitable for everyone from small businesses to large enterprises, owing to its flexible pricing plans.
Yes, while RecurPost lets you manage 10 social accounts for $20.83/month, Hootsuite charges $49/month for the same. Apparently, you get the same features at a less price with RecurPost. There are a lot of sites like HootSuite that offer the same services at lower prices, and RecurPost is the best of them.
There are a lot of features offered by RecurPost, but the ability to create evergreen content libraries makes it stand out from Hootsuite and other popular social media scheduling tools. RecurPost enables you to create recurring schedules that lets you recycle your best content on social media and keep getting new traffic from your best-performing posts. Using Hootsuite, your content will go out just once on social media, which reduces the shelf-life of content and its reach potential too.
Getting started with RecurPost is literally a matter of few minutes! You simply need to sign-up for the 14-day trial and start using the tool. On signing up, you’ll be taken through a complete navigating guide on how to get started. There is a live chat option available wherein you can shoot your questions to us and we’ll solve all your queries. Our knowledgebase has detailed step-by-step articles on how to use each feature of RecurPost.

RecurPost provides seamless scheduling on Instagram personal as well as business profiles. While creating schedules, you can add images, videos, or GIFs. You can also create bags of tags, i.e., a collection of hashtags that you can store and use while creating posts.

The best way to find the perfect social media scheduling for your business is to try and test. An ideal social media scheduling tool should cut down the time that you spend uploading posts on your social media platforms. It should support scheduling content on all major social media platforms. It should have an easy-to-use interface and a simple scheduling process.
You should be able to add team members and delegate them to specific work without sharing credentials of social media accounts. A good social media scheduler also provides you with advanced analytics related to the performance of your social accounts. RecurPost provides a 14-day trial, which you can use to check out all the amazing features and find out how it can help your business grow.
HootSuite has increased their pricing (10X in many cases) and they imposed this enormous increase on old users too. Thus, if you are looking for a cheaper HootSuite alternative that offers the same features, RecurPost will be your best bet. It is priced at 1/3rd of HootSuite’s pricing and provides you with more robust functionalities. You will get access to recurring schedules, white-label reports, social inbox, Canva integration, workspaces, team management, best time schedule, etc. - which HootSuite doesn’t provide. Take the 14-day trial to check it out on your own today!
RecurPost can be your favorite social media scheduler for a number of reasons. For a lesser price than HootSuite, RecurPost provides you all the essential scheduling features. Additionally, you can manage all your social media notifications from a single dashboard through its Social Inbox. You also get access to professional white-label reports, twitter variations, repeated posting, and AI-based auto-scheduling of updates, which HootSuite doesn’t offer.
Are you a freelancer, blogger, artist, small business, budding entrepreneur, coach, or a digital marketing agency? Well, It doesn’t matter what your profession is, RecurPost will fit in all your budgets. With pricing plans starting from $20.83/month, RecurPost makes the best option for even startups, bloggers, and freelancers. While on the other hand, HootSuite is suitable for large scale enterprises only, given the huge structure of costs per month.
After evaluating all the features listed above, we are pretty much sure that RecurPost will stand out and offer you a great social media scheduling experience in exchange of a much less cost as compared to HootSuite. The assessment of RecurPost Vs HootSuite states that RecurPost is a suitable tool for everyone from bloggers to big agencies that delivers much more than basic social media scheduling, helping your social accounts to grow exponentially.