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27 Best Hootsuite Alternatives to Up Your Client's Social Media Game

Best Hootsuite Alternatives

Are you having difficulty managing your social media presence and keeping your finances in check simultaneously? You could be using an expensive tool like Hootsuite and you might be looking for a replacement or Hootsuite alternatives.

Probably a tool with better features, more comprehensive performance, a supportive team, and of course, something that goes easy on your pocket.
We always come across marketers drowning in work and using a social media management tool for help. They usually use tools like Hootsuite because they help them save time and effort by letting them serve multiple customers at once on different social media networks.

If you have worked in the social media marketing space, you would know how much work goes into ideating, producing, designing, and uploading content on different social media platforms. The challenges that come along the way are often hard to navigate. And the process obviously does not stop here. There is the tracking of performance, interacting with the community, and reporting of results to the management.

Do not get intimidated when we say how intense this is because we have also got a list of Hootsuite alternatives that you can use to beat these challenges. Stay with us for more details!

Why should you consider going for Hootsuite alternatives?

Hootsuite does entail a good array of plans that are inclusive of great features. However, a small company would never be able to reap the benefits of these plans without spending a big sum of money. Here are the reasons why you should consider switching to Hootsuite alternatives :

So, even if you spend a good amount of money, you may end up dissatisfied due to the above-mentioned reasons. This blog will enlist and give you a brief on how every good Hootsuite alternative can help your business. You can make a sound choice after studying these tools.

1. RecurPost - one of the top Hootsuite alternatives

alternatives to hootsuite-RecurPost

If we pick out the best social media management tools in the market, RecurPost will always come out on the top. It has continued to be one of the oldest and best Hootsuite alternatives for quite some time. This tool has been trusted by over 90,000 businesses. With their publishing, analytics, social inbox, recurring schedules, and team collaboration features, RecurPost will win the war for any marketer out there.

It is a free Hootsuite alternative you just cannot go amiss because of the feature offered by it combined with the price. 

Here are some features offered by RecurPost that will make you switch without a thought:

RecurPost v/s Hootsuite

To begin the comparison, let’s talk about how they fare in terms of analytics and reports. With RecurPost, you will get advanced analytics and reports built within the application. You will also get detailed white-label reports that are not available with Hootsuite. Another feature in the limelight is recurring posts that you can create with RecurPost. Hootsuite does not have a provision for evergreen content.

Did you know that RecurPost’s smart AI-based system will automatically pick out the best times to share your content? This is a feature that Hootsuite does not deliver. Then there is the internal Canva integration in RecurPost which will help you source high-quality graphics from within the application. Other than these, you can do bulk scheduling, get Google alerts, do content categorization, get tweet variations, and many more attractive features with RecurPost. These features are missing in the offerings delivered by Hootsuite.

Pricing – The plans at RecurPost start at $25 per month. Hootsuite is expensive compared to this and comes with a starting price of $49 per month. There is also a 14-day free trial with RecurPost that you can use to see how it works for your business.


missinglettr alternative

Content categorization

Tweet variations

Google alerts

Bulk scheduling

RSS feeds

Hashtag recommendation

Repeated posting

Social inbox

White-label reports

CSV support

Chrome plugin

2. MeetEdgar

hootsuite alternative-meetedgar

If you are a marketer with a busy schedule (most marketers have this in common), MeetEdgar is the perfect tool for you. This tool has a feature that will automatically repurpose and schedule your content even when you have run out of posts.

With this tool, you will be able to post on numerous social media networks like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn profile and company pages, Instagram, and schedule Facebook posts on groups and pages. You will have the ability to decide the post category as well as the slot.

Key features :

MeetEdgar v/s Hootsuite

When compared to Hootsuite, MeetEdgar is a much more sophisticated tool. But getting used to it will surely be rewarding. This tool will automatically fetch content from your website, creating a huge pool of customized content for you. Whereas with Hootsuite, you will have to decide on what content you want to put in on your own and schedule them manually.

There is also the content recycling ability which is missing in Hootsuite. Additionally, MeetEdgar has a simple UI overall paired with AI integrations for intuition-based posting abilities, making it one of the top Hootsuite alternatives.

Pricing – The plans at MeetEdgar start at $19 per month with 3 users with 10 automation per week. 

You can also check how RecurPost happens to be one of the best MeetEdgar alternatives with a detailed comparison.

3. MavSocial - one of the top Hootsuite alternatives

alternatives to hootsuite -mavsocial
MavSocial is one of the most looked-for Hootsuite alternatives. Using this tool you can schedule and monitor social media posts along with content curation management, strong editing capabilities, and in-built stock images. Some basic features that come with this tool are inbox filters, RSS feeds, and UTM tracking.  Key features:

MavSocial v/s Hootsuite

A tool like MavSocial is a good choice for agencies and small-sized teams. The beginner plan is much more affordable in comparison to HootSuite. The tool also provides audience-targeting features paired with keyword tracking and marketing automation.  But one feature that makes this tool stand out is its digital asset management.

Pricing – The plans at MavSocial start at $19 for 1 user with 10 social media profiles.

If you are looking for other valuable MavSocial alternatives, you can check out the detailed comparison of RecurPost vs. MavSocial.

Hootsuite Alternatives

You have arrived at the best!

Do not think over this. The best Hootsuite alternative is here!

4. Agorapulse

hootsuite alternative-agorapulse
You are bound to come across Agorapulse if you are working in the space of social media management. This tool comes with some solid features that will help you out with managing your social media presence. You will get a unified social inbox, intuitive publishing, social listening, and detailed analytics with Agorapulse. It supports publishing on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. You can also schedule tweets with this. Key features :

Agorapulse v/s Hootsuite

The bulk uploading options paired with unlimited RSS feeds that come with Agorapulse will beat Hootsuite any day and make it one of the best Hootsuite alternatives. You can seamlessly manage social interactions in your channels easily with the unified inbox feature. Additionally, Agorapulse has a clutter-free dashboard that will add up to user convenience. 

Pricing – The subscription for Agorapulse’s solo plan starts at $79 per month (annual billing)

RecurPost happens to be one of the top Agorapulse alternatives and you can see for yourself by going through our RecurPost vs. Agorapulse comparison table.

5. Socialbakers

hootsuite alternative -socialbakers
Socialbakers can be put in the social media marketing and analytics tools category and it is AI-focused. It will facilitate posting content at the best times for small businesses so that they can generate maximum traffic.  The interface in this tool is simple to use and hence, you will be able to compare, measure, and optimize your social media campaigns effortlessly. Key features:

Socialbakers v/s Hootsuite

These two tools go neck to neck when it comes to their features. However, investing in Socialbakers might be worth it for your business. With Socialbakers, you will be able to schedule posts at the best times for receiving maximum engagement. Upload all your content via this tool and you will get an all-inclusive view of your marketing campaigns with its reporting and analytics tool.

Pricing: The pricing for Socialbakers starts at $200 for 5 users. 

Your search for the best Socialbakers alternative should conclude with RecurPost.

6. Sendible - one of the top Hootsuite alternatives

hootsuite alternative -sendible
A marketing manager can amplify and manage multiple brands on social media with the help of Sendible. The tool will also help you streamline the entire process starting from planning, and going to collaboration and engagement.  You will have the ability to manage multiple campaigns and create custom content for every social media platform. This tool has its focus laid on agencies. Key features:

Sendible v/s Hootsuite

When you compare Sendible with Hootsuite, you will notice that Sendible goes beyond social media management. The tool can track all of your online campaigns outside of social media too.

The features that make Sendible stand out are its CRM functionality and all-rounder monitoring abilities. These are entirely missing in Hootsuite, making Sendible one of the best Hootsuite alternatives.Also, you should know that even though Sendible has some amazing features, you will take some time to get used to its dashboard.

Pricing: Sendible’s yearly pricing for startup agencies starts at $170/month for 7 users, where you can build 14 reports in total. 

You can also check how RecurPost happens to be one of the best Sendible alternatives with a detailed comparison.

7. Buffer

alternatives to hootsuite -buffer
Buffer is one of the oldest players in the market of social media management tools. You can use this tool to schedule and manage content on Twitter, schedule Instagram posts, Pinterest, and Facebook with a great interface.  Additionally, there are basic analytics and reporting features that come with this tool so that you can keep a track of how well your content is performing and show the results to your clients. Key features:

Buffer v/s Hootsuite

Both the tools have very similar dashboards but Buffer does not display notifications for direct messages or comments. Making use of Buffer will be more beneficial when you want to create publishing schedules for varied social channels. You can always use these schedules and add content on a regular basis. Hootsuite has a similar feature too but it is limited to a single schedule only, , making Buffer one of the top Hootsuite alternatives.

 Pricing: Buffer offers a free plan. After the trial, you can avail of the paid plan for $12 per month for one social media channel.

If you are looking for other valuable Buffer alternatives, you can check out the detailed comparison of RecurPost vs. MavSocial.

8. SocialPilot

hootsuite alternative-socialpilot
You should pick Social Pilot if you are a business that regularly deals with high volumes of posting across multiple social channels. With this tool, you will be able to manage about 500 posts at once, all at a reasonable price. Very few tools support direct integration of CRM functionality into their platform and Social Pilot is one of them. Key features:

Social Pilot v/s Hootsuite

If you compare these tools on the most basic grounds like price-point, you will see that Social Pilot plans are cheaper than Hootsuite. Also, Social Pilot delivers enterprise-level support for free in every plan. You are free to reach out for help whenever you want. However, Hootsuite charges an extra fee if a customer needs priority support in case of an emergency. When it comes to user experience, Social Pilot wins because its UI is simple as well as intuitive. Hootsuite does not have such a UI, , making Social Pilot one of the top Hootsuite alternatives.

Pricing: The professional plan at Social Pilot starts at $30 per month and goes up to $125 per month for the agency plan.

RecurPost happens to be one of the top SocialPilot alternatives and you can see for yourself by going through our RecurPost vs. Socialpilot comparison table.

9. NapoleonCat - one of the top Hootsuite alternatives

alternatives to hootsuite -napoleancat
NapoleonCat is known for its automation capabilities along with its convenient social inbox. You can automate some communications so that your customers receive quick responses and you get time to focus on messages that actually need your attention.  Key features :

NapoleonCat vs Hootsuite

Both NapoleonCat and Hootsuite offer all-rounder social media management platforms, but they are still different. Most importantly, NapoleonCat is beneficial for automation purposes. 

The platform provides an entire range of profile management and social customer service automation features, but Hootsuite does not provide these. NapoleonCat will allow you to automatically reply to comments and messages from Facebook and Instagram.

Pricing: NapoleonCat has custom enterprise pricing that ranges from $32/per month and goes up to $66/per month.

Your search for the best NapoleonCat alternatives should conclude with RecurPost.

10. Eclincher

hootsuite alternative-eClincher
eClincher is a feature-rich and potent social media administration tool that can be used by medium and small companies to define their social media presence. The tool is known to make the process of social media administration simpler and more pragmatic with its intelligent social media dashboard and centralized inbox. Key features :

eClincher v/s Hootsuite

eClincher is very well known for its publishing, reporting, and monitoring capacities. There is an interesting feature that comes with it, called Pocket integration. This feature can be used by you to share any content that is stored in your pocket account directly to linked social platforms. However, eClincher does not allow you to coordinate social media tasks. You will have to have separate collaboration for messages via email or Slack.  It is one of the most desired Hootsuite alternatives.

Pricing: The basic plan at Eclincher is $59/month and the most advanced plan is $219/month.

You can also check how RecurPost happens to be one of the best Eclincher alternatives with a detailed comparison.

11. Coschedule - one of the top Hootsuite alternatives

hootsuite alternative-coSchedule
CoSchedule is a social media planning tool that is focused on publishing and is known for its content calendar feature. With this tool, you can manage your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr social profiles. It is a good Pinterest scheduler as well. This tool also integrates with other blogging tools like Hubspot and WordPress. This will help you organize and publish your blogs right from your CoSchedule account.  Key features :

Coschedule v/s Hootsuite

If we draw a comparison between the two tools, CoSchedule is a more cost-effective option because of its pricing structure. As you keep scaling up, you will have to pay more money to avail its advanced features.

The tool offers a free trial to do testing as well. You will be able to curate content, schedule posting time, and automate it from its consolidated management system.

Pricing – Pricing: $80/mo, $400/mo, $1,400/mo (both plans include a 14-day free trial)

Check out how RecurPost is one of the best Coschedule alternatives.

12. Loomly

hootsuite alternative-loomly

Loomly is instrumental in helping businesses manage their social media accounts and collaborate with team members. The tool offers a good variety of plans, each of them tailored to your specific needs. All the plans would let multiple users manage accounts, lending more flexibility to businesses and agencies in accessing an account of their choice.

You will get comprehensive plans for teams that have up to 26 people, making it a great pick for larger teams. In addition to this, Loomly lets users create beautiful visuals, schedule posts, and track performance. It is one of the most preferred Hootsuite alternatives.

Key features :

Loomly v/s Hootsuite

With Loomly, you can ideate and preview all your social media posts before publishing, unlike Hootsuite. You will get tips based on the latest trends and practices. You will be able to run Ads and sponsored posts from the Loomly dashboard to be able to reach out to more people on Instagram and Facebook. Engage with all those users via the community manager, while responding to comments and messages promptly.

Pricing –  Loomly starts at $34 for 10 social media profiles and 2 users.

Did you know that RecurPost is one of the top Loomly alternatives? You can check the comparison table on our website and see how.

13. Sprout Social - one of the top Hootsuite alternatives

alternatives to hootsuite -sproutSocial
Sprout Social is a social media management tool with similar abilities to Hootsuite. Moreover, it is a corporate tool to be able to access features like smart inbox, in-depth social media analytics, and custom reporting. The tool supports Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can schedule LinkedIn posts as well.  This social media management tool has actually got the power to improve your work quality by guiding your efforts in the right direction. The analytics can be pretty instrumental to evaluate your overall social media performance. Key features :

Sprout Social v/s Hootsuite

With Sprout Social, you will get access to a few powerful features like scheduling, team collaboration, and social inbox. The most famous sub-task function with approvals is its CRM capability. Just like other Hootsuite competitors, this tool also offers analytics and reporting. Sprout Social is much more capable than publishing and scheduling. You can post and save your media, including photos and videos on the platform. 

Pricing – the plans at Sprout Social are priced at $89 per month for one user.

Check out how RecurPost is one of the best Sprout Social alternatives.

14. Tailwind

alternatives to hootsuite -tailwind

Tailwind supports scheduling on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as a social media scheduling tool. 

Previously, Tailwind was a Pinterest-specific scheduler only. It still remains one of the top solutions for Pinterest scheduling specifically, offering a personalized posting schedule, the ability to schedule on multiple boards, and interval planning. It makes for one of the best Hootsuite alternatives.

Key features :

Tailwind v/s Hootsuite

Tailwind is a tool that is heavily focused on Instagram and Pinterest, two of the most visually oriented social media networks. The commitment of this tool to integrating Pinterest’s best practices throughout its platform is great.

With this platform, you will get a warning if you try to share more than 10 separate boards or if you have already shared a pin with a board before. This will help maintain the reputation of your Pinterest account. Then there is Tailwind generate and Tailwind communities function as well.

Pricing: The pro plans come at a price of $9.99/month and the Max plan is $39.99/month.

If you are looking for other valuable Tailwind alternatives, you can check out the detailed comparison of RecurPost vs. MavSocial.

15. Socialoomph - one of the best Hootsuite alternatives

alternatives to hootsuite -socialoomph
Another very good social media scheduling tool is SocialOomph, which will allow you to schedule your posts and monitor their analytics on different platforms.  Your content can be planned to go live at any specific time or date in the time zone of your choice. On top of this, you can easily bulk-upload blog content from your computer. There are self-destructing messages that will get deleted automatically after a specific period of time. Key features :

Socialoomph v/s Hootsuite

One of the best free Hootsuite alternatives  would be SocialOomph, it offers a user interface that is easy to manage and simple. The pricing of this tool begins at $ 15 per month. However, there are some drawbacks that come with this tool like the most affordable subscription given by it only allows for one user and it only offers sophisticated automation tools for Twitter.

Pricing – The beginner plan at Socialoomph is priced at $20 per month for one social profile.

You can also check how RecurPost happens to be one of the best Socialoomph alternatives with a detailed comparison.

16. Crowdfire

alternatives to hootsuite -crowdfire
Crowdfire is a tool that goes beyond the basic or regular features of social media management tools. This tool is marvelous in content discovery. With this platform, you will be able to find content that is relevant to your brand and is worthy of sharing with your audience. This way you can develop your expertise and become the go-to solution for valuable information in your particular niche. Key features :

Crowdfire v/s Hootsuite

Crowdfire is better than Hootsuite for individuals and organizations that want to focus on sharing and curation content. The content discovery tool that comes with Crowdfire helps you remain on top of all relevant conversations in your industry. More so, the website promotion tools that come with it will enable you to leverage all your social accounts for lead generation and web traffic. On top of this, Crowdfire has more affordable plans that suit solopreneurs and SMEs.

Pricing- the plans at Crowdfire start at $7.48 per month (billed annually)

Your search for the best Crowdfire alternatives should conclude with RecurPost.

17. SocialBee - one of the top Hootsuite alternatives

hootsuite alternative-socialbee

This tool focuses more on content than scheduling. SocialBee is a social media management tool that is about scheduling posts on multiple social media networks and analyzing their performance later. It comes with its own mobile application so that you can do social media management on the move. You can assign posts into categories, making it easy for you to schedule different types of posts. This feature makes SocialBee a huge timesaver and one of the best Hootsuite alternatives. The tool also notifies you when you run out of scheduled posts or if something goes wrong.

Key features :

SocialBee v/s Hootsuite

If you are looking for a budget-friendly Hootsuite alternative that provides all the features and support needed for automating your mundane workflow, SocialBee is an easy choice to make. With SocialBee you will get access to features like hashtag collections and content categories that are missing in Hootsuite’s offerings. Also, you get customer support for all the plans with SocialBee. 

Pricing: The plans start at $19 per month with 5 social accounts and 1 user.

Check out how RecurPost is one of the best SocialBee alternatives.

18. PromoRepublic

hootsuite alternative-promorepublic
PromoRepublic can be used to automate your social media publishing and scheduling. You have to enter all your visuals and posts in a single social media publishing calendar and schedule them in advance to have them posted automatically on multiple social networks. It supports Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Additionally, there are reporting and analytics features, social monitoring, and Intelligent Ads. Key features :

PromoRepublic v/s Hootsuite

With Hootsuite you can curate content but Promorepublic has a library of  over 100,000 post ideas for 17+ industries. You can pick from the 6000+ templates with images and GIFs created by a professional team. Also, you will get templates for topical posts to go out on special dates within the calendar itself. When you work with Hootsuite, you will have to break down the creation process in different stages. But Promorepublic allows you to do all of that within a single app,  making it one of the best Hootsuite alternatives.

Pricing – The small business plan offered by PromoRepublic is priced at $ 49 per month.

RecurPost happens to be a top PromoRepublic alternative and you can see for yourself by going through our RecurPost vs. PromoRepublic comparison table.

19. Planable

alternatives to hootsuite -planable
A tool like Planable would be a central hub where all your social media content, ideas, and feedback can be stored. Social media marketers would usually spend most of their time previewing their scheduled posts. Resultingly, there is little time left to try out new strategies.  Lucky for you, Planable will allow you to preview all your social media posts as if they were live already. You can also collaborate with your team members and create engaging visual content. Key features :

Planable v/s Hootsuite

Planable has a free plan that will allow you to test anything and everything for the first 50 posts that you send out. There are no limits on those. Their customer support is amazing and available 24/7. They are highly responsive. When you compare the pricing with Hootsuite, you will see how Planable offers valuable and extremely clear pricing plans so that you know exactly what you are paying for. 

Pricing – The plans at Planable are priced at $22 per user for 15 social media platforms.

There are many Planable alternatives in the market but RecurPost is the best pick you can have.

20. Planoly - one of the top Hootsuite alternatives

hootsuite alternative-planoly
Planoly can be asserted as a top-notch visual planning and marketing solution for brands as well as Instagram influencers. You can plan and schedule your content on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter with this tool. The dashboard that it has is simple-to-use and it will help you plan, schedule, and post your content across different social platforms. You will also be able to create drafts of posts that you can edit whenever you want. Key features :

Planoly v/s Hootsuite

Planoly is a great choice to make if you are a brand, small business, or an influencer. If you want to manage multiple social networks at once, you should consider using Planoly.  Another thing to note is that Planoly offers easier-to-use features when compared to Hootsuite. The apps on this tool are more customizable and offer more advanced functions like filtering and resizing images. In case you want a user-friendly dashboard and easy-to-use features, Planoly is one of the best Hootsuite alternatives.

Pricing – The plans at Planoly start at $ 11.25 per user per month.

Check out how RecurPost is one of the best Planoly alternatives.

21. Later

alternatives to hootsuite -later
Later goes way beyond just Instagram scheduling now. This tool now allows the scheduling of posts on Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In case you are a brand that focuses heavily on visual marketing, Later is the choice to make.  You can publish your branded content along with sharing posts that are published by others. This can be really helpful for people who rely more on user-generated content for promotion. The analytics feature is also elaborate if you want to evaluate your influence online. Key features :

Later v/s Hootsuite

When we compare Later and Hootsuite, you should know that Hootsuite is a very powerful tool for enterprise social media management. However, if you want a tool that is effortless in usage, you should go for Later. With Hootsuite, you will end up paying for a bunch of complicated integrations that you might not even use. Later is designed to save you significant time and effort. Also, scheduling with Later is smarter, there is a visual Instagram planner, and you can also schedule stories on Instagram.

Pricing – The starting plan at Later is priced at $ 18 per month.

Check out how RecurPost is one of the best Later alternatives.

22. SmarterQueue

alternatives to hootsuite -smarterqueue
We can say that Smarterqueue is somewhere a different solution than a lot of other social media management tools. This tool will recycle your content, and therefore your queue will never be empty. It supports multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Your content can be categorized for quick access. This tool will also suggest a custom posting schedule based on your profile’s metrics. Key features :

Smarterqueue v/s Hootsuite

Smarterqueue is a smarter and cheaper Hootsuite alternative that you should consider for your brand. The scheduling process at Smarterqueue is highly streamlined and all your content will be organized into categories. The tool also has content-recycling abilities which will boost your reach. You can create custom posts for cross-posting on different social networks. With Smarterqueue, you will be able to find content that performs well, is recent, and is relevant to give you proven engagement. The analytics are also very detailed for a deep understanding of your performance. All of this is not available with Hootsuite for the same cost.

Pricing – The beginner plan at Smarterqueue is priced at $ 19.99 per month.

RecurPost happens to be one of the top SmarterQueue alternatives and you can see for yourself by going through our RecurPost vs. SmarterQueue comparison table.

23. Everypost

alternatives to hootsuite -everypost
Everypost is a social media management tool that would allow you to manage numerous profiles and accounts at a time. You can customize your social media posts, schedule them in advance, and share them  all of them through a single platform.  You will have the ability to customize social content for different platforms and then cross-post it from Everypost. This will help you smoothen out the process of sharing content across different profiles.  Key features :

Everypost v/s Hootsuite

If we compare Everypost and Hootsuite, we will see that there are certain   features that are downright missing in Hootsuite and are provided by Everypost. To get started, Everypost allows you to upload photos to your posts by pulling images from Instagram and Flickr. The tool also gives about 18 photo filters to choose from within the app itself. Then there is a provision for integrated hashtags in which trending hashtags are integrated and updated every 30 minutes. You can also customize your content for each social network. All of these features are missing in Hootsuite’s offerings. 

Pricing – The plans at Everypost start at $ 9.99 per month.

There are many EveryPost alternatives in the market but RecurPost is the best pick you can have.

24. Post Planner

alternatives to hootsuite -postplanner
Post Planner is a social media scheduling tool that assists marketers with managing social media campaigns and integrating well with Twitter and Facebook. This tool is also good for other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. It features well-defined composing, reviewing, scheduling, and posting tools that make it easy to optimize content management. The tool also calculates the best time for posting your content. You get good analytics and performance reports too. Key features :

Post Planner v/s Hootsuite

Post Planner is the perfect choice to make if you are a small business with clearly defined ideas and you do not want to go beyond Facebook and Twitter. It is also a much cheaper option when compared to Hootsuite. Apart from this, Post Planner has a content-recycling feature, a discover content feature that lets you add social content and RSS feeds, and the ability to schedule all your future posts. Hootsuite surely has a lineup of good features but lacks these.

Pricing – plans start at $6 per month.

Check out how RecurPost is one of the best Post Planner alternatives.

25. Facebook creator studio

hootsuite alternative-facebook creator studio
Facebook Creator Studio can be the ultimate control centre for your business page. It combines all your performance data, messages, and content in a single place. The tool gives you a comprehensive view of your most recent Facebook posts and their performance, the overall performance of your page, and new activity and notifications from your followers. You can also schedule Facebook posts, create and publish posts directly from the platform, and manage all your Facebook content assets. Key features :

Facebook Creator Studio v/s Hootsuite

If you are someone who wants entire control of all their Facebook profiles without any limit, you must go with Facebook Creator studio. You will be able to schedule stories and regular posts. With this tool, you will be able to control all your messaging for your Facebook and Instagram accounts from one centralized location. You will also get access to numerous insights. So, if your focus is to manage Facebook business profiles well, go for Facebook Creator Studio.

Pricing – This tool is absolutely free of cost! So this is a no-brainer against Hootsuite for Facebook scheduling.

 The most perfect Facebook Creator alternative would be RecurPost.

26. Oneup

hootsuite alternative-oneup
Oneup renders affordable social media scheduling and management solutions for small to large businesses. It is one of the most popular tools that work well with Google My Business. It is one of the most popular tools that will let you schedule Google My Business posts effortlessly. Another good feature that comes with this tool is its ability to schedule repeating posts. Oneup has the ability to sort out posts into categories when you are managing social media for multiple clients. Key features :

Oneup v/s Hootsuite

Oneup is a great Hootsuite alternative because it provides some amazing features at a much better price. To begin with, Oneup lets you schedule repeating posts which you cannot do with Hootsuite. The tool also supports all major social networks including Google My Business and Hootsuite does not support this platform. Additionally, you can create content categories to separate accounts by different businesses or post types.

Pricing – the plans at Oneup start at $ 6 per month.

RecurPost is easily one of the best Oneup alternatives.

27. Statusbrew

hootsuite alternative-statusbrew
Statusbrew is designed for collaboration and unification. It will bring together all the social media profiles across different platforms and it provides a very intuitive workspace for marketing and social media teams to work together effectively. It gives strategic content publishing and snappy reporting abilities.  Key features :

Statusbrew v/s Hootsuite

Statusbrew is a tool that provides very thoughtfully created UI elements that complement each action you take for publishing, engaging, and analyzing your social profiles. You also get instant notifications for user comments and messages which will help you reply very quickly. This platform will also make your social workflow very smooth.

A great Statusbrew alternative to keep your business going is RecurPost.

RecurPost Social Media Scheduler

Take your best pick for Hootsuite alternatives here!

We have the best in store for you! Find out for yourself.


This was our careful curation of Hootsuite alternatives that will help you master your social media marketing in no time. Putting your money and effort into a competent social media management tool is very important if you want to tackle the present-day challenges in digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both Hootsuite and RecurPost are competent social media scheduling tools and they have valuable features to offer. However, RecurPost gives more features at a much more reasonable price, making it a better option.

You cannot use Hootsuite for free entirely. But there is a 30-day free trial period that you can avail of.

Hootsuite is a social media scheduling service that will help you plan and schedule your social media content in advance.

We have listed a good number of Hootsuite alternatives that you can use for your business above. Most of them have a free trial period that you can use.

The plans at Hootsuite start at $ 49 per month and go up to $ 739 per month. It has a 30-day free trial as well.

Hootsuite supports most major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GMB

Yes, Hootsuite is a great tool for businesses that want to focus on managing their Instagram accounts.

Check how RecurPost compares with more tools

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Postfity Alternatives

RecurPost is easily one of the top Postifity alternatives because of its high-value features.

Socialreport Alternatives

The best Social report alternatives have been topped by RecurPost, because of their exceptional features.

Hopper Hq alternatives

One of the top Hopper HQ alternatives is RecurPost because it gives above-par features at a great price point.

Onlypult Alternatives

Have you come across Onlypult alternatives that can absolutely rock your social media presence? RecurPost is the best you will ever know.