Why RecurPost is Best Alternative of Everypost

When you have a wide range of features to check, pricing plans to compare, and a lot more to consider, it is indeed difficult to find the perfect social media scheduling tool for your business. Thus, to make this process a bit easier, we have prepared this detailed in-depth comparison. If you have a question in your mind that asks “Which is the best social media scheduling tool? RecurPost or Everypost?”, then you are going to find the answer now! RecurPost allows you to schedule updates on your social profiles just like EveryPost. RecurPost, however, is a better alternative to EveryPost with a number of major advantages over it.

Comparing RecurPost and Everypost


Supported Platforms EveryPost doesn't support posting on Facebook Groups and Google My Business locations, that which RecurPost does.

Facebook Profiles

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups

Twitter Accounts

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Company

Instagram Personal Profile

Instagram Business Profile

Google My Business

Pinterest(coming soon)

Facebook Profiles

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups

Twitter Accounts

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Company

Instagram Personal Profile

Instagram Business Profile

Google My Business


Bulk Scheduling Plan, upload, and schedule your content in bulk so you don't have to worry about missing out on taking care of other priorities.

RSS Feeds Simply paste the RSS address of your favorite websites and RecurPost will have their articles/blog post appear in your feed for approval and curation.

Add multiple images in a post RecurPost allows you to add multiple images while creating posts for your social accounts. You can also add different captions/descriptions for each social platform. EveryPost doesn’t have this feature.

Content Categorization Make your content easy to find and manage with the help of RecurPost's clean and colorful Content Libraries.

Copy Updates EveryPost does not allow copying of updates multiple times, making you have to re-write them again leading to inefficient use of time.

Twitter Variations Since Twitter forbids its users from posting the same Tweet multiple times, RecurPost helps you come up with variations of your Tweets without changing the intent.

Import Updates from other tools Easily import all your previously-posted updates from a different tool directly into your RecurPost Content Library.

Google Alerts RecurPost offers a native Google Alerts support. Find and curate awesome content by subscribing to topics on Google Alerts.

AI-based share time optimization Use RecurPost's smart AI to post your updates at the best time to receive more social interaction on social media. EveryPost offers no such scheduling.

Pause and Resume Social Accounts Pause your social accounts temporarily at any time in case you need time to re-think your marketing strategy.

Chrome plugin Add content from the web directly to your RecurPost library with RecurPost's Chrome plugin tool. EveryPost does not offer the same.

Mobile app Take your schedules wherever you go with RecurPost's user-friendly mobile app. Available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Advanced Analytics Track and monitor the engagement received to prioritize and improve your marketing strategy through RecurPost's Advanced Analytics.

Team Members Invite your team members and VAs to work cooperatively on different tasks to achieve goals in time.

White Label Reports With RecurPost, you can even download White-label pdf report files for presentations and appearing professional in the eyes of your clients.

Updates with Images, GIFs, and Videos Both RecurPost and EveryPost support content containing media files i.e. images, videos, and GIFs.

Hashtag Recommendation RecurPost recommends you hashtags when creating new content which you may use to increase your social reach, something which EveryPost fails to offer.

URL Shortener Connect your Bitly account to RecurPost to shorten links in your posts and appear more presentable and less clustered on social media.

CSV Support Got a CSV file full of data? Simply upload it to RecurPost and add tons of content in bulk. EveryPost doesn't offer this feature.

Repeated Posting Don't let your idea be forgotten in a couple of days. With RecurPost, you can easily reuse your content multiple times giving them new life.

Content Approval Want to make a final check before posting your updates? Approve or reject updates in an instant with RecurPost.

How RecurPost proves to be the best alternative for EveryPost?

  • No monetary commitments required

    When you sign up for RecurPost, you can start using the tool immediately. Our 14-day free trial lets you use the plan to make sure you like it without any commitments. Cancel your plan within the trial period and you will not be charged.

  • Grow your local listing

    RecurPost supports scheduling content on Google my business listings. It helps you in remaining active on GMB and ultimately in improving your local search results. You can schedule posts and set different call to actions. It is very important when your business is targeting local customers. EveryPost doesn’t support the management of Google my business.

  • Experience amazing customer support

    RecurPost has a lot of options available for providing solutions to your problems. There is live chat support to address all your issues. You can also email your concerns and we will answer them straight away. When you first join RecurPost, you can schedule a meeting with our support executive to learn everything about using the tool. Also, you can refer to our knowledgebase anytime that consists of every detail on how to use different features.

  • Take your social analysis to the next level

    RecurPost offers you to analyze the performance of your social accounts very easily. Its advanced analytics will enable you to see and compare the engagement level received on different posts. Thus, you’ll be able to find what type of content is working and what’s not. The location of your audience, their age, gender, and interests will be visible, which will assist you in crafting your content according to their preferences. With EveryPost, you’ll not be able to know all this data.

  • Add multiple images in posts and customize captions

    Ever faced the limitation of being able to add only 1 image in a post while using a social media scheduler? RecurPost will not make you feel the same. While creating a post, you can add multiple images for different social platforms. 15 images can be added in a post for a Facebook page, 9 images can be added in a post for LinkedIn accounts, and 4 images can be attached in a tweet. You can also customize descriptions (captions) for each social media platform, and add up to 30 hashtags of your choice.

EveryPost doesn’t have a social inbox, leaving RecurPost as its perfect alternative

A social inbox streamlines all of your inbound social notifications, allowing teams to manage and track responses, at scale. In addition to addressing technical or sales-related questions, the social inbox makes it easy to direct interactions to specific team members, ensuring that every interaction happens with the right person at the right time. To help you connect with your customers and solve their queries in real-time, RecurPost’s social inbox will aggregate all important notifications at a single place, making it the best alternative of EveryPost. Below are the features that you’ll get:

  • Manage notifications from Instagram business profile, FB pages, LinkedIn pages, Twitter, and GMB listings.

  • The first social media scheduler to offer the support for GMB reviews in Social Inbox. You can see and reply to them straight from the inbox.

  • See and manage comments, mentions, and conversations (DMs) from Twitter.

  • See comment notifications, reply to them, delete, review, add to library, or assign to other members - for Instagram business profiles and LinkedIn pages.

  • For Facebook pages, manage messages, comments, reviews, and fan updates altogether.

  • Block/unblock, follow/unfollow users straight from the inbox.

  • Add posts or comments to RecurPost’s libraries directly from the Inbox.

  • Assign notifications to team members and ask them to review.

  • Add labels to organize notifications in different categories.

  • Sort and filter notifications according to time and favorites.

  • Use your social inbox without the compulsion of scheduling posts or making libraries.

The White-label reports provided by RecurPost helps you to stay informed about your content performance. You can add your logo and present them to your clients. You can subscribe to topics through Google alerts and add your favorite content directly to RecurPost’s library. If you are working in a huge team, you can add your team members and assign them different roles. EveryPost, however, doesn’t provide you with any of these amazing features, making RecurPost its best alternative.

Other Comparisons

RecurPost is a great alternative to a number of other social media management tools out there.