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10 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools To Promote Your Business Smartly

Social media scheduling tools are like magic wands for social media marketers!

best social media scheduling tools

Preparing a content calendar for social media marketing activities can be a handful tasks. It requires commitment and dedication of time as well as effort. But you should know that all the work you put in now, will pay off well in the future.

Marketing professionals are always looking for attractive returns whilst deploying minimum resources. This is where a social media scheduler and automation tools comes into the picture. The scope of these tools goes beyond mere queuing up of posts. If you choose the right tool, you can optimize your entire social media management process, saving yourself so much more time to ideate great content.

When you automate social media posts, you pave the way for achieving maximum efficiency. Your social media marketing can literally take off to level 100 in no time when you schedule Facebook posts, schedule Instagram posts, or schedule tweets. To attain everything mentioned by us here, you need to educate yourself on the top social media scheduling tools available in the market to be able to make a sound choice.

We have prepared a detailed list of social media automation tools to help you out.

Before Jumping To That, Let’s See Why You Need A Social Media Management Tool In 2022?

Selling through social media platforms is a crucial B2B activity that needs to be mastered. If you think it is limited to a single platform, you might be wrong. A regular social media user spends more than 2 hours across 8 social media sites.

That’s not an easy number of platforms to manage at once. In fact, to have a social media strategy in place and to be able to execute, manage, synchronize, analyze as well as optimize all activities related to that, is a huge task. You simply won’t be able to keep up.

This is where social media scheduling tools come into the picture. These tools will essentially render web-based or software solutions to your business to carry out its social media marketing activities, selling activities and engagement building. You will be able to schedule Google My Business posts, schedule LinkedIn posts, and have a great Pinterest scheduler at your disposal with a social media scheduler.

A tool for social media automation will give you a bird’s eye view of everything pertaining to social media management. You will be able to plan, schedule and analyze posts. This will give you excellent returns on your investment.

Once you have a social media content strategy in place, you can opt to go for a social media post scheduler to automate the entire publishing, analyzing and engagement building process.

What Are The Best Social Media Scheduling Tools?

After conducting thorough research, we have carefully curated a list of 10 best social media scheduling tools. These tools have been selected based on the services or features provided by them along with other factors like price point, customer service and testimonials.

The 10 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools To Simulate Your Marketing Activities Are:

1. RecurPost

This social media scheduler has gained popularity quickly. Its intelligent AI-backed system allows for automatic social media posting on several platforms at once.

A very handy feature that comes with the many other high-performing ones is its ability to repurpose content. The app will give you a report of all the best times to post content. You can schedule your posts accordingly and even create repeating schedules! It also has an amazing affiliate marketing program in place, to help you generate some passive income.

It will also take care of all your engagement-building activities. A reposting feature allows you to reuse existing content and increase your site traffic. RecurPost is a very smart platform that has managed to take into purview every difficulty that a content manager could face. You can use it as a Twitter tweet scheduler, google my business post scheduler, Instagram post scheduler, and more.

It simplifies all the marketing activities, giving you more time and scope for social media strategy optimization. Most importantly, all of this comes at a stellar price point. But before we get to that, let’s quickly skim through the wide array of features offered by RecurPost.


  • Create a content library to store content for repurposing.

  • Effectively collaborate with your team members with the advanced content calendar.

  • Measure, monitor and analyze the performance of your posts.

  • Bulk scheduling enabled on all influential social media platforms.

  • Detailed and professional white-label reports at your disposal.

  • Curate a bag of all the right hashtags to reduce the time taken while drafting new posts.

  • Content categorization is simplified for you.

  • Advanced content curation with Chrome plugin and many other methods.

  • URL shortening feature is available.

  • Social inbox feature for managing all your platform notifications.

  • Supports Android and iOS.

  • Set the content on auto-schedule as per the best times for posting.

  • Edit all posted content seamlessly even after making it live.

  • RSS feed automation for sharing your blogs.

  • Audience analytics at your disposal to tailor your content strategy.

2. SproutSocial

SproutSocial is a social media management tool that renders features like smart inbox, advanced social media analytics, and customized reporting. It supports almost all major social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Here’s how SproutSocial compares with RecurPost’s services:

social media automation tool - sproutsocial


  • Grouping the team members is easier with SproutSocial.

  • It allows for integration of tools like Hubspot, Zendesk, and UserVoice. Teams can manage user queries effectively this way.

  • The bot builder facilitates setting-up, operating, and managing chatbots inside Facebook messenger, making it a good Facebook post scheduler.

  • One of the few tools to provide CRM features.


  • Price-point is extremely high when compared to other tools with similar services. Teams especially can be costly because it charges per team member.

  • It does not offer integration with platforms like YouTube, proving that it slacks in its value for money.

  • Absence of a unified inbox, forcing users to jump among different social accounts.

3. HootSuite

HootSuite is a standard web-based social media scheduling tool that gives its users comprehensive collaboration features. It helps users manage and display all social media accounts on a single dashboard. It works very well across platforms, devices, and even without download.

Here’s how HootSuite compares with RecurPost’s services:

social media scheduler - hootsuite


  • It allows you to upload multiple YouTube videos to more than one account at the same time.

  • Mobile app for android and iOS is available

  • All social media accounts can be managed on a single dashboard without having to log into each.

  • Fits well into all types of profiles at a company including marketing professionals, social media executives or giant teams.


  • It is extremely overpriced. For someone who has just started a business, this is a far-fetched choice. Plus, the complicated user interface doesn’t help at all.

  • Sporadic compatibility issues are faced on multiple platforms, leading to difficulty in uploading content.

  • The URL shortening options are limited.

  • The customer support team is not very accessible. You would have to wait for a long time to get a response from their team. There are additional charges for priority support.

4. Buffer

Buffer is a very simple social media scheduling tool that is also intuitive. If your budget is limited and all you want to do is cross-platform publishing, Buffer is the one tool for you. This social media management tool will allow businesses to schedule content on social media platforms without much hassle and even when they are on the move. It is a great choice to carry out personal branding activities.

Here’s how Buffer compares with RecurPost’s services:

social media scheduler - buffer


  • It has a virtual queue feature to automatically arrange your content through the day.

  • It allows to schedule social media posts for all social media sites at once, without the need for individual scheduling.

  • The built-it editor Pablo is excellent.

  • The customer support is highly responsive and quick.


  • Buffer lacks all rounded Instagram support features.

  • It falls short on engagement dashboards.

  • Buffer lacks an important feature, like the content curation feature that could assist you in bringing out fresh content.

5. Sendible

This social media automation tool is most suitable for digital agencies and is very well performing one. The central suite sports 20 built-in integrations to blog, social media sites, sharing sites, and slack compatibility, to facilitate team collaboration.

Here’s how Sendible compares with RecurPost’s services:

social media scheduler - sendible


  • Complete integration facility with top social media platforms along with blogging platforms.

  • Content suggestions available by topic along with RSS feed posting tools.

  • The Canva design tool is easily accessible.

  • The report generation is great. You get detailed, custom reports that are also visually appealing. There can be emailed to whoever you want automatically.


  • They don’t offer a free plan.

  • The geographic keyword monitoring results are not cent percent believable.

  • It would take some while to get used to working with Sendible. The dashboard might come off as clunky, making it less user-friendly.

6. MeetEdgar

For freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and bloggers that are on a strict budget, MeetEdgar is the social media scheduling tool to go to. They can boost their social media presence with this tool. It has an automated content recycling tool that lets you reuse existing content effortlessly.

Here’s how MeetEdgar compares with RecurPost’s services:

social media scheduling tool - MeetEdgar


  • Engagement building is maximized by automated content recycling, storage as well as reposting.

  • It offers plans that are suitable for organizations operating at all levels.


  • It does not support all major social media networks, making it less of a one-stop solution for marketers.

  • It does not support tracking and interaction with posts directly from the dashboard.

7. CoSchedule

This is a social media automation tool that is mainly focused on publishing content and is famous for its content calendar feature. CoSchedule is a great Instagram post scheduler and LinkedIn post scheduler, and supports Facebook, Twitter as well as Tumblr. The social media scheduling tool also allows you to organize and publish blogs directly from your CoSchedule account by integrating with tools like WordPress.

Here’s how CoSchedule compares with RecurPost’s services:

social media scheduling tool - coschedule


  • This social media posting tool gives you a very smart feature named ReQueue. With this feature, your content queue gets updated automatically by rescheduling all your best-performing posts from your content history.

  • There is a centralized dashboard wherein you can keep a track of everything that your team works upon. You can also measure team progress.

  • In case you miss out on posting in accordance with the schedule, its smart calendar automatically fills in by rescheduling your best-performing posts.


  • It is a fairly expensive tool as compared to other ones.

  • It does not feature enough integrations or collaborations with other tools.

  • The ReQueue feature comes with a limitation wherein you can queue your posts only twice.

8. Tailwind

This social media automation tool is highly suitable for Instagram and Pinterest. This is because Tailwind gives a range of features that complement these platforms like Pinterest content promotion and Instagram UGC content management.

Here’s how Tailwind compares with RecurPost’s services:

social media scheduling tool - tailwind


  • The styling of HTML elements is much faster with Tailwind. You don’t have to leave your markup and can style your elements directly.

  • It is a much convenient tool to use for developers. They will get help in dealing with CSS by using the built-in classes.

  • It is safe to use because the framework is tested by professionals and is stable.


  • It is difficult to deal with the HTML elements on Tailwind because the classes that come with it are difficult to read.

  • You might have to tailor the framework or make your way around it at times. It is better when you have complete control over the styling, which is not the case with Tailwind.

  • It is difficult to deal with the CSS if the developers are not advanced. Since the framework is already defined, it will pretty much do all the heavy work for you. This can make you lose control over your styling.

9. Agorapulse

This tool for social media scheduling provides a streamlined integration with social networks along with detailed analytics and reporting tools. There is a CRM database as well. It enables you to track and update the list of followers. Agorapulse has the ability to cater to large-scale agencies and teams.

Here’s how Agorapulse compares with RecurPost’s services:

social media automation tool - agorapulse


  • Productivity is boosted with the CRM software integration.

  • Suitable for large-scale firms.

  • Data can be exported seamlessly to excel.

  • PowerPoint analytics reports are well-designed and vibrant.


  • It does not support many popular social media platforms.

  • In the analytics feature, every additional competitor costs extra.

  • The micro plan can be expensive when considered for the features offered by it.

10. Crowdfire

This is another popular social media scheduling tool in the market. Crowdfire allows automatic social media posting as per date or day. Multiple social accounts can be managed efficiently from a single place. It has an interesting feature called DM marketing. This feature can help you attract potential customers increase interaction with your brand.

Here’s how Crowdfire compares with RecurPost’s services:

social media automation tool - crowdfire


  • With Crowdfire, you will surely get followers. Over time your social media presence will grow.

  • It does not charge anything for up to two accounts of the same network.

  • They have regular reminders to check suggestions and recommendations that they have for you for growing your social media presence.


  • It does not allow more than 3 accounts to be registered on site or the application.

  • The quality of images shared deteriorates.

  • The prices do not remain stable.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you might wonder, how do I create a social media content calendar? Or, how do I schedule social media posts? We have prepared a framework of steps that you can follow to create a social media content calendar:

  • – Analyze and audit all content on all social networks used by you.
  • – Select the social media channels that you want to use.
  • – Decide upon the factors that your calendar will track.
  • – Develop a library to store all your content.
  • – Streamline a workflow pattern.
  • – Begin ideating your posts.
  • – Bring in the team members to review and analyze content.
  • – Begin the scheduling or publishing of posts.

Some of the best social media management tools in the market are:

  • – RecurPost
  • – Sprout Social
  • – Hootsuite
  • – Buffer
  • – Sendible
  • – MeetEdger
  • – CoSchedule
  • – Tailwind
  • – AgoraPulse
  • – Crowdfire

Social media scheduling tools are used to plan social media posts. The users will have to add in content to be posted at a future date and time that needs to be specified. The tool will then automatically post the content as scheduled by the user.

Social media schedulers used to offer free services back then, however, they are mostly paid for now. But the price adds value to the service offered by them. With the additional cost, you get many services that would add value to your business. You get features like detailed analytics, performance reports, link shortening, content reposting, and much more.

The following tips will help you with social media management:

  • – Creating original and good quality content.
  • – Post the right quantity of content by analyzing data.
  • – Use social media management tools. These will help you achieve a satisfying ROI on your marketing efforts.
  • – Use social media scheduling tools. This will help you plan and schedule your content well ahead in time.
  • – Be real about your opinions.
  • – Use social media analytics to make content decisions.

Final thoughts

When you work in a team for managing the social media marketing activities of a firm, you need a tool to make tasks more manageable. To be able to get maximum returns from your marketing efforts, you will need social media scheduling tools that will allow you to schedule content for multiple social networks in one place. That is where the above-mentioned list comes into the picture. You can carefully go through the features offered by each tool and make an informed choice. See how each of them compares with the services offered by RecurPost. Click here to know more about how its services can help with business growth and how you can use it.