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Later vs Sendible – Which Platform Is Better in 2023?

When it comes to social media management tools, Later and Sendible have managed to carve a niche for themselves. If you’re caught in the Later vs Sendible dilemma, then you’re in luck! We at RecurPost, armed with our vast knowledge of social media tools, are here to guide you.

What is Later?

Later, initially known for its Instagram-first approach, has gradually evolved into a comprehensive social media scheduling platform. It focuses heavily on visual content, aiding businesses in planning, scheduling, and analyzing their posts for multiple platforms.

What is Sendible?

Sendible is a robust social media management tool aiming to streamline the processes of agencies and businesses. From post scheduling, in-depth analytics, to monitoring brand mentions, Sendible promises to be the one-stop solution for all social media marketing needs.

Later vs Sendible: User Rating

Rating CategoriesLaterSendible
Star Rating (Out of 5)4.64.7
Meets Requirements (Out of 10)9.19.3
Ease of Use (Out of 10)9.29.0
Ease of Setup (Out of 10)9.39.1
Ease of Admin (Out of 10)9.19.0
Quality of Support (Out of 10)9.09.2
Business Partnership (Out of 10)8.99.0
Product Direction (% positive)8889
Summary: Both Later and Sendible showcase impressive user ratings, with Sendible having a slight edge in several categories.

Later vs Sendible: Feature Comparison

Pricing (per month in USD)12.50$29$
Free TrialYesYes
Platforms SupportedMultiple PlatformsMultiple Platforms
Bulk SchedulingYesYes
Visual Content FocusYesNo
Content SuggestionsNoYes
Social InboxNoYes
Advanced AnalyticsYesYes
Approval WorkflowNoYes
URL ShortenerYesYes
Team ManagementYesYes
Summary: While Later prioritizes visual content, Sendible provides a broader suite of features suitable for agencies and businesses.

Pros and Cons of Using Later


  • Visual content-centric approach.
  • Intuitive post drag-and-drop feature.
  • More budget-friendly.


  • Limited to post scheduling and analytics.

Pros and Cons of Using Sendible


  • Comprehensive feature set for agencies.
  • Integrated social inbox for real-time monitoring.
  • Provides content suggestions.


  • Higher pricing compared to Later.

Later vs Sendible – The Bottom Line

Later’s strong suit is its visual content planning, while Sendible leans towards a comprehensive approach. Your choice will depend on your primary requirements and budget.

RecurPost as an alternative to Later and Sendible

RecurPost provides a compelling alternative to both Later and Sendible, offering a comprehensive suite of social media management tools with distinct advantages.

Pricing (per month in USD)$2512.50$29$
Free TrialYesYesYes
Bulk SchedulingYesYesYes
AI Content GenerationYesNoNo
Advanced AnalyticsYesYesYes
Team ManagementYesYesYes
Platform SupportFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, YouTube, TikTokInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedInInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn
Caption CustomizationYesNoYes
URL ShortenerYesNoYes
White Label ReportsYesYesYes
Visual Content CalendarNoYesYes

The Question Isn’t Later vs Sendible — It’s Why Not RecurPost?

Both Later and Sendible bring valuable attributes to the table. But, when you crave the perfect blend of affordability and comprehensive features, RecurPost stands out as the shining star.