Digital Marketing Tools: Don’t Miss on these 10 free gems to build your brand

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Have you ever thought that you might be able to achieve all your digital marketing goals if you had access to the best tools available in the market? Or are you simply confused between the endless alternatives available?

No doubt, these days, there are so many tools available for digital marketing purposes that it is difficult to know from where to start. Every tool requires the investment of your precious time (and some tools require money too). Thus, choosing the wrong one only to find its uselessness and then trying another tool can be a complete hassle.

Your business needs the ability to focus – to target its time, energy, and resources into one goal. In the wrong hands, digital marketing tools are nothing but a distraction from the primary goal. And in the right hands, a curated list of tools can streamline every part of the businesses’ digital marketing strategy.

That’s what this list of tools is all about. It is the ultimate combination of digital marketing tools that will enhance your overall strategy. By using these tools, you will be able to automate most of your tasks and generate more results in less time period.

From finding relevant keywords to obtaining free stock images, from content curation to social sharing – this list will give you tools to simplify all of your daily digital marketing tasks.

We are going to have a look at the features of the following 10 digital marketing tools:

  1. Ahrefs
  2. RecurPost
  3. Visme
  4. Biteable
  5. Mail Chimp
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Feedly
  8. Yoast
  9. Unsplash
  10. Crazy Egg

1. Ahrefs – A keyword research tool

ahref-digital marketing tools by recurpost by social media scheduling tool

Ahrefs is one of the best digital marketing tools available for SEO Strategy and SEM. Its because you can learn everything about your competitors, research about backlinks, keywords, rank tracking, site audits, and content. Here’s what you can do with this tool:

  • Find low-hanging content opportunities by seeing the high traffic pages of your competitors.
  • Search how your competitors are acquiring backlinks, and implement the same for your business.
  • Find out low competition keywords that have a high traffic and search volume.
  • Find critical SEO issues that may cause damage to your website’s performance on Google.
  • Search for guest blogging opportunities.
  • Check your website’s ranking progress with the rank tracker.
  • Find and fix all the broken backlinks.
  • Find your competitors broken pages to uncover link building opportunities.

2. RecurPost – Automate your social media


RecurPost a digital marketing tools with social media scheduling

RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool using which you can take your social media marketing strategy to the next levels. It allows you to manage multiple social accounts from the same platform, and supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google my Business profiles. Some of its features include the following:

  • Scheduling posts ahead of time.
  • Bulk scheduling and editing through an easy drag and drop editor.
  • Recommends you the best time to post on social channels by analyzing the engagement levels of your followers.
  • Recycle your content multiple times to reach new audiences and increase traffic.
  • It offers an app that makes it super convenient to manage your social accounts on the go.
  • It offers a Google Chrome plugin, Google alerts feature, White-label reports, and advanced analytics.

3. Visme- A designing tool 

visme digital marketing tools by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

Visme is basically a web-based designing tool that has both free and paid plans. Its drag and drop interface makes it easy for everyone to create outstanding graphics for every occasion. With the following list of features, it becomes one of the must-have tools for every digital marketing professional.

  • A stock library containing over millions of photographs, illustrations, and graphics.
  • Completely customizable templates for preparing Posters, Banners, Brochures, Invoices, Flyers, Presentations, Social media posts, Resumes, and a lot more. 
  • Vast selection of fonts.
  • Advanced photo editing tools that allow users to add text, colors, stickers, frames, borders, etc.

4. Biteable – A tool for making videos

biteable as digital marketing tools by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

Biteable is a platform that makes it easy to create business videos using pre-designed templates and stock footages. Video marketing is a great way to engage with your audience and produce optimum results for your digital marketing KPIs. Biteable is free to use but the free videos contain a watermark at the corners. 

  • It provides templates of 3-5 seconds. You can combine different scenes to create a story.
  • For each scene, the content, length, and fonts are editable.
  • Different styles are available, such as infographic, animation, clay, etc.
  • You can change the color palette of the scenes, add text and audio, and customize it completely according to your needs.

5. Mail Chimp – A tool for email marketing

Mail chimp digital marketing tools by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

A marketing automation platform, Mail Chimp allows you to create, send, and analyze email campaigns. Small businesses and e-commerce retailers can grow their business substantially by carrying out email campaigns through Mail Chimp. Here are some of the features you get out of this email marketing tool:

  • Ready-to-use wide selection of campaign templates and email designers.
  • Personalize each and every mail with the use of merge tags.
  • Distribute emails according to the time zones of your subscribers.
  • Analyze each campaign’s performance with the comparative data reports.
  • Share campaigns across social networking sites by connecting them to Mail Chimp.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics as digital marketing tools by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

Google Analytics is probably amongst the most known analytics tools on this planet for digital marketing professionals. It can be of great help to understand and improve your website and channel performance. Taking leverage of the best features will surely take you ahead of your competition. 

  • Track all your AdWords campaigns and how they perform.
  • Find out exactly how each section of your website is performing.
  • Discover profitable keywords for SEO and PPC.
  • Optimize experience for site search visitors.
  • Real-time reporting of your ad campaigns.
  • Availability of custom reports to access data whenever required.
  • Set up custom alerts to never miss anything important.

7. Feedly – A tool for content curation

feedly a digital marketing tools by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

Feedly is a news aggregator software that can be used on various browsers as well as android and iOS platforms. It is also available as a cloud-based service. Using Feedly, you can compile feeds from a variety of online sources, customize them, and share with others. This makes it the best tool for content marketing. Some of its features are:

  • Gather, collate, organize, and consume web content at a single place.
  • Apps available for android and iOS users for ease of use.
  • It brings together your preferred sources of content, blogs, publications, news outlets, and YouTube channels.
  • Link it to Google alters. It will send you notifications for the best content according to your preferred keywords.
  • Save article links for future reading.

8. Yoast – A SEO tool for WordPress

Yoast as digital marketing tools by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

A majority of people prefer using WordPress to develop their websites. And Yoast is a plugin that will help you in optimizing your website’s SEO. It offers a wide range of parameters that will enable you to correct your SEO and Readability of blogs and articles.

  • Set the keyphrase, SEO title, Meta description for blogs and articles.
  • Check the count of keyword density according to the number of words in the blog.
  • Analyze the readability of the copy you wrote and calculate the Flesch Reading Ease score.
  • Immediately mark the added links as no-follow or do-follow (sponsored) while you’re writing the blog.
  • Set a primary category for your post, and determine the taxonomy for every single page on your website.

9. Unsplash – A source for free stock images

Unsplash as digital marketing tools by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

We are including this Unsplash in the list of digital marketing tools because no article or blog is complete without images to compliment the words that you have written. They make your write-up interesting and hooks the attention of viewers to your blog. But, shooting or finding relevant images is not always easy. It takes a lot of time and energy for creating images. Thus, when you don’t have that time, using royalty-free stock images is the best option available. Unsplash provides you with thousands of high-quality free stock images that you can use for personal as well as professional purposes. These images can be used, edited, and uploaded without taking any kind of permission from the provider.  

10. Crazy Egg

crazzy eggs as digital marketing tools by recurpost social media scheduling tool

Crazy Egg is a software that will let you know what’s working with your website and what’s not. It provides you with eye-tracking tools such as Heat map, Scroll map, Overlay, and Confetti to track a website’s operation. This helps you to understand your customers’ interests. Thus, you can boost the profit from your website without spending countless hours on IT-related issues. Here are some of its features:

  • Its heatmap lets you know where users clicked on your website.
  • The scroll map will tell you how far people are scrolling on a particular page and where they are stopping.
  • The overlay report shows the number of clicks on every element on a page.
  • Confetti enables you to distinguish between all the clicks you get on your website. They are bifurcated by referral sources, search terms, and more.
  • Track all the data on desktop as well as mobile phones.
  • Maximize leads and sales by focusing on the pages and elements that your visitors like. It is also very important when creating a website, or landing page, to pay attention to the user-friendliness of your website theme

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing has now become an inevitable part of business growth strategies. As a brand on social media and on the internet overall, it is getting increasingly difficult to bring your brand in front of the right people. Using the right combination of digital marketing tools will not only make your tasks easy, but will also help in increasing your conversion rates. They will help you in addressing the tiniest issues on your website and on social platforms.

So, which tools are your favorite for carrying out digital marketing tasks? Let us know in the comments section!

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