12 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas For Fashion Brands in 2021

12 Digital Marketing ideas for Fashion brands

The online fashion market is so crowded that it can become very difficult for you to distinguish your brand from the rest of the pack. And the only way to stand out is by identifying and implementing the right digital marketing ideas. Fashion digital marketing not only improves your sales, but also increases brand awareness. As it is easily trackable, you can get quick feedback and know if a campaign is producing the desired results or not. 

When implemented in the correct way, the right digital marketing ideas will put your product in front of the target audience, make them aware of your brand, drive them to make a purchase, and ultimately turn them into brand ambassadors. 

When it comes to the promotion of your fashion brand, you need to be wicked and vicious! Whether you are selling anime printed T-shirts or intricate evening gowns, you need to come up with an effective and measurable promotional campaign for your brand.

Thus, in this article, we will walk you through 12 digital marketing ideas that you can use to design a kick-ass promotional campaign for your fashion label.

These ideas will answer the following questions:

12 best fashion digital marketing ideas 

  1. Create an exemplary brand website
  2. Maintain a consistent presence on social media
  3. Use custom packaging
  4. Run re-targeted Facebook ads
  5. Collaborate with influencers
  6. Start a blog
  7. Create style guides
  8. Organize giveaways on Instagram
  9. Create gift guides
  10. Nurture potential customers
  11. Give birthday discount coupons
  12. Follow your data

Let’s see all the digital marketing ideas one by one.

1. Create An Exemplary Brand Website

This definitely sounds like a no-brainer, right? 

Women’s Wear Daily reported that more than 1800 clothing stores closed last year. However, according to Statista, the revenue in the fashion industry is going to increase to £534.5B in 2022. Now, that sounds contrasting! This weird scenario of closed stores yet increased overall revenue is completely a result of the internet. 

The buying behaviors of people have changed and people prefer shopping online as compared to visiting stores. And, for you as a fashion brand, this means that you need to build a website if you don’t already have one! Your website is going to be the place where your brand lives. It’s where people will discover about your business and build connections with you.

2. Maintain A Consistent Presence on Social Media

There is simply no alternative to this – Your brand needs to have a consistent presence on all major social media platforms. It’s where you will get a majority of queries related to your products. It’s where you can showcase your products in the most creative ways possible.

To build an engaged community, you need to post almost daily. Prepare a social media calendar and fill it with content ideas. But make sure that you don’t just focus on promoting your products. There’s a lot you can post on social media – experiment with BTS videos, memes, tips and tricks, clothing inspo, etc.

If you think it is quite difficult to post daily on multiple social media platforms, you can use a social media scheduler to automate everything. RecurPost is one such tool that allows you to schedule months’ worth of content in advance on all major social sites. Using it, you can also schedule your content for best times to post on social media, which will bring maximum engagement to your posts. 

3. Use Custom Packaging

In the past few times, people have been really attracted to product packaging. It’s not only the product that matters, but also how you present it. Thoughtful, custom, and adorable packaging is winning the hearts of people, and you need to jump on the bandwagon soon!

Custom packaging serves as a great way to capture the attention of people and make your brand memorable for buyers as well as site visitors. When you use custom packaging and add a little personal touch (for example, a thank you note for making a purchase), customers are more likely to share the pictures on their social media accounts.

You can further share this user-generated content on your website and social accounts. This ultimately attracts other people to your profile, increases brand awareness, and builds trust. This is known as ‘social proof’ which is incredibly important, especially for small businesses. 

4. Run Re-Targeted Facebook Ads

When people visit your website or see your ad for the first time, they are very less likely to make a purchase. But with retargeting, you will be able to reach the same people again and again, and remind them about the products that they might be thinking of purchasing.

Retargeting people is very simple on Facebook. You simply need to create Custom Audiences using just a snippet of code, and target Lookalike Audiences as well to further increase your reach. If they are still not making a purchase (say, after a week), you can offer them a discount coupon in the next ad itself. 

This will make them reconsider their buying decisions and draw them to your website. Retargeting people who have put items in their shopping cart and forgotten it is also a great way to generate sales

5. Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer marketing works wonders for bringing your brand in front of your target audience. Find out some popular fashion bloggers or vloggers who have a dedicated following on social media. Micro and nano-influencers are the best choices as they have a more engaged audience as compared to big influencers. It will create a huge impact if they review, mention, or just wear your products!

You can collaborate with them to create content for a particular campaign or simply to create beautiful photos using your product. Their influence and creative approach to the product would create a lot of engagement and revenue.

6. Start A Blog

You are reading RecurPost’s blog right now. By providing educational and informative blogs, we are building a connection with you. This is exactly what you need to do for your brand too. 

Blogging is one of the most critical content marketing tools you have at your disposal because it is a staple of content marketing that does everything from improving your organic search results to introducing new consumers to your brand. Every blog post that you write creates a new landing page for people to interact with. 

You can successfully use your blog to provide any news or updates related to your brand, introduce new styles along with high-definition images, provide seasonal styling tips, and a lot more. Oh, and don’t forget to make all the blogs SEO optimized! There are a lot of blogging tools available that you can use to maintain your blog and rank it in search results.

7. Create Style Guides

Style guides are a great way to show how people can wear your products and include them in their daily routine. If you are a fashion brand that deals with huge varieties of clothing and accessories, style guides can help your customers and website visitors to get ideas on how they can wear and style your products and add them to their existing wardrobe.

There are multiple ways of creating style guides. Seasonal style guides are one of the most popular themes chosen by fashion brands, which includes clothing inspiration for summer, winter, autumn, or spring. You can also create guides for special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings), holidays, travel, work, etc. This is a must include in the list of fashion digital marketing ideas. 

8. Organize Giveaways on Instagram

Giveaways and contests are a very popular viral content marketing strategy on Instagram. If you have some products that are already popular, you can conduct their giveaway. Ask people to follow you, tag their friends, and comment on your giveaway post. 

When people will tag their friends, it ultimately creates a chain, resulting in increased brand awareness and a growing community. After reaching a certain number of followers, you can make giveaways a regular part of your digital marketing ideas. 

Aside from the hype you’ll create about your company and products, you can make participants join the campaign by signing up for an email list, liking or sharing a Facebook page, and so on, which can provide you with useful customer data and ideas that you can use to tailor your digital marketing strategies in the future.

9. Create Gift Guides

The younger generation is always confused about what to gift. If you help them in clearing those confusions, you’ll definitely see an increase in your sales! People are looking to buy gifts the entire year – for Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Graduation season, Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Anniversaries, and more! 

Create gift guides for all of these occasions and give people ideas on what they can gift to their loved ones. These guides should be available on your website and can be sent to your email subscribers. You can also promote them on your social media channels. 

For example, you have created a gift guide for Valentine’s Day. Make a special landing page for your website that includes a list of shoppable products. You can also create a digital ebook in the form of a magazine-style gift guide, that includes links back to your website from where people can buy those products.

10. Nurture Potential Customers

When people first visit your store or website, they are not always going to turn into customers by making a purchase. However, make sure you collect their email address or contact number and add them to your list of subscribers. Now automate an email series or messages that slowly feed them new content. 

Learn about their buying behaviors and notice how much time it takes for the person to turn into a customer. Notice the open rates and click rates of emails to learn what kind of products they are interested in and customize future emails accordingly.

11. Give Birthday Discount Coupons

Who doesn’t like to shop for new clothes and accessories on their birthdays? And who doesn’t love to get a discount especially for buying birthday outfits? Send your customers and subscribers a happy birthday card along with a discount coupon code valid only for their birthday. 

You can do this by sending a snail mail – your customers will love that extra effort. This will build brand loyalty and they will definitely end up using that coupon code by visiting your store or making a purchase online. 

12. Follow Your Data

Data may scare you more than words sometimes! But, all those stats and insights play a huge role in your growth and development. This data will tell you about what’s working and what’s not. Data from Google Analytics and Facebook Audiences will inform you what your visitors are interested in apart from the things they are viewing, allowing you to craft a content strategy that really resonates with them and is more likely to convert them.

Focus on the following data available in Google Analytics:

  • Content: See which website pages or blogs are getting the most traffic.
  • Source: Check where the traffic is coming from – social media, emails, or other sources.
  • Medium: If the traffic came from social media, was it a tweet or an influencers’ post? If it came from Google, then what was the search term?

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I promote a fashion brand on social media?

The most important thing is to stay consistent and post almost daily on your social media accounts. Don’t just keep on promoting your products – focus on providing value to your target audience. Provide tips and share behind-the-scenes, client testimonials, memes, etc. You can also conduct giveaways and contests regularly. You can prepare a content calendar and use a social media scheduling tool like RecurPost to automate your accounts and keep your social profiles always active.

2. How do I make my clothing brand go viral?

There is no shortcut for making your clothing brand go viral overnight. You need to be consistent with your marketing efforts in order to reach the intended audience. Jumping on the ongoing trends and connecting them with your brand can help you in grabbing the attention of people easily. 

Memes are also a great way to spread your content rapidly. Attach an emotional value to your brand and share how your product can solve the problems of people. Collaborate with numerous micro-influencers to reach thousands of people at the same time and increase brand awareness.

3. How do I make my brand stand out?

To make your brand stand out from the pool of other brands similar to yours, follow these tips:

  • Tell your brand’s story. It helps people connect with you at a personal level and establish deep connections.
  • Show off your personality. Reminding your customers that there are real people behind it all makes the brand more likable and personal.
  • Form a connection with your audience by tapping into different emotions. Regardless of whether it’s humor, nostalgia, joy, or trust, striking a chord with your customers is vital to make a lasting impression.
  • Make sure to provide a positive encounter every time a person comes in contact with your brand.

4. How to promote a clothing brand online?

To promote your clothing brand online, you need a perfect blend of social media marketing and digital marketing tactics. The tips listed above will help you find the right strategies that you need to apply for promoting your clothing brand. Create an exceptional website and blog, maintain a consistent presence on social media, use custom packaging, run targeted ads, create style guides and gift guides, collaborate with the right influencers, and keep a check on your analytics to curate the best content for your target audience.

Final thoughts

The fashion industry is indeed competitive, and it operates at the crossroads of many marketing campaigns. To recap, our best digital marketing ideas for fashion brands include personalizing the experiences for customers, staying active on social media, creating style guides and gift guides, learning about buying behaviors, starting a blog, using influencer marketing, and retargeting people on Facebook.

Armed with all this information, we encourage you to pick up your favorite digital marketing ideas and find out what works for you.

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