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How To Repost on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide For You

The Ultimate Guide on How to Repost on Instagram

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Constantly preparing fresh content for Instagram, one of the most successful and influential social media marketing platforms, can be stressful. Therefore, Instagram reposting/resharing has become a widely accepted marketing feature today. Numerous companies have understood how to repost on Instagram as a means to strategically multiple consumers and ROIs. In other words, you can utilize User-generated content(UGC) and Content Partnerships to expand your target audience, increase customer loyalty, and build consumer trust.  

Unlike Twitter, reposting on Instagram isn’t a one-step action. With this blog, we come to your assistance If you are searching for information on how to repost on Instagram using different methods. 

The following article will includes: 

  • details on the legal obligations of reposting/resharing, 
  • reshare content with various methods, and 
  • a third-party application list that you can use. 

What Are The Rules For Reposting On Instagram?

You must adhere to Community Guidelines and take permission from the intellectual property owner before using content as a repost for Instagram. Creators can take action against anybody using copyrighted material without permission, mainly if their content is used for social media marketing purposes. This action can result in deleted content, disabled accounts, or other restrictions. Copyright laws differ according to the country.  Reposting/resharing from native app is completely free.

How to repost on Instagram to benefit social commerce? 

After your business accounts are eligible for the Instagram shop, you can contact content creators to use User-generated Content(UGC). Upon approval, in-app features allow business accounts to tag their products on this type of repost for Instagram with the help of native features.

In any case, you must mention content creators in every Instagram reshare, especially if it’s for marketing. For instance, Airbnb tracks tags and hashtags to source suitable UGC for reposting/resharing. The entity takes consent, features content on the feed, and credits guests.


Source: @airbnb

How to Repost on Instagram From Your Native App?

Collaborating with micro-influencers and featuring consumer posts are some of the clever Instagram Post Ideas that reduce your workload and keep your products and services relevant to your target audience. Customers immediately feel connected to such Instagram reshare and take brands more seriously. 

On the other hand, using a content partnership as a reshare can establish new alliances and promote new projects. Furthermore, this approach allows you and your partners to cross-pollinate on social media platforms. 

1. How to Repost Stories on Instagram?

Instagram stories have become rich ephemeral content sources that drive higher engagement. The limited-time accessibility makes this content more appealing to consumers, resulting in a sense of urgency. This popular in-app feature helps businesses of all sizes with brand hammering and marketing funnel. You can explore step-by-step instructions on how to repost Instagram stories with three different methods.

Story to Story Repost for Instagram: 

This section will cover how to repost on Instagram stories from tagged and untagged stories.

  1. Tagged story: Resharing stories is easier when your business account is tagged/mentioned in stories.  The process is the same for personal account users if the question is how to repost someone’s story when mentioned.

Step 1: Go to your Instagram message and open the story with your mention. 


Step 2: Tap the ‘Add to your story’ option. 


Step 3: Adjust the size of the story and add desired mention/words/symbols/music. [Instagram Story dimensions]

Step 4: Finalize and share the story as a reshare. Once you are done, you will receive a notification titled ‘Added to story’. 


2. Untagged story: It takes more effort if you want to repost Instagram stories you’re not tagged in, especially when you want to use content for marketing. 

Step 1: Take permission from the creator via DM to repost. 

Step 2: Open the story you want to reshare and take a screenshot of it. 


Step 3: Crop the story according to your requirements and add it to your story. Add your desired mention/words/symbols/music.

Step 4: Once your story is ready, share it and you have a reshare with credit.


Feed to Story Repost for Instagram: 

The app allows you to repost feed posts from public accounts without complications. Without using third-party applications Instagram is equipped to resolve your query of how to repost on Instagram stories. 

Step 1: Open your desired reel/post/video and tap on the paper plane icon. 


Step 2: Select ‘Add to story’ from the pop-up share menu.


Step 3: With a single tap on the image post, you can make the original caption visible. (Optional)

Step 4: Adjust the post/reel/video and add your desired mention/words/symbols/music. 

Step 5: Once your content is ready, it is ready to share as an Instagram reshare.


Story to Highlight Repost for Instagram: 

Let’s look at how to repost on Instagram permanently, starting with adding repost stories to ‘Highlights’. One highlight can contain a maximum of 100 stories. 

Step 1: Open the Instagram repost story you wish to share as a highlight and tap the ‘Highlight’ option at the bottom.


Step 2: Tap on the ‘New‘ option to create a new highlight. You can also add a story to a previously created highlight by tapping on it.


Step 3: Name the new highlight and tap ‘Add’ as the final step. 


Step 4: A pop-up ‘Added to highlights’ will appear. The ‘View on Profile’ option lets you check the final update. Now, viewers can check highlights at any time. Isn’t this a smart way to answer how to repost highlights?


2. How to Repost on Instagram? 

To answer your question, ‘How to repost on Instagram feed?’ is quite simple after you have the permission or rights to use the content for social media marketing.  However, you can use your own post or tagged posts on Instagram without any restrictions.

Post to Post Repost for Instagram: 

You can take screenshots of images or ask the owner to provide high-quality photos via email/DM. You can crop images based on your requirements and publish them as regular posts with credit in the caption. You can carefully schedule Instagram posts to avoid overwhelming feelings among followers and target consumers from different geographical statuses. 

Videos & Reels Instagram Repost: 

Now, you can stop wondering how to repost a video on Instagram! It requires collaboration, partnership, or permission from account holders to repost reels and videos as a post. The native app feature lets you download individual content or request account holders to share content via email/DM for Instagram reshare. You can also screen record a video. Companies with high UGC can also take support of third-party tools and mention credits in captions.  The paper plane icon under post allows you to reshare posts on your story.

Story to feed Repost for Instagram: 

Have you ever wondered how to repost on Instagram with stories? Stories are only visible for 24 hours. With native features, you can convert your story into a permanent Instagram feed. This Instagram reshare is not ideal for converting stories with reels and videos as it only extends for a maximum of 10 seconds.  

Step 1: Open a tagged reposted story you want to convert into a post. 


Step 2: Tap on the three dots at the bottom right corner and select ‘Share as post…’ from the menu.


Step 3: Resize image posts. Add filters and captions to any content. 

Step 4: You can see your post in the feed after you share it. 


Best Repost App for Instagram

When you post on Instagram via Zapier, you can employ automation tools to streamline cross-platform activities. However, if you are only looking for how to repost on Instagram via third-party applications then the following tools are at your disposal.  With third-party apps you can even copy the original caption on your repost.

1. Repost+ for Instagram

  • iOS and Android 
  • Free

2. Repost: For posts, stories

  • iOS & Android
  • Freemium 

3. Repost for Instagram – JaredCo

  • Android 
  • Freemium

4. Reposta

  • iOS & Android 
  • Free

5. Reposter Repost for Instagram

  • iOS
  • Freemium

6. Reposter for Story & Video 

  • iOS & Android 
  • Freemium

7. Repost for IG ( Regram) 

  • Android
  • Freemium

8. Repost – Pro

  • iOS & Android 
  • Freemium 

9. InsTake – For Instagram 

  • iOS
  • Freemium 

10. Repost Reels Reshare Story 

  • iOS
  • Freemium

Repost Limitations

  1. The desktop version is incapable of reposting as it is a mobile-first platform, , including Android and iPhone mobiles.
  2. The native features don’t allow reposting from private accounts. Such accounts can only tag/mention their followers. 
  3. Public account users can prevent others from downloading their video and reel content with an in-app feature. 

Final Thought 

Equipped with sufficient information on various methods and technology, how to repost on Instagram is no longer a mystery but a skill to excel. “Reposting UGC content humanizes brands and instills trust among consumers”, advocates Forbes. As you master the art of reposting with social media marketing tools, you can seamlessly upgrade your game plan. 


1. How to repost legally on Instagram?

The golden rule for legally reposting is to get permission before using any content and give credit.

2. Why can’t I repost a post on Instagram?

You cannot repost a private account post unless you are tagged or have permission to repost. Moreover, you cannot repost ads.

3. How do you repost someone else’s Instagram post?

Contact the intellectual property owner, get permission, and give them credit.

4. How do I give credit when reposting?

You can mention a content creator’s account in the caption or tag them in the feed post. For stories, you can mention their name.

5. Can you repost a private Instagram post?

No, you cannot. Instagram doesn’t provide in-app features to repost private account content.

6. What is the procedure for reposting?

Contact content creators/account users via DM and inform them about your intentions to use their content. Take their official permission and give them credit for their original creation.

7. Why can’t my friends repost my Instagram post?

Your friends might not be able to repost your Instagram post because your account is private, you have disabled sharing settings, or there may be app-specific restrictions or errors.

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