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How to Delete Google Business Account in 2024?


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2024 is here, and the new year brings along new opportunities and a new will to do something, whether for your professional or personal life. RecurPost also took a new resolution this year. Do you want to know what? We have resolved to help our readers worldwide understand and take advantage of the web and social media in the best possible ways to grow their business and personal profiles and help them to schedule Google My Business posts easily with social media scheduler. There is no denying that internet opportunities keep growing every second, so you need a reliable source to help you ace them. A source that can answer all your questions and clear all your doubts. So, today we are here to answer one such most-asked question- How to delete Google My Business Account? 

Before we dive right into the blog, let us help you understand what you will learn in this blog. 

What is Google My Business Account? 

what is Google My Business Listing & How to delete GMB Account

When mentioned in simpler terms, Google My Business is a safe and sound platform that allows businesses worldwide to display their information. The information includes anything and everything that someone would need to know about your business. Google My Business includes business’ contact details, website links, location, and most people use it to check a particular business’ reviews. 

People often call it “Modern Day Yellow Pages,” the name suits it aptly as the reason behind Google introducing it was similar. Google wanted to create a platform wherein businesses worldwide could be easily located and contacted by consumers. Hence, it created Google My Business. 

The Google My Business account is an easily accessible tool for businesses to handle their online presence across Google and maps. In addition, it is a solidified source of helping people find your business, recite your story, read your reviews, and helps in knowing A complete guide on social media event promotion.

What are the benefits of creating an account on Google My Business? 


There are numerous advantages to having an account on Google My Business; some are mentioned below. 

1. Information Managed In A Better Way- Google My Business offers you the space and opportunity to manage your business information easily for the users. The moment a user searches for a business, product, or service relatable to yours, they will see the contact details in a synchronized manner via Google My Business. As a result, it becomes easier for the users to go through your website link, phone number, images, availability hours, and reviews. 

2. Convenient Interaction With Clients- You know the feedback culture has been a vital part of the world for a long time now. After all, feedback and reviews help a business and artist reach a wider audience. Reviews also help businesses identify the audience’s pain points and work on the same. You can easily read and respond to your customer reviews through Google My Business, and this small interaction can connect you with your audience on another level. 

3. Photos To Gain Trust- According to speculated data, businesses with photos on Google My Business posts tend to receive more requests for directions on the Google map, along with enhanced clicks on their websites compared to a business with no photos. So ensure to input some of the best photos of your organization to gain wider audience trust. 

4. Better Insights: Using Google My Business, you can collect better data. Through the insights, you can even spot where most of your audience comes from and how many people tend to call you directly on the number showcased at GMB. Maybe then you can focus better on the same area and client base.

Are there any disadvantages of Google My Business? 


Undeniably, the advantages of GMB are renowned and useful for almost all businesses, but similar to a coin- it also carries certain disadvantages. To start with- your Google My Business listing may receive negative, cruel, and untruthful reviews, which may further lead to a negative impression on others. 

Apart from the above, your account may receive fake comments from your competitors or an ex-employee or partner who wishes to slow down your business. This tiny act by your not-so-well-wishers may further lead to a bad overall rating, consumer interaction, and revenue. You can avoid this by asking your clients to post their reviews online, as the positives may then suppress the negatives. 

Let us swiftly focus on understanding today’s blog title- how to delete Google My Business account? 

How to delete a business account on Google or mark it as permanently deleted?


By far, you may have searched numerous blogs to find an appropriate answer for how to delete a Google Business account. But you are here for some reason, right? You may have failed to find the appropriate answer; need not worry as we are here to explain to you the exact steps to delete a Google Business account. 

So, get prepared to learn how to delete a Google business profile. But before you go through the steps, ensure you are the account owner and must first delete or transfer all locations within the account.

#Step1: Start by signing in to Google My Business. 

#Step2: Move on the account you wish to delete; you will see three dots. Click on the same. 

#Step3: After clicking on three dots, you will see the option “Delete.” Click it. 

#Step4: Move your cursor to the “ok” option, and sign in to your Google My Business account once again. 

#Step5: Take a look at all the information on the screen. Now select the boxes you surely wish to delete. 

#Step6: That’s it, now click on the “Delete account” to permanently delete your business account, and this way, all of the data will be gone. 

The process mentioned above will help you delete your Google My Business account, but if you wonder how to remove Google My Listing, the below method will help. 

How to remove Google My Business listings? 


Now that you have the answer for deleting the Google My Business account, let us understand how to remove Google My Business listings. 

#Step1: Login to your Google My Business account. 

#Step2: Select the business you would like to delete from the business list and tap the edit icon. 

#Step3: On the next page, hover your cursor or click on “permanently closed.” It will notify the people that this business has been closed. 

#Step4: Further select close business from the popup box. 

#Step5: Pick the “Remove listing” option once you close the business. 

#Step6: That’s it, you’re almost done; now click the “Remove” option to delete that listing from your Google My Business account. 

Is it possible to remove a duplicate listing? 

We suggest you only have one listing per business location. So yes, do not hamper your location with numerous Google My Business Listings. However, it is not uncommon to have a duplicate listing appear. It may happen when the management of Google My Business gets passed to employees. If you find duplicate Google My Business listing, you must report them to google for a merger or removal. Wondering how to do that? Follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business account. 
  2. Go to your account summary and hover your cursor to “duplicate locations.” 
  3. Now move to the location you are interested in removing. 
  4. Click “Delete this listing.”
  5. That’s it. That’s exactly how you can delete a particular duplicate listing on a Google My Business account. 

How to delete photos from Google Business Account?


If you have uploaded the wrong Google my business logo, follow the below steps to delete or remove your bad or inappropriate pictures from your Google Business Account. 

  1. First, sign in/Log in to your Google My Business account. 
  2. Move to your photo section now. 
  3. Post that, click on the trash icon and remove pictures accordingly. 
  4. That’s it; you are done. The bad photos are gone from your Google My Business Account. 

The above procedure will help you delete the pictures you uploaded. But if you wish to delete the pictures uploaded by others under your business, follow the below stated points. 

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business profile and navigate the images section. 
  2. Move your cursor to the client-posted picture you wish to delete. 
  3. You can easily figure out the customer uploaded pictures as a name is in the corner of the image. 
  4. Once you get to the picture, select the flag icon on the top-right corner of the picture. 
  5. Now you will see a list of reasons you want to delete this picture. Choose your reason. 
  6. That’s it, and the picture is gone. 

How can social media scheduling tools help you with your Google My Business profile? 

Google My Business is a platform that carries more potential than someone ever talks about. If you are interested in getting more clients, you must use this platform for your benefit. You can easily do so by staying consistent at posting on it. 

See, your business keeps changing with every new invention. Whether your office’s interiors or your products/services, you keep adding new things. Hence, why not showcase every new addition to the world? 


To wrap it up, we would like to say- numerous people ignore the value and potential of the Google My Business profile and even sometimes ignore social media promotion. But we believe the platform carries more potential than all of us ever talk about. You must ensure to maintain your Google my business profile and think twice before uploading a picture, as numerous people in the world still judge a book by its cover. You don’t want a wrong impression to get built-in people’s minds because of the wrong picture. Rest we hope you found your answer to deleting a Google business account. 

If you still have any queries about how to delete a Google business account or want to know about Google my business post image size, feel free to drop a comment below! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I delete my Google business location while using the GMB app?

Google My Business has not yet come up with such a feature. You can’t delete your Google Business Location using the GMB application. You will have to open your account using the web. Choose the “Mark your business as permanently closed” option via the desktop, and Google will automatically delete it. 

2. How do I get all my business information removed from Google?

It is the method of patience. That’s right. Like everything on the web, Google My Business takes its own time to delete the information. Even after you delete all the data, Google will take its time to re-index the new information. Ensure to review all the business citations you registered with and update them too, e.g., Yell, Yelp, Bing, Facebook, etc. 

3. Will deleting a google business account delete reviews? 

You must understand that Google does not delete a business from the web even after you delete the information. It just marks your business as “permanently closed.” So all the information stays, including the reviews. But the people will see that business is permanently closed. 

4. How do I remove the address from Google but keep my listing?

The procedure is quite simple, sign in to your Google My Business account and look for the Google My Business listing. Now, edit your address under information and set your business to “deliver goods and services.” Post it, click on “Clear Address” and “Apply.” 

5. How to remove phone numbers from google business?

If you wish to remove your phone numbers from Google Business, follow the below-mentioned steps. 
– Sign in to your Google My Business account. 
– Go to Google and look for your business address and name. 
– Move your cursor to the three dots to the right of the “Your Business On Google” box. 
– Now without any further ado, click “business profile settings.” 
– Scroll down till you get to see the “phone number section.” 
– You will see the option of- not showing the phone number. Choose that. 
– Yes, you are done. The number will not get seen now. 

6. Hoe to delete a Google business page ?

To delete a Google Business page, follow these steps:
– Sign in: Log in to your Google Account.
– Access Google My Business: Go to google my business.
– Select Location: Choose the business location.
– Go to “Info”: Click on “Info” in the left menu.
– Scroll Down: Scroll to the page’s bottom.
– Click “Remove”: Click “Remove Listing.”
– Choose Reason: Pick a removal reason.
– Confirm: Confirm the removal.
– Verification: Verify ownership if prompted.
– Finalize: Wait a few days for the removal to take effect.

7. How to delete google my business account ?
Here are some of the steps to follow to delete google my business account:

– Sign in: Log in to your Google Account.
– Go to Settings: Open Google My Business and go to “Settings.”
– Scroll Down: Scroll to the bottom of the page.
– Close Account: Click “Close Account.”
– Reason & Confirm: Choose a reason and confirm to close.
– Review & Confirm: Review info and confirm again.
– Done: Your Google My Business account is closed.

8. How to delete Google my business profile ?

Here are the steps to follow to delete business profile on Google:
– Log in to your Google Account.
– Go to Google My Business.
– Choose the business location.
– Click on “Info” in the left menu.
– Scroll down and click “Remove Listing.”
– Select a reason and confirm the removal.
– Verify ownership if asked.
– Wait a few days for removal to complete.

9. How to close google business account ?

Here is how you can close Google my business account:
– Log in to your Google Account.
– Open Google My Business and go to “Settings.”
– Scroll down and choose “Close Account.”
– Follow the steps to close the account.
– Review and confirm the closure.

10. How to remove google my business listing ?

Here is how you can remove google my business listing:
– Log in to your Google Account.
– Access Google My Business.
– Choose the business location.
– Click on “Info” in the menu.
– Scroll down and click “Remove Listing.”
– Choose a reason and confirm.
– Verify ownership if requested.
– Wait for the listing to be removed.

11. How to cancel Google my business account?

To cancel Google my business account:
– Log into your account.
– Navigate to Google my business and enter “Settings”.
– Select “Cancel Account” and follow prompts.
– Verify ownership if prompted.
– Confirm your cancellation.

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