Comparing RecurPost and Post Planner

RecurPost allows you to schedule updates on your social profiles, just like Post Planner. RecurPost, however, is a better alternative to Post Planner with a number of major advantages over Post Planner.


Free Forever Plan RecurPost has a forever free plan, but Post Planner pricing starts at $9 per month making RecurPost a FREE alternative to Post Planner.

Forever FREE


Cost of posts per day (Social media profiles)

30 Free per day

100 Posts ($9/month)

Supported Platforms Post to multiple social media platforms

Facebook Profiles

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups


LinkedIn companies

LinkedIn profile


Google My Business

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups


Updates with Videos RecurPost allows you to attach video to all of the platforms, but Post Planer only supports video for Facebook

Import Updates Stuck with a tool because they don't let you export your own content? RecurPost allows you to import your social updates from other social media management tools.

Content Expiry Ability to stop recycling an update after certain date. This is needed for scenarios like when you need to stop posting updates promoting an event after the event has been held.

Content Categorization Both RecurPost and Post Planner support content categorization. Categorize your updates into libraries such as "Witty quotes", "Promotional posts", "Affiliate links" etc.

Google Alerts Support While Post Planner has the ability to pull updates from RSS Feeds just like RecurPost, we let you pull content from Google Alerts.

Mobile Apps Manage your accounts easily on the go with the Mobile Apps for Android and iOS. Uploading pictures and videos can never get easier.

One time use Libraries RecurPost allows you to create unlimited one-time libraries. This is great to store updates that only need to go out once such as updates from Google alerts through Feeds.

Advanced Analytics RecurPost provides advanced analytics to not only track engagement on your status updates, but compare with previous period as well.

Copy Updates Ability to copy status updates from one library to others.

Pause and Resume Social Accounts Stop posting on a social account temporarily so that when a client is not renewing their subscription for next few weeks you pause them for that time.

AI-based Share Time Optimization Automatically find the best time to share an update based on when your audience is most likely to respond.

Chrome Plugin Add updates to your library using a Chrome plugin.

Hashtag Recommendation Suggesting possible #Hashtags for your updates so that you can increase your reach.

Other Comparisons

RecurPost is a great alternative to a number of other social media management tools out there.