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Why is RecurPost one of the Best Loomly Alternatives

Loomly is a fairly satisfying social media scheduling tool. However, it does not have elaborate and high-performing scheduling features like repeating evergreen posts automatically. RecurPost is one of the most sought-after Loomly alternatives and the table below will tell you how.

Comparing RecurPost and Loomly


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Platforms supported

Both Loomly and RecurPost allow for posting on multiple social networks. However, RecurPost supports LinkedIn business profiles along with Instagram personal profiles and Loomly does not. This makes it a great alternative to Loomly.

Facebook Profiles
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Company
Instagram Personal Profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Facebook Profiles
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Twitter Accounts
LinkedIn Profile
Instagram Business Profile
Google Business Profile

RSS feed automation

Feed automation through RSS can be very convenient and resourceful. RecurPost provides that as well as Loomly does.

AI-based share time optimization

RecurPost will automatically generate the best times for you to post based on audience insights. This makes it the perfect alternative to Loomly.

Bulk import

With RecurPost you can import files in bulk for uploading. Something that can’t be achieved with Loomly, making it one of the top Loomly alternatives

Post recycling

With RecurPost you can create evergreen posts that can be recycled. This is not available with Loomly, making RecurPost one of the best Loomly competitors.

Live chat support

Get live chat support with RecurPost and Loomly both to have your queries answered promptly.

Content libraries/categorization

Both the tools allow for the creation of labeled content libraries. But RecurPost is always on the top when it comes to Loomly alternatives.

Advanced and comprehensive analytics

Both apps provide analytics but Loomly certainly falls short on giving elaborate analytics abilities. RecurPost has detailed analytics that will give you good decision-making insights.

Canva integration

RecurPost features a special Canva integration from which you can directly source some of the best graphics. This makes it one of the best Loomly alternatives.

White-label reports

Get detailed white-label reports with RecurPost for a custom approach to your brand.

Social inbox

One of the most interesting features provided by RecurPost is its social inbox feature. This makes it the most desirable option amongst sites like Loomly.

Tweet variations

RecurPost supports creating variations of content for a tweet so that you can adhere to Twitter’s policies for content. Loomly does not have a provision of this kind.

Why is RecurPost the Best Loomly Alternative?

Know the best times to post your content

RecurPost’s smart AI-backed system will give you the best times to post your content after studying your post’s engagement levels. You will also have the ability to auto-schedule as per the best times to post. This is important if you want to reach your target audience effectively whenever you schedule Facebook posts, schedule Instagram posts, schedule LinkedIn posts, or schedule Google My Business posts. Loomly does not provide this feature, making RecurPost one of the best Loomly alternatives.

Attractive pricing for great features

If you compare how RecurPost and Loomly’s plans are priced, you will see that RecurPost’s plans are much reasonably priced considering the number of features offered. The plans start at $15 per month at RecurPost whereas Loomly’s base plan comes at $35 per month. It is clear that RecurPost pricing is significantly better than Loomly. There is also a 14-day free trial period involved. It is indeed one of the top Loomly alternatives.

Evergreen content recycling

A hallmark feature that comes with the feature bouquet at RecurPost is the ability to create evergreen content that can be repurposed and auto-posted in the future. The tool has a complete record of every post that you create and schedule for any of your social accounts. You can simply go to the library and re-schedule the posts that you want to expose again on your accounts. With Loomly, there is no method that allows you to do this, making RecurPost the best in tools similar to Loomly.

Create tweet variations

Twitter has a policy that does not allow for the posting of the same tweet content more than once. But sometimes you might just want to reuse your existing tweet without retweeting it. For this, RecurPost creates tweet variations that you can use to post the same message twice or more when you schedule tweets. You cannot do this with Loomly, making RecurPost one of the most desirable Loomly alternatives.

Schedule first comment for multiple social networks

The latest feature update in RecurPost allows you to schedule the first comment not only on Instagram but also on LinkedIn and Facebook pages. With Loomly you can schedule your first comment only on Instagram. This makes RecurPost’s offering wider and more inclusive. It is undoubtedly one of the best Loomly alternatives.

Here is one more feature to convince you that RecurPost is at the top in Loomly alternatives: Our social inbox feature!

Would you not want something that would allow you to take care of all your social media notifications from a single place? With RecurPost’s social inbox, you can do it effortlessly. There will no longer be the need to hop from one platform to another just to keep a check on your notifications. You will be able to do it from a single dashboard. You will be able to view the comments, reply to them, block users, add a post to a library, and do much more. Here is a list of things you can do:

In addition to all the features mentioned above, RecurPost’s  social media scheduler has much more to offer. This tool will be your top pick if you are looking for Loomly alternatives. You can create repeating schedules as per the best times to post to achieve maximum returns on your digital marketing efforts. With its advanced analytics, you can keep a track of everything that goes on in the social media space and always remain ahead of your competition. It is also a great Pinterest scheduler. Not to forget, all of this comes at a very attractive price point.

So, your search party for Loomly alternatives should pause right here!

Social Media Platforms Supported by RecurPost

With RecurPost, you can manage your presence on multiple social media networks at once. This tool will allow you to schedule Facebook posts on personal profiles, pages, and groups. You can also schedule Instagram posts on business profiles and personal profiles, and schedule LinkedIn posts on company and profile pages both. For Twitter, there is a rule that will not let you post the same content more than once and that is why RecurPost lets you create variations and schedule tweets. In case your business has a GMB listing, RecurPost will let you  schedule Google my business posts along with a CTA. To top it all off, if your business is operating on Pinterest, you can schedule pins with RecurPost to make the most out of this visual platform.

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4.6 Star Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Loomly plans start from $35 per month. RecurPost makes for a good alternative as Loomly is priced on the higher end and not suitable for businesses of all levels. It offers a free trial, after which you can upgrade to a plan starting at just $12.5 per month.

The best Loomly alternative available in the market has to be RecurPost. It is a social media management tool with amazing features available at a reasonable price point. Its plans start from $12.5 month, and you can take the free trial to check it out.

Try out RecurPost in case you are looking for a social media management tool that enables you to post on personal Instagram and Facebook profiles as Loomly doesn’t offer the same. It is a tool that is cheaper than Loomly and offers high-end scheduling features.

RecurPost will be your best bet if you are looking for a cheaper Loomly alternative that offers the same features. It is priced starting from just $12.50 per month, providing you with two months of free access on a yearly subscription. Try it now for free!

Loomly’s plans are priced at $172 and $359 per month. RecurPost is a great Loomly alternative that is specifically made for agencies and offers much affordable plans. You can try out the tool for free for 14 days.

No, Loomly deosn’t offer Canva integration. RecurPost is a great Loomly alternative that integrates Canva within its dashboard. It enables you to design, edit, and schedule posts all from the same screen.

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