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Zoho Social vs Hootsuite

What To Choose?

Zoho Social

The easiest way to manage your brands on social media


Simplify social media management with Hootsuite

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite presents itself as the preferred choice for extensive social media management by providing a wide range of features, strong platform support, and deep analytics. Hootsuite, an early leader in social media management, offers businesses a simple interface for post-scheduling, audience engagement, and full performance insights across multiple platforms.

The content discovery option in Hootsuite is an excellent method to identify relevant information for your social media accounts. You can search for content using keywords, hashtags, or subjects, and Hootsuite will return a list of articles, photographs, and videos to share on your social network accounts. Hootsuite’s analytics function gives you information about your social media accounts, such as follower growth and engagement rates.

The objective of Hootsuite is to consolidate social media tasks, thereby streamlining the workflow of social media managers. If you’re looking for Hootsuite alternatives, there are several alternatives to Hootsuite available to effectively manage your social media presence, each with a unique set of features and capabilities tailored to your specific needs.

Metricool is another alternative tool that offers comprehensive social media management solutions, allowing you to analyze, manage, and schedule your social media content efficiently.

What is Zoho Social?

Zoho Social is a part of the Zoho suite that is specifically designed for social media marketers. Zoho Social intends to be a comprehensive platform for organizations of all sizes, with the ability to plan posts, monitor keywords, collaborate with teams, and access in-depth data.

Zoho Social’s publishing calendar, bulk scheduler, and repeat post features empower businesses with all the social media publishing tools they need. The monitoring capabilities help track relevant social conversations and respond to what matters. Zoho Social’s collaboration features and custom user roles make it easy for teams to manage social accounts for multiple brands. Agencies can bring all their clients onto Zoho Social and manage their social media presence effectively.

Users have praised Zoho Social for being one of the most powerful social media management platforms they have come across. They appreciate the platform’s basic as well as advanced features that help businesses grow. Zoho Social is also the first tool to track revenue from social media marketing efforts. Its integration with Zoho CRM helps engage with prospects and generate leads from social media. The integration lets enrich leads and contacts in Zoho CRM with social data and helps the sales force close deals faster.


When you compare Zoho Social vs Hootsuite, you’ll find two powerful social media management tools competing for your attention. As experts in the social media management software industry with our own tool, RecurPost, we have a comprehensive understanding of what users look for in these tools. So, if you’re torn between Zoho Social and Hootsuite, we’re here to help you make an informed decision.

Zoho Social vs Hootsuite: User Rating

Rating Categories Zoho Social Hootsuite
Star Rating (Out of 5) 4.6 4.1
Meets Requirements (Out of 10) 8.8 8.3
Ease of Use (Out of 10) 9.2 8.4
Ease of Setup (Out of 10) 9.2 8.4
Ease of Admin (Out of 10) 9.2 8.5
Quality of Support (Out of 10) 8.7 7.9
Business Partnership (Out of 10) 9.0 8.3
Product Direction (% positive) 9.2 7.3
Summary: In terms of user ratings, Zoho Social seems to have a slight edge over Hootsuite. Whether it’s the ease of use, setup, admin, or the quality of support, Zoho Social consistently scores higher.

Zoho Social vs Hootsuite: Feature Comparison

Features Zoho Social Hootsuite
Pricing (per month in USD) $10 $99
Free Trial Yes Yes
Platforms Supported Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, Youtube, Tik Tok Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Tik Tok
Bulk Scheduling Yes Yes
RSS feeds No No
Recurring Posts No No
Social Inbox No Yes
AI Content Generation No No
Hashtag Storage No Yes
Caption Customization No No
AI Images No No
Advanced Analytics No No
White Label Reports No No
URL Shortener No Yes
Unlimited Workspaces No No
Team Management No No
Summary: While Hootsuite is priced significantly higher, its feature set is somewhat comparable to Zoho Social. However, Zoho Social gives you the essentials at a much more affordable price.

Pros and Cons of Using Zoho Social


    • Affordable pricing.

    • Extensive platform support.

    • Strong emphasis on analytics.


    • Limited advanced features.

    • No AI content generation or hashtag storage.

Zoho Social vs Hootsuite – The Bottom Line

While both tools come with their own sets of advantages, Zoho Social provides a more affordable option for businesses that want essential features. Hootsuite, despite its higher pricing, doesn’t offer as many advanced features as one might expect. For businesses on a budget that need a robust social media management tool, Zoho Social might be the preferable choice.

RecurPost as an alternative to Zoho Social and Hootsuite

As experts in social media management, we at RecurPost understand the unique needs of businesses. Our tool is designed to provide an all-in-one solution for content scheduling, analytics, and engagement. When compared to Zoho Social vs Hootsuite:

Feature RecurPost Zoho Social Hootsuite
Pricing (per month in USD) $25 $10 $18
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes
Bulk Scheduling Yes Yes Yes
AI Content Generation Yes No No
Advanced Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Team Management Yes On higher plans On higher plans
Platform Support Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, YouTube, TikTok Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube
Caption Customization Yes Yes Yes
URL Shortener Yes Yes Yes
White Label Reports Yes No On higher plans

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Why RecurPost Is Better Than Zoho Social and Hootsuite?

In the dynamic world of social media management, you need a tool that’s not only robust but also cost-effective. RecurPost offers a suite of features that cater to a wide range of needs while ensuring you get the best value for your money. With its intuitive interface, advanced scheduling options, and insightful analytics, the real question you should be asking is: Why not RecurPost?