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Twitter Trending Topics:How to Use Trend to Promote Business

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Twitter is the ruler of trends! If you want to get something trending, there is no better platform than this one. It is wildly popular for Twitter trending topics. The trending topics on Twitter can be broad like gossip or current events, or they can stem from an individual level representing your account’s interests, industry, or brand.

With over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter brings a lot to the table. This blog will decode Twitter trending topics for your brand to market in the smartest way. We will also see how a social media scheduler can schedule tweets and help you at different points in the marketing funnel.

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Elevate your Twitter game by consistently posting trending tweets!

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The Trending topics on Twitter are all about understanding what is popular among the users of this platform. The topics stem from factors like the number of mentions and the engagement bagged by the most known hashtags, keywords, and topics. When a user begins following a particular topic, automatically more tweets, trends, or news will start appearing on their Twitter homepage.

All of this means that Twitter will show you what it thinks you are most interested in based on your interactions with information on the platform. This will expose you to what is trending around the world and not just locally. The Twitter algorithm is responsible for churning out Twitter trending topics worldwide. This is because it discovers what people like to talk about and hence, it filters out the information that is popular to share.

Like other social media giants, Twitter also has its own algorithm in place to determine what it presents to its users. The algorithm essentially filters out the topics that have become popular recently. That’s how the users come across the most strongly emerging Twitter topics that are discussed on the platform on that day.

Thinking of what the algorithm does? Well, it simply looks at the number of tweets that are related to a specific topic. Then it would analyze what to trend at any given point in time.

Twitter Trends is a valuable tool for staying up-to-date with the latest conversations and breaking news. By monitoring trending topics, users can engage in timely discussions and increase their visibility. Utilizing a tweet scheduler can optimize participation, ensuring tweets are posted at the most opportune moments to maximize reach and impact.

Also, as per the algorithm, trends and hashtags are grouped together if they are related to the same topic. Try punching a keyword in the Twitter advanced search and you will see what we have been talking about.


Let’s say you want to know what’s the Twitter trending status today, do you know where to look? We will elaborate. Routinely, you will find Twitter trending topics on the feed of your homepage by tapping on the “Explore” tab. Then you can stream to the trends section to explore the trending hashtags and topics off late.

There is a category feature called Trends for you. This section allows the users to pick and follow trends that they find interesting from a given list of topics. It also presents recommendations on what is trending currently in your locality. Later it’s your choice to comment on whether you find it interesting or not.

Then there is another section called “What’s happening”. It includes the most popular topics. The catch however is that you do not only witness tweets that are constantly being shared and commented on, but also a synopsis of headlines and stories connected with the tweets to give you context.

Another way of discovering Twitter trending topics is to go to the “More” section from the column on the left of the profile. There you will see a category called “Followed” under which you will find “Suggested topics”. All the topics that you follow are used by the algorithm to personalize the events, tweets, and ads that you see and show up publicly on your profile.

Similarly, you can choose to go with the section “Suggested” in order to explore all the categories. For example, you will come across a category saying “Arts & Culture” along with a plus symbol next to it. When you click on the plus, you will see a drop-down menu that will consist of a more specialized list of topics related to every industry. After you begin following some trends, your feed will show topics based on your preferences.

There is also the technique of checking Twitter trending today by location. This could be your city or the global Twitter community by setting geographical preferences. With this you can explore whatever is trending on your current location.


We already know how beneficial it is to leverage Twitter hashtag trends and trending topics for increasing your brand’s reach on the platform. The trick question here is though, “how do you find the best hashtags to use?”

You have these options to find trending hashtags on Twitter:

  • Manually search for trending hashtags: There is always the option of conducting the Twitter trending search manually. You can scroll through the various trending topics and hashtags every day to find out which ones to use in your own tweet. The only drawback here is the time that it will consume and the lack of filtered and analyzed data.
  • Searching hashtags by location: You can find out the trending hashtags for a particular location or your own locality. For this, you can use tools like Trends 24 which will give you trending hashtags as per your location. You can also set the geographical preferences in your Twitter profile and it will filter out the search results for you.
  • Picking out the top trending hashtags on Twitter using RecurPost: To know about the trending Twitter hashtags using RecurPost, you can analyze the analytics reports. They will give you a detailed list of all trending tweets in the past, you can pick keywords from there. You can then create a bag of popular hashtags that you can use with every tweet of yours. Along with this, RecurPost will give you the best time to post on Twitter to make use of these hashtags in the best manner.

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Elevate your Twitter game by consistently posting trending tweets!

Schedule tweets in advance with RecurPost and build a strong online presence.


We learned all about how Twitter trending topics are important and how to find them. But their usage is not just about knowing what’s trending, you must know what is trending in Twitter Quotes. You have to know how to use this information to market your brand, build better campaigns and connect with your audience to succeed. Your brand can always take the help of a social media scheduling tool to make tasks smoother and crack the question of how to automate tweets for better reach. Here are some tips that your brand can use to incorporate Twitter trends in its strategy:

  • Study the audience sentiment attested to major topics: The best part about Twitter trends? It is able to show you in real-time what people are talking about related to an issue and what exactly they are saying. Twitter trending topics will help you understand the sentiments of audiences around topics and how users are responding to them.

    This is like the holy grail of analysis for any brand. Mainly because audience sentiment is one of the most powerful facets of purchase behavior. Hence, if your brand is coming out with a new product announcement, you will want to know more than just the number of posts discussing it. You will want to know whether those discussions are positive or if they are negative. Just a quick scroll through the tweets can give you a sense of how exactly your audience is feeling about the new product and how you can make changes to it.
  • Make use of Hashtags to be a part of the conversation: Back in the day, it was a popular practice for brands to jump on every other trending wagon. They did this to gain exposure. But this simply does not work out in the present day. Today users are more sophisticated and knowledgeable about how the platform works.

    They detest companies that try hard to remain relevant just by hopping on viral trends. You should try your best to be valuable and authentic as a brand. Do this by using only those hashtags that are based on the brand. This does not necessarily mean that brands cannot tap into wider, more popular hashtags. But it is important that you come off as natural and effortless in your attempt to use trending hashtags.
  • Draw a content calendar based on past and future trends: Twitter is a platform that gives you a gist of whatever is happening in the world in real-time. You can use this resource to your power for forecasting trends and chalk out your content calendar around those predictions. After doing this for a while, you will see how certain trends become predictable.

    Hashtags like #mondaymotivation will trend every week whatsoever. So, you will know you have to incorporate content around these trends in your calendar. There are other events or holidays around which you can craft trending content and schedule it.

    Multiple social media schedulers in the market will help you with this task. But let’s say you are looking for some free hootsuite alternatives or planable alternatives considering the cost; RecurPost is your best bet. It has a unique feature that lets you create tweet variations automatically. So, you never have to worry about the Twitter policy that restricts you to post the same tweet again.
  • Go on the paid marketing track: Twitter has a category for marketing called Promoted trends which is a paid option. Businesses can use it to appear on the Trending list on the homepage or explore section on Twitter. This feature would work well for brands that are looking to launch a new product or campaign and want to promote it to a specific group of audience.

    Additional tip: If you want your brand’s page to look highly optimized and impeccable, you should have a stellar Twitter bio. You can look at different Twitter bio ideas to help you out with this.

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RecurPost supports multiple platforms for scheduling posts

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RecurPost allows you to schedule Facebook posts on your profiles, groups, and pages to engage your audience with entertaining content. You can schedule Instagram posts on your personal and business profiles and add fun to your content by sharing reels and short stories.

It allows you to schedule LinkedIn posts on your personal and business pages to start networking with professionals in your industry. You can schedule tweets with RecurPost hashtag recommendations to reach your post to an appropriate audience. 

RecurPost is also a Pinterest scheduler for engaging your audience on the visual platform. It is possible to schedule Google My Business posts with the tool for calling the local audience to a special event or offering them a coupon code to increase walk-ins.


We just witnessed how powerful and relevant Twitter trending topics are in today’s world. They are highly instrumental in deciding what will work and what will not in the realm of Twitter’s marketing world. With access to trending topics, brands can get insights into their audience’s behavior, motivation, preferences, and excitement points. These insights can help them grow their following on and off-page.

We also saw how social media schedulers like RecurPost could help at various points in implementing the brand’s Twitter marketing strategy by using the Twitter post scheduler. You can schedule Instagram posts, schedule Facebook posts, schedule LinkedIn posts, and much more, along with tweet scheduling from a single platform. Find out about its services and plans today, and also read about the RecurPost pricing to make a perfect choice.

P.S. Try scheduling tweets with RecurPost’s feature of social media bulk scheduling instead of deleting them if you wish to expand or manage multiple Twitter accounts.

Elevate your Twitter game by consistently posting trending tweets!

Schedule tweets in advance with RecurPost and build a strong online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to look up Twitter trending words?

If you want to manually search for Twitter trending words, you can do so from the Twitter app. You can go to the website on your desktop or application on your mobile and check out the Trends section from the Explore tab. Under this section, you will find a list of trends. You can also use the Twitter advanced search for looking up keywords related to your business.

2.How does Twitter identify trending topics?

The trends on Twitter are identified with the help of an algorithm. These are tailored for you based on your following, interests, and your location. The algorithm is coded to identify the topics that are popular in real-time instead of the ones that have been popular for a while, helping you come up with the hottest topics for discussion.

3.Can I see trends for a specific location?

Yes, you can see trends for a specific location on Twitter. You need to change the geographical preference for your trends section from the settings.

4.Does Twitter filter words for trends?

Twitter has its own set of rules and policies that need to be adhered to by the users while publishing content. So, if your content that is trending has words that violate Twitter’s rules, chances are that your account might get suspended or your content might be taken off the platform.

5.For how long can a hashtag trend on Twitter?

Twitter prefers for trends to last a day or two at maximum. Trends that continue for too long are not considered as factors for spiking traffic. They just become the baseline for upcoming topics.