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Pinterest Marketing in 2024: How to Promote Business Smartly

pinterest marketing

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Pinterest marketing is taking the domain of social media promotions by storm, and how! Remember, you read it here first!

The year 2020 brought many people’s lives to a standstill but it didn’t quite manage to pace the world of business. The trends have constantly evolved throughout the pandemic timeline, mostly calling for all businesses to adapt to the internet way of conducting trade. We have seen how firms ranging from small to large scale have increasingly invested in their digital marketing strategy and if you are looking to do the same, we have got some insightful tricks, tips, and suggestions on how you can structure your digital marketing strategy for the post-Covid era. In this ongoing trend, Pinterest social media marketing has become the quintessential promotional tactic for businesses. Know more about preparing your digital marketing strategy for the post-covid era to stay put in the market.

Even today, when one thinks of social media promotions, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter come first to the mind. However, it’s high time we expand our purview and give highly lucrative platforms like Pinterest a line of thought. It is no joke that Pinterest for business can be very rewarding because it will create the most engaging and shareable content to solidify your market presence. Pinterest marketing is a religiously evolving phenomenon and the businesses that have an eye for the future should already be looking at trends that will dominate the year 2024.

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As per the latest reports by Pinterest Inc.,

A whopping 400 million people browse through content on the application to look for ideas that are avant-garde. Now that’s a huge audience base that can be attractive to someone who wants to create some traction out there. Many Fortune 500 companies have been using Pinterest for marketing for the past couple of years but now that 2020 has happened, the market has grown wider and people want more, they expect more from social media content. If your firm fails to keep up with content development, it might as well fail to perform in 2024.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to using Pinterest for business in the fresh year along with some Pinterest marketing tips to help you gain some insights:

Pinterest per se

The portal of Pinterest is essentially a social media platform used for creating, exploring, sharing, and storing visual content. When a user enters the application, he/she would be looking for themes and ideas related to his/her interests. Users can also add or pin the content they desire to idea boards with an umbrella theme so that the ideas remain organized.

Looking for décor ideas for your 20th birthday or maybe, how to style that piece of clothing you just bought? You just have to sign yourself up for a Pinterest account and Voila! You will have everything you need at the click of a button. 

The fact to note here is that Pinterest is not just limited to individuals, its scope extends to businesses too in the form of Pinterest marketing. When you choose to promote your business via Pinterest digital marketing, you can gain access to the business account variant which has highly convenient features like:

  • Analytics
  • Visual search tool
  • Native video player
  • Pinterest ads feature

Owing to these features, it is apparent that Pinterest can be of great help for marketers. You can learn how to post on Pinterest for the benefit of your business. Let us now see how one can optimize Pinterest marketing.

How can Pinterest Marketing be used for your Business?

Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Business in 2021

Developing an ace Pinterest marketing strategy is not rocket science. But, there is no denying the fact that some insight and technique are required in order for it to be done right. Pinterest digital marketing can be a very competitive platform and so, these are a few Pinterest marketing tips and techniques that you can deploy to make your content marketing strategy more effective on this platform:

1. Work on driving traffic to your website to boost sales

use pinterest marketing to driving traffic to your website

Your ultimate goal with Pinterest marketing should be to bring people to your website instead of giving them a sea of content that they will follow redundantly. A well-constructed Pinterest traffic strategy should be in place to be able to achieve that. Pinterest has this lovely feature through which you can link your website address with the content that you publish via your account. You can share written as well as visual content to get people excited and driven toward your website. This feature can be highly instrumental in boosting your online sales and implementing your Pinterest traffic strategy.

2. Foster a close-knit community

Virtual communities are a great way to unite people with a common vision. These communities are tapped by multiple businesses to promote their product or their image. If you manage to make your own loyal community on Pinterest, you can end up having all those members as your customers in the future. The members of your brand community will be the ones to interact with the content you post using a feature of social media bulk scheduling, share it, and ultimately drive traffic to your website.

3. Thoughtful distribution of content

pinterest marketing for Thoughtful distribution of content

An effective Pinterest content strategy requires careful planning of the type of content to be distributed and the form in which it gets distributed. Pinterest allows you to store all your content on boards as pins which can be accessed by your followers whenever they want to explore an idea. Most users prefer visual content and that is what makes Pinterest an ideal platform for marketing different types of content. You can learn how to create Pinterest images for driving more traffic to your pages. The users can have direct access to the content because of the click-through links. There is also the option of inviting people to collaborate on your boards and making them group boards. User engagement and content interaction can increase significantly by doing this.

An example of how a good Pinterest board looks like:

make good pinterest board for pinterest content marketing

4. Promoting customer education

Pinterest has a profuse amount of educational content in the form of tutorials, how-to guides, infographics, etc. Since it is heavy on visual content, educating and drawing users becomes somewhat convenient. It is imperative that you curate content that speaks directly to the target market. For this, you must construct a buyer persona for your brand before you craft your Pinterest content strategy. All your Pinterest social media marketing efforts will reap their fruit if you manage to educate your customer well about your brand.

How to Increase your Market Reach?

It is a very straight fact that a wider reach will render your business successful. Now that you have read about the way you can conduct Pinterest marketing, let’s talk about how you can use pins to foster your business relationship with your followers and other influencers on the platform. Following are the key activities you will have to partake in, to grow your reach:

pinterest marketing to increase market reach in 2021

1. Making sure that you post at regular intervals 

You need to have a smart plan in order to keep the conversation going on your channel. For this, you should ideally post around 5 to 30 pins every single day. This will increase your chances of gaining more followers because you will have something new to offer every time they visit your page. Plan well so that you have a good mix of repined and original content. Pinterest marketing is mainly concerned with the volume of clicks. So, the more you post, the more your chances at getting clicks will be. 

2. Working on your brand’s influencer relationships

Pinterest Influencer marketing is a significant aspect falling under the umbrella of Pinterest marketing. Influencers rule the social media market today and if you fail to tap this resource, you could face some serious slack in your performance graph. A business can increase its reach effectively via this medium because once it gets access to an influencer, it gets access to the influencer’s market. You can initiate your Pinterest influencer marketing by following impactful influencers and trying to connect with them. Once they start responding to your matter, you can drop in requests for bigger collaborations.

3. Make your followers a part of the conversation

It is always a good idea to make communication and engagement a two-way street. You can make your followers feel valued and let them know that you care about what they think by replying to their comments or answering their questions every once in a while. 

4. Pay attention to your followers’ content

Remember to pay a visit to your followers’ pages regularly and be thoughtful about commenting or reacting to the content posted by them. It is a great way to make them feel like their content is gaining attention too.

Pinterest Inc. releases an annual trends report called the Pinterest Predictions that gives insights into some of the biggest content trends for Pinterest marketing that will dominate the year to come. Now, if you really want to be smart about promoting your business and if you believe in viral content marketing or personal blog marketing, you should definitely study these and structure your content around it. Here are some of the trends mentioned in the full report:


  • Getaway car – In the year 2024, cars will become the go-to for many activities so the parking lot will become a hot station for getting some personal space.
  • Nomad normal – More people are going to plan nature club trips, park recreations and basically anything out in the open in 2024.


  • Modern mystic – More and more people are turning to manifestation and they will be unleashing their spirits to experience the realms of the universe.
  • Ritual baths – The new spa days will be full of ancient bathing rituals. People will spend hours relaxing in their tub.

Food and beverage

  • Bland is banned – In 2021, pinners will look for super spicy recipes to get things hotter in the kitchen. 
  • You’re the top chef – Since self-cooking has been promoted religiously throughout 2020, pinners will look for unique cooking dish ideas and cooking improvisations.
Pinterest Marketing Trends in the Year 2021


  • Vibey lights – Gen Z is about to go crazy after neon-lit rooms. Most pinners will look for ideas to revamp their rooms with bright LEDs, neon signs, or fluorescent lights. 
  • Japandi aesthetic – The upcoming décor trend calls for an amalgamation of Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism.  Pinners are going to look for sleek finishes, neutral color scores, and soothing setups for their home décor.


  • Skinimalism – Pinners will be all about being comfortable in your own skin and therefore promoting natural beauty. They will look for minimalistic skincare routines.
  • Rainbrows – In 2024, people will dare to brow it out. They will choose statement-making styles and go bold with their brows. The conventional eyebrow defined will see the exit this year.

To sum up,

Your action plan for successful Pinterest marketing is pretty much sorted now. The fact that a growing number of people are resorting to this platform for sharing and creating ideas for a better lifestyle makes it clear just how influential and resourceful it is. A killer Pinterest marketing or Automotive Marketing strategy is important for this very reason. After reading through this guide, you might have gotten the idea of using Pinterest for marketing your Gym business or any kind of business via Pinterest. Still, the process need not be complex or tiresome. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I start with Pinterest marketing when I feel overwhelmed by the options?

Define your marketing goals and start simple. Use RecurPost to schedule your content on Pinterest, focusing on creating visually appealing, relevant pins. Leverage Pinterest’s analytics to refine your strategy over time.

Why am I not seeing engagement on my Pinterest posts?

Check the quality of your pins and ensure they include compelling images and relevant keywords. Engage with the community and use RecurPost to analyze and optimize your engagement strategy.

How can I drive more traffic to my website from Pinterest?

Make sure your pins link back to your website and utilize rich pins. Embed “Pin It” buttons on your website and use RecurPost to schedule engaging content that drives shares and traffic.

What should I do if my Pinterest ads are not leading to conversions?

Reassess your ad targeting and content. Experiment with different visuals and messages. Utilize RecurPost’s analytics to track ad performance and make adjustments for better results.

I’m struggling to find content ideas for Pinterest. Any tips?

Investigate trending topics and what your audience engages with on Pinterest. Utilize RecurPost to analyze popular content and schedule pins that match these interests, engaging your audience more effectively.

How can I maintain a consistent posting schedule on Pinterest?

Use a content calendar and leverage RecurPost for scheduling your pins in advance. This approach ensures consistent content delivery without needing daily manual updates, streamlining your Pinterest marketing efforts.

Dr. Dinesh Agarwal is a research scientist turned entrepreneur. He is fascinated with the social media world and has been working in the industry since 2013, where he built his first social media management tool that got acquired a few years later. He likes sharing his experience on podcasts, conferences and via his articles.


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