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How To Add Promotion On LinkedIn To Notify Your Network?

how to add promotion on linkedin

Have you changed a job recently or got a full-filing promotion? Are you wondering how to add promotion on LinkedIn? Or looking for some tools that schedule social media posts in advance using social media scheduler? If the answer to all these questions is a “yes,” you are at the right place.  

We know that apart from the stress of serving the notice period, the other thing that kicks your mind is- how you will inform your relatives and friends about your promotion? Do not worry, as this is right where LinkedIn kicks in for your help.

Today, social media platforms such as LinkedIn play an advanced role. If you have been using LinkedIn for your profile or business profile, you must be familiar with people’s achievements. Every day and night, you can see people add promotions on LinkedIn, making you want to spread the word about your promotion.

So, if you wish to upgrade your LinkedIn profile to reflect your new job title, but you aren’t sure how to add promotion on LinkedIn in a safe way? Then, this blog will be a game-changer for you!  

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Table of Contents for How To Add Promotion on LinkedIn

Got New Job Or Promotion? Know When Is The Best Time To Post On LinkedIn
When Is The Best Time To Post Promotion On LinkedIn?
Why Is It Vital To Showcase Your Promotion On LinkedIn?
How To Add A Promotion On The LinkedIn Website?
What Are The Ways To Add A Promotion On The LinkedIn Mobile Application?
How To Add Promotion In same Company On LinkedIn?
In What Ways RecurPost Will Help You With the Best Time To Post On LinkedIn?
How To Add Promotion On LinkedIn Creatively?

Got New Job Or Promotion? Know When Is The Best Time To Post On LinkedIn!

Being in the corporate world for a long time now, we believe you must hold back on announcing your new job or promotion on LinkedIn until it’s definitive. You know you mustn’t leave any indicators ahead of time that you are thinking of changing your current position or already have found a better job.

If you carry the corporate world’s experience, there is no denying that you must be aware of how people talk in offices. The way people speak the news won’t take much time to reach your

boss. It will solely take one person to break your boss’s trust and create issues in your work life. Therefore, we believe that you should be telling your boss first that you are planning on leaving the current company.

Staying on good terms with your boss is focal, not solely for your notice period time, but also for your future. You know you may need them as a reference. If you leave on a good note, your boss will get happy to talk about you positively.

When Is The Best Time To Post Promotion On LinkedIn?

Undeniably, once you land a new job, the first thing you want to do today is updated your social media, mainly your LinkedIn profile. But, we suggest you should wait for some time and check with the new boss beforehand. It is vital you know when is the best time to post on LinkedIn. Our experience in the industry states that you must wait for at least a week before you add promotion on LinkedIn. Then, you should understand your roles and responsibilities precisely. Numerous people reading this must be wondering why is it such a big deal? Why do you have to think so much before putting a minor life update?

It will help if you think twice before doing it, as once you update a new job title or new job position, there will be consequences. Some of the people from your network will congratulate you, and some will ask questions about your new job. We don’t want you to feel bad about it but pause and think for a second. What if the job doesn’t work out? At times, the right opportunity can be the wrong one for you. So, until you are sure that this job is the one, you should pause to add promotion on LinkedIn.

There must be various people wondering what the big deal about is? Let us break it to you. Read the below-mentioned paragraph, and you will get a better insight into the same.

Why Is It Vital To Showcase Your Promotion On LinkedIn?

There is no denying that sharing the news of your promotion on LinkedIn comes along with numerous advantages. Today, we will explain a few possible reasons for adding information about your advertising new job or new title to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Keeps Your LinkedIn Resume Updated- One of the important reasons you should add promotion on LinkedIn is that it will help keep your LinkedIn resume up-to-date. In this digitalized world, people give more value to the information available on the web, and therefore- an intelligent overview on LinkedIn holds importance. It is the one that showcases current information about your skills and your professional accomplishments.

We know several inactive users use LinkedIn to make a LinkedIn profile but never post anything or update it afterward. We want you to understand that it is a wrong approach, especially if you wish to expand your network or look for better job opportunities on LinkedIn.

  • Better Chances Of Acquiring An Enhanced Role- Yes, updating your LinkedIn on time will offer you better chances of getting a higher role next time you look for a job. The next time you decide to search for a new job, you can expect all the recruiters and employers to offer you a similar or higher role than the one listed in your LinkedIn resume.

No one on this planet is not searching for opportunities better than the ones they already have. So, keeping the same in mind, you must update your LinkedIn resume as it will positively showcase your highest professional accomplishments to your network.

  • Showcase Your Organization You Take Pride In Working With Them- Our industry knowledge showcases that numerous people mistake themselves to think that having a LinkedIn profile lets your employer believe that you are looking for a new job. We say that is not true. Instead, it is the opposite.

If you have a LinkedIn profile with your current role listed, it will tell your employers briefly that you take pride in your work. Adding your title or promotion to LinkedIn can be a way of showing your organization that you take pride in working with them. It will even express that your employer’s decision to promote you was apt.

How To Add A Promotion On The LinkedIn Website?

LinkedIn content marketing is currently on the top and making it a valuable business platform perpetually. Hence, if you are looking for ways to utilize the platform to your advantage, we are here to help. If you got promoted recently, it is time you post the same to LinkedIn.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to add a promotion on the LinkedIn website.

1. Go to the LinkedIn website, and if your account isn’t logged in log in right away.

2. Secondly, click the “me” icon. It is in the top-right corner of the computer screen. Once you get done with this, click “view profile.”

3. Move your cursor to the experience section and click on the plus sign (+)

4. Now feel all the information asked about your job.

5. Then arrives a the step of notifying your network; it is a choice totally upto you. If you want to ensure that your network gets notified about your promotion, toggle on the “Share with Network” option.

6. Like always, click “save” before you move any ahead.

If you want to perform the same with the mobile application, continue reading to know more!

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What Are The Ways To Add A Promotion On The LinkedIn Mobile Application?

The process stays similar whether you are utilizing an iPhone or an Android phone. Rest follow the below-mentioned steps, and you will ace it.

  1. Open your LinkedIn application and log into your account if it isn’t already.

2. Now tap your profile picture and select “View profile.”

3. Now scroll down to the “Experience” section and tap the plus icon.

4. Now add all the information precisely.

5. Next in the lines arrive making the changes to reflect your promotion or new job title.

6. Now tap ‘save’ as soon as you get finished.

How To Add Promotion In Same Company On LinkedIn?

If you recently got an appraisal at your current job and wish to add a promotion on LinkedIn, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Start by opening LinkedIn and logging in.

2. Now click the “ME” icon in the top-right corner of the screen, further click view profile.

3. Move your cursor towards the job you want to edit or get promoted in.

4. You must be seeing a pencil icon there. Click on the same.

5. Now add your new job title and any other details that got changed.

6. If required, tick “update my industry” and “update my headline boxes.”

7. Now, if you wish to notify your network about your promotion, toggle on the “share with network” choice!

8. Click Save to keep it all noted.

In What Ways RecurPost Will Help You With the Best Time To Post On LinkedIn?

So, readers, here is one thing that you must understand updating the experience section of your LinkedIn profile is not the only way how you can share the news of your promotion or a new job. Yes, that is right. There are other ways too. For the ones in shock, let us break it to you, LinkedIn marketing is not the solely best thing about the platform, it also helps users enhance their personal profiles.

You know the first thing one automatically notices when they visit your LinkedIn profile is the feature section. Numerous researches state that the feature section of LinkedIn plays a vital role in LinkedIn content marketing or LinkedIn for b2b marketing strategy. Hence, it would help if you also utilized it for your benefit.

You can utilize it by creating an avant-garde post that will brief your network about your promotion or a new job. Below we are mentioning some more ways how you can announce your upgrade or a new appointment. We will also note how RecurPost will help you make it creative and how it works as a LinkedIn Post Scheduler! RecurPost is also amongst the best free Hootsuite Alternatives and also one of the most trusted Socialreport Alternatives.

How To Add Promotion On LinkedIn Creatively?

  • RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool for creating a post with the desired caption, links, images, videos, and editable options in Canva. So, you can create a post about your promotion with RecurPost’s help that will appear on your profile. Via this way, your connection will instantly see your post when they scroll through their LinkedIn feed. You can use RecurPost’s features, such as schedule Facebook posts, Schedule Google Business Profile Posts, etc., to post about your promotion with this.
  • You can write a short article expressing your journey in the last organization and about this promotion. It will not only brief people about your new job but also showcase your writing skills to them. In the end, post it immediately or let RecurPost schedule LinkedIn posts.
  • With the schedule Instagram posts feature, you can share the link if your new job or promotion is already posted elsewhere. Do not worry if it will reach your connections or not. RecurPost will take care of drawing in more and more people every time you post.

To know more about RecurPost pricing or want to inquire more about its features such as schedule pins, schedule Tweets, schedule Google my business posts, and much more, kindly connect online via the website, or you can directly give us a call.

Wrapping It Up!

In the end, we hope that this blog helped you aptly understand how to add promotions on LinkedIn to notify your network. If you still have anything to add or understand when is the best time to post on LinkedIn, acquire RecurPost services. Apart from that, let us know in the comment section about your queries or what you feel about social media bulk scheduling, and we will help you with the same. Also, stay tuned for more blogs about LinkedIn and LinkedIn content marketing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the other ways of notifying people about job promotion rather than putting it in the experience section?

– There is not one but numerous ways of notifying your network about a new job or promotion. Following are some of them.
– Create a short public post.
– Write an article expressing your promotion or a new job.
– Add a link to a web page where your promotion or a new job is already announced.
– Input images or videos of you celebrating with the new team.

2. How do I notify a promotion on LinkedIn?

The moment you will update your promotion or new job details on LinkedIn before the save option- you will see another option on the screen. LinkedIn will ask you if you want to notify your connection about the new title. Remember to choose yes before you move ahead.

3. When should you announce a promotion or new job on LinkedIn?

In a new job, first, let your current boss know that you would like to serve your notice period and are looking for a new job. Then, if you have a promotion, let the authorities announce it and post that wait for a week. In a week’s duration, you will learn your roles and responsibilities!

4. How do I know my job got updated on LinkedIn?

Here is where RecurPost can help you. At RecurPost, you can create a post of your choice for announcing your promotion, and then you can take a preview of the identical and schedule LinkedIn posts. RecurPost will post it for you. Then you can refresh the LinkedIn website or mobile application. You will then see it in the experience section!

5. What Are The Ways To Put A Promotion On LinkedIn?

– It is simple, and we will try to make it even more straightforward for you. 
– Start with logging into your LinkedIn account. 
– Take your cursor to the “me” icon in the top-right corner and click on “view profile.” 
– Now shift the cursor to the job you wish to edit and tap the pencil icon and start editing and adding the information about your promotion! 
– Click on “share with your network” if you want your connection to know about this promotion. 
– In the end, “save.” We hope now you have your answer to how to add job promotion on LinkedIn or how do you add a promotion on LinkedIn.