Why RecurPost is Best Alternative of SocialBee

Looking for the best social media scheduling tool? We know how difficult it can be to compare all the tools available out there and find the one that fits your needs. Thus, we have made this comparison between two of the leading social media management tools. After going through the comparison table, you’ll be quite clear about your choice between RecurPost and SocialBee. RecurPost is a great alternative to SocialBee, providing extra features such as White Label reports, Google alerts, Best time schedules, and much more - all at a lower price than SocialBee.

Comparing RecurPost and SocialBee


White Label Reports RecurPost provides you white-label reports that will help you in downloading pdf reports with your brand logo. We certainly know the importance of being professional!

Google alerts With RecurPost, you can use the strength of Google to find out content that interests you. Use these ideas to curate more engaging content.

Chrome Plugin With RecurPost’s chrome plugin, you can add any article to the library, curate it, and send it out on your social media accounts.

Bulk Scheduling Both RecurPost and SocialBee offers the feature of bulk scheduling to carry out activities easily.

Customize captions for each social platform You can add different captions/descriptions for each social platform while creating a post on RecurPost. Social Bee doesn’t offer this feature.

RSS Feeds Receive regular updates from websites of your choice using RSS feed support from RecurPost.

Hashtag collection With Recurpost’s bags of tags, you can save groups of #hashtags by categories and use them in your posts. No more writing down the same hashtags again and again!

Best time schedules RecurPost lets you know the best to time post on your social media accounts by analyzing the engagement level of your followers.

Emojis in content While creating a new post or editing an existing one in RecurPost, you can add your favorite emojis.

Evergreen Recurring content Using both RecurPost and SocialBee, you can recycle your content multiple times and keep reaching new audiences.

Categorization of content You can organize your content in a super clean way using both RecurPost and SocialBee. However, RecurPost’s easy to operate interface makes it a preferable option.

Count of libraries RecurPost lets you know the total number of posts added. This will give you an idea of the amount of content that you need to add further.

Easy Import of content If you want to import content from other tools, make edits, and schedule them on your accounts - you can do that easily using RecurPost.

URL shortener We know how unpleasing it is to see and share long URLs. With RecusPost, you can connect your Bitly account and shorten down your links for easy sharing.

Pause and resume social accounts If you wish to stop posting for a while on any social media account, you don’t require to remove it from RecurPost. You can pause and resume when you are ready to post again.

CSV Support RecurPost enables you to import multiple pieces of content effortlessly through a CSV file. SocialBee also supports this feature.

URL Shortener Long URLs usually get ignored and are boring to look at. Use RecurPost to shorten out your URL links and appear organized when creating a new post.

Advanced Analytics Reporting Want to know the kind of content that appeals to your audience? RecurPost provides you with advanced reporting which will help you find out the trending topics liked by people.

Team management Invite your team members to work on your social accounts along with you! Divide projects, assign roles, and set access control for each team member easily.

How does RecurPost make the best alternative for SocialBee?

  • Competitive pricing plans

    RecurPost's pricing plans are made keeping in mind the needs of varied professionals. The plans are designed in a way that makes it affordable for all kinds of entrepreneurs. SocialBee’s charges $39/month for offering the same features provided by RecurPost in the Solo plan. However, if you wish to manage more social accounts, RecurPost has a Business plan which allows adding 20 social profiles. SocialBee charges $79/month for 25 social profiles, which is much more as compared to RecurPost. Thus, RecurPost clearly is the best competitor of SocialBee in terms of pricing.

  • Professional reports

    As a professional handling a client’s social media, it is necessary that you can generate reports of progress and present it to the ones concerned. RecurPost provides you the feature of downloading White-label reports. Using it, you can download data of social accounts along with the company’s logo. SocialBee doesn’t have this feature.

  • Find your unique best time to post

    When you consistently schedule and post content using RecurPost, it studies the engagement level on your social accounts. Then according to the interaction received on different posts, it recommends you the best time to post. Isn’t that a feature worth your investment? Well, SocialBee doesn’t have the option of the best time schedule recommendation, clearly leaving RecurPost with an upper hand.

  • No monetary commitment

    While using RecurPost, you have the freedom to try the tool for a few weeks! You can use RecurPost’s free 14-day trial. RecurPost gives you the luxury of trying the tool at your pace, and then upgrade when trial ends.

  • See the count of libraries

    When you create content libraries in RecurPost, you can see their count. This will give you an idea of how much content you need to add more (or if there is a need to reduce it). There is no such feature in SocialBee.

  • Add multiple images in posts and customize captions

    RecurPost supports adding multiple images while creating and scheduling a post on your social accounts. 15 images can be added in a post for a Facebook page, 9 images can be added in a post for LinkedIn accounts, and 4 images can be attached in a tweet. You can also customize descriptions (captions) for each social media platform, and add up to 30 hashtags of your choice. This process of adding multiple images and customizing captions is the same for creating a one-off post and a recurring one. This feature helps you in modifying the message and maintaining the character limit of each social platform, while keeping the same message intent.

Need some more reasons to consider RecurPost as a SocialBee alternative? Have a look at our Social inbox.

RecurPost’s social inbox can prove to be a game changer for your social media management strategy. It will enable you to manage all important comments and notifications from the Inbox tab itself. So, you don’t have to open up the actual social media applications to manage them. This way, unnecessary distractions can also be reduced.

You’ll be able to get access to the Social inbox for Instagram business profiles, Facebook pages, LinkedIn company pages, Twitter accounts, and GMB reviews. Thus, all your brand related notifications will be shown on a single screen, neatly organized according to social profiles. Below are the features that RecurPost’s Inbox offers as an alternative to SocialBee:

  • Manage notifications from Instagram business profile, FB pages, LinkedIn pages, Twitter, and GMB listings.

  • The first social media scheduler to offer the support for GMB reviews in Social Inbox. You can see and reply to them straight from the inbox.

  • See and manage comments, mentions, and conversations (DMs) from Twitter.

  • See comment notifications, reply to them, delete, review, add to library, or assign to other members - for Instagram business profiles and LinkedIn pages.

  • For Facebook pages, manage messages, comments, reviews, and fan updates altogether.

  • Block/unblock, follow/unfollow users straight from the inbox.

  • Add posts or comments to RecurPost’s libraries directly from the Inbox.

  • Assign notifications to team members and ask them to review.

  • Add labels to organize notifications in different categories.

  • Sort and filter notifications according to time and favorites.

  • Use your social inbox without the compulsion of scheduling posts or making libraries.

RecurPost allows you to plan your updates, which will then be released at the right time when your social media expects more audience participation. You can also link Google alerts to your account, which lets you subscribe to the topics that interest you. RecurPost lets you collaborate and work with members of your team to increase the output efficiency. Overall, with its additional features and modest pricing options, RecurPost is the best alternative for SocialBee.

Other Comparisons

RecurPost is a great alternative to a number of other social media management tools out there.