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Why can’t I Schedule Posts on Facebook

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As a small business owner, staying on top of your Facebook marketing efforts is crucial. However, many have recently asked – why can’t I schedule posts on Facebook anymore?

Unfortunately, Facebook removed their native scheduling options both on desktop and in their mobile apps. If you also encountered problems or error messages trying to schedule future content, you’re not alone!

However, one viable option remains through the Facebook Meta Business Suite, allowing some scheduling capabilities.

With Facebook’s evolving interface and features, understanding the nuances of post-scheduling is crucial for maintaining an effective Facebook content calendar.

In this post, we’ll break down the key challenges faced regarding Facebook scheduling. I’ll also provide some workarounds and alternatives worth exploring if you desperately need to schedule Facebook posts again.

Challenges and Reasons

Why Your Facebook Schedule is in a State of Uncertainty

A consistent and engaging social media presence is crucial for small businesses and marketers. However, recent changes to Facebook’s post-scheduling options have introduced unexpected obstacles. Let’s dive into the key challenges and reasons behind this shift:

1. No Business Account

Facebook’s scheduling feature is only available to business accounts. Business accounts have access to a wider range of features and tools, including insights and analytics. Scheduling is a primary part of this list. If you have a personal account, you will need to switch to a business account to schedule posts.

2. Personal Account Restrictions

Scheduling directly from personal accounts using the native app is no longer available. While this may require a shift in workflow, alternative options such as third-party tools can be used for scheduling posts on Facebook Personal Account.

3. Insufficient Permission

Scheduling functionality is now primarily reserved for business accounts and pages. Users without admin access or lacking sufficient permissions on a page will encounter limitations in scheduling posts. Ensuring the proper account setup and page access is essential.

4. Technical Difficulties

Technical glitches, including app crashes, outdated versions, and browser incompatibilities, can disrupt scheduling attempts. Maintaining updated software and exploring alternative devices may be necessary to overcome these temporary roadblocks.

5. Platform Updates and Changes

Facebook’s frequent platform updates can occasionally lead to temporary disruptions in scheduling features. Staying informed about upcoming changes and adjusting strategies accordingly is crucial for adapting to the evolving landscape.

6. Media Limitations

Scheduling options may be restricted based on media formats and file sizes. Understanding Facebook’s media guidelines and experimenting with different formats can help ensure successful post-scheduling.

7. Your account is temporarily blocked or suspended

Facebook blocks or suspends accounts for various reasons. If you happen to be a victim of this suspension, you will not be able to schedule posts on your account. This can happen for several reasons, such as violating Facebook community guidelines or posting spam. Meta allows you to appeal this suspension or block if their automated systems made a mistake.

8. API Issues

Facebook’s API, which connects third-party tools to the platform, can sometimes experience temporary issues, potentially impacting scheduling functionalities. Patience and exploring alternative tools or waiting for API resolution are typically necessary during such instances.

Facebook Platform Bug Reports

These challenges have undoubtedly added complexity to Facebook post scheduling. However, understanding the reasons behind these changes and exploring the available workarounds can empower businesses and marketers to adapt and continue building a strong social media presence.

In the next section, we will look into solutions and tools to help you navigate these challenges and regain control over your Facebook scheduling process.

Solutions: Reclaiming Your Facebook Scheduling

Navigating the days of feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing world of Facebook scheduling! Let’s explore a range of solutions that empower you how to schedule posts on Facebook effectively and confidently, ensuring your content reaches the right audience at the perfect time.

Start Simple:

1. Use Meta Business Suite

While it may have a steeper learning curve, Meta Business Suite offers an array of features beyond scheduling, making it a powerful management tool for your entire Facebook presence. Start by exploring its intuitive interface and familiarize yourself with its robust functionalities.

Address the Basics:

2. Switch to Business Account:

Remember, scheduling is a perk reserved for business accounts. If you haven’t already, creating a business account is like unlocking a treasure trove of scheduling possibilities.

3. Ask the administrator to permit you to use the scheduling feature

If you’re facing limitations on a page, seeking permission from the administrator can unlock your scheduling superpowers. To do this, contact the account administrator and ask them to give you the “Schedule Posts” permission.

4. Connect the Facebook page to the business account

Ensure your Facebook page is properly connected to your business account. This vital step bridges the gap and streamlines your scheduling workflow.

5. Update your app to the latest version

Outdated Facebook apps can throw wrenches in your scheduling gears. Make a habit of updating your app to the latest version to avoid unwanted glitches and ensure compatibility.

6. Unblock your account be resolve the guideline issue

If your account faces temporary suspension due to guideline violations, resolving the issue and regaining access is the first step to reclaiming your scheduling freedom.

Explore Advanced Options:

7. Third-Party Tools

When the native options fall short, venturing into the world of third-party scheduling tools can offer enhanced functionalities and cater to specific needs. Research trusted tools like RecurPost and discover a world of automation, analytics, and collaborative features.

Remember, the best solution may be a combination of these options. Start with the simple fixes, address any underlying issues, and consider advanced tools if your needs demand them. With a little patience and adaptation, you’ll be scheduling like a pro in no time.

If you want to schedule your Facebook and Instagram posts more than 29 days into the future, you can do so with RecurPost. Our platform uniquely provides the ability to schedule months of social media content in advance.

How to Schedule Facebook Posts

Here is an easy 4-step tutorial leveraging RecurPost’s extended Facebook scheduling superpowers:

1. Create an Account

– Go to RecurPost and click Sign Up to create your free account. Fill in your basic info to register.

2. Connect Facebook Profiles/Pages 

– Under Integrations, connect your Facebook business pages or groups that you manage as admin. This links RecurPost to your accounts.

3. Craft Your Post

– Use RecurPost’s intuitive post composer to design your Facebook content. Upload images and video, write compelling copy, and apply captions – POW! 

4. Schedule Any Date with Smart Timing

– Pick any future date to schedule the post, even 6+ months out! Enable RecurPost’s AI Best Time to post on Facebook tech for ideal send times.

And that’s it! With these four simple steps, you can effectively schedule unlimited Facebook and Instagram social media far into the future thanks to RecurPost’s unique platform capabilities. Never let your hands be tied by Facebook’s scheduling limitations again.

Watch How RecurPost works


Adapting to Facebook’s changes is crucial for small business owners who rely on this platform for marketing. By understanding and overcoming scheduling challenges, you can ensure your content reaches your audience effectively.

Staying updated with Facebook’s latest features, using tools like Meta Business Suite or RecurPost, and navigating technical issues are key to a successful Facebook strategy. Embrace these changes as opportunities to enhance your social media presence and connect more meaningfully with your audience.


Why are my scheduled posts not posting on Facebook?

Your scheduled posts might not post due to an outdated app, lack of necessary permissions, or technical issues with Facebook’s servers. Ensure your app is updated and you have administrative access to the page or group you’re managing.

Why is Facebook not letting me schedule a post?

Scheduling directly from personal profiles using the native app is no longer available. Explore third-party tools or schedule from your business page. Ensure your page is connected to a business account and that you have the proper admin or editor roles.

How do I enable scheduling on Facebook?

To enable scheduling, switch to a business account, connect your page, and use the publishing tools section or Meta Business Suite to schedule your posts. Ensure you have the correct administrative rights to do so.

Where is the scheduling option on Facebook?

The scheduling option can be found in the publishing tools section of your page or through the Meta Business Suite. After creating a post, look for the option to schedule it before publishing.

Why did my scheduled post disappear?

Scheduled posts can disappear if they violate Facebook’s community standards or due to glitches. Check your support inbox for any notifications of violations or attempts to reschedule the post.

Is there a limit on the Facebook post schedule?

Facebook typically allows you to schedule posts up to six months in advance and a minimum of 20 minutes before the current time. However, these limits can change, so it’s best to refer to the latest Facebook guidelines.

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