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Video Marketing Contest – Share Your Knowledge and Win

video marketing contest - social media scheduler

What is #LearnwithRecurPost?

This blog by RecurPost, a social media scheduler, is all about what a video marketing contest is.
It is an online video marketing contest in which you’ll be required to submit a 3-minute video on any one topic falling under the following categories:

  • Social Media Marketing (Including Marketing on individual networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram)
  • Lead generation through social media
  • Content Curation
  • Growing traffic on the blog through Social Media by scheduling using social media bulk scheduling
  • You can also target niche social media marketing topics (related to your business)
  • For example:
  • Get more clients for your coaching business online
  • Art of managing social media marketing for multiple clients


Format for the video:

  • Introduction
  • Mention the topic that you are going to speak about in the video
  • At least 2 key takeaways about the topic discussed in the video
  • How RecurPost can be of use to others facing the problem addressed in the video

Note: The length of the video should not exceed 3 minutes


Target Audience to be kept in mind while making the video:

  • Social Media Agency
  • Small Business Owners
  • Coaching Experts
  • Bloggers and Content Creators

3 Winners will be selected based on the following parameters:

  • Video Format (As mentioned)
  • Topic Selection (Topic should be relevant to the target audience and should fall under any one of the given categories)
  • Quality of the video and content
  • Relatedness of RecurPost to the problem or topic as a solution

NOTE: 3 Winners will be entitled to 1 Year of RecurPost Medium for free


How to submit your video?

Apply for Video Marketing Contest

* indicates required

Email your videos in .mp4 format to