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How To Post a Tweet with Images, GIFs, Videos and Link

How To Post a Tweet with Images, GIFs, Videos & Link

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Twitter has evolved to become more than just a platform for sharing short text-based messages. With the introduction of multimedia features like images, GIFs, videos, and links, you can post a tweet with a hub for diverse content. People and businesses have started using this platform to get in instant touch with their followers and customers, provide customer service, and share their opinions related to their industry or ongoing events.

To build a presence on Twitter, it is essential to post constantly – at least two or three times a day – as the shelf life of a tweet is very less. This is the reason why you can use a social media scheduler that allows you to schedule a plethora of tweets at once. This helps in creating batch content and eliminates the need to log in multiple times during the day to tweet. 

In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the process of posting a tweet with images, GIFs, videos, and links, which will help you create engaging and attractive tweets. We’ll also explore best practices for using each of these multimedia features to make your tweets more effective.

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Importance of Multimedia in Tweets

how to post a tweet with multimedia

Visual Content is More Attention-Grabbing

Research has shown that visual content is more attention-grabbing than text-only content. In fact, tweets with images and videos tend to receive more engagement than tweets without multimedia elements. This is because visual content is more likely to catch the eye of your followers as they scroll through their Twitter feeds.

Multimedia Can Help Convey Your Message More Effectively

Sometimes, words alone are not enough to convey your message. This is where multimedia can be particularly helpful. A well-chosen image or video can provide context, evoke emotion, and communicate your message more effectively than text alone. In fact, tweets with images and videos tend to have a higher likelihood of being shared and going viral than text-only tweets.

Multimedia Can Help You Stand Out

Twitter is a crowded platform with millions of users and tweets being sent out every minute. In order to stand out, you need to be able to capture the attention of your followers. Adding multimedia to your tweets is a great way to do this. By incorporating eye-catching images, amusing GIFs, or informative videos, you can make your tweets more memorable and increase the likelihood of your followers engaging with your content.

Multimedia Can Help You Showcase Your Brand

Finally, multimedia can help you showcase your brand and create a more cohesive visual identity on Twitter. By consistently using images and videos that reflect your brand’s style and message, you can help your followers recognize and remember your brand. This can help build brand loyalty and make it more likely that your followers will engage with your content and share it with their own followers.

Multimedia can Increase your Reach

Not only can multimedia help you stand out and engage your followers, but it can also increase your reach on Twitter. Tweets with images and videos are more likely to be retweeted, which can lead to your content being seen by a wider audience beyond your followers. In addition, Twitter’s algorithm tends to prioritize tweets with multimedia elements in its timeline, so including visual content can also increase the likelihood of your tweets being seen by a larger audience. By incorporating multimedia into your tweets, you can increase your reach and attract new followers to your account. You can also use the Twitter card validator to check if your tweets look the way they are intended to be.

How to Post a Tweet With Images

post a tweet with images

Step 1: Log in to your Twitter Account

The first step to post a tweet with images is to log in to your Twitter account. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, you’ll need to create one.

Step 2: Compose a New Tweet

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the “Compose” button or the “What’s happening” button to create a new tweet. 

Step 3: Click on the Image Icon

In the tweet composer, you’ll see a number of icons, including a camera icon. Click on the camera icon to add an image to your tweet.

Step 4: Select an Image to Upload

After clicking on the camera icon, you’ll be prompted to select an image to upload. You can choose an image from your computer or phone’s photo library. Select the image you want to upload and click “Open” or “Choose” to add it to your tweet.

Step 5: Add Text to Your Tweet

After you’ve added your image, you can add text to your tweet. You can add up to 280 characters of text along with your image in a Twitter post.

Step 6: Publish Your Tweet

Once you’ve composed your tweet and you’re happy with the way your tweet looks, click on the “Tweet” button to publish it.

How to Post a Tweet With GIFs

post a tweet with gifs

Step 1: Log in to Your Twitter Account

The first step to posting a tweet with GIFs is to log in to your Twitter account. You can do this by entering your Twitter handle and password.

Step 2: Click on the Tweet Button

Once you have logged in to your account, you will see the tweet composer on the top of the screen.

Step 3: Select the GIF Button

In the tweet composer box, you will see several buttons at the bottom. Click on the ‘GIF’ button, which is represented by a small animated icon.

Step 4: Search for a GIF

Once you click on the GIF button, a new window will open, displaying a collection of GIFs. You can either scroll through the available options or use the search bar to find a specific GIF that suits your tweet. For instance, if you’re tweeting about a funny incident, you can search for ‘funny GIFs.’

Step 5: Select the Desired GIF

Once you have found the desired GIF, click on it to select it. This will add the GIF to your tweet. You can preview the tweet by looking at the preview pane on the right side of the screen.

Step 6: Add Your Message and Send the Tweet

After selecting the GIF, you can add your message to the tweet. Keep in mind that the tweet word limit is 280 characters, so make sure your message is concise and to the point. Once you have added your message, you can click on the ‘Tweet’ button to send the tweet. Check out this blog to know how you can schedule tweets in advance and go viral on Twitter.

How to Post a Tweet With Links

post a tweet with links

Step 1: Copy the Link

The first step is to copy the link you want to share in your tweet. This can be a link to an article, a blog post, a video, or any other external content you want to share with your followers. 

Step 2: Compose your Tweet

Once you have the link copied, it’s time to compose your tweet. In the tweet compose box, write your tweet text. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Remember to include a call-to-action or a relevant hashtag to encourage engagement.

Step 3: Paste the Link

Now it’s time to paste the link into your tweet. Twitter will automatically fetch the preview from the link and add it to your tweet.

Step 4: Post your Tweet

If everything looks good, click on the “Tweet” button to post your tweet with the link.

How to Post a Tweet With Videos

post a tweet with videos

Step 1: Open Twitter and Start Composing a Tweet

To begin, navigate to Twitter and log in to your account. On the home screen, you will see the tweet composer right on the top.

Step 2: Click on the Media Button

Once you have composed your tweet, click on the media button located at the bottom of the tweet box. This button is represented by a camera icon. Clicking on it will bring up the media upload window.

Step 3: Choose Your Video

In the media upload window, select the video you want to upload. You can select videos that are stored on your device or upload a video directly from the camera if you are using the Twitter mobile app. You can also record a video by clicking on the camera icon.

Step 4: Trim Your Video

Twitter allows you to trim your videos before uploading them. This feature is useful if you want to remove any unwanted parts from your video. To trim your video, use the sliders to select the start and end points of your video.

Step 5: Add a Description to Your Video

After you have selected your video, you can add a description to it. The description will appear below the video. Use this opportunity to provide context or a brief summary of what the video is about.

Step 6: Post Your Tweet

Once you have added a description to your video, click on the “Tweet” button to post your tweet. Your video will now be uploaded to Twitter, and your followers will be able to view it.

How to Post a Tweet With Mixed Media


A fresh feature is being introduced by Twitter, which enables users to share pictures, videos, and GIFs within a single tweet. Formerly, the platform restricted users to one type of media format per post, such as multiple images.

Mixed media tweets can be observed on all platforms, but currently, iOS and Android users are the only ones permitted to post them. The capability to upload four diverse media items, including images, videos, or GIFs, in one tweet is now accessible via this feature.

All you need to do is select the media you want to share by tapping on the Media or GIF icons. For example, you can share photos and videos from your beach vacation or an announcement, and add a GIF to make your tweet more interesting. You can add up to four media items to your tweet.

Step 1: Open Twitter and click on the ‘Compose Tweet’ button

To post a tweet with mixed media, you first need to open Twitter and click on the ‘Compose Tweet’ button. This button is located at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 2: Type your tweet

Once you click on the ‘Compose Tweet’ button, a new window will open where you can type your tweet. 

Step 3: Add media to your tweet

Select the media that you want to add to your tweet – images, videos, or GIFs. You can select up to 4 media files.

Step 4: Post your tweet

Once you are satisfied with your tweet, you can post it by clicking on the ‘Tweet’ button located at the bottom right-hand corner of the tweet window. Your tweet will be shared with your followers and will appear on your Twitter timeline.

Best Practices for Uploading Tweets

best practices to upload tweets

Keep it Short and Sweet

One of the most important best practices for uploading tweets is to keep your tweets short and sweet. Your tweets should be concise and easy to read, and they should capture the reader’s attention right away. Use simple, clear language and avoid using industry-specific jargon or acronyms that your audience may not be familiar with. You can also use Twitter threads to create a story like structure on your tweets.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are an essential component of Twitter, and they can help your tweets get more visibility. Hashtags allow your tweets to be grouped with other tweets that use the same hashtag, making it easier for people to find your content. Make sure to use relevant hashtags that are popular in your industry or niche, and avoid using too many hashtags in a single tweet. Typically, one to two hashtags per tweet is sufficient.

Include Visuals

Adding visuals to your tweets can make a huge difference in the engagement and effectiveness of your tweets. Visuals can include images, videos, or GIFs. According to Twitter, tweets with visuals get more engagement than tweets without visuals. Make sure that your visuals are high-quality and relevant to the content of your tweet.

Timing is Everything

When it comes to uploading tweets, timing is everything. Make sure to post your tweets at the right time when your audience is most active on the platform. You can use social media analytics tools to determine the best time to post your tweets. Generally, the best times to post are during the morning and afternoon on weekdays.

Engage with Your Audience

Twitter is all about engagement, and it’s essential to engage with your audience to build a loyal following. Respond to your audience’s comments and tweets, and engage in conversations with them. Retweet and like tweets from your followers and other users who share relevant content. This will help you build a community on Twitter and increase your visibility on the platform.

How to Build a Presence on Twitter

build a presence on twitter

Set Up Your Profile

Your profile is the first impression that people will have of you or your brand, so it’s important to create a strong one. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Use a high-quality profile picture: Make sure your profile picture is clear, high-quality, and represents who you are or what your brand is about.
  • Create a custom header image: Your header image is a great opportunity to showcase your brand, so make sure it’s eye-catching and represents what you do.
  • Write a clear and concise bio: Use keywords related to your niche and be clear about what you do. Your bio should accurately represent who you are or what your brand is about.
  • Include relevant links: If you have a website, blog, or other social media profiles, make sure to include them in your bio.

Find Your Voice

Your voice is what makes you unique on Twitter. It’s important to find a tone and style that resonates with your audience. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Know your audience: Understand who your target audience is and what kind of content they are interested in before creating tweets to post.
  • Be authentic: Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Be true to yourself or your brand and find a voice that feels natural.
  • Use humor and personality: Twitter is a social platform, so don’t be afraid to use humor and show your personality.
  • Be consistent: Once you’ve found your voice, be consistent with it. This will help your followers know what to expect from you.

Create Engaging Content

Twitter is all about creating engaging content that resonates with your audience. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Share valuable information: Share insights, tips, and perspectives that are unique and valuable to your audience.
  • Use multimedia: Include images, videos, and GIFs to make your content more engaging.
  • Use calls-to-action: Encourage your followers to engage with your content by asking questions, running polls, or using other calls-to-action.
  • Curate content: Don’t be afraid to share content from other users or brands that are relevant to your niche. This will help you provide a diverse range of content for your followers.
  • Be Consistent: The key to success on Twitter is to be consistent and post daily. Social media bulk scheduling is a great way to ensure that your Twitter account is never idle.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful way to reach new audiences on Twitter. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Use relevant hashtags: Use hashtags that are related to your niche and the content you are sharing.
  • Monitor trending hashtags: Keep an eye on trending hashtags and join in on the conversation if it’s relevant to your brand or content.
  • Use hashtags sparingly: Don’t use too many hashtags in a single tweet, as it can make your content look spammy.
  • Create your own hashtags: Consider creating your own hashtag to promote your brand or campaign.

Engage with Your Followers

Engagement is key to building a strong presence on Twitter. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Respond to questions and comments: Respond to your followers’ questions and comments in a timely manner.
  • Retweet content: Retweet content from your followers or other users that is relevant to your niche.
  • Start conversations: Don’t be afraid to start conversations with your followers or other users.
  • Use direct messages: Use direct messages to have private conversations with your followers or other users.

Collaborate with Others

Collaboration is a powerful way to build your presence on Twitter. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Reach out to other influencers or brands in your niche: Collaborate on content or campaigns that will benefit both parties.
  • Use Twitter chats: Participate in Twitter chats that are relevant to your niche to connect with other users.
  • Host giveaways or contests: Host giveaways or contests that require users to follow you or engage with your content.

Monitor Your Analytics

Twitter provides a range of analytics tools that can help you track your follower growth, engagement, and more. Here are some of the key metrics to monitor in your Twitter analytics:

  • Follower growth: Keep track of how many new followers you gain each week or month. This will help you understand how your content is resonating with your audience and whether your follower base is growing over time.
  • Engagement: Engagement includes likes, retweets, comments, and shares. Monitor these metrics to see which of your tweets are resonating with your audience and driving engagement.
  • Impressions: Impressions refer to the number of times your tweets are viewed. This is an important metric to monitor because it shows you how many people are seeing your content.
  • Clicks: Keep track of how many clicks your links are receiving. This will help you understand how effective your calls-to-action are and whether your content is driving traffic to your website.

How to Repurpose Your Tweets Without Getting Banned

Twitter has a policy according to which you cannot post the same tweet twice on your Twitter accounts. Every tweet needs to be unique. If you engage in the practice of posting the same tweet again and again, your account might get banned.


Adding mixed media to your tweets can be a great way to engage your audience and make your tweets stand out. Whether it’s an image, video, GIF, or link, each of these elements can help to bring your tweets to life and increase their impact. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can easily add these elements to your tweets and create more dynamic and engaging content on Twitter. 

So don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different types of media to make your tweets truly unique and compelling. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating tweets that grab the attention of your followers and help you grow your social media presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you tweet step by step?

To tweet step by step, log in to your Twitter account, click the “Compose” button, type your message in the text box, attach any desired media or hashtags, and click “Tweet” to post.

2. How to delete all tweets at once?

To delete all tweets at once, you can use a third-party service like TweetDelete or TweetEraser, which allows you to mass-delete tweets.

3. What is the best way to tweet?

The best way to tweet is to be clear, concise, and engaging, using a conversational tone and relevant hashtags or media to increase visibility and engagement.

4. How do I get my tweets seen?

To get your tweets seen, use relevant hashtags, engage with other users, post at optimal times, and consider paid promotion or collaboration with influencers.

5. What makes a tweet popular?

A tweet can become popular by being informative, entertaining, timely, and/or relatable, using eye-catching visuals or hashtags, and being shared by users with large followings.

6. What is the best time to tweet?

The best time to tweet depends on your target audience and can vary, but generally, midweek afternoons and early evenings tend to have higher engagement.

7. What kind of tweets are most effective?

The most effective tweets are those that are relevant, interesting, informative, and/or entertaining, using a conversational tone and visual media to engage and capture the attention of the audience.

8. How to post a tweet to Facebook?

To post a tweet to Facebook, simply copy the URL of the tweet and paste it into a new Facebook post.

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