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How to write Social Media Marketing Proposal to get more clients (Free Template Included)

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Social Media Agencies, Freelancers, and Consultants need clients to exist. Whether you’re a social media marketing agency, a PR firm, or an advertising agency, a social media marketing proposal is an essential part of your client acquisition toolkit. These people have to make many proposals to land their dream clients. I know that these proposals are hectic and take away many hours out of your daily schedule which you would have otherwise used productively elsewhere.

What’s the key to close more deals?

Optimized website?

Yes, it helps you in getting some good leads but what about closing those leads?

The real answer to the question is:

Well-drafted Social Media Marketing Proposals are the key to closing your leads. Clients want to know what can you do for them before handing over their mandate to you on a silver platter. Social Media Marketing Proposals is the best way to showcase your company’s vision, what problems are you addressing for the clients, and how your services are solving those problems along with many other things.

Why do you need Social Media Marketing Proposal?

This is where strong proposals become invaluable. They’re a key tool for showing why you’re the best choice by:

  • Introducing your agency to the clients
  • Highlighting your previous projects
  • Providing solution to their problems
  • Giving them a tangible document outlining the terms and scope of work
  • Providing detailed timeline and budget for the project

What needs to be included in a killer Social Media Marketing Proposal?

We have outlined everything you need to write a killer template in our Marketing Proposal Template and A Sample for your reference.

Download Free Social Media Marketing Proposal