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How To Schedule Tweets Easily: Best Tips To Go Viral on Twitter

how to schedule tweets using recurpost

Knowing how to schedule tweets can prove to be a game-changer for your brand. Twitter is one of the few social media platforms that can help spread your message to a vast audience quickly. It is such a popular site that approximately 500 million tweets are made every day! Owing to such a huge ocean of tweets, the average shelf life of a tweet has come down to just 18 minutes.

This means that if you want your profile to be discovered, you need to be active on the platform by posting your tweets by using social media scheduler. Posting a minimum of 3-4 share-worthy tweets a day and constantly engaging with your audience is what it takes to go viral on Twitter. It is not advisable to automate the engagement, but you can at least take care of the former part. 

Considering the possibility of spending too much time uploading tweets, being able to drop tweets while you’re working, sleeping, or eating is such a relief. And scheduling your tweets ahead of time can bring you this relief. You can create schedules for a month in advance which leaves you with abundant time to concentrate on other things.

Using the native Twitter web app, you can only schedule one tweet at a time. This can be time-consuming, especially as a brand. To bulk schedule tweets in advance, you need to take the help of a social media scheduling tool that lets you schedule multiple tweets on multiple accounts at once. 

RecurPost is one such tool that will suffice for all your scheduling needs. Let’s see how you can schedule tweets in a jiffy using RecurPost and also natively on Twitter.

What You’ll Learn in This Blog:

How To Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Yes, it is quite possible to schedule tweets natively from your Twitter account. If you are managing only one or two accounts for your brand, this option can be feasible. However, it is only possible to schedule one tweet at a time. Thus, if you want to schedule 3-4 tweets a day, you will have to upload and schedule them one by one. 

Let’s see how to do it:

1. Compose Your Tweet

When you open your Twitter account, you’ll see a blog blue ‘Tweet’ button on the left-hand side panel. Click on it and a pop-up window will appear where you can compose your tweet. Add description, images, video, gif, or share a link. 

2. Click on The Calendar Icon

After adding all the details of your tweet, click on the calendar icon. This is the fifth and final icon in the toolkit at the bottom of the Tweet composer, next to the emoji icon. 

3. Select The Date and Time For Publishing

Set the day and exact time you want the Tweet to go live and click on ‘Confirm’ to schedule your tweet.

How To Schedule Tweets using RecurPost

Scheduling weeks’ worth of tweets using RecurPost is just a matter of a few minutes. Let’s see how to do it.

1. Sign up for RecurPost and Connect Your Twitter Accounts

In order to schedule tweets, the first step is definitely to sign up for a RecurPost account. Go to RecurPost, click on the sign-up button and enter your details to create an account. After signing up, you will be taken to the dashboard. Here, you will see the button saying ‘Add social accounts’.

Click on it and a pop-up will appear. Under the Twitter section, click on ‘Add profile’.

If you aren’t already logged in to your Twitter account on the same browser, you will be taken to the login screen. Enter your Twitter account’s credentials and the next screen will ask you to give certain permissions to RecurPost in order to post on your account.

Don’t worry, no personal information or login credentials will be saved or used by RecurPost. Click on ‘Continue’ and you’ll be directed back to RecurPost, where you will see your accounts connected.

2. Create a one-off Post

One-off posts are helpful when you want to schedule a single tweet on multiple accounts. These updates will be shared on your accounts just once. To create a one-off post, click on the ‘Share a post’ button on the dashboard. 

In the pop-up that appears, you will be able to add all the details of your tweet. Add description/caption, attach images/video or create a graphic directly from Canva, add hashtags, include emojis, insert a link (a preview will be automatically fetched) and select the Twitter account that you want to post on.

You can either schedule this post for a later date or post it immediately. Before scheduling or posting, you can also see the preview by clicking on the little eye button. To schedule your post, simply toggle on the ‘Schedule for later’ button and select the date and time according to your preference.

RecurPost provides one more exciting feature here, which is ‘Auto-schedule for best time’. When you select this feature, RecurPost will study the engagement level received in your previous posts, find out your unique best time to post on Twitter, and schedule tweets accordingly. After adding all the details, your post will look something like this:

When you’re done checking all the details, hit the ‘Schedule’ button and your post will be uploaded to your accounts when the scheduled time comes.

3. Add Content in Libraries

Libraries allow you to categorize your posts neatly into different spaces. You can fill them up with awesome content and set a recurring schedule to make all that content go out in a loop on your Twitter accounts and other social platforms too. Your libraries can be found under the ‘Recurring Posts’ tab.

When you sign up, 3 libraries will be created by default. You can edit or delete them or create as many new libraries as you want. In these libraries, you will find many options to add recurring updates. You can add a single update, add images/text/link posts for social media bulk scheduling, add content through a CSV/excel file, import content from a social account, or set up an RSS feed.

4. Add a Recurring Schedule

After adding content to your libraries, you need to set a recurring schedule to let the posts go out on your social accounts. To set a recurring schedule, go to the library and navigate to the ‘Your schedule’ tab. Then click on ‘Add recurring schedule’.

Here, you can select the frequency at which you want the updates to go out. Choose an option between weekly or monthly cycles, set the time, and hit the ‘Add Schedule’ button.

That’s it! The content added to your libraries will be uploaded on your Twitter account as per the selected frequency. That’s all you need to do to schedule tweets using RecurPost’s social media scheduling tool.

Tips To Go Viral on Twitter

Whenever a message goes viral on multiple social media channels, Twitter is always a huge part of the process. Newsworthy content spreads like fire on Twitter which makes it the perfect tool to create viral campaigns. Thus, if you also have content that has the potential to go viral, here are a few tips to set the momentum.

1. Create Content That Matters

Feeding your target audience with rich and valuable content is the key to go viral on Twitter. This valuable content can be anything that relates to your audience – news, product updates, memes, industry updates, etc. News and current affairs are the most shared content types on Twitter. 

From current holidays and the weather to scientific studies and politics, people love to share about anything newsworthy. People engage a lot with such content and tend to retweet it often. In short, help your audience to discover good content, and they will help you in making it viral.

2. Be Consistent 

One of the most important factors for increasing engagement and attracting new followers is to stay consistent. You can’t just post deep Twitter quotes once in a blue moon and expect your content to go viral. Twitter is a fleeting platform where on average 6000 tweets are tweeted every second! Thus, to make yourself noticeable on the platform, you need to tweet at least 3-4 times every day.

We know this can seem like a lot to begin with, but once you figure out what to post, you will be able to fill up your content calendar easily. To avoid manually uploading multiple tweets throughout the day, consider using a social media scheduler to schedule tweets beforehand. It will help you keep your profile always active without actually opening your Twitter account. 

3. Schedule Tweets For The Best Times

The time at which you post your tweets plays an important role in making your content discoverable by the right audience. Imagine coming up with killer content only to find that it doesn’t even get a couple of likes. Well, it can happen if nobody is actually online to interact with it. 

From your Twitter analytics, you can get some insights on the times when your followers are the most active. You can then run A/B tests and experiment posting at different times. If this seems like a lot of work, you can use RecurPost’s tweet scheduler which lets you auto-schedule for the best time to tweet. It’s also amongst the great free Hootsuite Alternatives in the market.

4. Inject Humor into Your Tweets

Not everyone is naturally hilarious, but try to incorporate some humor into your Twitter content strategy. Memes get shared like crazy and if you can create fun content that relates to your target audience, that can work wonders. If people appreciate your comedic gold, your content can go viral overnight. 

As a matter of fact, some of the most viral threads include an element of humor. You don’t have to scratch your heads to craft out the perfect meme, it can be subtle and still catch the attention of thousands of people.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a sure-shot way of reaching a wider audience. They can improve the reach of your tweets and the power to go viral. Hashtags group tweets around a certain topic together in order to make tweets easier to find. Using trending hashtags can get more people looking at your content and engaging with it.

Trending hashtags can be found under the ‘trending’ section of Twitter. However, make sure that the hashtags you use are relevant to your content. Also, remember this isn’t Instagram. You simply can’t stuff too many hashtags in one post. Include 2-3 relevant hashtags per tweet at the most. 

6. Engage with Your Audience

Social media, including Twitter, is a two-way street. You can’t expect people to engage with your content if you don’t interact with theirs. Like and comment on the tweets of your followers. If you come across a good piece of content, retweet it. These actions are most likely to be reciprocated by your followers. 

Ask questions to people, conduct polls, host a Q&A session, share pictures with them, and offer rewards for retweets and favorites. This will encourage people to respond and interact with your tweets. Also, reply to each and every comment as well as DM that you receive. It gives out a sign that you’re genuinely interested in building a connection with your followers. Along with that, Find at least 10 rivals and research their daily tweeting habits, responses to comments and retweets, sharing of personal experiences, etc. This will also provide you with a clear notion of how to get Twitter followers.

To sum up,

When you schedule tweets, you can provide your audience with a constant stream of content to engage with, just like Clubhouse lets its clients take over. When people engage with your content and retweet it, new people discover your profile, thus increasing the chances of going viral. Scheduling tweets gives you the ability to multitask without making your content suffer, Making RecurPost the best Postfity Alternatives.

You can keep up with your social media calendar without spending odd hours sitting in front of your desktop, and you simply won’t forget to post on a busy day. In other words, when you schedule tweets, you can uplift your Twitter Viral content marketing strategy

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for RecurPost’s 14-day free trial today and schedule tweets in advance! Along with scheduling, you will be able to experience many other advanced features like social inbox, in-depth analytics, white-label reports, tweet variations, unlimited workspaces, team management, and more! Click here to sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Schedule Tweets?

Yes, you can schedule tweets both natively and using a Twitter scheduler. From Twitter, you can schedule only one tweet at a time. To schedule tweets in bulk or to create recurring schedules, you can use a social media scheduling tool like RecurPost.

Scheduling multiple tweets in advance can help you keep your profile always active without the need of logging in every now and then to post. With your tweet calendar sorted, you will be able to get plenty of time to engage with your target audience. 

2. What is The Best Time To Post on Twitter and Schedule Tweets?

In order to get the most out of your efforts on Twitter marketing, you need to know the best times to post on Twitter. Well, to be very clear – There is no ‘one-time-fits-all’ best time to upload a tweet. There are a lot of factors that will affect this timing including your audience, type of business, objective, and more. 

However, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to know your unique time. People tend to engage more throughout the weekdays and less on weekends as they’re busy with personal activities. The overall best time to post on Twitter is from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and the best days to post on Twitter are Wednesday and Friday.

3. How Do You Schedule Tweets on Mobile?

Sometimes, you work on the go and occasionally have to schedule Tweets from your mobile phone or tablet. While the official Twitter app on iOS and Android doesn’t allow you to schedule tweets on Twitter, there is another way. RecurPost provides a tweet scheduler that lets you bulk schedule tweets both from your desktop and mobile. Its application is available both for iOS and Android users. 

It acts like a mini scheduler that you can carry in your pockets. You can upload content, schedule tweets, modify or delete schedules, and manage your Twitter accounts on the move. It lets you perform all the activities that you can do on the desktop.

4. How Many Times a Day Should I Tweet?

On Twitter, approximately 500 million tweets are made every day and the average shelf life of a tweet is just 18 minutes! These numbers practically scream that you need to post very frequently in order to make your content visible on your audience’s feed. If you want maximum engagement per tweet, aim for 1-5 tweets per day. The sweet spot for growth is between 6-7 tweets per day on weekdays, and 3-4 tweets a day on weekends. 

You can experiment with different frequencies and find out what works for you the best. Twitter analytics can help you see which days are getting the most engagement. You will be able to know how many tweets you’ve shared on certain days which will help in easily correlating your frequency to engagement.

5. How can I get 1000 followers on Twitter?

To get your first 1000 followers on Twitter, follow the below tips:
– Choose a Twitter handle close to your real name
– Set a clear profile picture, cover photo, and fill in all details in bio
– Tweet quality content that includes something informative, educational, or entertaining
– Be consistent and tweet multiple times a day
– Use the right and relevant hashtags
– Tweet at times when your audience is the most active
– Aim for retweets by posting relevant content like words of advice, creative inspiration, or a funny feeling
– Run contests and giveaways
– Don’t spread negative information

6. Can You Schedule Tweets For Free?

It is possible to schedule tweets for free using the native Twitter platform. However, you can only schedule one tweet at a time. Thus, if you want to schedule 3-4 tweets together, you need to compose them and schedule them separately. If you are a business or individual who manages just one or two Twitter accounts, this option might be feasible for you. Simply go to Twitter, compose your tweet, click on the calendar icon and schedule tweets for your desired date and time.

7. How Many Tweets Should I Schedule on Twitter?

You can always schedule tweets on Twitter but there is no official limit announced yet. However, when Twitter thinks you’re crossing the tweeting limit, it will send out an error message. Then, you will be allowed to try again later. At least Twitter doesn’t suspend us for this one, yet! It is ideal to tweet 3-4 times or a maximum of 6-7 times a day. Anything beyond that would probably be considered spamming and irritate your followers.