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How To Schedule Facebook Post in an Easy Way in 2023?

how to schedule facebook post

If you have ever wondered about how to schedule Facebook posts using a social media scheduler, you have come to the right place!

If you are a small business owner or a social media manager, you are probably in charge of all social media activities for promoting your business.

You are certainly involved with multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn at once. To get your promotional game right, you will have to keep up with social media trends.

Things can go from zero to crazy pretty quickly when you manage all platforms simultaneously. Talking about Facebook in particular, it alone can take up a good chunk of your operational time.

The social media giant has over 2 billion active monthly users and is becoming a place where people can simply unload. They share ideas, experiences, thoughts, and opinions.

No business should let the potential of this platform go amiss. You should think of how to schedule Facebook post in the most efficient way to get through the bottlenecks of business.

Now, someone who has experience with managing content on Facebook would know how difficult it is to keep up with post schedule on and keeping the page filled.

The process can be fairly time-consuming and mostly monotonous. So many issues with getting it right, right? Not to worry because an automation tool can fix this instantly. You will be able to schedule posts on Facebook with minimum complexity and maximum convenience. 

Advantages of scheduling Facebook posts

If you have been managing your Facebook Marketing Strategy just fine all this while, you might wonder, why change? Automated posting to Instagram vs Facebook can be very beneficial.

We are going to tell you exactly why you should change your strategy. Here are the advantages of scheduling Facebook posts:

1. Consistency and quality of content 

The one thing every content manager has to work upon heavily is the consistency or uniformity of content, and the quality of it. The biggest advantage of using a Facebook Post Scheduler is that it will make sure content gets posted regularly.

It will also maintain the quality of content because you will be able to pre-plan all your content. Everything will be in line with your strategy.

For example, you were to post a Facebook Ad on Wednesday but something urgent came up and you won’t have any time to plan content on that day. In this case, if you plan your content on Monday itself, you wouldn’t have to worry about Wednesday or any other day for that matter.

2. Boosting audience reach 

If you are someone who operates on a global level and wants to reach a versatile market, you will have to follow different time zones. In order to do that, you will have to keep posting manually even after your working hours.

That can be very inconvenient. If you schedule your posts ahead of time, you will never have to worry about excusing yourself from dinners or having to wake up in the middle of the night.

All your posts will get published automatically at the times pre-chosen by you. This will directly increase your reach because you will be able to tap audiences living in different time zones.

3. Increasing efficiency 

A very stated benefit of scheduling posts on Facebook is that it will make you a better marketer. When you have too many tasks at hand, you keep juggling and end up slacking in most of them.

Imagine this, you are to prepare a Facebook post and you switch to some other task that requires your attention. Now, after coming back to the post, you have lost your rhythm and focus.

A Facebook Post Scheduler can help you avoid such situations and directly increase your efficiency. The constant switching between tasks can cost you a significant amount of productive time.

How to schedule Facebook post on a business page?

So, how exactly do you schedule a Facebook post on a business page? You have the option of scheduling Facebook posts via the Facebook interface itself or by using third-party tools.

The steps of scheduling remain the same in both cases. However, if you choose to use third-party tools, you will have the benefit of including them in the wider marketing strategy.

You will be able to schedule and manage posts across multiple social media channels. Let us see the steps involved in automating the schedule of Facebook posts on a business page:

1. Creating or originating your content 

To get started with creating a post, you will have to go to your Facebook page and click on the option “publishing tool” that will be in the left column.

A window will open up then and you will have to select the create post button that will be on the top. That particular interface will allow you to create content, post about an event, list a job opening, etc. Since you will be working for a brand, your need will be for a traditional Facebook post.

When you schedule a post on Facebook, you must keep a couple of things in mind. You must always use original content. Avoid using free stock images. If you want to stand out, you should try making your visuals unique. Another thing is that you can offer a mix of images and videos.

Facebook offers a good range of options; 3D images, slideshows, multiple videos, and 360-degree images. You can make use of these to make your content diverse.

2. Pick your date and time 

Once your social media calendar is ready and set to be posted, you need to go on scheduling it. You will have to select the schedule option that will open up the calendar.

You will have access to the page insights section which will give you data on the best times to post. These trends can be very volatile because of how much people use Facebook in their everyday routines. Now, you just have to select a date and time at which you want your post to go live.

Facebook or your third-party tool will take care of everything that comes after. Things to keep in mind while choosing posting time are that you should give some thought to timeline planning. Posts should go live when most of your users are online and active.

You should also have a time interval pattern for posting your content. Decide upon the frequency of posting or the intervals between posts to develop a uniform pattern.

3. Keep a check on your plan before going live 

It can be a common habit to schedule a Facebook post and forget about it later. But, you should maintain a tinge of caution while you take care of posting.

When you automate posts, you might end up ignoring sudden changes in the market. This is not advisable because your communication strategy needs to adapt constantly. Your promotional tone should be in accordance with the market environment.

For example, if a certain product has stirred up negative news in the market, it is best not to use a jovial tone that promotes its consumption. When you want to revisit your plans effectively, what you can do is, set up trend alerts.

Setting uptrend alerts is an easy way to keep up with the latest happenings in the market. Google alerts will notify you about any trends in the market and you can alter your strategy accordingly.

You should also pay attention to tiny details. In case you make some major changes to your posts, make sure that the small details accompanying it are in alignment with your message.

4. Monitoring and optimizing performance 

If you use automated posting, you will be able to access marketing analytics dashboard. You should closely monitor the data there to see how your scheduled posts are performing and compare that with your social media metrics.

When you automate the schedule of your Facebook post content, you will get time to focus on more challenging aspects of your marketing strategy. You should always set targets when you monitor and analyze your performance.

Without a goal, your social media strategy would play in the blind. To have a performance metric, you must have a set target first by using helpful Facebook post ideas. Also, you should not hold back from making necessary changes to your automated content.

If a trend changes, the market changes or an event occurs, you should be in a position to tweak your posts. Lucky for you, an automated schedule will allow you to do that.

Top social media scheduling tools to automate the schedule of your Facebook post

1. RecurPost 

It is an excellent choice that comes to mind when you think of how to schedule Facebook post or other social media content. RecurPost offers great value for money with its 14-day Free Trial Plan. You can read more about its features to get started with your Facebook content marketing. It not only enables you to manage personal profiles and pages but also lets you schedule posts on Facebook groups.

2. Hootsuite

This tool does a great job at content management on Twitter and Facebook. It has continued to have a name for being a great Facebook post scheduler and it still excels in this domain. It also supports over 35 other social networks.

RecurPost is amongst the best free Hootsuite Alternatives in the market, though it has a unique feature of social media bulk scheduling, hashtags recommendations, etc.

3. Gain 

It is the best Facebook post scheduler out there for companies that have multiple layers of content filtering or approval. It is very convenient for teams. Gain manages complex approval processes really well. You can assign tasks and share files within the platform. 

4. SproutSocial

It is a great choice for scheduling your Facebook posts, plus it does a lot more. It provides you with plenty of additional data to inculcate in your social media strategy. This has been a market favorite for quite some time now.

Final thoughts

Social media managers, as well as local small businesses owner, must always maintain Facebook etiquette. This will help them deliver the most filtered content to their audience and avoid any potential content mishaps.

Nobody wants a content controversy in the market because that can cause serious damage to your brand’s reputation. Social media scheduling tools can be life-changing for numerous social media managers. These tools are instrumental in improving their performance, increasing their efficiency, and gaining maximum results from their social media promotions. Schedulers work great to post your stuff on Instagram for Instagram ads.

Scheduling your Facebook posts is a highly recommended marketing tip in the present-day marketing scenario. This is because the audience is diverse today and globally spread. When you attempt to keep up with posting everything manually with some great Color Psychology, you lose a significant amount of time. 

Time efficiency is not the only benefit rendered by social media automation. When you pre-plan your posts, you open up the time window to develop strategies for the future. In the meantime, you can check out RecurPost, one of the most preferred Coschedule Alternatives that can help you in automating your social media.

You will have more room to think about ways to cater to varied audiences in varied geographies with a consistent pattern of content. This is why you should resort to using tools like RecurPost. It gives excellent Facebook Post Scheduling features and other platforms like GMB, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

RecurPost also comes at a great price and a 14-day free trial which is very economical for someone who is just getting started with their promotions.

Get to know more about the pricing plans offered by RecurPost. #LearnwithRecurPost to know how to impart knowledge on Managing and Scheduling Online Campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to schedule a post on Facebook group?

In order to schedule a post on a Facebook group manually, you will have to follow these steps:
– Create a new post in your Facebook group.
– Click the clock button at the bottom.
– Mention the time for posting and click “schedule” button.
– Continue the same for all posts.

You can do this or you can go for a bulk scheduling feature offered by social media scheduling tools like Recurpost. It will allow you to automate all your group posts at once.

2. Can I schedule a post on Facebook?

Yes, you can. However, not via Facebook per se. In late 2019, Facebook removed the option of scheduling posts directly from the page publisher. Instead of that, Facebook directs you to publishing tools from where it will take you to creator studio.

3. What is Facebook auto poster?

A Facebook auto poster can be explained as a tool that allows you to publish Facebook posts at a pre-determined time. It essentially reduces your workload and saves you precious work hours.

4. How to schedule Facebook post on mobile?

In order to schedule a Facebook post on mobile, you need to open the Facebook Pages app. You can download the Facebook pages manager app for android or iOS too. Click on the icon saying toolbox at the bottom right. Now, under the sharing tools section, click on Scheduled posts. Tap on the post you want to open and click the three dots that will give you the option to reschedule to “publish now”.

5. Why can’t I schedule posts on Facebook?

Facebook took away the ability to schedule posts directly from their publisher in early 2019. So, Facebook now directs you to publishing tools. Once you get to the Publishing tools page, Facebook will take you to the Creator Studio from where you can schedule and publish.