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How To Post on Twitter: Ultimate Guide to Post on Twitter

how to post on twitter

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If you haven’t already added Twitter to your marketing plans, do it now! Twitter has over 326 million active users and this number can be a huge pool of opportunities for your business. You must learn how to post on Twitter ASAP if you want to drive sales and win fans.

It is safe to say that Twitter is the fifth largest social media network in terms of popularity and it is a gold mine of consumer insights and opportunities to market your brand. There are around 500 million tweets sent out every day and this enormity might intimidate you. You need to be smart and strategic to be able to remain at the top of your game. A social media scheduler can help you be analytical in your approach.

This is where posting the right content on Twitter comes into place. It is also important to post content at the right time and for that, you can schedule tweets. If you are unsure about how to post on Twitter in terms of different types of content, this blog will be your complete guide.

Want to schedule recurring tweets on Twitter?

RecurPost’s tweet variations make it possible without affecting Twitter norms

Let’s dig right in!

How to Post a Video on Twitter

Everyone knows how limiting the character limit on Twitter can be in terms of content delivery. You might not always get the chance to convey your message fully when you auto tweet. But lucky for you, there is the option of attaching videos when you post a tweet. Here are the steps to follow if you want to embed a video when you post a tweet:

  • Copy the URL of the video that you like from the platform that hosts it and paste it.
How to Post a Video on Twitter by copying URL
  • Paste the URL into a tweet- watch the character limit as you do this. The link should not go out incomplete. You will see a preview of the embedded video in the tweet text box.
How to Post a Video on Twitter - paste url in tweet
  • Add in the text as per your preferences and hit the tweet button.
post video by adding text in tweet to post on twitter

How to Post Multiple Pictures on Twitter

If you are someone who does not want to limit their Twitter post ideas to just a single image, then not worry. Here are the steps you need to follow to add multiple pictures to your tweet:

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
How to Post Multiple Pictures on Twitter
  • Compose a new tweet and then hit the tweet button. Write in your content within the 280 character limit.
How to Post Multiple Pictures on Twitter
  • Now click on the photo icon from the bottom of the tweet box and choose an image from your computer.
How to Post Multiple Pictures on Twitter
  • If you want to add more images, click on the photo icon again and select up to 4 images at once. 
How to Post Multiple Pictures on Twitter

Want to schedule recurring tweets on Twitter?

RecurPost’s tweet variations make it possible without affecting Twitter norms

How to Post a YouTube video on Twitter

If you want to spice up your daily Twitter post with trending Twitter Quotes, you can add YouTube videos to your tweets. They are also a great addition to a Twitter marketing strategy. Here are the steps to follow if you want to add YouTube videos to your daily Twitter post:

  • On your desktop browser, go to the YouTube video you want to share while remaining logged into your Twitter and YouTube accounts.
  • Select the option saying “Share” from underneath the video and then choose the Twitter icon to draft a tweet with the video link embedded.
How to Post a YouTube video on Twitter-1
  • Add in the text of your choice that you would like to tweet and hit the Tweet button.
How to Post a YouTube video on Twitter -2

If you are running or managing multiple Twitter accounts on Twitter, then you must know how to post links on Twitter. Here are the steps you can follow.

How to Post Links on Twitter

  • You need to paste or type in the URL into the tweet box on
  • The next thing that will happen is that the URL will be shortened to 23 characters. 
how to post links on twitter
  • Now hit the tweet button to post your tweet and link.

How to Post a thread on Twitter

Sometimes just one tweet is not enough to express our ideas on Twitter. A thread on Twitter is a series of connected tweets from a single person. Here is how you can create a thread on Twitter:

  • Click on the tweet button to create a new tweet
How to Post a thread on Twitter
  • If you want to add another tweet or more, select the plus icon
How to Post a thread on Twitter -2
  • In case you want to delete any of the tweets, choose the delete button
  • Once you are done adding all the tweets you would want in your thread, select the Tweet all button to post them.
How to Post a thread on Twitter -3

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

In order to schedule tweets on Twitter, you should use a social media scheduler like RecurPost. It is a social media scheduler with repeating schedules that will give you enormous benefits when it comes to your social media marketing strategy implementation.

With this tool, you can post to multiple social media at once and forget worrying about audience engagement. It is an excellent Twitter tweet scheduler that will allow you to create tweet variations for your profile. You can manage and pages and personal accounts with this tool. In fact, you can generate lots of engagement on Twitter by posting regularly as it is one of the top 10 apps used by Americans, and is a go-to place to share and gather information.

1. Connect your Twitter profile from the dashboard

how to post on twitter - connect twitter profile

The first thing that you will have to do is add your Twitter account or connect it to the Recurpost app. You will have to log in to your account for this and go to the dashboard. There will be an option to add your social account on the left-hand side panel. Select that. 

2. Select the Twitter profiles you want to add

After clicking on the “Add” button, you will see a pop-up on your screen wherein you can choose from the platforms that you want to add. For this particular thing, select the page option under the Twitter category. After doing that, there will be an option to add account details and grant permissions. Once you fulfill that, you will be done with adding your account and it will be connected with the app.

how to post on twitter - select twitter profiles

3. Create a Tweet

Choose the profile for which you want to schedule the tweet. As per the latest Twitter policy, you must note that the same tweet cannot be scheduled for all your Twitter handles. But RecurPost creates tweet variations to tackle that so, not to worry.

Once you select the profile, you can click on the option that says “Share a post”. You can fill in the content for your tweet where the box asks you to.

how to post on twitter - create a tweet

You have the following options to add to your post:

  • Photos – Tweets with graphics are likely to stand out and get more attention than plain text. They get more clicks, likes, and retweets according to a study by HubSpot.
  • Videos–Twitter says that videos are likely to get 6 times the retweets that photos get. Video marketing is the trend that dominates today.
  • Emoji – Emojis have a way of perking up plain text. They make your piece interesting to read and even add life to it.
  • Link – adding links to your business pages or website landing pages is a great way to drive traffic.
  •  Hashtags – Using hashtags will take you forward in your SEO game. They can let your reach an untapped audience and make your piece highly and widely visible.

4. Time to put it on schedule

After you are done with all the above steps or you are ready with your tweet’s content, you can prepare to put it on schedule for publishing. If you are someone who has wondered about how to schedule tweets, you have your answer. When you choose to automate your Twitter scheduling tweets, you have these options:

  • Post now – If you want the tweet to be posted just when you create it, you can choose the option that says “post now”
  • Schedule for later – If you want your tweet to be posted later, you choose the option to “schedule for later.” Add in the date and time of posting.
  • Create recurring update – If you want that your tweet schedule repeats itself, you can select the option that says “Repeat this update”

Even with its social media bulk scheduling feature, you can plan and schedule hundreds of posts in advance. This can be done by creating separate content libraries, which help you generate new traffic without creating new content every time.

how to post on twitter - schedule tweets for twitter


Twitter is an extremely powerful marketing tool and social media platform that any business can take advantage of. It can easily drive more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and engagement, initiate personal relationships with your customers or followers, bolster conversations, and boost sales.

With so much potential for growth and success, you should put your best foot forward regarding content posting or publishing. A social media scheduling tool will be that foot forward for you. RecurPost is the best option for Twitter tweet scheduling because it will take care of every aspect of scheduling and posting tweets. 

Want to schedule recurring tweets on Twitter?

RecurPost’s tweet variations make it possible without affecting Twitter norms

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I post on the Twitter app?

– When you enter your profile, tap on the tweet icon on the top right corner of the screen, and the compose new tweet box will open.
– Type in your message and then choose “tweet”
– The message will be posted on your Twitter profile and on your followers’ timelines.

2. How does scheduling tweets work?

Once you create a scheduled tweet, you should know that the tweet is not live yet, that is, it will not appear anywhere on Twitter. When the tweet goes live at the given date and time, it will be given a new tweet ID, just like all the other tweets on Twitter have.

3. How can I see deleted Twitter posts?

If you want to check and recover deleted Twitter posts, you can do so from the Twitter archives. For doing this, you will have to request to download the archives. Go to settings, then account, and then archives, and request download. You can download the list of your deleted and archived tweets and save them here.

4. What should I post on Twitter?

Although there is a character limit on Twitter, you do not have to restrict yourself to a certain content type. You can post a variety of content like industry news, brand announcements, memes or GIFs, blog content, visual content, tease launches, and more.

5. How to post pictures on Twitter?

To tweet a photo, tap on the camera icon from the top menu. Now tap on the screen to take a photo. You will have the option to add a tweet copy and a location. Select “tweet” when you are ready to post.

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